She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 10

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Chapter 10- Father And Mother Sleeping Together
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

So he didn't mind? But Lin Qingqing was a little taken aback... Her ironing his clothes seemed to put him in a good mood? His attitude was beyond her expectation.

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the clothes had been ironed, she held them up, shook twice and put them on the hanger and then on the drying pole to cool. Then she turned to him and said, "All right."

He was still looking at her with a smile on his face, his eyes seemed to be glued on to her. Lin Qingqing was quite bewildered by him, and for a moment she did not know what to do.

He probably realized that he had lost his composure, but he was still calm and did not show any signs of panic. He looked up and said, "It's time to pick up Xiao Yuan."

Lin Qingqing considered for a moment and asked, "Can I pick him up with you?"

He looked at her doubtfully and said, "You're going?"

Lin Qingqing nodded.

This time it was still Yi Zeyan that opened the car, Lin Qingqing got in the car and sat down. Suddenly she thought of a question and could not help but ask him, "This place is a little far away from Xiao Yuan's school. I think there are several residential areas nearby, and there are kindergartens near here too. Why are you still sending him so far away? It is not very convenient to pick him up every day."

Yi Zeyan said, "He wanted to see you."

Lin Qingqing, "——"

Lin Qingqing recalled the scene when she first saw Xiao Yuan. The little boy had stood behind the railing, looking at her with eager eyes. If she hadn't given him a second look that day, which resulted in her fall and a series of other things, perhaps she wouldn't have noticed him all her life?

Going to school so far away, just so he could see his mother every day... And because he was afraid that his mother would think of the past and hate him, he dared not recognize her and only called her auntie.

Auntie, Auntie, Auntie...

Is Auntie smiling at me?

Can Auntie be my mommy?

When she thought back to the innocent, childish face and the miserable manner in which he had cried in the memory fragments, she suddenly felt something hard tugging at her heart. Then a strong sour feeling surged, causing the tip of her nose to feel uncomfortable.

However, now that she was his mother, she would try her best to be a good mother. She would try her best to love him, and she wouldn't let that little guy stand behind the cold railing pitifully just to see her.

When they arrived at the kindergarten, the teacher was taking the children to the playground. She recognized Yi Zeyan and respectfully greeted him. "Is Mr. Yi already here?" When she noticed Lin Qingqing, she had some doubts on her face, but she did not take the liberty to greet her. 

Yi Zeyan said to her, "This is my wife."

He spoke very casually and naturally, but Lin Qingqing blushed inexplicably when she heard the words "my wife".

The teacher looked at Lin Qingqing carefully, seemingly a little surprised, but nonetheless politely greeted her. "Hello, Mrs. Yi."

Lin Qingqing was a little embarrassed and acknowledged with a nod.

Yi Beiyuan soon saw Yi Zeyan and rushed to him. After running a little, he saw Lin Qingqing behind him. His eyes lit up immediately and he excitedly called out, "Is Mommy here to pick me up?"

Lin Qingqing smiled and walked over to pick him up. "Say goodbye to your teacher and classmates."

Yi Beiyuan waved his chubby little hand at his teacher and classmates albeit a little absent-mindedly. He was still a little dizzy when he was picked up by his mother. He did not react until he came out of the classroom. He hurried and said, "Mommy, I can walk by myself."

Lin Qingqing said, "Mommy likes to hold you." He smelt great and felt soft, warm, and comfortable.

In fact, from the first moment she had seen him, Lin Qingqing had wanted to hold him very much, but she was afraid he would be scared by this strange auntie. However, now that he was her child, it was only natural that she could hold him as much as she wanted and as much as she pleased.

It was probably very rare to be so close to his mother, the shy little fellow was red all over. Two stubby little arms were wrapped around her neck, his face was buried by her ears and with a kind of milky voice, he said, "Mommy, am I very heavy? If I'm heavy, I can eat less hereon."

Lin Qingqing was distressed as well as  amused when she heard this, she rubbed his little head and said, "Not heavy, not heavy, Xiao Yuan should eat more when you’re still growing up, you can't eat less."

During the course of the conversation, they had reached the car, and Yi Zeyan, who had nothing to say to the mother and son, helped Lin Qingqing open the door. She sat the little one in the child seat behind.

After getting in the car, Yi Beiyuan asked, "Has Mommy moved to the house yet?"

"Yes ah."

"Will Mommy never leave again?"


The little guy was so happy that he had as soon become a chatterbox and began to tell her about the kindergarten. That his good friend and classmate Chengcheng said that there were often stray cats looking for food next to their kindergarten, so he would keep bread on him to feed them every time... he just went on and on.

This little guy actually liked to talk a lot, and when he talked about exciting places, his eyes would light up, adding to his cuteness. Lin Qingqing thought his face was adorable, his little chubby hands lovely, his little body cute, even the smile was fetching. The more she looked at him, the lovelier he seemed, the more incredible she felt. He was her son, he turned out to be her son, she had such a lovely son.

The more she thought about it, the more excited she was, she could hardly help herself.

Just as Lin Qingqing was infatuated with her son's lovely face, she inadvertently turned her head and saw Yi Zeyan in the rearview mirror. His eyes were slightly raised, he was just looking at her. He was smiling at her, with a slight curl at the corner of his mouth. She didn’t know if it was her illusion or not, she felt that his gaze on her was filled with doting. However, it was only a fleeting glance, and when she looked again, she saw that his expression had returned to its natural state, and he was steering the wheel skillfully.

When the family of three returned home, Yi Zeyan walked in front of them to help the mother and son push open the door. Lin Qingqing and Xiao Yuan walked hand in hand behind him.

When the door opened, Lin Qingqing didn't expect a guest at home. The guest was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a lotus leaf collar and a hip-wrapped skirt, typical of young professional women.

At the moment, she stood by the table placing the bowls and chopsticks like it was only natural to her. Hearing the sound of opening the door, she turned to look over and smiled at Yi Zeyan, "Is Zeyan-ge going to pick Xiao Yuan?"

She was very gentle-looking, she had a sense of kindness like a little sister next door, and her voice exuded the gentleness of a southern woman, emanating a delicate feel.

"Why are you here?" Yi Zeyan asked.

"I went back to my ancestral home a few days ago. The cherries in the orchard were ripe, your mother (T/N: or the old madam) asked me to bring a box for you to eat. I have already asked Wen Sao to put it in the refrigerator, it just so happened that she had cooked dinner, so I helped her." The girl set the bowl and chopsticks and came over, only now did she see Lin Qingqing behind him and then Yi Beiyuan holding her hands.

The girl was stunned for a moment, then she seemed to think of something and said, "Qingqing? I heard Zeyan-ge say that you have lost your memory, are you all right?"

This girl knows me? But she had no impression of her. And she even learned from Yi Zeyan that she had lost her memory. It seems that she had a good relationship with the man. 

"This is Cheng Yin. Her grandfather and father are both old workers in our factory, Cheng Yin's brother and I are good brothers who grew up together, Cheng Yin and I are familiar with each other, she occasionally comes to help."

Lin Qingqing nodded and replied politely, "It's nothing serious, thank you for your concern."

Cheng Yin paid close attention to Lin Qingqing’s expression. She had answered very naturally, the strangeness of her face did not seem to be an act, it really did look like amnesia.

Cheng Yin didn't ask any more questions and smiled. "Had you been to pick Xiao Yuan with Zeyan-ge?"

Lin Qingqing rubbed the little one's head and smiled at her. "That's right, ah."

Cheng Yin said, "It's really rare." One could not tell whether she was praising or being sarcastic, but she was smiling all along. She squatted before Yi Beiyuan and said, "Xiao Yuan, how about auntie take you to the amusement park in a few days?"

Yi Beiyuan turned to look at Lin Qingqing and said, "I want to go with Mommy." His eyes looked at Lin Qingqing with a cautious expectation. "Mommy will take me, right?"

Looking at his eager little eyes, Lin Qingqing's voice softened. "Of course, Mommy will take you."

Having received a positive reply, the little guy's eyes lit up and he added hastily: "It's settled, Mommy, don't go back on your word."

Lin Qingqing said, "Of course I won't go back on my word."

Cheng Yin stood up, looked at Lin Qingqing with a smile on her face, and said, "Are you really going to take Xiao Yuan? What if you drink again that day? When you lose your temper, you'll probably spoil the little guy's fun again."

She didn't know whether it was because of her dark psychology, but she felt the other’s words were ridiculing her.

It seemed as if she had been fond of drinking before, and had probably done a lot of outrageous things, otherwise, before she left, her elder sister would not have repeatedly warned her against being capricious.

Lin Qingqing was not angry because perhaps the other was right. It was not surprising that people would say that she used to like drinking and losing her temper. However, that was only the past, and even if it was ridiculous, it was not up to her to be sarcastic.

Lin Qingqing calmly said, "You don't know that I have decided to stop drinking." She smiled kindly. "Don't worry, I won't bother outsiders anymore to take my son to the amusement park."

Having said that, she paused and immediately thought of the Cheng Yin's family’s and Yi Zeyan’s relationship. Perhaps he did not regard her as an outsider, she did not know if he would be unhappy or not.

She subconsciously looked at Yi Zeyan, only to find that he was also looking at her, there was no unhappiness on his face, even a smile on his lips, Lin Qingqing hurriedly staggered her eyes, a little embarrassed.

Cheng Yin’s mouth twitched at the corners, and her smile became somewhat stiff. Even so, she responded quickly and said, "It's great that you have quit drinking, Zeyan-ge will be happy." She glanced at Yi Zeyan.

Yi Zeyan had gone to sit at the table. Now, Cheng Yin’s eyes swept over to him, but he did react to her words. He had resumed his indifferent demeanor, and at the moment said coldly, "We are going to eat. We can't look after you."

Cheng Yin, "—"

Lin Qingqing could not help but be surprised as she glanced at Yi Zeyan. This is simply an unveiled order for the guest to leave ah. She thought the two shared a good relationship and didn't expect the man to be blatantly rude to her.

Cheng Yin's face turned white, her eyes were suffused with grievance. However, she was also very considerate and immediately found a step for herself to retreat. "I think I have some work to do, I'll go first."

After Cheng Yin left, Lin Qingqing also sat down at the table with the little guy. The meal was very rich, boiled chicken with sauce, steamed sea bass, crispy meat vermicelli soup, minced meat pan-fried dumplings, fried white prawns, and a few green vegetables. Almost all of them were her favorite dishes. She didn't know if Yi Zeyan had specifically had them made.

It was not the first time having a meal with father and son, Lin Qingqing was not as constrained as the first time.

After the meal, Lin Qingqing brought out the jigsaw puzzle she’d bought and suggested playing with Xiao Yuan. She’d bought it from a toy store in the morning when she was out familiarising herself with the neighborhood. The owner of the toy store had told her that it was quite a popular jigsaw puzzle among the children recently, and adults could also play together and enjoy the fun of getting along with children.

Xiao Yuan's eyes lit up as soon as he saw the puzzle his mother had brought out. "Wow, this is the puzzle from the forest boy, I like it best!"

Lin Qingqing was very happy to see her son like it and immediately opened it to play with him.

The living room was covered with carpet. The mother and son knelt on the floor, head to head, discussing which piece of the puzzle to put on which side.

All along, Lin Qingqing had a feeling of being stared at. She subconsciously glanced up and saw Yi Zeyan. One did not know when he had arrived, sitting on the sofa not far away. When she looked past, she happened to catch his eyes, and when she looked at him, he quickly looked down at the documents in his hand as if he had just looked up while in thoughts and his gaze only happened to fall on her.

Hui Yi came over and asked cautiously, "Sir, I’ve cleaned the study just now, do I need to clean it again?"

Yi Zeyan said, "No need, I'll read here today."

Hui Yi did not ask any more questions and went on with her work.

Lin Qingqing came back to her senses and wondered why he was still here when he had a study room ah. His presence made her conscious to the point of discomfiture.

Lin Qingqing tried to ignore Yi Zeyan's existence and his eyes on her from time to time and continued playing with her son. After a while, one did not know what Xiao Yuan thought of, he suddenly sat up, took her hand, and said, "Mommy, you'll always be like this, right? You'll always be close to me, right?"

Lin Qingqing rubbed his head and said, "Of course."

Xiao Yuan was still not reassured, he frowned and said, "Will Mommy and Daddy be close with each other, too?"

Lin Qingqing, "—"

She subconsciously looked in Yi Zeyan's direction but saw that his eyes were focused on the documents as if he had not heard them speak at all. Her face turned red unconsciously. Does this little guy know what he is talking about and what it means to be close with his father? It is...

Lin Qingqing felt embarrassed to death.

But before she could answer, she heard Yi Beiyuan say again, "Mommy, do you want to be close to Daddy, too? If Mommy doesn't want to be close to Daddy, those aunties will want to take advantage of the situation, I just want you to be my mommy, and I don't want other moms."

"Ah?!" Lin Qingqing was a little muddled. The little guy's voice was soft and cute with a sense of childlike immaturity, but he was able to say the words "take advantage of the situation", which simply surprised her.

Lin Qingqing really didn't know how to answer him. She looked at Yi Zeyan again, he didn't seem to notice the topic of the conversation between them. She breathed a sigh of relief and said with a wry smile, "Let's... Let's play with building blocks first."

However, the little guy was very stubborn. Seeing that she did not answer, he was even more anxious and said to her, "Mommy, will you be close to Daddy?"

Lin Qingqing felt her cheeks burn, but the child's anxious and expectant face was distressing. She coughed and said, "How... how can I be closer?"

The child busily said, "Mommy and Daddy sleep together. The other children’s parents sleep together."

Lin Qingqing, "?!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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