She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 09

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Chapter 9 -Start Living Together With Father And Son
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

A stark contrast to his father’s deeply concealed emotions was the little guy’s excitement. He took his mother’s hand and said, "So Mommy's going to come back and live with us?"

Lin Qingqing nodded.

The little guy was elated, and the smile on his face bloomed wider. "So, would you like me and Daddy to go and help Mommy tidy up things now? Mommy, let’s go home tonight."

Lin Qingqing squatted down, brushed his little face with her hand, and said, "Mommy needs to sort out things not only for my usual use but also my heart. Mommy will be back tomorrow, and you can see me after school tomorrow."

Although the child was disappointed, he was happy that his mother wanted to go home with them and in the end, agreed.

Yi Zeyan said, "Xiao Yuan and I will take you back."

Lin Qingqing said, "No need, I can go back by myself."

She said goodbye to the little guy and rode her scooter home. She had already spoken to her elder sister, who was very happy to learn that she was going back. Suddenly she had an illusion of being abandoned.

In fact, Lin Qingqing was shocked when she discovered she was married and had a child. After all, she was still a college student a few months ago, she had just celebrated her twentieth birthday, she was in her prime and was a long way from getting married and having children. What's more, she was married to a completely unfamiliar man!

At first, she was reluctant to accept this fact. But after she had calmed down, her mind was full of Xiao Yuan- his desolate face when he had bowed his head and said that his mother hated him, and the scene from the fragment of memory- when he had come up to her and said in a soft, waxy voice, “Mommy, don't cry.”, and how pitiful he was after being burned to the point where he was crying aloud.

When she first met Xiao Yuan, she envied the family that had such a lovely and sensible child, but now the child had become hers. In the beginning, she was shocked. At the same time, she also felt faintly lucky.

He was her child and her little flesh and blood, she didn't know why she didn't like him before, but now she liked him. Looking at his white and lovely face made the motherly love within her burst forth. Whether it was the overflowing Virgin Mary's heart or a girl's instinctive mother's love at work, she would like to be beside her child and watch him grow up. So she decided to be his mother. She wanted to make up for what she had done to him.

Lin Qingqing did not sleep well that night and woke up early the next morning. The door of the restaurant had not yet opened. While the two sisters went to open the door together, Lin Zhenzhen advised her on the lines of being petulant upon her return. It had not been easy for Zeyan to take care of the child alone over the years.

Lin Qingqing assented obediently.

The shutter was slowly rolled up and a black car parked beside the road came into view. A man was smoking by the side of the car, hearing the sound of the door, he turned his and looked over. He immediately put out the cigarette in his hand and threw it into the garbage can.

Lin Zhenzhen laughed and said, "He came very early."

Today, head to toe, he was garbed in black... Black shirt, suit, shoes and even the windbreaker was black. The clothes are simple in design and well-cut, giving a solemn feeling, and the dignified black seemed to strengthen his aura. When he came over, it seemed like a gust of wind had drifted over, Lin Qingqing subconsciously startled.

"I'll help you with your things," he came up to her and said.

Lin Qingqing was awed by this man. His aura was too much. Even if he smiled, it was enough to frighten her. She hung her head and said, "Come with me."

With that, she went in first. There was a small building to the rear of the restaurant. She and her sister lived there. The building was very wide. There was once a time when it housed a large family, but now with just her and her sister, it looked a little empty.

She led the way and he was only a step behind. The feeling of being at a loss when facing him was really annoying. She felt utterly uncomfortable. 

Clearly, he was a stranger before yesterday, but now he was her husband. This feeling was really hard to describe.

She came out with two pieces of luggage, one big and the other small. She said to him, "You take the big one, I'll take the small one."

Unexpectedly, he took off the windbreaker and handed it to her. Lin Qingqing took it in a daze and saw him pick both the pieces of luggage and go outside.

He looked solemn and meticulous, and every detail of his body emanated the aura of a noble son who had only to open his mouth to be fed and hold out hands to be dressed. So, at the moment, the man in the midst of a rough job, seemed completely out of place. Lin Qingqing couldn’t help but be dazed. But his strength was really great, and he could stand up straight even with such a heavy load.

After she loaded her things into the trunk, she was about to open the backseat door to get in the car, but Yi Zeyan pulled open the door to the passenger seat and said, "Sit here."

Lin Qingqing, "—"

It turned out that he was driving by himself today. Lin Qingqing thanked him and sat in the car. She remembered that his jacket was still in her arms. "Do you want to put on your windbreaker first?"

"No need, you hold it first." He started the car and drove away.

About forty minutes into the drive, Lin Qingqing felt a bit bored. Of course, the most important thing was that when she faced Yi Zeyan alone, she somehow felt nervous. As such, she simply played with her cell phone to kill time. She stole a glance at him out of the corner of her eye only to see a smile hanging on his lips. He seemed to be in a good mood.

The car drove all the way to the suburbs of Si'an District called the 'Tianhu Villa Field'. This was a community of villas surrounded by several artificial lakes and lush greenery. She reckoned it should’ve been developed in recent years for in her memory here was still a wasteland.

They arrived at a villa with the word ‘Yi” etched on a stone tablet on the right wall of its gate. A person wearing an apron, seemingly a maid, opened the gate and the car slowly drove in. She didn't expect the villa to have its own front and back yards. In a place like Beicheng, even in the suburbs, it would cost a lot of money to buy such a villa.

Yi Zeyan parked the car in the garage. Lin Qingqing noticed that there were about 20 cars, large and small, in the garage. Although she was not very familiar with the logos, she could see that none of these cars was cheap.

After her father had made his fortune through the hotel, he had also bought a villa and a few good cars. But there were still a lot of gaps compared to what was in front of her.

Two maids came up and asked respectfully if they needed help to carry things. Yi Zeyan asked them to take the luggage.

He then took her directly to the second floor. By then, the two maids had already helped her carry her luggage to her room. Now, they were standing by the door waiting for instructions.

Yi Zeyan said, "This is your room."

Lin Qingqing walked into the room. The room was spacious and tidy. The window was facing the lake, two white storks were busy sipping water on the lake. It was a scene made for a beautiful painting.

The room in her memory fragments seemed to be here, so this room was not too strange to her.  Seeing that they slept in different rooms, she surmised her relation with Yi Zeyan should be strained. Of course, looking at how things stood now, this was better for her.

Yi Zeyan introduced the two maids to her. The thin, slightly cleaner-looking maid, Wen Sao, was especially responsible for buying food and cooking. The slightly fatter, slightly coarser one, Hui Yi, for cleaning. There was also a gardener who came in once a week.

"This is your home. You can do whatever you like," Yi Zeyan said.

Standing here, Lin Qingqing still felt like it was all a dream but not a dream. So when she heard Yi Zeyan's words, she just nodded blankly. Yi Zeyan said a few more words and left. There were still things to be dealt with at his office, and the work to familiarize her with the environment was handed over to Hui Yi and Wen Sao.

The house had three floors. On the first floor were the kitchen, living, dining, and two guest rooms. The servants lived here too. The second floor was a bedroom and a studio. The third floor was split between an attic and a large balcony dedicated to drying clothes.

There was a courtyard behind the house with a lake, pavilion and rockeries. It felt like an ancient garden. Although it was a combination of Chinese and Western styles, it seemed very harmonious and did not feel misplaced. After familiarizing her with the room, the maid drove around to familiarize her with the neighborhood. There were several neighborhoods not far from here, and places offering all kinds of supplies. When Lin Qingqing passed a stationery store, she bought a jigsaw puzzle.

After returning home, the maids busied themselves with work leaving Lin Qingqing to stroll alone in the villa. Even though she had familiarized herself with it for half a day, she still felt incredible walking in this strange place. She really didn't think she had lived here all these years.

She sighed and went back to her room. The maids were busy, she had nothing to do and felt a little awkward. Hui Yi was ironing the clothes in the laundry room on the third floor. Lin Qingqing went in and said, "You've been busy for so long today. Just leave it to me here."

Hui Yi felt a little strange, but she didn't ask much, only hesitated for a moment, and finally agreed.

Lin Qingqing took the iron, and intending to begin, she randomly grabbed a piece of clothing. She just wanted to let the maid have a rest and didn't think much about it at that time. At the moment, Yi Zeyan's shirt was spread out before her eyes, but somehow she was unable to start.

Lin Qingqing was a little uncomfortable, she felt a little hot on her face. However, she inwardly comforted herself... It’s just clothes, just iron it, it’s nothing.

Yi Zeyan returned home a little earlier than usual. He went straight upstairs. The door to her room and her workshop were open. She was not inside.

He then went to the third floor and saw the door of the laundry room open. There was a large balcony over there, full of sunshine, and the rich sunshine seeped in, shining brightly inside. Seeing a figure inside, he subconsciously drew closer.

Hui Yi was clearly downstairs. Is she the one inside? What is she doing in the laundry room?

Yi Zeyan walked to the door and saw the person inside at a glance. She was standing inside with her hair tied randomly to the back of her head. There were two errant strands of hair touching her ear, grazing her cheek as the breeze swept in.

She was wearing a loose plaid shirt and jeans, very simple and casual clothes. Now, standing in the halo, such clothes gave her a kind of virtuous and gentle feel.

Gentle? This was something he had never seen on her after marriage.

He glanced at the table, there was his shirt on it… She is ironing my clothes?

For a moment, Yi Zeyan suspected that he had seen an illusion. He put his hand on the side of his body and pinched it on his thigh, he could feel the pain.

This was not an illusion. She was really ironing his clothes.

The woman disdained him and forbade him from coming within half a meter of her was ironing his clothes...

Sensing someone approaching, Lin Qingqing subconsciously looked up and saw Yi Zeyan standing at the door. He looked at her very intently, his deep and fierce eyes became distinct.

He was very tall, standing at the door immediately gave her a feeling of oppression. A little overwhelmed, she asked, "Why did you come back so early?"

"Are you ... ironing my clothes?" he asked.

His face looked calm, but Lin Qingqing sensed an urgency in his tone as if urging her to give him an answer.

Lin Qingqing was a little embarrassed. She scratched her head and smiled wryly. "I... had nothing to do, so I wanted to help." In order to reassure him, Lin Qingqing added. "Don't worry, I ironed clothes at home, and I… won't iron it badly."

Yi Zeyan, "—"

Who is worried about you ironing it badly or not?

Yi Zeyan lowered his head slightly, so Lin Qingqing did not see the little smile in his eyes, nor did she notice his clenched fist in his trouser pocket. She just saw him pondering with his head down for a while, and then look up.  

With a slight cough, he calmly said, "It doesn't matter. You can iron whatever you want in the future even if it is ironed badly. I have a lot of clothes." 

Lin Qingqing, "—"


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