She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 11

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Chapter 11- Mr. Yi: She Actually Laughed At Me? Terrible!
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

Sleep together with Yi Zeyan?

Are… Are you kidding me?!!

Lin Qingqing did not answer for a long time. She was so embarrassed that she dared not even think about it. 

One did not know if Yi Zeyan had noticed her dilemma, but he finally opened his mouth for a reminder. "Xiao Yuan, I told you, don't scare your mommy."

The little child sighed softly, lowered his head, and said with a low tone, "Okay, I know."

His little lost appearance was really pitiful, but Lin Qingqing did not even dare to think about it*, so she did not know how to comfort him. Fortunately, the child's mood came and went quickly, and soon he was happy to play with her.
[*T/N: the matter of her sleeping with YZ]

This topic was over with, but Lin Qingqing had a constant feeling that the atmosphere around her seemed to have changed a lot and become a little subtle and ambiguous.

The little guy's biological clock was very accurate, and he began to doze off at bedtime. Lin Qingqing took him to bed, but as he approached his room, he stopped. Though sleepy-eyed, he carefully asked her, "Can I sleep with Mommy?"

His sparkling eyes were filled with anticipation. Lin Qingqing was stupefied for a moment. How could she have the heart to refuse him, so she did not think much about it and said, "All right, ah."

The little child was so elated that he rushed at her with a face full of excitement and said, "Then, Mommy will wait for me while I get my change of clothes and mouthwash cup." Then, he ran into the room.

After the little guy left, Lin Qingqing unconsciously turned her head and saw Yi Zeyan standing beside her.  Somewhat embarrassed, she smiled at him and nodded. She thought he wanted to go back to the room, but even after a while he did not leave, now she was even more embarrassed.

"You should not listen to Xiao Yuan, there is no one who takes advantage of the situation, and there is no chance for anyone to take advantage of it."

"Ah?" Lin Qingqing was a little bit confused, but when she thought about it carefully, she remembered what Xiao Yuan had said to her before... those aunts would want to take advantage of the situation.

"If Mommy doesn't get close to Daddy, those aunts will want to take advantage of the situation, I don't want other moms."

"Mommy and Daddy sleep together. The other children's parents sleep together."

It really was…

Why did he specifically explain this to her?

Lin Qingqing was very uncomfortable, smiling a little awkwardly, she said, "I… I see."

Fortunately, Xiao Yuan came out soon, Lin Qingqing hurriedly helped him change his clothes, and then took his hand and immediately flashed into the room. She breathed a sigh of relief only after she had closed the door.

Lin Qingqing soon found out that her son's self-care ability was unusually strong. Brushing his teeth, washing his face, and changing his clothes, was nothing difficult.

He was only a little bashful when he took a bath. Lin Qingqing worried that he could not do it and wanted to help him, but the little guy anxiously said from the bathroom, "Mommy, don't come in, I can do it."

Lying in bed, the little guy nestled in her arms, happily giggled and affectionately called her again and again, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." He just couldn’t part with her.

Lin Qingqing felt that her heart was going to melt when the little dumpling, which was less than four years old, called her like this.

All this felt so unreal… She came to an unfamiliar home belonging to her and became someone's wife and mother. Now the little dumpling was cocooned in her arms, reminding her over and over, that this was her son.

This was incredible!

As she kissed his crown and held him tight, she asked, "Xiao Yuan, Mommy used to be very cruel to you. Do you really not blame Mommy at all? Still want to be so close to Mommy?"

Yi Zeyan had said that she hated the child, so there should be more than one instance in the memory fragment in which she resisted his approach and hurt him. But the little guy was not afraid of her, and even tried to get close to her instead.

The little guy's milky, meng voice said, "I don't blame Mommy. Daddy said that only when Mommy is unhappy does that happen, I want Mommy to be happy, Daddy also wants Mommy to be happy. Mommy should not be unhappy in the future, okay?"

Somehow, Lin Qingqing suddenly felt as if a warm liquid was pouring into her body, giving her a feeling that she was being loved by the whole world, her whole body was comfortable and relaxed. This feeling should be pleasant and enjoyable, but she didn't know why, there was sourness and bitterness at the tip of her heart.

Hope she wouldn't be unhappy, hope she would be happy… Such a simple request.

What had she done before, ah?

Lin Qingqing's nose was sour and uncomfortable, she affectionately rubbed his little face and promised, "Okay, Mommy won't be unhappy in the future."

Mommy will not be unhappy, will not ignore you, Mommy will try to be a good mother, will not let you get hurt, will not let you hide behind the railing, and only look at your mommy from afar.

When Lin Qingqing woke up the next day, the little one was no longer in bed.  Thinking of his ability to take care of himself, she was not worried.

She came down the stairs and heard the father and son talking in the living room.

The location of the stairs was a dead corner in the living room, they could not see her, nor could she see them, but she could hear them clearly.

The little guy said, "Daddy, you know, Mommy is very fragrant, very soft and comfortable, I fell asleep after holding Mommy for a while. If Daddy holds Mommy in his arms, Daddy will fall asleep in a minute."

Hearing these words, Lin Qingqing only felt an upsurge in her face, and her face suddenly turned red. This little guy spoke so innocently that he probably didn't know how much meaning it carried when it fell on adult ears.

Lin Qingqing could not see Yi Zeyan nor could she see his expression at the moment, she only heard a heavy cough. 

The little guy seemed very excited and said, "Mommy has told me a lot of things, and she also told me stories to coax me to sleep, she has never done this before. I will sleep with Mommy today, the story she told me is not finished yet, it's the story about the wolf, Daddy, do you know? Once upon a time, there was a......blablabla......"

After a while, perhaps Yi Zeyan wasn't able to stand it, he interrupted: "Why are you as long-winded as your mom?"

At this time, Yi Beiyuan's mommy who was standing on the stairs: "????"

"Do you want me to tell your mom that you already have a jigsaw puzzle from the forest boy?"

The child, Yi Beiyuan, replied hastily, "Daddy don't say." He spoke as if he was afraid of being heard by anyone. He hushed and said, "Daddy, don't tell Mommy, okay?"

Yi Zeyan did not answer him but hummed softly.

Lin Qingqing had originally wanted to go downstairs, but listening in to the conversation she didn't know whether to go down or not. She felt it would be very awkward to go down now, Yi Zeyan would be awkward as would the child.

Forget it, I'd better wait for a while.

It turned out that the little one already had the puzzle of the forest boy, but she didn't know it, he pretended to be very excited to play with her.

This little thing, why was he so warm? The warmth made her feel sad and her nose tingled.

Lin Qingqing stayed in the room for a while, and when she went out, the father and son had already left.

She was idle and right on time remembered that she had a workshop upstairs… She wanted to see it. 

The workshop was wide, with a piano in the middle, a drum in the corner, and instruments such as clarinet and cucurbit flute on the wall.

There were many drafts scattered on the ground, picking them up, she looked through them. They were all messy music drafts, they should have been written by her before. She tried to play them, the main melody was quite good, but the chords were a bit bad, giving people a feeling of impetuousness and resentment.

Anyway, since she had nothing to do now, she would just calm down and change the chords.

The door to the workshop was not closed, and she was the only one at home with Hui Yi, whose range of activities generally focused downstairs, so she did not close the door. Naturally, she did not notice when Yi Zeyan appeared at the door.

Yi Zeyan couldn't stay in the company. The moment he sat down, he wanted to go home. In the end, he simply did not oppose himself, arranged his work, and went back home. After he came back, he passed by her workshop and saw that she was busy in the studio. However, this time she did not make the musical instruments go loud and crazy, but sat quietly in front of the piano writing and drawing on the manuscript.

Her eyebrows furrowed slightly as if deep in thought. Her eyebrows were very thin; when twisted up, they curved into a very beautiful shape. Her skin was very white and shiny, face focused, eyes closed, fingertips slid over the keys and the beautiful music came forth. Her whole face was full of vitality, it seemed that the blue sky outside the window became brighter, and there was a sweet smell of spring in the air.

As soon as Lin Qingqing got busy, she forgot the time and lost herself a little as soon as she got into it. So she did not notice Yi Zeyan standing at the door until she felt some soreness in her neck. She wriggled her neck and relaxed, it was only then that she saw the man standing in a daze at the door.

She was startled at the sight.

"How... How come you are back?"

Yi Zeyan was silent for a moment and said, "There's nothing important at the office, just do your thing, I won't disturb you."

After Yi Zeyan left, Lin Qingqing didn't stay for long either. When she came downstairs, she saw him standing by the window of the living room making a phone call. On the tea table in the living room was a box of fluffy pork floss buns. She liked to eat such snacks very much, especially those with cream filling inside.

There wasn't one before, did he buy it?

When he finished the phone call, he turned to find her staring at the pork floss fluffy bun. He said to her, "I bought it for you."

He really bought it for her, ah!

Since he had bought it especially for her, it would be too disrespectful not to eat it, ah, of course, she really wanted to eat it!

She went over to open the box, grabbed a piece, and took a bite. It was very sweet and soft, and the filling inside was rich and creamy. The taste of sweetness flowed all the way to the stomach, which was really satisfying.

Seeing that unexpectedly she had already begun eating, Yi Zeyan was stupefied for a moment. As she sat there well-behaved, holding a small piece at the tip of her finger, nibbling on it like a little squirrel, her cheeks bulging on both sides… He stood there looking at her, and not moving or leaving for a long time.

Lin Qingqing stole a glance at him, and she gradually stiffened. Why hasn't he left yet? He has been staring at me, it is very embarrassing, ah... Should I continue eating or not...

Eventually, Lin Qingqing couldn't stand the pressure of his gaze, so she carefully handed him a piece of fluffy pork floss and tentatively asked, "Would you like to eat it?"

Yi Zeyan, "——"

Yi Zeyan sat down opposite her and smiled. "I don't eat."

Why do you still look at me like that if you don't eat? It's strange.

"This is the first time you have eaten what I bought for you."

She looked at him, still smiling on his face, wondering why she sensed a sad and pitiful tone in his words.

This is the first time you have eaten what I bought for you... It seemed as if it was a terrible thing for her to eat what he had bought for her.

Lin Qingqing was utterly shocked. Not only because of the tone of his voice.

Is our relationship so bad? I didn't even eat what he bought?

What kind of resentment did we have, ah? Why is the relationship so bad?

"I take the liberty of asking, have you done something wrong to me before?" Why else would I hate him so much?

Although he was smiling, she still asked carefully.

His face did not change much, but he simply said, "Does my reluctance to divorce count?"


She hated him because he never wanted a divorce? And since she wanted a divorce so much, why hadn't he been willing? She didn't think such a man with strategy, family background, a successful career, handsome and rich was a love slave.

"Why are you not willing to divorce?" she tried to ask.

He was silent for a moment. "If we divorced, what about Xiao Yuan?"

So it was like that! She was not a good mother, but he was going to be a responsible father, wasn't he?

If she hated him just because he didn't want to divorce, then her former self was really a bit too much, she had to think about her child anyway, right? He was right to think about the kid and be unwilling to divorce.

Lin Qingqing felt that even if she had no feelings for Yi Zeyan, after all, he was the father of the child and she was the mother. For the sake of the child, they could be regarded as being in a cooperative relationship. They could let bygones be bygones and get along well with each other in the future.

So she tried to squeeze a smile at him and said sincerely, "Thank you, the buns you bought are delicious."

However, Yi Zeyan seemed to turn stiff, and the smile on his face froze in a moment. He looked at her smile in a trance. Her eyes were so bright that her glittering smile revealed her pure beauty.

"Yi Zeyan, you stay away from me!"

"Yi Zeyan, get out of here!"

Disgusted, angry, and indifferent, this was her consistent attitude towards him. But now, she ate the thing that he bought her and also smiled at him.

It was as if a soft paw was scratching his heart. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 

This feeling... It was absolutely… 

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