The King's Return : Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Actor Who Arrives Late

At seven o'clock in the evening the next day, Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart account online at the same time in Netcom.

This day happens to be Sunday. In the evening, there is an activity called "Searching for Treasure Map Fragments", which can be carried out in teams of two to five people. The activity requires players to kill thieves and obtain treasure map fragments in the field map, and then go to the main city to exchange money and material rewards, the time limit for the activity is one hour. The more fragments you get, the more rewards you will get in the end. Non-full-level players can get a lot of experience and equipment, material rewards, while full level players can all be converted into material rewards.

Originally, there was no need for them to take part in this activity, but Qin Mo's small-account equipment was not complete, and the ring and belt were not finished yet. He wants to make the whole set of equipment the same as Shen He's, and then see if the data needs to be adjusted. It needs a lot of gold materials to build the equipment. In the Telecom area 1, because of the support of Mojue guild, there is a continuous stream of rare materials, Qin Mo has never spent too much money for materials, but after all, there is no Little Profiteer in the Netcom area, and Qin Mo's small account can only collect materials by itself.

Weekend activities will reward a lot of materials, anyway, the two are also idle, so they formed a team to the field to do fragment collection task, hoping to change some more golden materials.

During the activity, all field maps will refresh the thieves, the difficulty of thieves is not very high. Ordinary players can kill them in teams of five people. At the level of Qin Mo and Xiao Han, it's easy to kill thieves in teams of two people.

There are a lot of people doing activities on the low-level map. Accordingly, the difficulty of thieves on high-level maps is correspondingly increased, and the number of players will be slightly lower.

Qin Mo simply brought Xiao Han to the level 80 map "Beiming Icefield", which happens to be the location of the "Xuanbing Palace" school in the game, because of the cold climate and thick ice on the ground, players will walk faster when they walk on the ice. In the ice and snow, the thieves dressed in black are quite obvious, as soon as they enter the Beiming Icefield, they see several thieves who need to be killed not far ahead. Qin Mo summons the mechanical blood cow and quickly pulls the hatred of the thieves, Xiao Han burst out to output and quickly killed a thief, each getting a piece of treasure map.

Xiao Han said: "The thief's blood volume is only 200,000, we can kill two more together to save time."

Qin Mo approvingly typed out the word "En", and control the mechanical blood cow to go rampage, pulling all the two thieves in front of him. Xiao Han immediately laid a large ring trap on the ice to fix the two thieves respectively. Qin Mo then summoned the mechanical rat and the mechanical snake to cooperate with strangling, and soon killed all the two thieves and each got two pieces of treasure map.

The two people cooperated tacitly, and in only half an hour, they collected nearly 100 fragments of treasure maps, which was faster than the team of five.

The thieves in this area were soon killed by them, Qin Mo said: "Change to another place."

The map of the Beiming ice field is very large, the northwest corner is the school territory of Xuanbing Palace, and the rest of the place is also full of ice and snow. There is an ice city, called "Flowing Frost City", which is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Peerless Jianghu summed up by the Scenic Party. All the buildings in the city are built by the thousand-year-old ice. There are many ice sculptures of various shapes in the square, and the road is also snow-white. It's like walking into a fairy tale castle made of ice and snow. It is said that due to the cold climate, many residents of the city froze to death after a heavy snow many years ago, and all those who survived moved out of here, and Flowing Frost City gradually became an empty city.

As the castle was deserted, few people came to it except the scenic party, which liked to take pictures.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo walked into Flowing Frost City, all the way to the ice sculpture square in the middle of Flowing Frost City, and sure enough, they saw that many thieves who had just refreshed nearby had not been killed.

Qin Mo immediately summon a mechanical blood cow to pull the two thieves, Xiao Han followed closely with the ring trap, and the two cooperated with each other to kill the thieves again.

Just then, a small team suddenly appeared nearby. The leader, ID, was called "7749", and the others were all numbers like "3721" and "4624." this kind of team is usually a group of relatives and friends. Today's weekend activities, it is very normal for relatives and friends groups to do activities together. Qin Mo didn't care at first, thinking that this team was also here to kill thieves and collect fragments. As a result, when the other party was passing by the two people, the screen suddenly flashed a dazzling red light.

The player [7749] has opened a team vendetta to you!

Team vendetta is different from single vendetta, which will immediately turn the members of both teams into red-name opposition.

——the other party open vendetta at this time, is it to rob the mobs?

——But there are so many thieves in Flowing Frost city, there are several in the distance, they don't have to rob the one Qin Mo and Xiao Han are killing, right?

——This is obviously not good, should be in alert.

Qin Mo's eyes turned cold, at the moment when the other side came to kill him, he immediately drove Zhuge family's Qinggong skill "Autumn Wind" to retreat quickly, while his mechanical blood cow stayed in place, a skill of forced hatred pulled the two nearby people directly to its side!

Xiao Han's reaction was also extremely fast, When he saw someone chasing Qin Mo, he immediately threw out the large ring in his hand and placed a row of traps in the position of the blood cow.

With the "boom" of a trap explosion, the first two people to take action have their health plummeted!

However, there was healer in the other team, the healer with ID "9981" use group adding blood Warm Spring in Apricot Forest, and the blood of the two teammates was restored.

They obviously came prepared, in this numeric team, five people are long-range guqin player from Luoying Valley, melee swordsmen by Hanhua sword, melee swordsmen from Kuangdao Gate, healer from Fangcao Hall, and a Zhuge family summoner, which is very well equipped, such an offensive and defensive team can not only doing dungeon, but also cope with the situation of opening a vendetta in the field.

In order not to affect other teammates in the training room, Qin Mo typed directly on the team channel: "Don't be polite, just kill them."

Xiao Han replied: "Okay."

After a brief exchange between the two, Qin Mo immediately summoned four mechanical chariots, and the huge chariots rushed from all directions with the sound of "boom",  surrounded the back row of the other side in the middle! Xiao Han flies to the lion statue made of ice nearby with a qinggong skill. A series of fixed body traps are quickly released on the ground with a large ring in his hand, and all the swordsmen are fixed in place!

Qin Mo's chariot surrounded the long range, Xiao Han's ring fixed the melee, and the five-person team was forcibly divided in two places, unable to support each other for a while.

Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, Qin Mo summoned two mechanical snakes at a very fast speed, one on the left and one on the right quickly crawling on the ice, and tightly bound the healer surrounded by chariots!

The treatment consciousness is not bad, immediately opened the "Strengthening Body Resistance" skills to cure the control, and then opened a "Practice Medicine to Save People" group skill.

Xiao Han stands at a high place and sees this scene and the small ring in his hand smashed into several people surrounded by the chariot like a storm. The healer was surprised to find that his speed of blood increase was not as fast as the output speed of the other party! With such a large group adding blood skill as Practice Medicine to Save People, the blood of several teammates did not return to full, but was hit by the other team to about 80%!

The healer quickly added blood buffs to his teammates and said: "President, these two are a little bit good!" 

"I can see that." Popular All over the World frowned, and he always felt that Yuan Xi's practice of letting them surround the couple in the field was unreliable, but now that he had started a vendetta, he had no choice but to bear it on his head. "Ah Yue, you control the Xuanbing Palace man, let's seckill the summoner first and take down all the pets!"

"Got it, boss." The swordsman named drove the qinggong skill flicker, flying to the lion where Xiao Han is standing, and started with the silent combo of Sword Horizon and Sword Rain Remnant!

However, Qin Mo's main account is swordsman, Xiao Han is very familiar with the swordsman's moves, and he knows his intention as soon as he starts his movements, and retreats rapidly with Qinggong.

The ice sculptures on the square are of different shapes and arranged in different places, Xiao Han's retreat happened to fly directly from the lion ice sculpture to a serpentine ice pillar not far away. The top area of the ice pillar is narrow, there was no room for two people, and the swordsman could not continue to chase him. Popular All over the World standing on the ground immediately picked up the bamboo flute and played the "broken Bridge Club" into the air!

The melodious music sounded, but the people on the ice sculpture were not settled. Instead, they had a premonition that he would Qinggong to another Eagle shaped ice sculpture and the backhand was an interlocking move to beat the swordsman chasing him into residual blood.

Popular all over the world unexpectedly found that this guy flying around, everyone really can not do anything about him for a while!

Seeing a tall building ahead, Popular All over the World immediately said: "Stop chasing!"

However, the swordsman did not realize that he had been taken to the dead corner of the field of vision and had just landed on the platform on the ground floor. The backhand of "Longing for your Heart" was a double-ring attack of "Double Dragon Beads" and "Double Aromatic Cinnamon"!

The double rings in his hand seem to have intelligence, the large ring is precisely placed under the swordsman's feet to fix him, while the small rings were smashed into the other side's chest and abdomen. Xiao Han walked around him while fighting, the swordsman only feels that the blue shadow in front of him is moving like a ghost, he is dizzy and has not yet responded. He is like a blood clot, there are only 20% blood left!

The hand speed of this combo is really terrible!

The frightened swordsman immediately turned around and tried to run away with qinggong. As a result, the trap under his feet firmly fixed him in place, Xiao Han's eyes narrowedand threw out the ring of his hands again——Snake Bead Sparrow Ring!

The two rings are intertwined and alternate like a snake spirit, they fly forward quickly and hit the swordsman in the middle of his back.

Popular All over the World looked at the head portrait of the swordsman at the list of teams suddenly darkened, and he couldn't help asking in shock: "What's going on?"

A disbelieving voice sounded in the training room: "D*mn it, I don't know what's going on, I just got a seckilled!"

Less than ten seconds. Ah Yue went after the man of the Xuanbing Palace for less than ten seconds, but the other side killed him alone?

Although the level of the management of Wind Color is not as good as that of the professional great gods of the club, they can be put in online games and can be ranked first-class, it is unbelievable that they are killed by the other party.

What's even more depressing is that the "We’ll Never be Apart" alone in the face of the siege of four people, can not fall down at all!

When the back of Popular All Over the World becomes cold, he immediately chatted Yuan Xi privately: "Captain Yuan, who are the couple you asked us to intercept in the field ah?"

Yuan Xi replied: "If I knew, would I still need your help in acting? You quickly beat them into residual blood, remember not to kill them! I'll be right there!"

Popular All over the World was bitter and didn't know what to say.

Beat them to residual blood and don't kill them? I'm afraid we can't do it ah!

One person has already been killed, the remaining four hit one summoner but there is nothing they can do about him with their hands tied…...

Mechanical chariot is surrounded by four sides, mechanical snake crawls fast on the ice, mechanical horses hit people everywhere and pets run around all over the ground. Everyone always feels that their opponents are not one, but countless……

Such a terrible multi-line operation can not be done by ordinary people!

The more Popular All over the World sees, the more frightened he was, and he hurriedly said: "I'll open it up, surround him quickly!"

The flute in the game played the melodious flute of "Shadow Bird". A large number of black birds immediately surrounded Qin Mo and all his pets, The other four immediately followed the combo and wanted to take him away with a set of joint control. However, at this moment, Qin Mo released a large number of mechanical rats, with the addition of the moving speed of the ice, a wave of mechanical rats quickly bit four people, leaving the four people in a three-layer weak state, they were hit by a series of weak moves and  he lost only 10% of his blood.

Popular All over the World wants to spit blood——this summoner is really too difficult.

To make matters worse, after the swordsman was killed, Longing for Your Heart would immediately turn around to help.

Xiao Han saw that four men were chasing Qin Mo and wrote a line on the nearby channel: "Dare to kill my wife, you are tired of living [smile]"

Qin Mo ignores his teasing, qinggong skill flies to the first step of the ice tower. It's too late for the four people to pursue him, because "Longing for Your Heart" has already set up a series of traps on the ground. When the four people arrive, the traps will blown up——

Listen to a loud "bang", immediately surrounded by smoke, four people lost a lot of blood at the same time, but also was set in place by the trap of Xuanbing Palace!

Just then, Qin Mo decisively summoned the mechanical hawk.

The lifelike mechanical hawk spreads its wings and flies in the sky, the silver spikes, like the rainstorm, are thrown to the ground, cutting half of the life of the four people in place in an instant! Immediately, Qin Mo summoned the mechanical chariot whose cooldown time has ended, surrounded them in all directions, with the explosion of the chariot, the blood of the four people plummeted to 10%!

Healer hurriedly want to open a big move, as a result, Qin Mo seems to have seen through his mind, backhand two mechanical snakes over to paralyze him, Xiao Han decisively kills the healer with a "Ring Interlock" critical hit!

Afterward, Qin Mo manipulates two mechanical snakes to bite people everywhere, and Xiao Han showed no mercy. A set of double ring combo critical hit quickly empties the blood volume of several people…...

Popular All over the World was shocked to find that all the mechanical of this "We’ll Never be Apart" seemed to have spirituality, and the precision was incredible.

In a twinkling of an eye, the five-member team was destroyed by the couple.

Xiao Han stood on the top of the building and gave a row of gloating smiles: "I told you, chasing my wife is looking for death, are you tired of living ah?"

7749: "........."

Qin Mo looked at the five corpses on the ground, slightly raised his eyebrows, and said: "There are so many thieves in Flowing Frost City, they should not be trying to rob the mobs."

Xiao Han said approvingly: "I also feel that these guys are not robbers, they seem to have come to kill us, is it the enemy of the Interlude guild?"

The two people also have the title of "Interlude Guild" written on their heads, and it is also possible to be hunted and killed by their enemies, but Qin Mo's intuition is not that simple, after thinking about it, he typed quickly: "Let's pretend to retreat and hide in the room in the west to see if there is anyone behind them."

Xiao Han sent a row of thumbs: "My wife is wise."

Then he left a message on the nearby channel: "I won't play with you, we have to continue to do activities."

The two people flew away quickly with qinggong, suddenly turned a corner behind the blocked ice building, hid in a nearby igloo, stare at the crime scene in silence.

Yuan Xi just saw from the guild channel that Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart was in the Beiming Ice Field, so he immediately told the president about this information and tell Popular All over the World to take people there first.

But when Yuan Xi arrived at the Beiming ice field, he had a little accident——he never came to this map during the upgrade process, and went straight ahead according to the marks on the small map, and fell into a snow cave.

The designer of this map is too wicked, there is an area of Beiming ice field full of hidden snow pit, and will be bitten by snow-white spiders after falling into it. Yuan Xi was embarrassed to say that he had fallen into the snow pit and pretended to let the Popular All over the World kill the other party into residual blood first, and he arrived later.

When he got rid of a wave of blood spiders and quickly arrived at the scene of the team battle with qinggong, he found that——

There are five corpses of the small account lying on the ground, but Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart are unexpectedly missing.

Yuan Xi, who was going to be in a mess, asked in private: "What's going on? Don't you want to beat them to residual blood, and I'll pretend to save them!"

According to Yuan Xi's script, five people of expert in Wind Color guild beat the other party into residual blood. He "happened" to pass by here and kill all five of them to save the couple, the other party will definitely appreciate his help and think he is a friend worthy of deep friendship. Then, he can mix with the other party's fixed team in the arena, play qualifying match with the other party, and slowly find out the real origin of the two people.

However, why did he come to the scene and see the bodies of five people?!

Popular All over the World explained in a private chat crying without tears: "We also wanted to act in accordance with the script, but the other party didn't cooperate and beat us out." 

Yuan Xi: "........."

In the igloo behind the ice building, Xiao Han saw the ID "Cabbage Dumpling" appear at the scene and was not surprised: "Did yuan Xi know them?"

Qin Mo was not surprised at all, he raised his lip slightly and said: "It’s him, the script is too bad."

Xiao Han wondered: "What script was he originally planning?"

Qin Mo said faintly: "It is estimated that he wants to wait for our residual blood to come and be a hero to save people, but as a result, he didn't come as a hero, and all his companions were killed by us."

Xiao Han: "......"

Looking at the "Cabbage Dumpling" who stood in place and seemed to be in a daze, Xiao Han expressed deep sympathy for the Wind Color administrators who acted with him.

Don't have the ability to be a director, and also blind in composing scripts, isn't this guy surnamed Yuan really funny?
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