The King's Return : Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Undercover

At 7: 40 p.m., Ink Mark finally spoke on the guild channel: "The guild task is about to begin, all online players log into the voice channel and enter the guild room."

The message was posted three times on the Guild Channel. Soon, all the player online of the Mojue guild logged on to the guild voice channel. A clear and cold voice sounded in their ear: "The task of this guild is to escort Qu Linger from Qingcheng Mountain to Jinling City. There are two routes. The first is Qingcheng Mountain, Jianshen Valley, Jinling City, and the second is Qingcheng Mountain, Peach Blossom Forest and Jinling City. Peach blossom forest is easy to be ambushed by opponents, so we take the first route."

As soon as Qin Mo's voice fell, the guild channel began to spam the screen crazily.

"Guild leader has a good voice, my ears are going to be pregnant ~"

"Guild Leader, do you still need a layman?"

"Guild Leader sing a song, sing a song for everyone so we will be more motivated to do the task ah!"

Qin Mo ignored these chats and continued on his words calmly: "I'll regroup first. All the healers were carried out with Little Medicine Fairy, who was specially responsible for adding blood to Qu Linger. Melee is led by Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, walking ahead to make a meat shield. I will lead the long-range team, and the assassin will be lead by Thousand Miles Ice. In this task, the Sword Song Guild received a task to oppose us. They will come to kill Qu Linger. Attention should be paid to the ambush of the Sword Song Guild."

Sword Song is now a second-level guild, with more than 100 member, twice as many as Mojue. Qin Mo and Xiao Han last time joined forces to beat out 30 of them, indicating that the level of most of the players in the Sword Song guild is very ordinary, but the real management of the guild has not yet appeared, and Qin Mo is not sure whether there are any masters among them.

"There is a fork in the middle of Qingcheng Mountain, surrounded by a dense forest, which is very suitable for ambush. After we escort Qu Linger to the fork, the melee team of Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and the healer team of Little Medicine Fairy will take Qu Linger to the right and take a short cut to the direction of Jianshen Valley. All the teams I brought will be left to clear the field."

Qin Mo calmly gave instructions on the voice channel. On the other hand, the multiplayer chat text channel in the game, what he said was completely different: "You go to the left at the fork in the road to the direction of the peach blossom forest."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile was very surprised: "Ah? Didn't you just say to go to Jianshen Valley on the right?"

Qin Mo Road: "Undercover prevention."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile suddenly realized and sent out a row of thumbs: "Guild Leader is wise!"

Shen Qi said doubtfully: "Our guild has an Sword Song undercover? When I approved the application for membership, I checked their information and they were all accounts with no guild record."

"Most undercover player use new account with a clean history, which you can't see." Qin Mo explained, "I steal Sword Song wild boss with Ice before, they have not moved since then, must have sent undercover in."

"It turned out to be like this." Shen Qi understood and nodded. "You deliberately said on the voice channel that we were going to go to Jianshen Valley on the right, so that the undercover would report the wrong message and let them ambush on the right?"

"En." Qin Mo looked at the map and smiled slightly. "If I'm right, after the undercover agent returns the message, they will not lie in ambush in the woods at the fork in the road, but directly in the mountain road at the southeast corner of Jianshen Valley. But in fact, we are walking in the peach blossom forest in the northwest, so the distance between the task target and them will be further and further."

Xiao Han can't help admiring Qin Mo's carefulness——using undercover agent to make a diversion is really clever.

Qin Mo's instructions on the voice channel were indeed sent back to the headquarters of the Sword Song Guild by undercover agent.

At 8 p.m., the guild's task officially began. Qin Mo quickly split 50 people into two groups. One group had melee, healer and assassins, and was responsible for protecting Boss. He took a purely long-range output group to deal with enemy players. More than 50 members of the Mojue guild escorted Qu Linger along the Qingcheng Mountain path. Near the fork, Qin Mo falsely gave instructions on the voice channel: "All the members of our group stayed. Be careful of the ambush nearby."

A group of people waited in place for a moment, but did not see any sign of ambush.

Xiao Han and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, Little Medicine Fairy, they gradually walked away with Qu Linger, they go to Peach Blossom Forest of the opposite direction.

After waiting for one minute at the fork in the road, Qin Mo said: "Continue to go to Jianshen Valley."

Qin Mo's team came to the entrance of Jianshen Valley. At this time, Xiao Han and Little Medicine Fairy had taken Qu Linger to the Peach Blossom Forest.

The trees in the peach blossom forest are very dense. Xiao Han took Qu Linger through the forest. No one from the Sword Song guild was found along the way. Obviously, the wrong message sent back from undercover made them choose the wrong place to ambush at first, and it was too late to rush to the peach blossom forest. If the undercover is in the team that escorts Qu Linger, then, the sword song guild will soon know that they have been fooled, too late to get to the peach blossom forest, they will go directly to the destination map of Jinling City to ambush.

Xiao Han led the team through the Peach Blossom Forest, and finally came to the end of the task——Jinling City.

The map of Jinling City is very large. They have to escort Qu Linger to the teahouse in the east of the city to complete the task. Xiao Han  follows Qu Linger stealthy. After a few steps, a large number of red name players suddenly appear around him —— all of them are members of Sword Song Guild!

The two sides are hostile to each other and will automatically become red name when they meet. Hundreds of people lay in ambush here threateningly. Some people on the team channel were surprised and said: "Why so many people?"

Xiao Han said calmly: "Don't mess up. Several assassins are stealth around Qu Linger to protect the healer!"

Little Medicine Fairy also immediately said on the team channel: "Don't panic everyone, keep an eye on Qu Linger's blood level and add blood to her, continuously adding blood to maintain full blood!"

The escorted NPC will not take the initiative to attack the enemy. On the contrary, Qu Linger will stay still once attacked.

Hundreds of people in the Sword Song guild rushed forward, and more than 20 people responsible for escorting Qu Linger suddenly suffered heavy casualties. Fortunately, Xiao Han and several assassins stayed behind Qu Linger, all enemy players close to Qu Linger died. Under the sharp dagger of Thousand Miles Ice!

Soon, Qu Linger's blood level was cut by the Sword Song guild. At that moment, Xiao Han suddenly said: "Fall back 20 meters."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile knows, and immediately leads the team back. The people of the Sword Song Guild thought they were frightened and pounced on them more fiercely.

Just then, Little Medicine Fairy hiding behind the tree suddenly issued——the guild call-up order!

All guild members on the Jianshen Valley map received this system information——deputy leader [Little Medicine Fairy] called the guild members to Jinling City, do you agree?

This is also arranged by Qin Mo, in case of ambush in Jinling City, deputy leader Little Medicine Fairy will directly issue a call-up order for transmission.

Qin Mo said on the voice channel: "Everyone on the Jianshen Valley map agrees to the call and go to Jinling City quickly!"

As one by one agreed and confirm, more than 20 people were immediately transferred to the battlefield of Jinling City and Little Medicine Fairy opened the call-up order transmission position, just let Qin Mo and Xiao Han team clip the Sword Song guild people in the middle!

Sword Song guild members go all out in hitting Qu Linger. As a result, a group of Mojue guild members suddenly appeared behind them. It was Ink Mark the guild leader that led the group. The people of Sword Song were in a panic at once!

Sword Song Ice Rain was busy typing: "Don't mess around everyone! Long-range turn back and focus firing on guild leader Ink Mark."

The chilly broken ice sword in Ink Mark hands is set upright in front of him, which directly opens up the large-scale attack skill "Sword Rain Fragrance"!

See countless snow-white sword spirits falling from the sky, instantly dizzied all hostile targets within 15 meters!

Ink Mark follows closely to the front right and smoothly use combo skill——Sword Horizon, Wave Sword into River!

Like the river water, the white sword light suddenly hit the front, and the group of people who were dizzy flew out-and the place where they flew was the mountain thief's den on the right side of the main road!

A level 50 wild boss ‘Mountain Thief Leader’, is idly wandering around. Qin Mo pushes these people in front of him. Boss immediately chops down the axe in his hand and chops off half the blood!

Sword Song Ice Rain almost collapsed: "F*ck, he use this trick again!"

Remember at that time when stealing wild boss, Ink Mark used Boss to kill Sword Song guild ten melee. Now, he kicked the ball of the Sword Song guild to the front of the mountain thief leader, Sword Song Ice Rain face full of blood: "Quickly out, pull out! Don't fight the thief leader!"

More than a dozen members of the Sword Song Guild dragged the mountain thief leader into the depths of the mountain forest in great confusion. The mountain thief leader spared them and turned back to his old den.

At this time, Qin Mo has already killed several sword song guild long-range outside, and Xiao Han is in the inner side to protect the healer. Although the task target Qu Linger’s blood level has dropped to one-third, the sword song guild people are less and less, it’s Qin Mo strategy using the guild’s call-up order to send them over and kill sword song guild people by surprise!

Soon, the large group of swords song guild was destroyed, leaving only a few scattered people. In the end, Xiao Han used the dagger to kill all in one breath.

Qin Mo said on the voice channel: "Everyone gather around Qu Linger, the assassin will clear the area outside and go to Chengdong Tea House as soon as possible."

There is no resurrection point nearby. Even if the people of Sword Song Guild come back after resurrection, there is not enough time.

The crowd went on with Qu Linger. At that moment, a healer "Princess Pea" wearing a green dress suddenly "accidentally" fell under the hillside. The mountain thief leader who had been there for a long time immediately chopped her with an axe, Princess Pea was frightened and quickly climbed up while adding her blood. The mountain thief leader followed her up with a group of mountain thief younger brothers!

Qu Linger was attacked by a small mobs and stopped.

"Leave it to me here, and you continue to escort the target." Qin Mo said to Xiao Han, "Heaven Sun Combo" silenced all the small mobs in a place. Then he said on the voice channel, "People in my group, kill these small mobs quickly. Mountain thief leaders don't have to worry. I'll take him away."

Ink Mark leap to the Mountain Thief Leader, burst out output, instantly take hatred of the Mountain Thief Leader, and then flew away with Qinggong skill "Flicker", bringing the Mountain Thief Leader to the right side of the slope, giving a way to Qu Linger. Xiao Han immediately took Qu Linger and continued to march toward Chengdong Teahouse.

A moment later, the guild channel pop up with a prompt——congratulations [Mojue Guild] on completing the escort task!

Then another prompt popped up——the player [Princess Pea] was kicked out of the Mojue guild by the guild leader [Ink Mark].

Everyone was a little surprised, didn't think guild leader kicked the healer who make mistake directly!

On a nearby channel, Princess Pea innocently said: "Why are you kick me out ah?"

Ink Mark: "I don't like the troublemaker undercover."

Princess Pea: "Who is undercover? Are you kidding?"

Ink Mark: "Add blood to yourself so quickly, but when you add blood to NPC, you are pretending to be rookie. Think I can’t see it?"

Princess Pea: "……"

Ink Mark: "Go back and tell Sword Song guild leader, don't send any more undercover agents. If you want to ask, just ask face to face."

Princess Pea run away dejectedly, and everyone around him cheered.

Xiao Han praised: "Xiao Mo, you are really have a discerning eyes, to recognized the undercover."

While other healers were frantically adding blood to NPC, this Princess Pea was play soy sauce rookie beside it. In the team of Little Medicine Fairy, she had the lowest amount of healing. And when she deliberately caused trouble and attracted the mountain thief leader, she added blood to herself, which was called a super fast. Almost want to write the word "Undercover" on the forehead, Qin Mo see it at a glance.

After kicking the undercover, Qin Mo took the initiative to open his mouth on the voice channel and said: "I know there must be other guild undercover here. If you are an undercover agent, I can turn a blind eye. However, if you deliberately cause trouble in guild task, I will not hesitate to kick directly. Please be aware of this."

This sentence of Qin Mo is very calm, but Xiao Han feels that Qin Mo is very handsome. His tranquil voice sounded calm, but it had a convincing power.

Sure enough, as soon as this was said, the Guild Channel was quiet. Obviously, the undercover people were afraid of him. Quietly go underwater temporarily afraid to do something.

With the successful completion of the guild task, the Mojue Guild won a large number of development point awards and was directly upgraded to a second-level guild. The number of guild members it can accommodate was also increased from 50 to 150. Qin Mo once again opened the application for membership, and instructed Little Medicine Fairy: "This time, approve only player of level 50, and your brother Shen He will also be added." He thought about it and asked Xiao Han. "Do the Dragon Song newcomers need to join the guild?"

"Add them" Xiao Han conveniently sent a private chat to He Beiguang, asking everyone to apply for membership in the Mojue Guild. He said, "I will return to the club in a few days, and another expert will return with me. Please notify to everyone."

He Beiguang was surprised and immediately turned to ask: "Xiao Pei, the captain said that he would bring an expert back in a few days, is it Ink Mark?"

Pei Yu was somewhat surprised: "Did he really say that?"

He Beiguang said: "Yes, he chatted with me privately just now, and tell everyone to join Mojue guild."

Pei Yu was silent for a moment, then smiled and said: "It seems that we guessed correctly before, Ink Mark will really become our Vice-captain."

In fact, they still guessed wrong. Ink Mark is not the vice-captain, but the captain.

Xiao Han did not become the captain of the "very obedient to vice-captain" that He Beiguang was worried about. His approach was more straightforward——he gave the captain directly to Ink Mark.
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