The King's Return : Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Most Powerful Undercover

Qiu Zongping is very familiar with Qin Mo's style of play, and it is not surprising to recognize Qin Mo, but what Qin Mo did not expect is that he unexpectedly came to Interlude guild to undercover with his small account, even went straight in and broke Qin Mo's identity face to face.

Looking at the line of small characters on the team channel, and then looking at the chat record that he just called "husband", Qin Mo, who has always been calm, can't help but breathe in lightly at the corner of his mouth.

——It has long been said that they can’t continue to play the husband and wife's undercover small account, and it will not end well one day,  Xiao Han still doesn't believe it, is it all right now? It's really embarrassing to be exposed in front of Xiao Qiu.

Qin Mo decided to keep his mouth shut, otherwise he was really ashamed to face his younger generation.

Thought of here, Qin Mo immediately typed quickly: "Who is Qiu Zongping?"

Thick Drizzle: "After god Mo retired, I took your duty and became the vice captain, after captain Yan retired, he handed over the captain to me."

We’ll Never be Apart: "I don’t know."

Thick Drizzle: "Feel embarrassed to admit your identity?"

We’ll Never be Apart: "I am not god Mo you said, how can I admit it?"

Thick Drizzle: "Don't worry, I won't say anything about you calling husband in the game."

Seeing this, Qin Mo's face is burning hot, today is really humiliating, in the eyes of the younger generation of Wind Color, Qin Mo, who has been high above, awesome vice captain, if Xiao Qiu turns around and tells everyone that Qin Mo is calling husband in the game, it is estimated that the newcomers will drop their jaw.

Xiao Han, who had been silent all along, suddenly interjected: "Wife, is this your former friend? I can't understand a word he's talking about."

We’ll Never be Apart: "I don't understand either."

Xiao Han wanted to keep pretending, so Qin Mo had to follow him.

If it had been Yuan Xi's the fool, the other party ’s acting skills are so realistic that he can take the rhythm to make Yuan Xi think it is true, but Qiu Zongping was not such a simple person. Qin Mo chose Qiu Zongping as his successor because of Qiu Zongping's calmness and wisdom, without full assurance, Qiu Zongping will not rashly recognize Qin Mo in the game. Therefore, no matter how well the husband and wife acted, Qiu Zongping did not believe it.

Thick Drizzle: "When did god Mo get married? This person still calls you wife?"

Longing for Your Heart: "How can you be so stubborn! My wife said she didn't know you, so why did you call him god Mo?"

We’ll Never be Apart: "I guess it's a mistake, we're going to play qualifying match, goodbye."

With these words, they left the room, and Qiu Zongping smiled helplessly——he always thought that this man was Qin Mo, but he was exposed face to face and was embarrassed to admit it.

Qiu zongping thought for a moment and chatted Popular All Over the World privately: "President, I have checked the information Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart, these two people were transferred from telecom area 1, the game has only recently reached its full level and opened its transfer service, they obviously transferred to investigate the situation of Interlude's team, these two should be the small account of god Mo and his teammates, and it is impossible for the main account to take such an obvious couple's name."

Popular All Over the World agreed: "I also think this must be a small account, professional players with such a name for the main account will be laughed to death."

Qiu Zongping said: "They are transferred from telecom to netcom, so their real base should be in Telecom Area 1, how much do you know about Telecom?" He should have asked Yuan Xi, the captain of the New Area, but Yuan Xi is not reliable, it's better to ask the old president for help.

Sure enough, the reliable Wind Color president immediately replied: "I understand. There are five confirmed teams in Telecom Area 1, which are Mojue, Sword Song, Wind Color, Huaxia and National Grace. Mojue and Sword Song are both formed by folk expers. Among them, the experts of Mojue are more mysterious, which I haven't found out yet. Lin Shuangcheng, the captain of Sword Song, was once an anchor of e-sport. His family was very rich and set up a team funded independently. The Huaxia Imperial team keeps a low profile and has not been contacted yet, I only recognize the An Ling on the Natural Grace, but the other players don't know yet."

Qiu Zongping touched his chin and thought, and said: "God Mo will not go to the Huaxia club, and it is even more impossible for him to go to the National Grace, which only accepts female players, focus on the two teams of Mojue and Sword Song."

"Okay, these two guilds have a very large number of people, who should I pay attention to?"

"You should have undercover for all the guilds, right? Let the undercover investigate the great gods who are offline in the guild after 7:30 pm in the recent period and give me a list."

The eyes of Popular All Over the World suddenly lit up: "Right ah! If you open the small account, the main account cannot be online at the same time!"

Since it is a VR perspective game, you cannot play two accounts at the same time, if you want to open both account, you can only let someone else plays your account, there should not be so many people in god Mo's team logging in the main account for them, which means that his main account must be offline when the small account of "We’ll Never be Apart" is online.

Although Mojue and Sword Song guild have a lot of people, the real great god is limited, as long as you check their online time, you can easily get the account.

Qiu Zongping smiled and said: "I'm going to dig up the real account and god Mo team."

In Mo Jue's training room, Qin Mo looked at Xiao Han with a cold face. "It's all your bad ideas, when we recognized Yuan Xi's undercover account, we should withdraw from the Netcom Area. and there would not be so many troubles in the future." At that time, Qin Mo really wanted to stop logging in, Xiao Han said that it was too obvious not to log in. He had a way to deal with Yuan Xi. As a result, Yuan Xi is done, and another Qiu Zongping comes out.

Xiao Han was very innocent: "It was very easy for me to fool Yuan Xi, how did I know Qiu Zongping would come to you?"

Qin Mo is also very surprised at this, he has seen five people in the new area, apart from Yuan Xi's "Dead Soul" is a summoner, Zhou Xuewei's healer, Zhao Xingchen's poison master, and the remaining two guqin and swordsman do not have another summoner, which proves that Qiu Zongping did not come to Peerless Jianghu new area, but Yuan Xi led the team.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Xi was not stupid at the critical moment, he didn't know what to do, so he went to Qiu Zongping for help and invited the man.

Qin Mo brought out a total of five newcomers from the Wind Color club that year.

The first one he discovered was healer player Zhou Xuewei. At that time, Qin Mo didn't know Zhou Xuewei was his younger sister, the girl's firm eyes and restrained intelligence made him appreciate it very much. Facts also proved that his eyes were right, Zhou Xuewei won the Best Newcomer Award in one fell swoop in her debut year.

The second one is Zhao Xingchen, Xiao Chen style is clever and devilish, he plays in a very trivial way, he is best at long-range sneak attack. He has a very intelligent head and is very obedient, Qin Mo also likes him very much.

The third person, named Lin Yao, was very good at playing his opponent in a long-range kite position. Qin Mo was very optimistic about him and wanted to train him into a popular long-range attacker, but did not know why, at the end of that season, he suddenly left Wind Color and changed his team to the Huaxia club, Qin Mo was a little sad about Lin Yao's transfer at that time, but he didn't say much. Anyway, he was about to leave Wind Color, he has tried his best to bring the newcomers out, and he has no time to think about what will happen in the future.

The last two are Qiu Zongping and Yuan Xi discovered by Qin Mo from the club.

Before Qin Mo formally guiding them, the two were not partners, Qiu zongping played in the front row and Yuan Xi was the player who played summoner, Qin Mo was interested in Qiu Zongping's reaction ability and hand speed, and wanted him to try to change summoners, if Qiu Zongping and Yuan Xi could form a double-summoning partner, they can inherit the double summoning control lineup.

Both of them were very young at that time, and their playing methods were not yet formed. After practicing as a summoner for some time, Qin Mo found that Qiu Zongping had first-class consciousness, a steady playing method, and was able to calm down in the face of various situations. Although the young man was still a little immature, Qin Mo believed that he would grow into an excellent summoner player in a period of time.

Yuan Xi's hand speed is actually faster than Qiu Zongping's, and his performance at that time was far above Qiu Zongping's. Qin Mo should like Yuan Xi better, but in fact, Qin Mo thought Qiu Zongping was his successor, and discussed with Yan Ruiwen, the captain at that time, that he would give Qiu Zongping the vice captain after retiring. He didn't want to give the vice captain to Yuan Xi. First, he was stubborn and couldn't listen to other people's guidance. Second, Yuan Xi's character was rough and impetuous, and he was a bit rash, he didn't know how to turn his head, it was very easy for others to cheat him.

Yan Ruiwen's state at that time lasted at most for a year or two, so the vice captain selected by Qin Mo was bound to become the third-generation captain of the Wind Color in the future.

Qin Mo has long been optimistic about Qiu Zongping, but he hasn't spoken through his mouth, usually with newcomers training, the attitude towards them is also the same, Yuan Xi took it for granted that Qin Mo's vice captain would be his. As a result, when Qin Mo suddenly announced that he would hand over the vice-captain to Qiu Zongping before retiring, Yuan Xi could not believe it and came to ask Qin Mo why with red eyes.

Why? Because you are stupid ah!

Qin Mo is not good to say it face-to-face, can only say it in roundabout: "Xiao Qiu's character is more stable than you, the performance of the Wind Color team is not good, need a vice-captain who can stabilize the situation."

"But I'm better than him! I can beat him every time I fight one-on-one!" Yuan Xi looked unconvinced.

Qin Mo patted him on the shoulder in distress and smiles: "The team captain is not looking at his personal strength, but at his grasp of the whole situation. Qiu Zongping is more suitable than you." Qin Mo still remembers Yuan Xi's eyes of resentment when he left, it seems that he didn’t become a vice captain made him especially sad.

Later, when Qin Mo retired, he didn't take care of Wind Color matter anymore.

Yan Ruiwen also handed over the captain to Qiu Zongping after his retirement. Therefore, there has always been a saying in the Miracle Professional League——Qiu Zongping is the real successor of Qin Mo.

But in fact, Qin Mo did not formally accept Qiu Zongping as an apprentice at that time.

Thinking of the teenager at the beginning, now has grown into the third captain of Wind Color, and with precise judgment and sharp eyes, Qin Mo's heart also felt some feeling, softly said: "Xiao Han, Netcom Area small account, we will not login again later."

Although Xiao Han was somewhat regretful that he could not continue to call wife to him, their target of undercover Interlude has been achieved. Qin Mo also has some insight into the research of summoners' equipment, and it is really unnecessary to log in again. Xiao Han smiled and simply said: "Okay, if you say you don't log in, we won't log in. In the future, we should concentrate on taking main account to play qualified match, and we should save more points."

Hearing this, Shen He immediately said: "Master, I want to hold your thigh please! I'll join you in the qualifying match team ah!"

Qin Mo logged in to Ink Mark account, and brings Shen He and Li Muran together to build a room in the cross server arena.

At the same time, Wind Color club.

Popular All Over the World is so efficient that he soon sent an important message to Qiu Zongping: "In the last week, the great gods of Sword Song guild regularly went online to play qualifying match every night, while two of the eight great gods of Mojue guild were not online every night."

Qiu Zongping asked hurriedly: "Who is it?"

Popular All Over the World: "Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice, a swordsman, an assassin."

Qiu Zongping frowned slightly. Qin Mo was clearly a summoner. There was no reason for him to play swordsman or assassin, but he always had a strange intuition——The two ID, Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice, must have something to do with Qin Mo. Thinking of this, Qiu Zongping immediately asked the president for a small account in Telecom Area and logged in to Xijiang Moon in the first area.

If his conjecture is correct, then he will log in the main account of the telecom area after the Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart getting offline from the Netcom Area, at this time, Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice should be online.

Qiu Zongping searched the two ID, in Xijiang Moon server and it really showed "online" status.

Almost at the same time, Popular All Over the World also said: "Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice just went online."

Qiu Zongping typed quickly: "Continue to check the guild records of Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart, this pair of ID on the Telecom Area 1!"

When changing areas, all the guild records in the old district will be emptied, but just because the system empties the record doesn't mean it can't be found out, and what they've done will always leave some clues.

Popular All Over the World undercover teams spread all over the large guild, and they soon found out the origin of this pair of ID.

"Oh my God, this pair of ID used to be undercover at National Grace!" Popular All Over the World almost stunned. "Many people in National Grace remember them, their IDs are so special that they begin to show their love as soon as they enter the guild. Every day, they are upgraded along with Three Waterdrop, a great god of the National Grace Guild, what is even weirder is that around level 65, Three Waterdrop quit the National Grace and joined Mojue!"

"......" Qiu Zongping's eyes became more profound.

It seems that this husband and wife is a small account specially used by god Mo to go undercover, when they went undercover, they probably found a first-class expert and wanted to investigate or win over. From the withdrawal of "Three Waterdrop" from National Grace and joining Mojue, we can see that the undercover plan of the two of them was a complete success, pulling the "Three Waterdrop" into Mojue team.

After that, the two people found the expert of Netcom Area, and then transferred to Netcom Area to investigate the situation of the Interlude guild.

Unexpectedly, ran into Yuan Xi in qualifying match, and Yuan Xi noticed that the summoner's operation was similar to Qin Mo, the impulsive and bold Yuan Xi immediately ran undercover in Netcom Area, and then alerted Qiu Zongping……

What an undercover drama!

There is only one explanation for this series of events——the team that Qin Mo belongs to is Mojue, We’ll Never be Apart and Longing for Your Heart, that is, he and his teammates, Thousand Miles Ice small account.

They think that if the system clears the records after the transfer, the people in the Netcom Aarea will not find anything, indeed, the accounts of the transfer area are very common, but they overlooked that once the conscientious people were aware, doubts about them and started the investigation from the beginning, they would be able to link their undercover route to the formation of Mojue team.

Qiu Zongping took a deep breath and asked: "Is there anything news that cause a stir about the National Grace Club recently?"

Popular All Over the World immediately said: "There is one thing that has caused quite a stir, Liu Xiang, the captain of the Red Fox Team, retired, you should know that her sister, Liu Hong, the vice-captain of the National Beauty Team, has also left the club."

Qiu Zongping certainly knew about Liu Xiang's retirement, but he did not pay attention to Liu Hong because she was not in the same project. At this time, when listening to the president, he suddenly had a strange guess: "Does Liu hong still have a team?"

Popular All Over theWorld: "The name has disappeared from the transfer window, but which team has not been announced."

Qiu Zongping: "Could you check the time when National Grace announced that Liu Hong left the team?"

Popular All Over the World: "The 7th of this month."

Qiu Zongping: "When does Three Waterdrop leave the National Grace guild?"

Popular All Over the World: "The 9th of this month!!"

Following Qiu Zongping's analysis, Popular All Over the World found that the fact really shocked him more and more!

Is it possible that god Mo went undercover to the National Grace guild in order to dig up Liu Hong? That Three Waterdrop is Liu Hong? What a coincidence, isn't it?

Qiu Zongping's heart is almost certain——"Three Waterdrop" strength that can attract Qin Mo's attention and personally go undercover investigation is absolutely extraordinary, National Grace captain of the new area is not a fool, she should have been recruited her to National Grace team a long time ago. Why didn't she act, instead let the outsider pick up a ready-made one? Then there is only one possibility, the captain of National Grace new area knows that Three Waterdrop will not join in National Grace and gives up trying to win her over.

If Three Waterdrop is Liu Hong, all of this can be explained in the most reasonable way.

——The players who just broke off the contract with the club will naturally not eat the grass and join the National Grace again. Therefore, the captain of the National Grace new area ignored the expert, Qin Mo, who met with Three Waterdrop in the game, went undercover to dig her up, the National Grace had no choice.

There is a great possibility that Three Waterdrop is Liu Hong.

Now that the evidence has been found, there is no need to cover it up, Qiu Zongping took a deep breath and talked privately to Ink Mark in the game: "Will the small account of god Mo not be used again?"

Ink Mark: "Who are you?"

Continuous Drizzle: "Qiu Zongping."

Qin Mo is simply feel as though his head could explode——Xiao Qiu, why are you so haunted, and chased to the new area ah!
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