The King's Return : Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Double Sword Combination

At 11:30, Qin Mo wanted to go offline to sleep. As a result, a private chat window suddenly appeared in the lower left corner: "Hello, I am a guild leader of Sword Song." The ID of the person who sent this message is called "Gentleman Unparalleled", and Qin Mo has never contacted him before.

After kicking the undercover back, the other party's guild leader actually came in person and Qin Mo typed and asked: "What's the matter?"

Gentleman Unparalleled said: "The undercover agent was recognized and let you laugh at us [smile]"

Qin Mo thought to himself, your face is very thick, and you are too ashamed to say so.

Gentleman Unparalleled continued to brazenly say: "Take the liberty to ask, Did this Mojue guild plan to only develop in the game, or are you interested in participating in next year's professional league?“

Qin Mo bluntly asked: "What about your Sword Song?"

Gentleman Unparalleled said: "The wise don't tell secrets, I have formed a Sword Song Team. At present, the team members are not enough. If the expert is interested, you may consider joining our team. Our team's lineup is dominated by swordsmen, just as you are also a fellow of Hanhua Sword School."

I didn't expect him to say it so directly. Before, the undercover of Sword Song made trouble in the guild task. Qin Mo had a bad impression of Sword Song. However, the guild leader is a frank and open person, since the other party made it so clear, Qin Mo did not want to beat around the bush and said: "I'm sorry, I won't consider joining your team. I have my own team."

Gentleman Unparalleled was very surprised: "You also want to set up your own team?"

Ink Mark: "En."

Gentleman Unparalleled: "The league is very strict in examining and approving teams now. It will be very difficult to build your own team."

Ink Mark: "I know that. I'm ready."

"All right." Gentleman Unparalleled said helplessly, "Since you also want to form your own team, then I won't waste my breath inviting you to join. Make friends and see you later at the arena."

A friend application pops up on the screen——chivalrous man [Gentleman Unparalleled], level 50, school [Hanhua Sword School], requesting to add you as a friend.

Opponents on the league can also be friends in private. Since Gentleman Unparalleled take initiative to send friend application, Qin Mo agreed without much thought.

After adding friends to each other, you can see each other's current position. Qin Mo found that the Gentleman Unparalleled in the dungeon of "Sunset Peak", which shows Xiao Han's speculation is very reasonable——The command of Sword Song Guild today is not the same person as that of the dungeon. Maybe Gentleman Unparalleled got off line after he finished the dungeon, and handed over the guild task to Sword Song Ice Rain.

At this moment, a prompt pops up on the screen——chivalrous man [Vanish into Smoke], level 50, school [Hanhua Sword School], inviting you to duel.

The main city security zone can't open PK, only friendly duel, Qin Mo did not know this person, directly refused the invitation to duel. As a result, the other party relentlessly sent another invitation, Qin Mo refused again, and then he persistently sent a third invitation.

Qin Mo looked around and finally found this "Vanish into Smoke"——he was dressed in a white Hanhua sword school costume, but because he chose the shota model when he created the character, he was less than 1.5 meters tall, his head was right at the waist of Ink Mark, and a small swordsman, looking lovely, stood beside him, Qin Mo almost didn't see him.

Finding Ink Mark noticing himself, the swordsman immediately jumped up and down with his Qinggong skill and typed: "Come on ah, duel!"

Qin Mo frowned and said: "I have to go offline to sleep."

Vanish into Smoke: "After duel, get offline!"

Xiao Han, who was standing nearby, couldn't help typing: "Do you want to duel? Come and fight me."

Vanish into Smoke: "You go aside, I just want to fight with Ink Mark!"

Xiao Han, who was forced back, was somewhat surprised. This guy came directly to Qin Mo. Is it because Ink Mark are more famous in this area?

Xiao Han asked Qin Mo: "Who is he?"

Qin Mo said: "The deputy leader of Sword Song guild, I'll try PK with him." Qin Mo didn't know who he was at first, but after checking his data, he found that his real identity was the deputy leader of the Sword Song Guild, and he should be a professional player of the same team as Gentleman.

After the duel start, the little swordsman rushed up fiercely. Although he was only half the size of Ink Mark, he was clear and cut in his fight with others. The dagger in his hand instantly danced into a magnificent flower. It was the "Seamless Sword" fast combo that was extremely difficult to hit well in the operation of Hanhua Sword School dagger flow. What is more, in a short span of three seconds, he actually hit a horrible ten combo!

Vanish into Smoke, the appearance seem like a cute and adorable shota, but the explosive force in the match was amazing. Ten consecutive strokes of seamless sword cut off one-third of the blood level.

But Qin Mo is not anxious. The output of the Hanhua Sword School's short sword flow was indeed higher than that of the long sword flow, but its control skill was far lower than the long sword flow. Qin Mo turned his backhand to fight off the direct single blow of "Waving Sword into the River" to blow away the clouds in front of him. Then he turned on the Qinggong skill of "Flicker" and went around to his side at a fast speed. Another move was "Sword Horizon" and "Sword Rain Remnant" to strike him silence in place!

After being silenced, he was unable to release any skills. Vanish into Smoke was also quick-witted and immediately turned and ran away.

However, Qin Mo would not miss such an opportunity, chase after him to hit a lot, and soon blood level between the two is in line.

Vanish into Smoke, said while running: "You are amazing!"

He typed and praised ink marks on the nearby channel, while running fast with sole on his feet.

When the 3-second silence was over, he immediately turned back and Qinggong to come over with another set of magnificent "Broken Wind Sword" combo.

Of course, Qin Mo would not stand still to be beaten. At the moment he turned back, Qin Mo made a reverse detour with Qinggong and avoided this set of continuous attacks appropriately.

Vanish into Smoke typed: "Amazing!"

Then he returned to pursue Qin Mo. Both of them belonged to the Hanhua Sword School. One was elegant in stature and moved flexibly with a long sword in hand; the other was lively and lovely with a dagger in hand. Two white shadows, one tall and one short, shuttled back and forth in the square in front of the Chamber of Commerce. The fight was especially good-looking and attracted many spectators.

At this moment, the Gentleman Unparalleled suddenly appeared nearby, saying: "Xiao Yun, stop."

Vanish into Smoke immediately withdrew his dagger and stood beside him obediently: "Master, Ink Mark is indeed an expert!"

Gentleman Unparalleled chatted privately with Qin Mo: "My apprentice wanted to duel, sorry to make you laugh at me."

He was so polite that Qin Mo had to politely reply: "Never mind, your apprentice is very good."

Gentleman Unparalleled smiled: "He is also a player of our team. He is only 16 years old and not very sensible."

Sixteen? Qin Mo looked at the little swordsman bouncing around behind his master and could not help but say to Xiao Han: "Did you see him sparring with me just now? How do you feel?"

Xiao Han said: "Talented players, very fast, the opportunity to escape and attack can be grasp very well, the overall outlook is very strong."

Qin Mo nodded approvingly: "It seems that there are still many masters in the Sword Song Team. Just now, Gentleman Unparalleled invited me to join their team, I didn't agree with him, I guess this Vanish into Smoke wanted to try my level."

Xiao Han asked: "Is this a non-governmental club?"(T/N : I think this is a club that built by a person not an institute like other big club)

"En, the Sword Song Team has been officially established." Qin Mo thought for a moment and said, "It may be that the team was built quickly during the beta test, I'll ask Mirage. He has a better understanding of the previous beta tests in Peerless Jianghu." Qin Mo said as he found Mirage in his friend list and sent a message: "Mirage, do you know ‘Gentleman Unparalleled’? The swordsman."

"Yes ah!" Mirage said: "This man is a great god, a very famous anchor of the e-sport channel, because he has a good voice, good appearance and good temper, and he has many fans. At the beginning of this year, he went to a new game to try out the water and played swordsman. Before the end of the beta test, the government held a school contest. Gentleman Unparalleled won the champion of Hanhua Sword School, some people in the forum said that he would participate the league next year."

"I see, thank you." Qin Mo replied.

"You're welcome, boss."

After closing the chat window with Mirage, Qin Mo said good night to Gentleman Unparalleled and closed the game to offline.

It's getting late, they are going to bed. Xiao Han went to bathe first as a guest, and Qin Mo washed later. When he finished, Xiao Han had dried his hair and waited for him by the bedside. In the bedroom, only the lamp was on. The light was warm and soft. The blond and black-eyed mixed-race youth had deep eyebrows and a handsome face like a statue. Seeing Qin Mo coming out, Xiao Han smiled slightly and pointed to the bed and said: "Come and sleep."

The scene suddenly made Qin Mo's heart beat like a drum, and even somewhat did not dare to look straight into his eyes.

He went to the edge of the bed with his head down, pretended to lie down calmly, but forgot to cover the quilt because of nervousness.

Xiao Han affectionately helped him cover the quilt. Qin Mo, who had just taken a bath, still had a trace of warm water vapor on him, probably because he had worn VR glasses for a long time. The corners of his eyes were slightly red, and his face was as white as jade. The clear black eyes seemed to have a layer of water light.

How can you be so beautiful……

At the age of 18, he was still a bit proud and immature. After three years of precipitation, he was really good-looking.

Looking at the beauty lying beside him, Xiao Han felt thirsty and couldn't wait to strip off his clothes and eat him clean.

Qin Mo didn't know Xiao Han was imagining things. It was so strange for two people to lie on the same bed without saying anything. Qin Mo had to look for a topic: "I asked Mirage, that Gentleman Unparalleled was originally the game anchor of the e-sport channel, the sword song team he set up should be of high standard. The non-governmental teams are all so strong, plus the teams sent by the big clubs in the past, next year's league matches will definitely be full of expert players."

Listening to his serious discussion about the Sword Song Team, Xiao Han had to take a deep breath and press agitation within □□ down. He smiled and said: "No fear, our level is not low either. Moreover, the tacit understanding between us is not comparable to that of an ordinary partner."

Qin Mo thought about it, looked back at Xiao Han and said: "They take swordsmen as the core. I haven't thought about the line-up of our team yet. I am a swordsman, you are an assassin, attack distance is relatively limited, I will definitely find some long-range to balance later. "

On his serious eyes, Xiao Han couldn't help reaching out and gently holding Qin Mo's hand in bed, saying:, "Take your time, I will be your strongest backup."

Qin Mo's back suddenly stiffened——the sudden warmth from his fingers made his heart tremble slightly.

Xiao Han's fingers are slender and powerful. When he holds his hand gently, he will inexplicably feel at ease. Two people lie in bed, chatting about their future. This scene is like a lover chatting about their children. It's so warm that there is even a kind of "quiet years" of peace.

Qin Mo lowered his eyelashes and pulled his hand back with some embarrassment. Xiao Han was very generous in helping him, how could he think so?

"…... Go to bed early." Qin Mo got into bed and turned his back to Xiao Han.

Xiao Han found that he had wrapped the quilt tightly, revealing only his black hair and an ear hidden in the hair. The ears were white and almost transparent, making people want to nibble them gently in their mouth. If he does this, will he be shy? Will his ear turn red?

Xiao Han heart like a capering monkey and his mind like a galloping horse (T/N: I dunno, it’s means like this in MTL.. some said it’s mean restless). At that moment, Qin Mo turned off the lamp and the room became dark. Xiao Han couldn't see anything. After a moment of regretful silence, he earnestly said: "Xiao Mo, come back to Changsha with me."

"Going back so soon?" Qin Mo clear voice come through the quilt.

"Since we have decided to formally set up the Mojue team, it is better to return to Changsha as soon as possible to go through the formalities." Xiao Han's voice was extremely low and gentle in the night. "The team will be independent from the club, the procedures will be complicated, the contract will need to be redrafted, and we have to sign it personally."

"All right." Qin Mo promised to come down and simply said. "Then I'll go back with you."

"En." Xiao Han smiled slightly and thought: ‘When you come to Changsha, I will protect you and never let you suffer any more grievances.
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