She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 - I Will Like Your Dad Too
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

Lin Qingqing felt that the fellow's eyes were a little strange. He looked straight at her as if he had encountered something queer. For a moment she was unsure whether to keep smiling or not. 

However, his abnormality did not last long. He slightly lowered his head and coughed softly. She saw him clench his hand and relax, then clench it again, but when he spoke again, his tone was natural and calm.

"You're welcome." He added another sentence. "After eating, I'll take you somewhere." 

"Where to?"

"You'll know when you go."

Yi Zeyan brought her to the Xinjian district. Here was the technology center of Beicheng, many companies had been built here.

The two entered an office building and went up to the fifth floor. Once they got off the elevator, Lin Qingqing saw the words "Qingqing Studio" written on the opposite facade.

While she was wondering, Yi Zeyan let the staff of the following property company open the door of the studio.

Lin Qingqing was shocked when she entered.

This was a music studio with complete facilities- a recording studio, performance room, tuning room, and so on.

"This is…," Lin Qingqing asked with astonishment.

Yi Zeyan said, "It's prepared for you."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

One by one, she looked around the place.
She found that the equipment inside was very advanced, very new, and had yet to be used. She also found that the glass in the recording studio had been smashed. 

"Why is this glass broken?"

Yi Zeyan looked at the broken glass but said nothing. One did not know what he was thinking, his face was a little dim.

Lin Qingqing tried to ask, "It is not smashed by me, is it?"

He turned to look at her, opened his mouth but said nothing.

Lin Qingqing: "..."

Did I really smash it?

So this studio should have been prepared by him before. He specially prepared it for me, but I smashed it?

Why did I smash it?

Lin Qingqing remembered he had told her that she hated him. She stole a glance at him, he was looking at the glass. He looked as if he had been shrouded in something, it seemed a little vague and evoked a deep and unfathomable feeling in the onlooker.

"I don't want you to give up music, even if you can't sing," he said suddenly as if talking to himself.

Lin Qingqing was stunned. She thought back to what the little one had said to her last night... He said that he did not want her to be unhappy nor did his father want her to be unhappy.

No matter how they got together in the first place, from many aspects, although this person's aura emanated a sense of distance that couldn't be decreased, he was also a considerate husband to her. What's more, Yi Zeyan was impeccable both in terms of appearance and economic conditions. She really didn't understand why she hated him.

Knowing that she liked music but couldn't sing, he prepared a music studio for her. She really couldn't find a reason why she hated him when he raised their child so well and was a good husband.

She could obviously lead a very good life, even after so many blows… She married a husband who had the looks, money, and gave birth to such a lovely and sensible child. If she managed well, her life would be better than many people’s, but why did she still lead such a bad life, ah?

"Is this really for me?"

Yi Zeyan came to his senses and said, "En, it's for you." He paused and added. "Don't worry about screwing up, if it doesn't work, you can pass the time by playing around. Even if you lose your blood, I'll support you. You can do it at ease."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Lin Qingqing had mixed feelings for a while, but Yi Zeyan didn't seem to take it too seriously. It seemed that what he said was nothing more than ordinary stuff.

"If you want, I'll have the glass repaired."

He looked at her with some hesitation, is he worried that I will refuse?

She didn't know if she’d also resisted Yi Zeyan from approaching as she had her child. In her memory fragment, she seemed to be full of bitterness and resentment, shrinking into her own dark world, the world without light, rotting away alone, with no one that could come near her!

She couldn't bear it, she couldn't bear to see his lost appearance, just like she couldn't bear to let her child down. So she didn't think much and said, "I like it, I want it."

There was a smile in his eyes. "Well, I'll get someone to fix it as soon as possible."

Once the deal to fix the studio was made, the two were ready to leave. Yi Zeyan turned around. Looking at his back, Lin Qingqing unexpectedly said, "Thank you."

She spoke very sincerely.

"En?" He frowned doubtfully, turned to look at her, then nodded casually. "En." Then he turned and went out.

However, Lin Qingqing did not see the corners of his mouth gently pursed when he turned around. He was smiling.

Back at home, Yi Zeyan had something to do and left. He was going to transfer Xiao Yuan to another school. Now that she lived here with them, the little one didn't need to go to school that far away.

In the afternoon, Yi Zeyan went to pick up his son and then straight home. The little guy happily played jigsaw puzzles with his mother, but the father still did not go back to his study to work.

When it was time for bed, Lin Qingqing thought of something and said to the little guy, "How about Mommy going to your room to sleep tonight?"

Of course, Yi Beiyuan agreed happily.

The fact was Lin Qingqing was curious to see the little one's room lest she ends up duplicating the things. Of course, she also wanted to know more about the child.

Yi Beiyuan's room was very clean, there were a lot of toys. Lin Qingqing wanted to know his hobbies, but she didn't dare rummage around rashly. She had to ask the little one’s permission first.

"Can I open all the cabinets in your room to see?"

The little guy nodded with his eyes wide open and then smiled brightly. "Mommy can see it. I have no secrets from Mommy"

Really sweet and lovely ah... He saw her with a kind of doting that Lin Qingqing had a feeling of being spoiled by her son, her heart turned as soft as a pool of water.

Lin Qingqing soon discovered that her little treasure son had a wide range of hobbies. He liked racing cars and had many racing toys, he also liked models, especially the big tree models with red fruits.

However, Lin Qingqing found a gem necklace in a drawer. The blue heart-shaped gem was cracked... It was something that should not belong to a child.

Lin Qingqing asked, "Do you like this one?"

Yi Beiyuan said, "This is a gift from Daddy to Mommy. Mommy likes the celebrity singer
 'Beihai Love Song'. Once Mommy saw the star wearing such a necklace around her neck and liked it very much. Daddy ordered an identical one for Mommy, but Mommy threw it on the ground and broke it. Daddy was going to throw it away, but I didn't want it thrown away and quietly picked it up."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She thought back to the broken glass in the music studio she had seen today, she could smash the glass, so it was no surprise that she would break the necklace.

The little guy thought of something and said, "Actually, we didn't live here before, we lived near Auntie's house, but then Mommy saw an advertisement for a villa and said 'It's beautiful’, then Daddy bought the villa and we moved here."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

He hung his head low, looking shy and sad. "Daddy and I like mommy very much."

Lin Qingqing suddenly had a feeling of slag, which was very similar to the slag of throwing her husband and abandoning her son.

This feeling of being slag evoked in her a deep sense of self-responsibility. So looking at the little one who had his head lowered, his white neck showing and a little sad, she could not help but pull him into her arms and comforted him by saying, "Mommy likes you too."

"Really?" the soft and meng voice, joyfully asked her.

"En, really."

"What about Daddy?"

Lin Qingqing thought of the handsome man. He opened a studio for her to help her out of her predicament. He bought her a gift to please her and also the house here as soon as she liked it.

When she thought of these things, somehow, her heart began to beat faster. She quickly shook her head and did not dare to think about them anymore as if she had defiled some revered deity.

The child hadn't gotten an answer yet, and did not hesitate to ask again, "Mommy, what about Daddy? Does Mommy like Daddy?"

Lin Qingqing felt her cheeks burning, she looked at her son's expectant eyes, she needed to appease him and did not want to let him down.

But at the thought of the words to appease him, her heart beat faster and faster, and she didn't dare to face his gaze. She held him in her arms, closed her eyes, and said stiffly, "I... I'll like your daddy, too."


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