The King's Return : Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: A chance encounter

In order to avoid meeting with reporters at the airport, Xiao Han and Qin Mo both wore sunglasses and masks. Neither of them had much luggage, so they didn't check in at all. Instead, they went to the automatic ticket machine to get their tickets and entered the security checkpoint. They boarded the plane ahead of time through VIP channel. Qin Mo just wanted to put the luggage on the luggage cabin. Xiao Han took over his luggage and helped him put it on.

Qin Mo looked back at the guy half a head taller than himself and said: "I am not much shorter than you, am I? I can put the luggage on myself."

Xiao Han smiled brightly: "But I just want to help you."

Qin Mo: "......"

Just as they were talking, a familiar voice rang out from the cabin: "I said there were no reporters at the airport, don't worry too much. Can you take off your sunglasses?" As footsteps approached, two men came in one after another. The man in front just took off his sunglasses. Xiao Han turned his head and looked back at him.

The latter was obviously a little surprised, but quickly reacted, smiling and saying: "What a coincidence, Xiao Han, are you back to Changsha today?"

"En, I want to finish the team formalities as soon as possible. By the way, boss, this is Qin Mo. Xiao Han took the initiative to introduce Qin Mo to him, and then turned to Qin Mo and said, "He is Liu Chuan, the owner of the Dragon Song Club."

Qin Mo nodded to the man with a calm look: "Hello."

Liu Chuan smiled and said: "Hello, I have been listening to Xiao Han talk about you before, and as expected, seeing is better than hearing."

The young man in front of him has delicate facial features, a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, and his calm expression makes him proud, but not annoying. He is thin and straight, standing in the corridor with straight back, looking very energetic. Liu Chuan has been in e-sport circle for so many years, he has seen all kinds of players. Before, he has been hearing Xiao Han say that Qin Mo is a talented player Liu Chuan did not believe this until he saw it with his own eyes today.

There are many problems with young players, including arrogant and conceited, haughty and lack of confidence. As the owner of the e-sports club, Liu Chuan has always been a good judge of people-Qin Mo's eyes are composed and firm, which are hard to see in ordinary players.

It is a unique temperament that has been accumulated through twists and turns.

Only such a determined player will not shake his heart's beliefs in the face of victory or failure.

It seems that the choice made by shareholders is not wrong, give the team to Xiao Han and Qin Mo. These two young people will definitely not disappoint the club.

Liu Chuan's seat was next to Xiao Han. He helped the man behind him to put away his luggage, then he turned back and took the initiative to introduce to Qin Mo: "Introduce Wu Zewen, CFO (Finance Director) of Dragon Song Club, our little housekeeper and also my wife."

Wu Zewen: "......"

Qin Mo: "…..."

Xiao Han seems to have been accustomed to this point, and there is no reaction on his face. On the contrary, Qin Mo is embarrassed and does not know how to answer.

He had heard rumors about Liu Chuan before. Liu Chuan formed the Dragon Song Team to win the championship and set up the Dragon Song Club. Later, he retired and became behind the scene boss. However, he came up with a big news—— he married his teammate Wu Zewen abroad and got a certificate, which was very openly made public.

They are a pair, and almost everyone in the e-sport circle knows that they are still wearing a couple's ring on their hands.

Although already know, when listening to Liu Chuan's calm introduction, "This is my wife", Qin Mo still feels a little shocked.

Wu Zewen was more careful. Aware of Qin Mo's surprise, he turned back and said: "Liu Chuan speak with no cover, don't mind him. We have contacted the shareholders, and I have calculated the specific investment proportion. I would like to ask the shareholders to meet with you and Xiao Han as soon as possible. When will it be convenient?"

Qin Mo said: "You can go to Changsha at any time. Let's see your arrangement."

Wu Zewen turned back and asked Liu Chuan: "How about tomorrow? Ah Ce and them, will they be back in time?"

Liu Chuan smiled and said: "No problem, Ah Ce will fly back to Changsha tomorrow. Let's make it tomorrow morning."

Wu Zewen said: "Then I'll book a private room in the hotel opposite the club. Let's talk over there?"

Liu Chuan simply said: "En, you can arrange it." He said and looked back at Xiao Han. "I asked my lawyer to draft a contract. I'll go through it tomorrow. if there are any problems, I can revise it."

Xiao Han nodded: "Good."

Four people sat down in their seats. The plane was about to take off soon. The radio began to broadcast various precautions. Liu Chuan was probably too tired from the meeting these two days. He closed his eyes and began to sleep. He put his head on Wu Zewen's shoulder very rudely. Wu Zewen adjusted his posture to make him more comfortable. Then he took a newspaper and read it calmly on his face.

A moment later, the plane left the horizon. Xiao Han suddenly came to Qin Mo's ear and asked in a low voice: "Do you think they match each other?"

Qin Mo said: "It's a good match."

This sentence is quite true. Liu Chuan's natural and unrestrained atmosphere and Wu Zewen's meticulous and rigorous complement each other. When they stand together, their height and appearance are well matched, coupled with their old husband and wife's mode of getting along with each other, and the tacit understanding when they look at each other can make people feel their feelings are very touching. The two men did not show any outstanding elements, but naturally showed their sincerity. Even if they are both men, but they really love each other and are not as disgusting as those stars who deliberately sell corruption online.

Regardless of gender, they are just the most common couple in the world.

Xiao Han saw that Qin Mo did not show an expression of disgust. He then asked: "What do you think of men being with men?"

Qin Mo looked back at Xiao Han doubtfully: "Why did you suddenly ask this?"

Xiao Han said: "I'm curious about your opinion."

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Whoever loves to be with whom, as long as they are happy is good. I don't reject it."

He looked at the problem very calmly, with an attitude of "to feel unconcerned and let matters rest".

Xiao Han smiled and said: "What about you?"

Qin Mo was stunned: "What?"

Xiao Han said very directly: "Would you like to be with a man?"

Qin Mo's heart suddenly jumped——he didn't know what Xiao Han mean by this sentence, because after seeing Liu Chuan and Wu Zewen, curiously ask him his attitude towards same-sex lovers? Or is there any other meaning? Or does he actually like him, so he is taking the opportunity to test his attitude?

To Xiao Han's deep eyes, Qin Mo's cheek suddenly felt hot.

Immediately put aside his messy thoughts, Qin Mo pretend to look away calmly and said flatly: "I haven't thought about these things. I just want to prepare for next year's professional league."

"Oh." In fact, Xiao Han also wants to say "this is my wife, Qin Mo" when introducing him to others, but if he really said so, it is estimated that Qin Mo will be scared away. Emotional matters cannot be too urgent, at least, Qin Mo is not disgusted with men together, maybe it can move him slowly. When Xiao Han thought of this, he smiled and said: "Are you tired? If you're tired, get some sleep."

Qin Mo just didn't know how to face Xiao Han. He immediately nodded and said: "OK, then I'll sleep for two hours."

Although he closed his eyes, Qin Mo was completely distracted and unable to sleep because he always felt Xiao Han beside him watching him, and the feeling of being watched made his heart felt hot.

Two hours later, when the plane finally arrived at Changsha Airport, Qin Mo breathed a long sigh of relief as if he were relieved——Strangely, sitting so close to Xiao Han, feeling Xiao Han's gaze, he was a little nervous.

Qin Mo pretended to wake up and rubbed his eyes gently, he turned to Xiao Han and asked: "Arrived?"

"En." Xiao Han is smiling, that kind of smile makes Qin Mo suddenly have a kind of embarrassment of "being seen through by him", hurriedly stand up to pick up luggage.

Wu Zewen woke up Liu Chuan, who was dead asleep next door, and pick up his luggage to get off the plane.

As he walked along, Liu Chuan said: "Reporters here in Changsha all know that I came back today, Xiao Han, you took Qin Mo to another exit and took a taxi back to the club, don't be blocked by reporters."

Xiao Han nodded with understanding: "I know."

Wu Zewen asked: "Has the club's dormitory been arranged? Where do you staying tonight?"

Xiao Han said: "It has been arranged. Xiao Mo will stay with me. My dormitory have one empty bedroom."

Liu Chuan smiled and said: "I didn't expect Xiao Han to be so far-sighted. The bedroom has always been empty and won't let other team members stay. It turned out to be waiting for Qin Mo?"

This sentence made Qin Mo's ear suddenly hot.

Wu Zewen looked at Xiao Han and said: "Be careful on your way. Liu Chuan and I will go home first. See you tomorrow."

Xiao Han nodded: "OK, see you tomorrow."

Four people separated at the exit. Liu Chuan and Wu Zewen walked ahead. A group of reporters surrounded Liu Chuan from afar. Liu Chuan greeted the reporters with a smile and patiently answered their questions about the conference. As the owner of the Dragon Song Club, Liu Chuan would avoid reporters at the airport. Today, he intentionally welcomed them, apparently turning around. Shift the reporter's attention, lest the reporter catch Xiao Han and Qin Mo.

Xiao Han gently took Qin Mo's hand and said: "Let's go this way."

Before Qin Mo had recovered, he was pulled by Xiao Han to the other side.

Xiao Han led Qin Mo and walked forward quickly, saying: "The boss means not to publish the formation of the Mojue team for the time being. You'd better not let the reporters know about your coming to Changsha. There are a lot of clubs that have moved in Peerless Jianghu. The members of the new teams of other clubs are confidential, and we can't make too much publicity."

Qin Mo of course understands this truth, but the problem is, Xiao Han unexpectedly took his hand……

The man's slender fingers passed through his fingers, and the ten fingers were interlocked. Qin Mo passively followed Xiao Han's fast steps forward. His heart beat so fast that he almost jumped out of his chest.

How can you hold hands casually? Besides, is it also an interlocking finger together?

Girls with better relationships can indeed go shopping hand in hand, but are they both men? Does Xiao Han understand this action or not?

Qin Mo tried to pull his hand back, but Xiao Han held it tighter, telling him: "You are not familiar with Changsha, follow me."

Not familiar with it, but do you need to lead me like this?

Qin Mo intends to seriously educate this mixed-race who does not know written language and body language: "Xiao Han, you…..."

Xiao Han, who was walking in front, turned back and looked puzzled and innocent: "I, what?"

Qin Mo: "......"

You shouldn't hold my hand, we are both men.

But when the words reached the tip of his mouth and looked at Xiao Han's innocent eyes, Qin Mo awkwardly swallowed it back and said: "It's nothing. Hurry up, so that the reporters won't catch up."

Xiao Han smiled and said: "Okay, let's just run."

Then he took Qin Mo and ran forward.

Qin Mo's ear hear more and more rapid heart beat sound, did not know whether it was because of running too fast, or something else. The fingers he held were also slightly hot, and a layer of sweat appeared in the palm of his hand.

It was drizzling outside. Neither of them had an umbrella. They ran all the way to the parking lot in the rain and found the taxi that had been booked in advance.

Until he got into the car, Xiao Han reluctantly let go of Qin Mo's hand.

Qin Mo's fingers are slender and white, and the temperature is a little cool. Xiao Han wants to hold him all the time.

But…... Let's just yield for it today. There's definitely another chance in the future.

Holding his hand this time, he did not refuse, nor did he seem disgusted, maybe in the future, he will get used to it?
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