The King's Return : Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: See Through the Disguise

——Chivalrous man [Eternal Lamp] invited you to join the arena team, do you agree?

A message pops up on Qiu Zongping's screen.

Eternal Lamp? If he remembers correctly, he’s the guild leader of Interlude guild, Qiu Zongping immediately agreed, in addition to the Eternal Lamp, there are still Morning Breeze Lingering Moon in the team. Obviously, after he joined the guild, he attracted the attention of the two great gods, he was probably put into the arena to test.

It's all because Yuan Xi, this fool, too obvious when undercover, let Interlude great gods have doubts about the new account.

Qiu Zongping calmly joined the arena queue and pressed the prepare button.

He can not be too strong to make people suspect that he is a professional player, nor can he be too lame to make people think that he is a rookie, it is better to be a regular online game player, so that the other party not pay too much attention.

Because Qiu Zongping's small account score was 0, and the other two great gods in the team both scored more than 2,500 points, the opponents matched after the average system score were all about 1,000 points. Qiu Zongping didn't have to show any strength at all and won directly with the Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon.

At the same time, he also noticed that the playing style of the guqin and flute ensemble of the two people was quite terrible. In the second game, Qiu Zongping kept an eye on and turned on the video recording function in the game.

Next, Eternal Lamp and Interlude took him to win ten games in a row, and his arena points rose from 0 points to more than 500 points.

After winning 15 games in a row, they finally matched a guild's regular team.

Of course, when looking at the unified ID of the "National Grace", Qiu Zongping knew that they were not players of the National Grace Team, professional players could not use the too obvious name "National Grace XXX". It is estimated that they are the elite team of the management of the national grace guild, the other two teammates are randomly matched players with a higher winning rate.

After the war between the two sides, Eternal Lamp and Interlude quietly released water (T/N : intentional losing), apparently to force healer to quickly add blood. Qiu Zongping saw their intention, and the speed of adding blood was still not urgent or slow, always maintaining the blood volume of about 30% of his teammates who were fast and unable to die, and deliberately showed that he was struggling.

Qiu Zongping slowly added blood buffs to everyone after using up the group adding blood skills, because of the "careless" movement, he was caught by the poison master of the other side and lost blood every second.

As soon as the healer died, Su Cheng had no choice but to cooperate with Xie Changming to make a big move and quickly solve the other side's output.

This game was quite thrilling to win, Su Cheng and Qiu Zongping secretly forced each other into a big move. As a result, Su Cheng did not try anything.

Xie Changming flipped through the record data panel of this game and said: "Senior brother, the level of healer is very ordinary. Just now, in a hurry, he made a mistake, I think it's probably a girl who has been promoted to full level by her own mixed field team, there are so many undercover, are you suspicious, senior brother?"

Su Cheng smiled and said: "It is difficult for an ordinary person to pretend to be an expert, but it is easy for a real expert to pretend to be an ordinary person."

Xie Changming simply could not refute his dialectical point of view, touched his chin and said curiously: "So he may still be undercover? As written in martial arts novels, people who can't test their internal forces are either really incapable of martial art, or they are of a very high level and can easily hide their strength."

Su Cheng nodded: "That's right. If he is really undercover, he is definitely one of the most talented undercover who have recently sneaked into our guild."

Xie Changming smiled and said: "Indeed! Recently, there were too many undercovers, and the couple showed their love as soon as they joined the guild, and they were transferred from Telecom Area 1. Yuan Xi, not to mention, came to be undercover with the words 'I am undercover' written on his forehead, which was simply funny. It is this 'Thick Drizzle', if he is really undercover, he is really low-key, but also very good at camouflage, we played so many games with him in a row that we didn't see anything wrong with him."

"En, let's continue to play qualifying match. If he's not undercover, we'll take the rookie girl along." After Su Cheng leaves the room, press the prepare button again, but he doesn't know, the person on the other side has been opening the video, recording his operation with the Eternal Lamp clearly.

During the day, Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart has not been logged in.

Qiu Zongping followed the two great gods of Luoying Valley for a day to play qualifying match, because of the two great gods, he won dozens of games in a row, and his arena score soon reached 1000 points.

Thick Drizzle: "I'm going to eat first, thank you two great gods."

Eternal Lamp: "You are welcome, sister."

At dinnertime, Qiu Zongping temporarily withdrew from the game and picked out several videos with relatively fierce fighting conditions and sent them to Popular All Over the World for sorting: "President, please cut out the footage of Eternal Lamp and Interlude from the video." Popular All Over the World does it immediately, the video was quickly cut and sent to Qiu Zongping's mailbox.

After dinner, Qiu Zongping called Zhou Xuewei and Yuan Xi over, playing the video and saying: "The style of the Interlude team is very unique. Long-range guqin and flute ensemble will cause great team damage to the opponent. Eternal Lamp will control the healer or core at a critical moment, and then take advantage of the opportunity to kill the core. In the future, when we encounter this team, we should pay attention to the position and try our best to avoid the straight-line sound wave penetration of the Eternal Lamp."

Zhou Xuewei also did not expect that captain Qiu went undercover in Interlude for one day and unexpectedly recorded so many useful video materials, he pretended to be unable to add blood to force the other side to work together, so as to repeatedly study the cooperation mode of Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon, it is impossible for professional players to disguise their conditioned reflexes at critical times, and the cooperation of Eternal Lamp and Morning Breeze Lingering Moon at many critical moments also allows Qiu Zongping to gradually grasp the key to their joint efforts.

Yuan Xi stood behind him in a complicated mood, he went undercover himself and got nothing, Qiu Zongping went undercover with different result......

At eight o'clock in the evening, Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart finally go online.

Qiu Zongping chatted with We’ll Never be Apart privately in the game and said: "Can the Great God take me to play several rounds of the arena? I’m a healer alone have no team."

Qin Mo did not expect another undercover after Yuan Xi, seeing that the other party was a 1,000-point sister, he replied: "All right, join the team."

When the three entered the arena qualifying match, the level of their opponents was average. Qiu Zongping found that "We’ll Never be Apart" would only help when the "Longing for Your Heart" could not take care of them. However, every time he made his moves, the timing was just right, as long as he controlled his opponent, he would definitely beat that person in seconds. Although he didn't take the head, his ability to control the field scared his opponents, controlling one by one.

It's really Qin Mo, isn't it?

Qiu Zongping followed the two people and silently added blood to them, and Qin Mo also paid attention to this "girl" like a persistent follower, which is very similar to the newbie healer that holding thigh, the reaction is not particularly fast, but the consciousness of adding blood is not bad. There are many such healers in online games, and they are not special, but Qin Mo always has a strange feeling…...

After winning 10 games in a row, the system randomly picked up a fixed team with higher scores.

This team comes from the Telecom Area 2, and the ID starts with "Whisper", there are two players in the black umbrella system of Tingyu Tower.

There was not much contact with the black umbrella array, and Qin Mo and Xiao Han also caught their way and were beaten into residual blood by a series of umbrella arrays. Fortunately, the healer in the team opened the warm group of Xinglin spring, and everyone's blood volume came back quickly, Qin Mo decisively summoned the mechanical hawk group attack and counterattack, cooperating with Xiao Han's chain trap to destroy the other side.

The battle situation became extremely fierce, but after all, Han and Mo were professional players, with first-class ability to seize the opportunity, when Qin and Mo summoned mechanical snakes to control the other party healer, Xiao Han attacked the other party with a set of critical attacks, took the two opposite black umbrella system of Tingyu Tower in an instant, cut off the treasures of the escort team, and determined the victory of the match.

After the match, the random team disbanded and returned to the automatic qualifying match queue.

Qin Mo didn't press the button in a hurry. Instead, he typed in the room and asked: "Thick Drizzle, are you recording the video?"

Qiu Zongping was slightly shocked: "How did the great god see it?"

Qin Mo said: "When you added blood just now, the perspective was supposed to be in the front row of the line, but you changed the camera and put the perspective on me. Are you recording to observe my operation?" The video in the game is the first perspective, and the picture will change with the change of perspective, if you want to observe a person's operation from the video, you must keep your perspective on him all the time.

Qiu zongping was shocked when the other party discovered this point so carefully, he immediately explained: "The summoner of this game are very difficult to play, I don't know much about the use of mechanical pets, I want to record it and study it."

This reason is indeed reasonable, but Qin Mo does not believe it.

Healer should adjust its sight to the target of adding blood when adding blood. However, Thick Drizzle was clearly adding blood to the main T just now, but the angle of view was still on the We’ll Never be Apart. In other words, he used the high-end "blind adding blood" technique to add blood to the front-row teammates, but his eyes were always staring at the summoner in the back row, many adding blood skills in Peerless Jianghu are not targeted, but need to be directed to add blood. Blind adding blood is not an ordinary healer, and the level of this healer is far from "ordinary" as he shows.

Xiao Han obviously thought about this, too, and frowned and said: "Who are you? Why do you want to record to observe my wife's operation?"

Thick Drizzle: "......Wife? Are you husband and wife?"

"Nonsense, isn't this ID obvious?" Xiao Han completely opened the wife protection mode and sent a series of questions. "What are you trying to do when approaching my wife?"

We’ll Never be Apart: "Husband, don't be angry, listen to his explanation first."

When Qiu Zongping saw they address each other as husband and wife, he was silent for a moment with mixed feelings before typing: "God Mo, long time no see., I am Qiu Zongping of Wind Color team."

Xiao Han: "......"

Qin Mo: "......"

The informed Qiu Zongping came to the door and obviously had already recognized Qin Mo, it's so embarrassing that they are still pretending to be husband and wife!
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