The King's Return : Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: The Third Undercover

Yuan Xi totally didn't expect Qiu Zongping to come to such a conclusion, he stunned for a while before suddenly regained his senses, staring at Qiu Zongping with ghostly expression, his voice trembling and said "How, how is that possible? Didn't vice-captain Qin retire?"

Qiu Zongping looked back at him and said coldly: "If you retire, you can't make a comeback?"

"Uh…..." Yuan Xi was blocked that he had nothing to say, he scratched his head and thought about it, then he asked. "How can you be sure that this person is Qin Mo? It is also possible that Qin Mo's fans are imitating him."

"The operation mode, equipment matching and movement skills are all copies of Qin Mo, and fans cannot reach such a high level. If any one fan can kill all the five managers, can we still mix in online games?" Qiu Zongping paused, looked back at Popular All Over the World and asked, "President, why do you want to surround them in the field?"

"Ahem." Popular All Over the World looks at Yuan Xi, which seems to mean that it is directed by Yuan Xi.

Qiu Zongping's eyes also fell on Yuan Xi.

Yuan Xi, who was watched by the two men, immediately flushed and said: "I went undercover in the new area and wanted to investigate their identities…..."

"So you asked the president to surround them? Then pretend to pass by and be a hero to save people?" Qiu Zongping immediately guessed Yuan Xi's script, and his tone was calm.

"......" Yuan Xi's head almost fell to his chest, there was nothing wrong with the original arrangement of this script, but when hearing Qiu Zongping say it, why are the words seem ridicule him? Although he is of the same age, Qiu Zongping is never polite when he scolds him. Yuan Xi always feels that Qiu Zongping's eyes and language are full of ridicule to him.

"At your level, you still go undercover?" Qiu Zongping successfully mended the knife with one sentence, leaving Yuan Xi speechless, then turned to the president and said. "Are there any unused accounts in the new area? Give me one."

"There are many more." Popular All Over the World immediately found a pile of account from his small notebook and asked. "What occupation do you want for, captain Qiu?"

"Give me a healer small account." Qiu Zongping returned to the computer and sat down, he logged in to Peerless Jianghu according to his account password given by Popular All Over the World, the name of this small account is relatively normal, the ID is "Thick Drizzle". Qiu Zongping is a level 80 female. After logging in, he adapted to the vision of the new game and then applied to join the Interlude Guild.

Seeing this action, Popular All Over the World asked: "Does captain Qiu want to investigate in person?"

"En, I've been idle these days, and I'd like to take a look at this new game of Peerless Jianghu." He said and looked back at Yuan Xi. "Tomorrow, I will go to the training room to see how your new team is doing."

"......" Yuan Xi's back suddenly stiffened, and he always felt that Qiu Zongping's coming to the training room was like a leader's inspection, which made him nervous for no reason. If captain Qiu knew that their team had not been formed, would he laugh at him for being too slow? I'm sure he will, won't he?!

That night, Yuan Xi lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep well all night.

——He and Qiu Zongping were also brought out by Qin Mo, but Qiu Zongping is better than him in everything.

There is a person on the top of his head, always unable to surpass, this feeling is really frustrating, as if in your student days, no matter how hard you worked, you studied hard and worked on questions all night, but you failed him in every exam, there is a person who is always on top of you, taking the first place every time, as if he was born to be your nemesis.

Since the great gods of summoning flow such as Ling Xuefeng, Li Cangyu and Qin Mo have retired one after another, Qiu Zongping, one of the new generation of players, has naturally become the representative of summoning flow, and he, Yuan Xi can only stay beside Qiu Zongping as a supporting role, sometimes he can't help thinking, is his life as a green leaf and a supporting role in this life? Can't he be a leading role once?

The public test of the new game gave Yuan Xi an excellent opportunity to work alone without Qiu Zongping's influence, so he did not hesitate to submit an application to the manager and became the captain of the new team.

But now……

After Qin Mo appeared, conditioned reflex generally went to Qiu Zongping for help. This foolish act seemed to beat Yuan Xi back to the beginning.

Yuan Xi anxiously buried his head in the quilt and closed his eyes tightly.

Qiu Zongping in the next room didn't sleep either, but he didn't have time to think like Yuan Xi. Instead, he turned on his laptop to look up information on the official website of the Peerless Jianghu, before entering the game formally, he must have enough knowledge of the game. He prefers to "Win in Stability". Although he is only 19 years old now, he has no childishness at all, he looks very young, but his aura is as good as that of experienced mature men.

After finding out the unique characteristics of the eight major schools, Qiu Zongping rubbed his temples and turned off the laptop to sleep.

Since taking over as captain, staying up late has almost become his habit, it is already 3 o'clock in the morning, he soon fell asleep and slept until dawn.

The next morning, Yuan Xi ran to the training room early in the morning and arranged for everyone to play qualifying match so that Qiu Zongping would not come and pick on him.

At half past eight, Qiu Zongping pushed open the door of the training room and came in, everyone immediately greeted respectfully and said: "Captain Qiu!" "Morning, captain Qiu!"

Yuan Xi couldn't help the flames of jealousy in his heart——he didn't see the team members so respectfully when he came to the training room ah, obviously he was the captain of the new team!

Even the great beauty Zhou Xuewei stood up voluntarily and said with a smile: "Why is captain Qiu come here?"

Qiu Zongping said: "Let me take a look at your team formation." The man's eyes glanced around, "Is it still the five of you? As far as I know, the maximum number of Peerless Jianghu professional league team is eight, right?"

"......" Yuan Xi immediately pretended to be deaf and dumb and pretended he didn't exist.

Zhou Xuewei took a look at Yuan Xi and said helplessly: "The competition in the Telecom area 1 where we are stationed this time is fierce. Sword Song, Huaxia and Natural Grace recruited a large area of experts in the game some time ago, and the folk experts in Telecom Area 1 have been almost excavated, president Popular All Over the World also has a small account in Netcom Area 1, but coincidentally, the experts on the other side of Netcom Area have long been attracted by Interlude guild, and we did not find good teammates from online games."

——It means that there are five people stationed in the new area, and after a few months, they are still the same, and almost no progress has been made.

Since most of the newcomers in the training camp have been taken by Qiu Zongping to Miracle in recent years, there are not many good seedlings left, so Yuan Xi brought only two of them into the new game. In this Peerless Jianghu team, in addition to Yuan Xi, Zhou Xuewei and Zhao Xingchen, who are veteran players with three years of competition experience, there are also two newcomers in the Wind Color training camp, Zhang Quan and Liu Haoran, at this time, the two newcomers are training silently with their heads down in fear that they will get captain Qiu's attention and be scolded.

Qiu Zongping frowned slightly and asked: "The team members are not here yet. what tactics are you going to use? Do you have any ideas?"

Zhou Xuewei felt it was not good to say too much, so she politely asked: "Captain Yuan?"

"......" Yuan Xi, who was named, had to face Qiu Zongping's eyes and explain. "At present, there are my summoner, Xiao Chen's poison attack, Xuewei's healer, Xiao Zhang's guqin and Xiao Liu's swordsman in the team."

"What about the lineup?"

"There are not enough players, it's too early to think about the lineup." Yuan Xi muttered in a low voice.

In other words, this guy doesn't have a clear idea about the lineup?

How on earth did this fool become a captain?!

At first, Yuan Xi entered the new game, so he set up his own door, Qiu Zongping shouldn't give him directions, but now, knowing his team formation, Qiu Zongping can't bear it, he snapped: "Ater the Spring Festival, the League will start, you don't even know the lineup. How can you fight in the league? How to break in? Don't you think the progress is too slow?"

The training room was suddenly silent, facing Qiu Zongping's face-to-face accusation, Yuan Xi's self-esteem was extremely hurt, he immediately raised his head and retorted: "Do you think there are experts everywhere in online games? Say a word to attract people will have numerous experts come over? It is not a matter of a day or two to form a new team. You are the team on the other side of the miracle, and you have nothing to say on my side!"

Everyone: "......"

The two captains were confronted face to face, and the picture was not very good, and others immediately turned a blind eye to reduce their sense of existence.

In response to Yuan Xi's all-red eyes and fierce expression that almost bites people, Qiu Zongping also realized that he was talking too hard and made this guy humiliating, he was silent for a moment and his tone slowed down slightly, he said softly: "I didn't mean to scold you, we are all from the same club, you can tell me if you have any difficulties."

Yuan Xi snorted coldly and turned sulky.

Qiu zongping said: "If you can't find anyone in the online games, you can also directly transfer people from the club, the newcomers in the training camp have a solid foundation and adapt to the game more quickly. " As he spoke, he picked up his mobile phone, dialed a number and said decisively: "Team Leader, please call Lin Yue, Qi Fei and Li Dongqing to come to Training Room 2."

A moment later, three teenagers in short sleeved shorts rushed to the training room and called out: "Captain Qiu, are you looking for us?"

Qiu Zongping nodded and said calmly: "From today on, you will be transferred to Peerless Jianghu project and train with them."

The three people looked at each other in surprise and nodded obediently: "Understood!"

These three are the seed substitutes Qiu Zongping is cultivating, and they were just selected from the training camp three months ago, they are all very talented.

Zhou Xuewei could not help but say: "Captain Qiu, if you transfer them here, what will you do over there?"

Qiu Zongping said: "Don't worry, my main line-up over there is still stable, and the substitute players can be cultivated slowly. However, your team will not be able to make it to next year's league if it continues to drag on, time is short, organize the team first."

When Yuan Xi heard this, his cheeks flushed and his fingers holding the mouse tightened hard——he struggled with a problem that had not been solved for a month, and Qiu Zongping solved it in three minutes. How could he raise his head in front of the team members in the future? Did Qiu Zongping come here today just to hit him in the face? Just to prove that he's better than him?

When can I get rid of the oppression of this annoying guy?

Yuan Xi's whole body almost exploded with anger, the team members sensed that his mood was not right, and consciously went to a place far away from him to train.

When choosing a school, the youngest of the three newcomers, Qi Fei, asked weakly: "That...... what school should we choose? How to match the lineup ah?"

Since these three are very flexible newcomers, they have not yet formed a fixed way of thinking, which is also the reason why Qiu Zongping transferred them over.

Seeing Yuan Xi pretending to be dead and not talking, Qiu Zongping looked at Zhou Xuewei and said: "Xuewei, you know more about this game, why don't you choose a school for a few newcomers?"

Zhou Xuewei thought for a moment and said: "Lin Yue plays Xuanbing Palace, which is somewhat similar to a trap hunter. Qi Fei plays the long sword flow of the Hanhua Sword School, a swordsman of the group control flow. Li Dongqing will play the assassin of Yongye City." These three professions happen to be played by the three before, and they can also get along with Zhou Xuewei's current lineup, and sure enough, Xuewei is more reliable.

Qiu Zongping gave her a admiring look and said: "That’s it, you three can build up your account to full level, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu, take them to Newbie Village."

The highly effective captain Qiu quickly arranged the training plan, Yuan Xi stood by and his eyes almost popped out——if his eyes could kill people, he would probably have Lingchi (T/N: kill people by dismembering the body) Qiu Zongping one hundred times.

Qiu Zongping did not notice Yuan Xi secretly staring at him, after arranging the team, Qiu Zongping sat down in the seat next to him, logged on to the healer small account given by president Popular All over the World, and came to Netcom Area.

As soon as he logged in to the game, he received a private chat from Sweet Fragrance in the lower left corner: "Hello, Interlude guild only recruits arena players, without a dungeon, are you the mainly plays arena?"

Thick Drizzle: "Yes."

Sweet Fragrance passed the other party's application and said on the guild channel: "A new person is here, welcome!"

Xie Changming, who got up early in the morning to log in to the game, was still dozing off, seeing the news, he immediately felt refreshed: "Senior brother, won't it be another undercover ah!"

Su Cheng conveniently checked the information about the newly admitted healer "Thick Drizzle". It was a female account with 0 points in the arena. Obviously, she didn't have time to go to qualifying  match after reaching the full level, she didn't do the equipment either, she was wearing a purple dungeon equipment, this account has no obvious trace of undercover, but it looks like the healer account that is used for doing the task and dungeon in the game.

If it is before, Su Cheng would not have suspected that this person would be undercover, but in recent days, undercover one after another appear in Interlude, he always feels that things are not too simple.

After careful consideration, Su Cheng said: "Whether it is an undercover or not, we will wait for him to play a few rounds of qualifying match before coming to a conclusion."
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