The King's Return : Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Heart to Heart

When he woke up the next morning, Qin Mo found himself in Xiao Han's arms again.

The mixed-race handsome man slept soundly and all his hands and feet were wrapped around him, as if he were a pillow.

Qin Mo raised his head and looked at the other party carefully. Xiao Han's eyebrows were somewhat high and his nose was very tall. The white gene from his mother made his facial features look like those of handsome men in Europe and America, the whole face is like a creation carefully carved, quietly asleep, like a handsome marble statue in front of the church.

—— obviously can rely on the face to eat, it happened that ran to play e-sport.

Qin Mo reach out and gently touched his beautiful nose, found him frowning slightly, Qin Mo simply pinch his nose.

Xiao Han, who was breathless, opened his eyes and found that someone was bullying him——Qin Mo, pinch his nose and studying his face with the expression of studying the tactical lineup.

Xiao Han grabbed Qin Mo's hand and opened his mouth: "Do you want to murder your husband?"

"Don't use words carelessly. I just think your nose is better than a plastic surgery star. I pinch it to know it’s fake or not."

"It's not fake. I haven't had a plastic surgery." Xiao Han said earnestly, "I am a natural beauty."

"... Enough! Can't you speak Chinese without idioms?" Qin Mo was going to be angry with him, and his murder your husband and natural beauty came out early in the morning. Fortunately, he didn't use the strange adjectives of "be striking enough to make fish sink and birds alight" and "make a moon hide behind a cloud and put flower to shame" to describe a man's appearance.

"Natural beauty, be striking enough to make fish sink and birds alight, these are all descriptions of girls." Qin Mo explained, "It's not for men."

"Oh, how do you use the idiom to describe a handsome man?" Xiao Han asked.

"Looks like Pan An," Qin Mo could not think of a better word for a moment, so he casually said one.

"Who is Pan An?" Xiao Han is very eager to learn. Every time he hears a new idiom, he has to ask the bottom of it.

"He is a very handsome man in ancient China." Qin Mo paused and told him, "As the vice-captain of the Mojue team, you should try not to use idioms when you are interviewed by reporters."

"Ok." Xiao Han smiled, looked at Qin Mo and said: "I listen to the captain."

To his gentle eyes, Qin Mo's cheeks were slightly hot, busily shifting the topic, "Get up and eat."

Lie in bed early in the morning to discuss the use of idioms, just like an old married couple...... Wait, his Chinese will also be misled by Xiao Han, the old married couple is not used in this way!

The temperature on his face was still rising, and the whole body had some strange fever. Qin Mo immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed, went to the small balcony with the bedroom and opened the curtain.

The warm sunshine sprinkled on him through the French window, making his back look very clear and straight. Xiao Han endured the impulse to hold him from behind and went to him and asked, "The ticket to Changsha is not booked yet. Look, are we going today or tomorrow?"

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Book tickets for tonight. I want to go to Shanghai during the day."

"What are you doing in Shanghai?"

"See my parents." Qin Mo looked back at the other party, paused and added, "Also, go to see Dr. Jiang."

Xiao Han did not speak.

"Did you actually hear me when I called on the balcony that night?" Qin Mo looked directly at the other party's eyes. "I saw the corner of your clothes when I turned around."

"En, I heard you say Dr. Jiang." Xiao Han also didn't intend to conceal it.

"How much did you know about that year?" Qin Mo asked.

"Almost all." Xiao Han said.

Qin Mo was silent for a moment before he pretended to be relaxed and said: "Thank you for not comforting me."

"You don't need verbal comfort." Xiao Han looked into Qin Mo's eyes and said earnestly, "You need a teammate to walk side by side."

—— Xiao Han's understanding, consideration and respect for him moved Qin Mo.

—— Others, knowing the truth of the year, would surely ask him with sympathetic eyes, "Are your hands alright?" "Have you had a hard time these years?" These words to comfort, Qin Mo actually did not want to hear, fortunately, Xiao Han did not say anything.

—— Because Xiao Han understands him. For a proud man like him, the greatest support is action, not empty comfort.

—— I'll be your vice-captain, this sentence is better than a million words of comfort.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and turned to look out of the window: "It's all in the past."

Xiao Han also looked out of the window: "En. There is no need to mention what happened in the past, what is more important is the future."

The two men looked at each other and smiled at each other. This kind of heartfelt feeling made Qin Mo very warm. In addition, the warm sunshine was sprinkled on them. In order to recover the difficulties experienced by both hands in recent years, there was also a person who felt sad when looking at the hands that could not move. It seemed that all of them disappeared under the sunshine.

The icy heart shone with sunshine, and Qin Mo's face regained confidence. His eyes firmly said: "Yes, what more important is the future."

"I'll accompany you to Shanghai." Xiao Han said, "Then we fly directly from Shanghai to Changsha."

"It will do. I took you to meet my parents."

During the previous chat, Qin Mo said that his parents were traveling abroad, and now he said that his parents were in Shanghai, obviously lying at that time. Xiao Han did not break Qin Mo's lie, because he knew that Qin Mo said that at that time, just did not want to mention the sad past——his mother used to be a dancer, but now she can only sit in a wheelchair.

There was no power outage at home today. Qin Mo went to the kitchen to make breakfast for Xiao Han after wash and rinse. Xiao Han volunteered, "I'll do it."

Qin Mo looked back at him curiously: "Can you cook?"

Xiao Han smiled and said: "I can do some, but I'm not very good at it. I'll learn it slowly later."

His father is a lawyer, busy day and night, Xiao Han learned to stand on his own feet when he was very young. However, when he grew up in the United States, he mostly cooked omelette, bread, steak, fruit salad and other Western cuisines. Chinese food is more complicated and he can't cook it yet, but he will learn it slowly in the future. Qin Mo's hand, Xiao Han mouth did not say anything, but he still feel uncomfortable in his heart. Such a pair of hands, which are not easy to recover, should not deal with vegetables and cutlery in the kitchen. In case they are accidentally cut by a kitchen knife, Won’t he distressed to death?

Xiao Han quickly prepared two plates of omelette and brought them to the dining room. The omelette were golden in color and fragrant. Qin Mo picked them up and took a bite. He could not help but shout: "It's delicious."

"Do you like omelette?" Xiao Han asked.

"En." Qin Mo nodded, "I am usually lazy at home and only eat bread in the morning."

"It's not enough to just eat bread. There is not enough nutrition. I'll make you omelette later." Xiao Han handed the hot milk to, "drink some milk."

It feels good to take care of Qin Mo.

Qin Mo is a bit too thin. He needs to be fattened up. Thinking like this, Xiao Han secretly made plans in his mind. Since Xiao Mo likes to omelette, he will cook them for him every day after returning to Changsha.

Xiao Han bought high-speed train tickets with his mobile phone APP and the two arrived in Shanghai at 11: 30 noon.

Qin Mo ordered the cab ahead of time and went straight to his parents' residence. His parents bought a two-story villa at the leisure villa in the outskirts of Shanghai. The environment of the villa is very good, with trees, flowers, rockeries, running water and ponds, which makes it a suitable place for elderly. The pace of life is extremely leisurely, which is in sharp contrast to the bustling urban areas.

Along the way, there were many old men and women walking hand in hand. The picture was especially warm and beautiful.

When they came to the villa, they saw a middle-aged man pushing a wheelchair out.

The woman in the wheelchair is Qin Mo's mother, Zhou Lan, who was once a famous dancer. Qin Mo is 21 years old this year. Zhou Lan must be over 40 years old, but her face looks quite young. She looks like a woman in her 30s, with smooth skin and no wrinkles on her face. Even if she can't stand on both legs, she still wears a nice blue dress instead of a hospital gown. Her hair is cut very short, short hair has a very high requirement on the face shape, many girls cut short hair is not good looking, but she cut short hair make the facial features more gentle and delicate, showing her temperament.

The man next to him was Qin Yu, Qin Mo's father. He had a straight Chinese face, handsome features, and looks very elegant with a smile.

Both husband and wife appearance are so high value. No wonder Qin Mo looks good looking as he grows older.

Qin Mo saw Zhou Lan and immediately went over: "Mom, do you want stroll?" He took the wheelchair from his father's hand.

Zhou Lan said: "It's too boring to stay at home and come out to bask in the sun."

Qin Mo said: "Then I'll push you for a stroll."

Zhou Lan cast her eyes on Xiao Han. She looked up and down at the young man in front of her and asked with a smile: "Is this Xiao Han?"

Qin Mo introduce him and said: "Yes. This is my friend Xiao Han. I mentioned to you in my WeChat just now that I wanted to bring him over."

Xiao Han immediately said hello politely to the two elders: "Hello uncle Qin, Hello aunt Zhou."

Zhou Lan's eyes were very gentle and she looked at Xiao Han and said: "I heard Xiao Mo mention you before, you are a mixed-race, right?"

Xiao Han nodded: "Yes."

Zhou Lan looked back at Qin Mo: "Are all the e-sport players have high face value? It's more handsome than I've ever seen at the movie."

Qin Mo said: "He is a special case. Few other teams seldom have a handsome face."

Listening to Qin Mo praising his handsome face, Xiao Han's mood was so good that he almost flew up.

Qin Yu's expression is more serious, looked at Xiao Han and said: "Well, you come to lunch first, and then go to the hospital."
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