The King's Return : Chapter 100

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Hi! Today finally the 100th chapter, it's been a long time, and this novel is still a long way to go xD, hope I can finish translate this soon and post more in the future >_<

Chapter 100: Suspicion

Wind Color club, training room.

Yuan Xi, who was stunned by the corpse on the screen, finally came back to his senses and chatted in private: "President, you were killed by them in five versus two just now. Did you find anything?"

The president of the Wind Color association is Popular All over the World, every time Wind Color is stationed in the new area, he will personally lead the team to open up new land in the new area for a month or two, after the guild develops smoothly, he will retire and hand over the new area's president to a trustworthy person. This man is careful and responsible, and it is precisely because of his presence that the cohesion of the Wind Color guild and the support Association is so strong. Although he is not very good at playing games, he is a veteran of Ling Xuefeng's era. now all the old players have left the team, this president is the oldest one, and Yuan Xi respects him very much.

Today, although this farce is not performed according to Yuan Xi's script, it is fortunate that Popular All over the World to have IQ online, allowing the management of the five members to record the whole process from different perspectives. Seeing Yuan Xi's question, Popular All over the Worldimmediately typed back: "The pace of the battle was so fast just now that I couldn't see it very clearly, but I record all the videos. There are a total of five videos from different perspectives. Why don't you come here and have a look?"

Yuan Xi: "Okay, I'll go to the guild area and watch it with you."

A moment later, the door of the guild's office was pushed open and a young man with big eyes strode in.

His appearance is very distinctive, the typical Chinese character face, the most eye-catching is his eyebrows, a pair of thick eyebrows seem to be painted with a brush, this kind of image is very suitable for acting as the leader of an unknown sect who is killed by the protagonist in a flash in martial arts movies, when he appears, he says with domineering tone "Laozi is the leader of XX sect". He stops the protagonist from leaving, as a result, was easily seckilled by the protagonist and die in peace.

However, originally it was quite suitable for playing the looks of passer-by, but because of a pair of big bright eyes, it showed some silly loveliness.

At first glance, he didn't have any evil intentions, and he was a little reckless, after entering the guild area, he shouted: "President, I'm here, show me the video!"

This roar almost deafens everyone's ears, which can be described as "roar like a striking bell".

Popular All over the World rubbed his ears, got up and gave his seat to him, saying: "I have five videos here, captain Yuan, please look at them."

Yuan Xi immediately sat down in his seat and clicked the mouse to play the first video.

The first video was recorded from the swordsman's main perspective. At that time, the swordsman was led astray by the other party in the process of pursuing the "Longing for Your Heart", the vision was messy, only a blue shadow could be seen dangling in front of him, making people dizzy. Obviously, the other side used the blind area of vision to attack the swordsman.

Popular world said in his analysis: "This man deliberately blocked the angle of view to put the skill, so that Ah Yue could not see his moving route clearly, and then used a set of Xuanbing Palace combo to seckilled Ah Yue."

Yuan Xi nodded approvingly: "En, he is indeed an expert."

He said and then played another video, this time, it was recorded by Popular All over the World. In the video, there was the female Summoner with the ID of "We’ll Never be Apart". He saw that the other side started to summon four chariots to complete the pretty cross encirclement operation, trapped the three Wind Color long range in the middle, followed closely, he summons two mechanical snakes to wrap around the healer……

At this moment, Popular All over the World adjusts its perspective to the swordsman on the high ground. In this video, they can't see the next operation of the summoner.

Yuan Xi also played the video recorded from the perspective of healer. From the perspective of healer, it can be seen that the summoner trapped the healer with a mechanical snake, and then summoned a mechanical horse. The mechanical horse has a very long cooldown time, but the effect is very significant, it has little attack power, but it has a strong group control ability——fear!

Among all the summoned pets in Zhuge family's mechanism flow, mechanical horse is the largest in size, almost twice as tall as the characters in the game. Once a huge mechanical horse appears, it will cause a "Fear" negative effect on all enemies in the range——unable to move, unable to use Qinggong skill and any school skills.

Silence is just unable to use skills and immobility cannot be moved, the fear effect is equivalent to combining silence and immobility. The fear control skill of the mechanical horse is quite domineering, and it can almost instantly destroy the combat effectiveness of the other team, but its shortcomings are also obvious, other control skills generally have 3 seconds, fear only has 2 seconds, and the cooldown time is very long.

The fear of We’ll Never be Apart at the critical moment has directly eliminated the follow-up popular in the world long-ranges sound wave attacks, which just gives a chance for Longing for Your Heart to turn around and kill swordsman.

After the swordsman was killed, We’ll Never be Apart kept on summoning pets to interfere with the four people's movements.

His pet seems to have spirituality, referring to who hit whom, there are almost no mistakes, and he changes pets so frequently that the dead one immediately summons the other, and the continuous pet assistance makes the four people of Wind Color unable to find the opportunity to kill him at the moment.

When his teammate "Longing for Your Heart" came to the nearby, he opened the move of mechanical hawk in a very timely manner, he beat Wind Color four people to create a chance for his teammates to reap their heads.

The more Yuan Xi saw, the more frightened he was, such an extreme operation of changing pets, as well as the grasp of the opportunity..….

Definitely the top expert in the summoning flow!

Popular All over the World can not help but say: "Captain Yuan, I thought this man's style of play had a strange sense of familiarity, now watching the video, this sense of familiarity is back. I always thought he was like…..." Popular All over the World stopped suddenly, he seemed to think this kind of speculation was too incredible, so he didn't say it.

Yuan Xi's eyes were staring at the computer screen, his voice was low with a trace of hoarseness: "Say, who do you think it looks like?"

Popular All over the World was silent for a long time, and then he said softly: "Like….. Like the little prince in that year, Qin Mo."

Hearing the name, Yuan Xi's back of hand suddenly burst with blue veins, almost crushing the mouse, he took a deep breath and tried to keep calm, but there was a trace of blood in his eyes: "Why is it like Qin Mo?"

Popular All over the World coughed softly and said: "When captain Ling was still in Wind Color, Qin Mo had a good relationship with our guild, he would help us to fight Boss in online games when he was free. I was very familiar with his operation habits, at that time, he liked a wave of rolling style that summoned all pets out and killed his opponent, he was young at that time and thought it was cool to fight like this, but later, he suffered a lot from this style of fighting in Cat god's hands......"

Qin Mo summons his pet to look cool in front of the Cat God. As a result, his pet is smashed by the other side's in second and everyone in the league knew that the broken glass heart of the little prince affected the game.

Popular all over the world then said: "Later on, Qin Mo received the guidance of the two summoning great gods, Cat god and captain Ling, and his style of play changed a lot. You should remember, he summed up a kind of extreme summoning pets and change pet control field style of play, he used to operate pets on multiple lines in the game, and stuck the whole opposite team's position…..."

Yuan Xi certainly remembered these things, at that time, he was still a newcomer in the training camp. Qin Mo was a popular vice captain and was at the peak stage of e-sport players. On the field, Qin Mo is even worth three control fields. He once controlled several pets to kill five people in front of him, killing five at one breath, the charming little prince has become the existence that many teams are afraid of.

However, it didn't take long for Qin Mo's state to suddenly drop beyond belief, it was also at that time that Qin Mo discovered Yuan Xi from training camp……

Think of the past, Yuan Xi's eyes are redder, his heart is like being squeezed by a pair of hands, which makes his breathing difficult. His fingers holding the mouse are even shaking slightly. Yuan Xi took a deep breath to stabilize his mood, turned around, stared into the eyes of Popular All over the World and asked word by word: "President, are you sure this man is like Qin Mo?"

Popular all over the world nodded cautiously: "Yes, it is very difficult for the average person to learn this kind of extreme summoning to control the field. Only the players with first-class consciousness, strong overall view and fast hand speed can do it. Although the speed of We’ll Never be Apart is slower, this person's playing style is like an apprentice taught by Qin Mo himself."

Although Yuan Xi received the guidance of Qin Mo, in fact, he did not completely inherit Qin Mo's style of play. He only learned the basic operating skills of summoners from Qin Mo. His tactical thinking and field control mode are different from Qin Mo——in Wind Color team, there is actually another person who really inherits Qin Mo.

Thought of here, Yuan Xi immediately stood up and quickly ran back to the dormitory through the door.

Inside, a man about Yuan Xi's age was shaving in front of a mirror.

This man's appearance is much more handsome than yuan Xi's, is that kind of particularly upright, magnificent appearance. In addition, he is tall and straight. Even if he doesn't say anything, he also has the momentum of not being angry and proud. All the members of Wind Color club respect him very much, because he is the vice captain recommended by Qin Mo directly to the manager after his retirement, and also the third generation captain of Wind Color miracle team.

——Qiu Zongping.

——After Ling Xuefeng and Yan Ruiwen, the third generation captain of Wind Color club is genuine support.

Yuan Xi can't help but get upset when he sees this man, they were both players who started at the same time, Qin Mo brought them out of the training camp, but standing in front of Qiu Zongping, Yuan Xi always felt that he was shorter than him. Obviously, he was half a year older than him, but in the end, his aura completely suppressed him.

In this public test of the new game, Yuan Xi took the initiative to apply to the manager to lead the team to Peerless Jianghu, also because Qiu Zongping has been holding him up in Miracle Team, one day, Qiu Zongping will never become the first summoner. Therefore, he wants to take this opportunity to start over in a new environment. He believes that with his level and many years of competition experience, he can definitely take the lead among the summoning flow players in Peerless Jianghu.

Looking at the guy who suddenly crashed into the door and came in like a burglary, and then stopped there like no electricity, Qiu Zongping raised his eyebrows slightly, put down his razor, slowly wiped his shaved chin with a towel, and said faintly: "Looking for me?"

Yuan Xi said awkwardly: "That......Captain Qiu, are you busy recently?"

Qiu Zongping: "Speak up."

Yuan Xi scratched his head and stuttered: "I was in a new area of Peerless Jianghu with the president of Wind Color, Popular All Over the World, I found, found a person, played a little like Qin, Qin Mo."

Qiu Zongping's normally calm face finally showed a trace of surprise, quickly bypassing Yuan Xi and saying: "I'll go and have a look."

This man always acted with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, and he had already moved out the door before Yuan Xi regained his senses, Yuan Xi was stupefied and immediately turned to follow in his footsteps.

The arrival of Qiu Zongping in the guild area made Popular All over the World stands up and say hello: "Captain Qiu."

If Yuan Xi's lack of intelligence makes Popular All over the World worried about the future of the new team, then Qiu Zongping's existence is the most powerful reassurance of the Wind Color team.

Popular All over the World, as the three generations of veterans of the Wind Color club, has also accompanied this club through many years of storms. The person he respects most is of course Ling Xuefeng, the first generation captain, and what is most distressing is the little prince Qin Mo, who left in disgrace. The second generation captain Yan Ruiwen's temper is really too gentle, Yan Ruiwen's leadership period was also the most difficult time, and Captain Yan, who was soft in the outside and strong in the inside, successfully survived the difficulties of those two years. When he retired, he handed over the captain to Qin Mo's real successor, Qiu Zongping, currently the strongest summoner in the league.

Popular All over the World greatly appreciates this younger generation, Xiao Qiu is young, but he is very stable. Since he took over as captain, the performance of Wind Color has really improved. Qiu Zongping inherited Ling Xuefeng's toughness and Qin Mo's carefulness in the management mode of the team, he not only took the original several main players to run-in a new set of tactics, but also trained a lot of excellent newcomers from the training camp to prepare for the replacement of the new and the old in advance.

As Popular All over the World knows, with this person, the team will be able to maintain its position as a powerful team.

Qiu Zongping suddenly came to the guild area, and it was obvious that Yuan Xi ran rashly to call him over.

As a matter of fact, Yuan Xi volunteered to be the leader of the new team, Qiu Zongping had no reason to help him manage the affairs of Peerless Jianghu. But before, Yuan Xi had always been the vice captain. He subconsciously relied on Qiu Zongping, the steady captain. When something happened and he could not solve it, he instinctively went to captain Qiu for help.

Yuan Xi's face flushed slightly with embarrassment to the Popular All over the World eyes, it was only then that he realized that it was really wrong for him to invite Qiu Zongping over.

Qiu Zongping looked calm and asked in a low voice: "Listen to Yuan Xi, you see a Summoner like Qin Mo in the new area?"

Popular All over the World immediately showed the video to him: "Captain Qiu, sit down and watch, this is the person."

The videos recorded in VR games are like special effects movies, Qiu Zongping sat down in his seat and looked at the videos carefully, the process of "Longing for Your Heart" and "We’ll Never be Apart" jointly killing the five people team was clearly displayed in front of him from different perspectives.

Qiu Zongping looked at it once, frowned slightly, and then looked back for the second time.

Yuan Xi wanted to ask him what conclusion he had drawn, but looking at his serious look and focused eyes, Yuan Xi still didn't dare to interrupt him and swallowed the words back.

Qiu Zongping watched it again for the third time, but still didn't say anything.

The fourth time…...

The falling needle can be heard in the room, only the sound of Qiu Zongping's quick mouse click echoed clearly in the ear, and everyone stood quietly behind him, not daring to interrupt him at all.

It was not until the end of the fifth playback that Qiu Zongping stood up and calmly concluded: "We’ll Never be Apart, it is Qin Mo himself."

Everyone: "......"

The mouths of a group of people were all opened in shock, and Yuan Xi's mouth was so wide that she could almost swallow a duck egg.
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