She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 34

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Chapter 34
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He put his arm around her waist and teased her: "Is it just because I am good-looking? will I be kicked away when you meet someone more good-looking in the future?"

Lin Qingqing didn't expect Mr. Yi to say such a thing, what did it mean to kick him away when I meet someone more good-looking? Such a strong and confident Mr. Yi would have such an idea?

Lin Qingqing giggled, she smiled with curved eyes and looked very good: "No, you are the only Mr. Yi in the world. Even if there are more good-looking person than you, it is not you. Anyway, I only love you all my life. You are my only male god."

Yi Zeyan: "......"

She just bullied him, and sweetened him in a blink of an eye, this little thing was really tickling his heart all the time.

Yi Zeyan felt as if something was expanding, but he felt very comfortable, he seemed to have something to say, but he couldn't say it because of the pleasure. He simply put his arms around her and bent his head to kiss her lips.

The lingering loving kiss, like spring rain moisten it, silent and careful.

Lin Qingqing was soon dazed by his kiss, she scolded the man in her heart for being poisonous and might not be able to go home until very late tonight.

Lin Qingqing thought that the matter between Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai would come to an end, and Xiao Bai would not harass Mo Qingyan again after going to the police station.

But she didn't expect that a big thing happened a few days later. A number of photos of Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai appeared on the Internet, Lin Qingqing looked at the background of the photo, it should be Mo Qingyan's room on the second floor of the studio, most of the photos were secretly taken by people from the opposite building.

The two were photographed in the same room, the key point was that Xiao Bai held Mo Qingyan. As soon as this photo was released, Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai were at the top of the search list, while Qingqing Studio's phone number was also about to burst, you know, the traffic flow of top-level group idol was quite terrible.

Lin Qingqing had turned off all the phone lines, and several people in the studio had turned off their phone. Everyone sat in the office and looked at the discussion on the Internet to discuss what to do next.

However, as soon as the photo was released, although the person being held was Mo Qingyan, Mo Qingyan had received the most cursing.

"The newcomers on the 18th line want to tie my brother to the top, everyone let us go."

"My brother just broke off his contract with South Korea, and the thing domestic small company has not yet been settled. This photo clearly shows that some people are jealous and want to cut off my brother's back road, don't be fooled by those who want to."

"As far as I know, my brother originally valued the strength of that small studio in music and wanted to join. He didn't want to be exploited by conscientious people to take advantage of such a loophole, saying that they would like to rely on their strength and tie up my brother's hype at the same time."

"At a glance, I knows that she is not a good person, many people say that she is good, I think she is very ordinary, for the sound of nature and so on, she is really blown too much, but this small studio is also good at marketing, that is, It is a pity that my brother was used by others to make such a big mistake."

All of these were quite elegant, and some were simply ugly, plus Xiao Bai's powerful support group. As long as there was a place where these pictures appeared, the comments were full of Xiao fans' controls.

Basically, their brother was pure and innocent, and everything was framed. It was intentional people who wanted to tie up their brother's hype to enhance the popularity.

Lin Qingqing really couldn't watch it any longer, she asked Mu Cong: "What do you think of this?"

As a broker, Mu Cong also had first-class ability to handle crisis news.

Mu Cong was very calm: "Let's take a look at Xiao Bai's attitude first."

At the moment, Xiao Bai's side also nearly went crazy. Zhang Quan was Xiao Bai's agent. He followed him when he was in South Korea. Now he had returned home. Although Xiao Bai had not signed a new employer, he was still handling some of his business activities. He knew about his affair with Mo Qingyan and did not object to him looking for her (mainly because he really couldn't control this smelly boy, and he was afraid that too tight control would force him to wipe his ass if he did something more outrageous). However, he specifically confessed that he was careful, but he didn't expect to be photographed in this group.

When Zhang Quan entered the room, he saw Xiao Bai walking restlessly in the room, he frowned and said: "What are you waiting for? Didn't I ask you to send Weibo?"

Xiao Bai was a little angry: "You clearly know that I went to her, and she is also implicated by me, if you spill all the dirty water on her as you said, am I still human?"

Zhang Quan had a lot of words to scold him, but he just opened his mouth and said nothing: "Forget it, just worry about it, worry until death, I don't want to take care of your business."

Lin Qingqing and others had been waiting for Xiao Bai's attitude, and finally in the afternoon they received a Weibo from him.

"I'm sorry, because I brought you so much trouble. On that day, I originally received a call to Qingqing Studio to talk about the cooperation plan, but I didn't expect to meet an acquaintance, just politely said hello but was misinterpreted by everyone, for this caused trouble to everyone, I would like to say sorry again."

Xiao Bai's words did not seem to be a big mistake, and his sincere modesty could be seen from his apologies. However, Lin Qingqing several people saw that he made this statement looking solemn, Qi Qi was so angry that she almost dropped her cell phone.

Xiao Bai said like this was simply picking himself clean, when he received a phone call to talk about work, he happened to meet an acquaintance and happened to have a polite hug with an acquaintance and was photographed. It looked like someone else did it on purpose, but he was just tricked.

Who TM (T/N: the f*ck) called him to talk about work, obviously he ran to the door, and obviously he took the initiative to harass Mo Qingyan but said it was to say hello to acquaintances?

The ability of Xiao Bai's team to throw off the pot was really impressive.

Originally, they wanted to see his attitude. If he took the initiative to admit his mistake, Lin Qingqing didn't want to care so much about it, and the matter was exposed like this, but he threw the pot at them like this, and it was really too much of a bully. Do you really think Mo Qingyan is a newcomer and doesn't have enough fans to bully people like this?

Fortunately, Mu Cong had the foresight to call the police, otherwise this matter would have been thrown away by Xiao Bai, coupled with the control and evaluation of Xiao fans, Mo Qingyan would definitely have been cursed to death.

"Since Xiao Bai has gone too far over there, let's be direct." Mu Cong was probably angry too, and his face was not very good at the moment, he rushed at Mo Qingyan and said: "Don’t you mind if you and him are acquaintances?"

Mo Qingyan shook her head: "Of course I don't mind. If someone slaps me, why should I put my hand back and let him slap the other side of the face?"

Therefore, as soon as Xiao Bai's statement came out, Mo Qingyan also sent a Weibo, there were no written instructions on Weibo, only a few pictures. One was a picture of the police coming to Qingqing Studio to investigate, one was a picture of Xiao Bai being taken away by the police, and the other was Xiao Bai's confession.

As soon as these photos were published, there was an uproar.

Although Xiao Bai had many fans, there were not as many passers-by, especially Xiao Bai, an idol who did not have much talent and strength in South Korea, who often criticized by his passers-by.

So as soon as this photos came out, many passers-by complained for Mo Qingyan.

However, this was not the most exciting, the most exciting thing was that Ran Nan forwarded the Weibo shortly after Mo Qingyan finished her Weibo, and wrote the article, didn't know what's wrong with the world, women were often the most malicious to women.

Although Ran Nan had passed the peak of her career, her influence was not small, her forwarding had strengthened countless people standing in line with Mo Qingyan.

As a result, things had been greatly reversed.

Zhang Quan had no idea that Xiao Bai was called to the police when he went to Mo Qingyan. Xiao Bai didn't even mention it to him.

Xiao Bai didn't dare to mention it to him, because he was not detained, and when the police took him away, considering that he was a public figure, he was given a back door to save face, so the reporters and fans squatting outside did not know.

Xiao Bai's Weibo was posted by Zhang Quan behind his back, as his agent, he naturally knew the Weibo account password of his artists, and the main account was for work, so Xiao Bai seldom posted his personal affairs on the main account. Zhang Quan was basically taking care of it, he knew that Zhang Quan posted this Weibo, he was so angry that he almost got into a fight with him.

Although later Mo Qingyan's Weibo was more direct and ruthless, and he was also very clear about what he would face after Mo Qingyan's Weibo, but he was inexplicably relieved.

After Zhang Quan understood what happened, he rolled his eyes and passed out.

A few days later, Xiao Bai held a press conference to apologize to the public and Mo Qingyan, who was harassed by him. His apology attitude was very sincere. At last, he said he would accept public supervision and strive to be a positive energy artist.

Although Xiao Bai apologized in time and had a sincere attitude, his reputation had been affected more or less because of this incident, which would inevitably be ridiculed by the public in a short time. However, this kind of incident happened when he returned to China and before he signed in to the new company, which would also have a negative impact on his future development.

Although Lin Qingqing was relieved, she still received many scolds from Xiao fans. Mu Cong felt that although they were victims, they should keep a low profile at this time, so they refused several commercial cooperation and received a charity documentary fun reality show.

This program was organized and filmed by a public welfare company. The main purpose of this program was to shoot stars to go to the mountain areas to do charity and help the lonely elderly in the mountain areas to do farm work. It was going to be the Spring Festival, and it also happened to send some New year's supplies to the mountain areas.

Mu Cong thought the program was very good, so he took it to Mo Qingyan.

That place was a little far away, and now Mo Qingyan's assistant had not been fully implemented, and only one intern had been recruited, which was not enough, so Lin Qingqing had to follow, Mu Cong acted as an agent. In the meantime, he might discuss some cooperation issues with the public welfare company, so he should also follow, while the studio would be temporarily handed over to Qi Qi to manage.

On the day before leaving, Lin Qingqing went to Yi Zeyan's office to look for him, and then began to do some shameful things without saying a word. Even Lin Qingqing felt very strange, with Mr. Yi, she really wanted to do such things, and she didn't know how they had such strong energy.

At this time, Lin Qingqing was lying on his desk, and there were a lot of things scattered under the desk, which Yi Zeyan swept down in a panic when he carried her up.

Lin Qingqing's legs trembled, unable to close, and his whole body was soft like a pool of mud, panting like a fish out of the water.

Yi Zeyan wrapped a bath towel on his body, and when he saw that she was still lying there, he picked her up and went to the bathroom. He had intended to wash her, but it developed in an unpredictable direction, so Lin Qingqing was pressed against the bathroom wall by him and let him to be a beast again.

After Lin Qingqing was really out of strength, Yi Zeyan held her out and sat down on the sofa. Lin Qingqing pillowed her head on his thigh, Yi Zeyan asked people to make a cup of tea and deal with the papers while drinking tea.

Although her physical quality was not bad, she still lagged behind Mr. Yi by several grades. For example, she did not want to move when lying on his leg, but he still had the energy to deal with business.

"Will you leave early tomorrow?" Yi Zeyan asked casually.

"En." Lin Qingqing's voice was lazy.

"How many days?"

She had listened to these questions for more than three times. Since she told him about it yesterday, he asked it once. This morning, he asked it again, just before he did it and he asked it again now.

Lin Qingqing got up, put his hands around his neck, frowned and asked him: "Don't want me to go?"

She tied a bath towel on her chest, and her long hair was hanging over her body as she got up. Her hair was of good quality and had a sense of falling. Her black hair and white skin showed an amazing beauty.

She was as beautiful as an evil spirit.

He put down the document in his hand, held her in his arms and sat on his lap, asking her: "Do you think I'm long-winded?"

"No." She circled his shoulder with her fingernails. "It just feels like you're reluctant."

"Then your feeling is really accurate."


Lin Qingqing bowed her head and smiled, she was a little embarrassed that Mr. Yi was so direct, she leaned against his arms and said: "However, I always have to run around, but I'll be back in a few days."

Yi Zeyan naturally understood this, she was not his accessory, she had her own ideas, she had her own things to fight for, and the only thing he could do was to let go when it was time to let go.

Even if he really didn't want to, he just didn't want to be apart for a few days.

Lin Qingqing set out early the next morning, and then went to the studio to meet Mo Qingyan, Mu Cong, and then went to find the person in charge of the shooting. Lin Qingqing didn't expect that Ran Nan also took part in this charity activity, but it was also right, Ran Nan had always been enthusiastic about public welfare, and she could be seen in all kinds of charity activities.

There were also several stars, including Liang Xin.

Liang Xin had terminated the contract with MK, and she couldn't help it. There were still a few years left in her contract with MK. MK obviously wanted to freeze her in the end. Originally, the brilliant period of the female singer was only a few years, and the loss would be even worse if Liang Xin did not resolve the contract. However, she heard that Liang Xin also paid a huge liquidated damages when she terminated the contract.

After the termination of the contract, Liang Xin signed a new company, this cooperation might also include her company, so she was sent here.

"I didn't expect to see you again so soon. Are you all right these days?" Liang Xin greeted her warmly as if there was no discord between them.

Lin Qingqing laughed at this hypocrisy: "I'm fine, it's rare that you still remember me."

A group of people went by bus, including stars, star assistants and agents, as well as directors and several photographers. Mu Cong and Mo Qingyan sat together to discuss the next arrangement, Lin Qingqing had to find her own seat, she saw Ran Nan waving to her not far away, and there happened to be an empty seat beside her.

Lin Qingqing went over and sat down, but she didn't know what was going on, now Lin Qingqing was not as excited to see Ran Nan as she was for the first time.

Lin Qingqing chatted with her for a while and asked her about the details of the next arrangement. Ran Nan told her that they were accompanied by a medical team from the affiliated Hospital of CUHK. (T/N: CUHK is Chinese University of Hong Kong)

"Affiliated Hospital of CUHK?" Lin Qingqing remembered that she met Xiang Huayang there.

"Why? Do you know anyone?"


It was not such a coincidence, right?

She probably came to whatever she was afraid of, and she saw several men in white coats get on the bus, led by Xiang Huayang.

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Xiang Huayang got on the bus and said hello to the person in charge of the connection, the person in charge was the affairs consultant of the public welfare company, after a simple greeting, he took him to meet Ran Nan and Lin Qingqing.

"Hello, Miss Ran."

Xiang Huayang and Ran Nan shook hands, he stretched out his hand and said politely: "Hello, Miss Lin."

There was nothing unusual in his attitude, he just greeted her normally, Lin Qingqing shook hands with him as if she had met him for the first time: "Hello, Doctor Xiang."

After greeting the consultant, he arranged a seat for him to sit down. fortunately, he was a little far away from Lin Qingqing's position.

Lin Qingqing thought the world was really wonderful, it was rare to accompany artists to run on the set and meet Liang Xin and Xiang Huayang at the same time. Lin Qingqing felt that her gaze was staring at her. She turned to see Liang Xin sitting in front of her looking at her. Her eyes were heavy, but she smiled at her immediately when she saw her looking over.

Lin Qingqing sneered and turned away.

After thinking about it, Lin Qingqing thought that he should tell Mr. Yi about meeting Xiang Huayang. After all, shooting might take a few days. However, it was not convenient for her to make a phone call in the car, so she sent a text message.

Yi Zeyan was on a video call with a partner abroad, when he heard the phone ring, he glanced at it casually, but saw the word "Qingqing" on the screen.

Yi Zeyan touched the phone and opened it.

Qingqing: "I have encountered Xiang Huayang. He is a medical staff member."

When Yi Zeyan saw the news, he twisted his brow subconsciously, the bearded man on the other end of the video quickly reminded him: "Cyril?"

Yi Zeyan came to his senses and said sorry in English, the bearded man in the video continued, but Yi Zeyan flipped his fingers and wrote a few words on the cell phone.

Lin Qingqing didn't receive his reply for a while, Zeyan said: "I know."

He didn't seem to mind very much ah.

"Are you and Qi Qi good friends?"

Ran Nan's words bring back Lin Qingqing's thoughts, Lin Qingqing didn't know why she asked this all of a sudden.

"En, Qi Qi and I are friends."

"Like that ah......" She was silent for a moment, and seemed to laugh at herself a little. "Then you want to blame me like her?"

Lin Qingqing guessed that she was probably talking about her being with Liu Wen, Lin Qingqing said: "You misunderstand, Qi Qi, she is a very free and easy person, she will not blame you, and I am just a person who can't even hit the pole, I don't blame you."

Ran Nan was silent for a while, then suddenly she said with a wry smile: "I'm sorry for Qi Qi, too."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing didn't expect Ran Nan to suddenly mention her emotional entanglement with Qi Qi and Liu Wen, but when Lin Qingqing heard this, her heart was speechless, did Ran Nan really get involved in the marriage of Liu Wen and Qi Qi?

Ran Nan added: "But don't get me wrong, I am not a third party, I should say I am not a real third party."

Lin Qingqing became more and more strange, what did this mean?

"At that time, I was just a young star, but Liu Wen, my big boss, expressed his love to me. At that time, he and Qi Qi had been married, I told him that I didn't want to be a third party. If he really loved me, he would divorce and chase me again. I didn't expect that after a few months he really divorced and appeared in front of me, and it didn't take long for me to accept his kindness and be with him."

How could that be? Liu Wen was too scum, he married Qi Qi and thought about other women.

"If that's the case, you have nothing to be sorry for Qi Qi, the one who is really sorry to her is Liu Wen."

Ran Nan shook his head and said: "If I really like Liu Wen, maybe you will applaud me because I have principles, but I don't like him. However, I still said those words to him to hope that he will stay with her in the end."

Lin Qingqing: "???"

This fellow had such a twist.

"I want to be famous and have more influence, but it is very difficult to do it by myself. I need Liu Wen's resources and his help." With a change of tone, she asked softly in a low voice. "You are a fan of mine, so you should know about my family situation, right?"

This Lin Qingqing certainly knew, she was Ran Nan's fans, she was more interested in Ran Nan's gossip than anyone else. Ran Nan was born into a patriarchal family (T/N: the family thay valued men more than women). After she became famous, her parents took her to court and said they abandoned her.

Speaking of which, Ran Nan's life was also very bitter. Her family was not bad either, the family was engaged in aquatic products business and was also a well-to-do family. However, Ran Nan's parents were as patriarchal as many Chinese, Ran Nan simply existed to serve his younger brother, when Ran Nan wanted to learn singing, his parents did not agree and thought it was too expensive. In their eyes, it was not worth spending the money for girls.

Ran Nan ran away from home in anger and worked to earn money to study music, later, she was admitted to the Conservatory of Music, later, she went to the top of the music circle step by step. However, her parents suddenly jumped out and asked her for money or sued her if they didn't give her money, at that time, her parents' accusation against her was still very serious.

"Because I was born in a family like that, I realized early on that the world is unfair to girls. I am not reconciled to it and do not want to accept fate. Women can do what men can do, but why is the world so biased against women? I want to speak for myself and for more girls like me, but I find my strength so weak. I have to be famous enough to have a say, so I desperately want to be famous. As long as I can, I can use anyone."

Lin Qingqing didn't know what to say at that time. Ran Nan was an idol in her youth and a benchmark for her. She always wanted to be a person like her, with great love in her heart. Just like the songs she sang, her songs were never limited to such small love as love and affection, but everyone, there were many roles in the lyrics, travelers, tramps, dancers and monks. She used songs to express the loveliness of these people and their enthusiasm for life. However, she often spoke for women, where there was unfairness to women, she would always be the first to stand up. Therefore, she had been hated by many people.

So she had always wanted to be a singer like her, a singer with great love, could sing the voices of many people with her own voice, and could contribute to the world with her own strength.

But now she was telling her this, as if telling her, you see, your idol is not as aboveboard as you know, but her great love is also based on her selfishness.

Lin Qingqing remained silent for a long time before she asked: "Why did you tell me this?" To be honest, she would rather not know the truth, she and Ran Nan only met a few times, she didn't need to tell her such a private thing.

Ran Nan smiled and said: "I don't know, I told you without any reason."


"So now do you regret being a fans of an idol like me? Everywhere to promote equality between men and women, everywhere to speak for women, but now I can stand up for the voice also depends on men, I think it is ironic."

Yes ah, it's ironic.

However, Lin Qingqing shook her head and said: "I admire you because your songs are good, because you have been working hard for those oppressed women, as long as this remains the same, I will always admire you."

Ran Nan seemed stupefied for a moment, the winter sun shone in from the window, and the sun fell on her face, as if it had cast an orange halo on her face, which had passed its best age, but her eyes were still beautiful.

"Thank you." She said, bowing her head and sighing. "Thank you for being my fans, but we can't be friends."

Yes, we can't be a friend.

She was an idol, but they were not the people on the same path, so they couldn't be friends.

The shooting destination of the trip was a small village in Gande Town, called Luoye Village. The village was still far away from the town and had to climb the mountain road for half an hour. When the party arrived, it was the afternoon of the following day. Everyone stayed in the town for a night first. On the third day, the chief took them up the mountain.

The chief was the head of Luoye Village, who spoke Mandarin with a strong accent.

Luoye village was even more dilapidated than they thought. In fact, the government had given a lot of support to the rural areas in recent years, but people in the Luoye village had been reluctant to move out of their hometown and still live in remote mountains.

Fortunately, on the way up the mountain, the cement road was not too difficult to walk, but the car couldn't drive and many shooting equipment had to be carried by themselves, which was really hard for the photographer elder brother.

When they reached the village, all the villagers gathered at the entrance of the village to welcome them. Although the villagers didn't speak Mandarin very well, everyone was very enthusiastic.

However, it was not clear what the reason was, Lin Qingqing felt that the atmosphere in this village was strange. Although everyone was very enthusiastic, although their faces were plain, she always felt weird. As for why she felt weird, she couldn't tell.
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