The King's Return : Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: New Beginning

As soon as Xiao Han entered the room, he found that the villa was warmly decorated. The artistic hangings on the walls and all kinds of exquisite small ornaments in the house should all be bought by Zhou Lan. This woman not only has great temperament, but also knows how to live. Even if her legs couldn't stand, there was still a gentle smile on her face.

Zhou Lan is a woman with soft outside and strong inside. Qin Mo can be strong over the past few years, which should be accompanied by her encouragement and comfort.

With such a mother, Qin Mo is actually very happy.

Xiao Han was very impressed by her, because Xiao Han knew that she must have been there in the most difficult moments of Qin Mo. Without his mother, Qin Mo may not be able to return to e-sports today.

The servant had prepared lunch in advance, and the four of them went into the dining-room and sat down around the table, chatting while eating.

Zhou Lan looked at Xiao Han affectionately and asked: "Xiao Han, Xiao Mo said in WeChat that he would like to return to Changsha with you, right?"

"Yes, we intend to establish a Mojue team in Changsha."

"Oh... "Zhou Lan thoughtfully nodded," I don't know much about the clubs. Xiao Mo originally wanted to build his own team, Qin’s ancestor home was in Xi’an, The address of the team he said he would choose Xi'an. Some time ago, he asked the intermediary company to help him find dormitories. If you go to Changsha together, have you found a dormitory?"

"Auntie, rest assured, I have already found Dragon Song Club as a shareholder, but more than 51% of the shares are in our own hands." Xiao Han explained, "In fact, the team is still Xiao Mo who has the final say. The Dragon Song Club only provides us with some equipment and financial support as investors. There are both dormitories and training rooms, we can enter directly."

"To separate the team from the club?" Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, "There seems to be no precedent in China. How can your club boss agree?"

"Our boss is not a pure businessman. He used to be an e-sport players and can understand the feelings of Qin Mo and me." Xiao Han said.

"En, this is quite good. Holding more than 51% of the shares will give the team a say. You can continue to manage the team even if you don't play." Qin Yu paused and added, "But there is a problem. You two hold shares together. In case there are differences of opinion, who will you listen to? I am a businessman. In business, many partners work together at the beginning, but later they go their separate ways for various reasons, like enemies. The so-called brothers clear accounts, I am not saying that the two of you will be in conflict, but things must be prepared for the worst."

"Uncle is right. I have also considered this issue." Xiao Han said frankly, "Xiao Mo holds 26% of the shares, one point higher than me. He is the first shareholder of the team. If there are differences of opinion in the future, I will listen to him."

"…..." Qin Mo was very surprised by Xiao Han's decisiveness. He suddenly became the top of the food chain, which made him not used to it for a while.

"You listen to him?" Qin Yu was also surprised. "I think you are also a person with ideas. You can't always listen to Qin Mo in everything, can you?"

"We can discuss and resolve some minor differences. If there is a big decision, when I disagree with Qin Mo, I will listen to Qin Mo. Because I believe that his decision will not be wrong." Xiao Han looked at the elders in front of him seriously and said, "Uncle, there are many examples of partners falling out in the business world, but Qin Mo and I did not build a team to do business. We just wanted to play better. I think that only when two people trust each other can our team go far. I have complete trust in Qin Mo, and so does Qin Mo."

"En." Qin Yu gave Xiao Han an appreciative look and said with a smile, "Most of the partners fell out because of their own agendas and personal interests. If you don't have the same heart, you can't talk it over. I just gave you a warning, you are right. As long as you and Qin Mo can trust each other, there is no contradiction that cannot be solved."

Qin Yu has been in business for many years, and he has seen all kinds of people, calculating in every possible way for their own benefit, and fighting against each other for shares…... Accustomed to those ugliness, he actually thinks that Xiao Han and Qin Mo are very pure in this cooperation. The open-mindedness shown by the mixed-race youth in front of him, as well as his heartfelt trust and respect for Qin Mo, made him really like it. When he first received Qin Mo's WeChat message that he wanted to partner with others, he was still worried about whether his son had been cheated, he didn't completely relax until he saw Xiao Han with his own eyes.

—— It is also Qin Mo's luck to have such a trustworthy partner. When strong and strong join forces, 1 + 1 is often greater than 2.

"The intermediary company has found a single apartment in Xi'an, which is in good condition. It can rent two floors directly, one as dormitory and the other as training room. I was going to show you around in a few days, and you'll pay the deposit if it's appropriate. Now it seems that there is no need for it?" Qin Yu smiled and looked at his son, "Have you decided to partner with Xiao Han?"

"En, Dragon Song Club will help us finalize the League review and save a lot of time. I want to devote more energy to studying the competition." Qin Mo said earnestly, "Dad, I will not rent the dormitory over there in Xi'an. You can help me to say that there is no need to look for it anymore."

"Ok, you just come if convenient," Qin Yu said, "When you sign the contract, you must look carefully and see if there are any traps."

"Uncle, don't worry, my father is a lawyer. I will show him the contract in person and sign it, if there is no problem." Xiao Han said.

"It is certainly best to have a lawyer." Qin Yu paused. "Have you booked your flight to Changsha?"

"The plane at eight o'clock in the evening." Qin Mo volunteered to reply, "We don't have much time left. I want to go to Changsha as soon as possible to go through the formalities."

"Do you have enough money to take 26% shares of the new team?" Qin Yu asked with concern.

"Enough." Qin Mo said, "I have saved all my money from the league a few years ago and have a lot of savings in my hand."

"That's good. If it's not enough, just ask Dad. I'll transfer millions of dollars to you through online banking." Nouveau Riche father said very readily.

"…..." Qin Mo smiled, "I really don't need it. I have it myself."

Already this big, he would be embarrassed to use his parents' money. It is enough that his parents can support him to continue playing e-sport games.

In the afternoon, Qin Yu asked the driver to drive them to the city hospital to find doctor Jiang.

When Qin Mo was hospitalized, Jiang Shuo was an attending doctor. Now he has been promoted to associate professor and has a separate office. Qin Mo's mother and son were his old patients and went directly to the ward office to find him.

Qin Mo went in alone and talked with Dr. Jiang for a while. Jiang Shuo checked the flexibility of his fingers and said: "Your hand is recovering quickly."

"Can I go back to play then?" Qin Mo asked.

"I've heard that e-sport players have strong training tasks every day." Jiang Shuo looked at him worried. "If you train for a long time, I'm afraid it will leave an after effect for your hand."

"Don't worry, Dr. Jiang, I will pay attention." Qin Mo said seriously, "I have no more than two hours of continuous training every day, and I know my own hands very well."

"En, it's best not to overdo it." Jiang Shuo encouraged, "Good luck."

"Thank you, Dr. Jiang."

When the two were chatting in the office, Zhou Lan was chatting with Xiao Han in the corridor outside.

"Qin Mo is the only child. When he was a child, he was spoiled by his elders. His character is especially proud. When his temper comes up, he will be very poisonous. But he does not mean any harm. You should not take him seriously. In the future, you will run the team together. I hope that the relationship between you two will be harmonious all the time. If you have anything to discuss, don't quarrel."

"I know." Xiao Han smiled, "Auntie rest assured, I will let him. Besides, my Chinese is not good and I can't argue with him. "

"I'm sorry, I know you are the same age, want you to tolerate him, is actually my selfishness as a mother. He never tells anyone what's on his mind. I don't want to make him sad."

"I understand." As a matter of fact, so do I. I can't bear to grieve him any more. In response to last Zhou Lan’s gentle and loving eyes, Xiao Han's heart suddenly moved and said, "Auntie, my parents separated when I was very young. Before long, my mother died of illness. I have no mother. I think, why don't I recognize you as godmother?" Seeing Zhou Lan's face was very surprised when he heard these words, Xiao Han added, "I know this request is a bit abrupt. If you don't want to, please take it as if I didn't say it."

"Why not?" Zhou Lan smiled and said, "To pick up such a handsome son, it’s not too late to be happy."

"Is it? Godmother is the most beautiful and graceful woman I have ever seen. "

"That's sweet." Zhou Lan was so amused that she kept laughing, holding Xiao Han's hand and saying, "Let Qin Mo bring you back on the next vacation. I will be your mother in the future. "

At this moment, Qin Mo came out of doctor Jiang's office and heard Xiao Han call mother, his face became stiff and he immediately stepped forward: "What is going on? Xiao Han, what do you call her? "

Xiao Han smiled and said: "Mother."

Qin Mo: "....................."

Zhou Lan said happily: "I recognize Xiao Han as my adopted son."

Qin Mo was embarrassed, but very helpless.

He can see that his mother likes Xiao Han very much. Although Xiao Han does not use sweet words, he can always impress others in the most direct and sincere way. Xiao Han has no mother since he was a child, so it is good to recognize Zhou Lan as a godmother. Qin Mo suddenly found that he did not reject Xiao Han's name Zhou Lan's mother. The term "mother" suddenly made him feel that he and Xiao Han seemed to be getting closer and somehow he became a family. Since they are a family, they will have many opportunities to meet even if they don't play any more games in the future.

Think of here, Qin Mo's heart can’t help but be happy.

After the hospital examination, they had dinner together. Xiao Han, the adopted son, was very sensible and took the initiative to pay the bill.

After dinner, Qin Yu and Zhou Lan prepared to return to their residence in the outskirts, while Xiao Han and Qin Mo set out for the airport.

Qin Mo took the initiative to walk over and hug his parents and said: "Dad, mom, I may not be able to come back this Spring Festival, and I will come back to accompany you next holiday."

Zhou Lan smiled and said: "Go ahead, when the time comes, go back together, remember to call home more."

Qin Yu patted his son on the shoulder: "Do it well."

"En." Qin Mo nodded seriously, turned to leave with Xiao Han.

His father pushed his mother's wheelchair and watched them go away. The scene suddenly made Qin Mo's heart a little sour. Over the years, his parents gave him a lot of encouragement and support. Now, he was leaving his parents to go away from home, his heart was very reluctant, but fortunately, he was not alone this time.

Qin Mo took a deep breath, looked back at Xiao Han and said: "Let's go. Next time I'll see them again. I hope I can come back with the trophy."

Xiao Han said firmly: "Certainly."

The two smiled at each other, took a taxi, opened the window and waved goodbye to the parents.

The taxi quickly left the hospital and took the highway to the airport.

Outside the window, the bustling lights in Shanghai retreated quickly, just like the three years that have passed in a hurry.

—— They are about to embark on a new journey.

—— Fortunately, this time around, they will be accompany each other.

—— Qin Mo, Xiao Han, The former "Twin Stars" of the miracle professional alliance, from now on, will join hands to fight in Peerless Jianghu and write a legend that belong to them.
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