The King's Return : Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Twilight

After finishing the guild’s task, most of the members of the Mojue guild were at level 48, and Qin Mo took the lead in reaching level 50. He planned to spend the rest of the time to go to Sunset Peak, a team dungeon of level 45.

Qin Mo told Xiao Han this idea, Xiao Han immediately agreed, and called several Dragon Song newcomers to form a team.

"Are all three of the Boss's first kills at Sunset Peak gone already?" Asked Xiao Han as he formed the group.

"En, all three Boss were killed." Qin Mo reached level 45 yesterday. He did not clear the level 45 dungeon because he was waiting for Xiao Han. However, those guilds that were in a hurry to upgrade did not wait for anyone. They led a team to explore a new dungeon early on. Xiao Han originally thought that the Boss could stick for at least a period of time. Unexpectedly, only one day later, all three bosses of the level 45 team dungeon were knocked down. It seems that this time the telecom area 1 is really a crouching tiger and hidden dragon.

"Which guilds took the first kill?" Xiao Han asked with interest.

"Sword Song killed the first Boss, Imperial grabbed the second, and Xuewei led the team past the final Boss."

"It seems that the players of the professional team have come out." Xiao Han touched his chin thoughtfully. "This Sword Song guild can win the first boss. It seems that the level is not weak. Today's guild task command is very messy, and the command who clear the dungeon of the first kill should not be the same person."

"There are obviously some experts behind the scenes." Qin Mo said, "I'll let the undercover go back and tell him to come to me directly. It is estimated that there will be news in these two days."

"En, whoever is them, let's go to the dungeon first." Xiao Han put in Northern Light, Heaven Quail, Fireworks Burning and Soundless of the Dragon Song club.

Northern Light entered the team very tactfully and said: "Hello, Great God Ink Mark, ha ha, we meet again!"

"Hello, Great God!" Several other newcomers followed, and Qin Mo replied a sentence "Hello," and calmly arranged for the dungeon.

Everyone had a run-in experience before when they clear a team dungeon of "Jianshen Valley Ruins". This time they regrouped at "Sunset Peak" and naturally coordinated more smoothly.

The Boss of sunset peak has high blood and high defense, but the checkpoint rules are not as abnormal as the five-element sword array of Jianshen Valley, it is not difficult for high-level teams to go through it as long as they pay attention to avoiding a wide range skills and interrupting an instant death skills. Qin Mo quickly analyzed the way to pass the dungeon. After several rounds of running-in, everyone successfully killed three Boss and directly passed the dungeon.

They clear this dungeon in two hour, which is very fast, but they already accustomed to follow Ink Mark. After the clearance, they have no surprise expression and calmly sorts all kinds of materials into the guild warehouse.

What makes Qin Mo happy is that the weapon blueprint that final Boss dropped is exactly what Xiao Han can use.

——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining [artifact blueprint of twilight] at the Sunset Peak!

Qin Mo opened the blueprint and looked at it carefully. This is a pair of daggers with the attribute of "gold" in the five elements. The sky and the earth list the materials needed to build this weapon. The main materials are "High Grade Red Iron Fragment", "100-year-old Paulownia Wood" and "Bloody Satin", Man and Harmony are still free to choose.

Anyway, it's only eleven o'clock now. Qin Mo intends to help Xiao Han study how to build this weapon.

Today, we successfully completed the guild task and got through the dungeon of Sunset Peak. We got a lot of materials. The "High Grade Red Iron Fragments" and "100-year-old Paulownia Wood" in the main materials are all available, but there is a lack of "Bloody Satin" to warp the hilt. Qin Mo planned to go to the Chamber of Commerce to search for "Bloody Satin". He saw five "Bloody Satin" on the list, each priced at 20,000 gold coins.

Qin Mo remembers that Xiao Han only spent 10,000 gold coins on materials for him when he made Broken Ice Sword. The gold materials in the new district are basically controlled at around 10,000 gold coins. There's no reason why bloody satin are so expensive. Looking carefully, he found that the five pieces of Bloody Satin were sold by a person with an ID of "I am not a Profiteer" hanging in the Chamber of Commerce.

Qin Mo thought about it and asked Xiao Han: "Do you remember that when you bought me Millennium meteorite and top-quality silk thread, it seemed that the same person named 'I am not a profiteer' was hanging in the Chamber of Commerce?"

Upon Qin Mo's reminding, Xiao Han immediately remembered: "Right, this is the person."

Qin Mo frowned slightly: "He has monopolized the supply of bloody satin, and the price has doubled directly. This man should be a master at business, and his hands are full of golden materials."

Xiao Han asked: "Is he a full-time merchant?"

"It should be." Qin Mo said, "There are some merchants in the online games who specialize in speculating on materials to control the market. They will buy at low prices and sell at high prices. For example, we want the material "Bloody Satin". At present, the whole region has only a few pieces, which he has collected in the past to raise the price. There is no stock anywhere, just him."

"He seems to know the material market very well and knows to monopoly set prices." Xiao Han paused and said: "If you want to monopolize a material, you must have invested a lot of capital in the early stage. Where did he earn so much money?"

Qin Mo opened the Rich list of the server and looked at it. Sure enough, the ID "I am not a Profiteer" ranked the top of the rich list, with more than 500,000 gold coins.

"He must have a way of making money that we don't know." Qin Mo suddenly became interested in this man and said to him in private, "Hello, I want a bloody satin, can it be cheaper?"

"It's the Great God Ink Mark! Ha ha, I've priced it fairly, don't bargain." Ink Mark's name is very famous in the server area 1, I am not a profiteer obviously know him.

"The price of 20,000 is too high." Qin Mo said patiently, "Can I exchange other materials with you?"

"You can change it." I am not profiteer very seriously said, "A dragon bone and a piece of the rare jadeite, you can get a bloody satin."

"……" Two for one? Your name should really be changed to ‘I am a profiteer’!

In the game, there are many cunning merchant, Qin Mo is not angry at his excessive conditions, he simply says: "Yes."

This make I am not a Profiteer shock——two for one can actually say yes? Is Great God Ink Mark is the kind of greenhorn with high level and low IQ?

As a result, Ink Mark's next sentence the profiteer thoroughly dismissed the concerns: "I want to make a long-term cooperation with you. I have a lot of gold materials stored in the guild warehouse. You can help me sell them. The profit divided 2:8." (T/N: really don’t know what its mean 利润二八分成)

I am not a Profiteer: "Really?!"

Ink Mark: "Well, I can provide you with gold materials in the future, but you also need to help me collect the materials I need."

I am not a profiteer simply want to jump downstairs to run a lap, as a full-time merchant, he is most happy is that someone supplied him! The person sitting in front of the computer were so excited that his fingers trembled and quickly typed: "Great God, are you kidding me? Can you really provide me with materials for a long term in the future?" After all, the material he get from the dungeon himself was limited, and it would be great if there were big guilds to provide the supply!

Ink Mark: "Our guild is short of fix cooperation with merchant. You are familiar with the material market. I will send you a list of materials first."

Qin Mo came to collect the sorted list of materials from Little Medicine Fairy and copied it to I am not a Profiteer. I am not a Profiteer looking at the full screen of gold and purple materials, almost fainted with happiness.

"These are all for me to sell?!" I am not a profiteer feels like a pie has suddenly dropped from the sky.

"Not all of the, just sell the duplicate materials." Qin Mo said calmly, "You help me buy some fire attributes materials."

"No problem!" There are many duplicated materials, such as the very precious dragon bone, and Ink Mark actually collected three! This is the main material for making bone fans! I am not a profiteer, looking at the list of materials with excitement, almost drooling, "Great God, the fire attribute material you want, I can mail it to you now! There are many fire attributes material in my warehouse!"

"Well, for the rest of the material, I'll have our deputy leader, Little Medicine Fairy to send it to you."

When the two reached a cooperation agreement, Qin Mo chose a batch of materials for Little Medicine Fairy to mail.

Little Medicine Fairy was a little worried: "What if he is a swindler and go back on his words ah?"

Qin Mo said: "The most important thing for a full-time merchant is his reputation. Unless he doesn't want to be in this area, he won’t dare to offend the Mojue Guild."

After hearing what he said, Little Medicine Fairy was relieved: "All right, then I'll mail him the materials you listed."

A moment later, Qin Mo also received a mail. I am not a Profiteer simply sent nine pieces of fire attribute materials, as well as the bloody satin that Qin Mo ordered. The mail also said: "Great God Ink Mark, since it is a long-term cooperation, I will give you 6,000 gold coins each! The ones you sent me, I'll try to sell them at a high price, and then divided to 2:8!"

Sure enough, the merchant kept his word. Qin Mo replied: "Thank you." he paid for nine pieces of fire attribute material and a piece of blood satin, and then began to research Xiao Han’s weapon.

Xiao Han did not understand the five elements and asked curiously beside Qin Mo: "Do you need fire attribute materials to make dagger?"

Qin Mo said: "Not necessarily, but you said you need to stack the critical strike rate. The additional effects of critical strike are usually fire and metal materials, I collect some to try."

Although Xiao Han does not understand, so he obediently stand by the side of Qin Mo to watch his research.

Qin Mo kept trying to put all kinds of materials on it, but the effect was not very satisfactory. Until he put "Scarlet Agate" and "Red Fire Beads" in man and harmony position respectively, the weapons in the preview window suddenly flashed a layer of blood-colored light, and the additional attributes also appeared a critical strike. Qin Mo was happy, pressed the confirmation key, and immediately publish a public announcement

—— Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining the 7-star unique artifact [Twilight]!


[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Dagger]

[Creator: Ink Mark]

[Basic attack 2300-2550, attack distance 0-20 meters, attack speed +15]

[Critical Strike Rate +10%; Critical Strike Rate +10%]

Double critical strike weapons are difficult to build, often the first critical strike attributes always conflict with the second one, which is why Qin Mo tried for a long time has not pressed the confirmation. Fortunately, in the end, he found out some rules, and finally, according to Xiao Han's preferences, he succeeded in building double critical strike weapons.

Just a weapon alone increases the critical strike rate by 20%, which is really rare.

Xiao Han was also very excited when he saw this weapon. He began to praise him and said: "Xiao Mo, you are really amazing!"

Qin Mo gave Xiao Han the weapons he had built. Xiao Han immediately took them over and put them on. A pair of daggers with bloody light effects, matching with Xiao Han's black night clothes very well.

Thousand Miles Ice in the game with a new dagger put a series of skills——Meteor, Rainbow through the Sun!

The dagger thrown out also has a bloody light effect, probably due to the influence of the key material "bloody satin". Qin Mo saw him constantly releasing his skills. He raised his lip and said, "So excited ah."

Xiao Han smiled and said: "That’s the weapon you personally made for me."

Although this is just a pile of virtual data in the game, Xiao Han felt particularly fond of the weapon engraved with Qin Mo's name.

Qin Mo promised to help him build all his equipment. Later, his body will gradually be engraved with the names of Ink Mark.

In reality, one day, he will also personally give a gift engraved with his name to Qin Mo——Xiao Han promise, it will exactly a ring.
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