The King's Return : Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Changes

Qin Mo just played qualifying match at the arena, so that his finger slipped directly into the opposite encirclement, fortunately Xiao Han was quick to react, immediately used "Thousand Step of Ghost Walk" to split and hold fire, Shen He cooperated with Xiao Han in the rear to control the field, quickly solved the situation and won the game in a thrilling way.

Aware of Qin Mo's obvious mistake, Shen He could not hide his words in his heart, after the match, he asked: "Master, what happened just now?"

Qin Mo's expression was calm: "Nothing, accidentally pressed the wrong key."

Shen He did not doubt it either, saying: "Continue to play qualifying match?"

Qin Mo said: "Wait a few minutes, I have something to do." For the time being, he didn't want to let the players know what Qiu Zongping had found, his mouth dealt with the Xiao He first, and his hands typed quickly and sent a message to Xiao Han: "Qiu Zongping open a small account to call me, and my Ink Mark account was also recognized."

Xiao Han did not expect that Qiu Zongping was a super tracker, he frowned and said: "This guy is really stubborn! What does he want to strip the vest for?"

Qin Mo is also very helpless: "He wants to make sure that I am really back."

"Did he not know why you retired that year?"

"En, only Yan Ruiwen knows."

After all, Yan Ruiwen is a man who keeps his word and pays great attention to his promise, since he promised to help Qin Mo keep secret, he could not tell Qiu Zongping.

Qiu Zongping obviously wants to find out whether Qin Mo is really back, only then will he give up from netcom to telecom.

The small account with the ID of Flower not Flower continued: "God Mo, Three Waterdrop, is Liu Hong of national beauty?"

Qin Mo rubbed his temples and immediately felt a splitting headache. The IQ of Qiu Zongping is the highest among the newcomers he brought out, and he has a calm personality and strong analytical ability. Qin Mo handed over the vice captain to him out of this consideration, and Xiao Qiu will lead the team in the future, at least be able to analyze the weaknesses of other teams and make targeted deployment.

In addition, the old president, Popular All over the World, has a good command of the management association, he has six eyes and six ears, no matter the trivia in the online games or the gossip in the professional league, none of them can hide from his ears. It is not surprising that these two people can deduce the identity of Three Waterdrop through joint investigation, the small accounts of "We’ll Never be Apart" and "Longing for Your Heart" did go undercover in the national grace for a period of time, and the news of Liu Hong's departure from the team was also announced in those days, it is easy to draw a conclusion after an association.

If he continues to investigate, he may find out all the details of Xiao Han, Dragon Song Club and even Zhu Qingyue.

Qin Mo had no choice but to give him a message: "Xiao Qiu, it's me."

When Qiu Zongping saw this, there was an excited expression on his always calm face, and his fingers trembled and quickly typed: "Are you going to make a comeback and take part in the league next year?"

Ink Mark: "En, I formed Mojue team."

Qiu Zongping asked: "Don't you want to go back to Wind Color?"

Ink Mark: "No."

Qiu Zongping was silent for a moment before saying: "In fact, if you can come back and lead the team, I will be very happy, but if you have a better choice, I will support you, too."

"......" Seeing his words, Qin Mo's heart could not help but be moved. Although Qiu zongping did not formally pay his respects to Qin Mo, he had the affection of master and apprentice. At that time, Qin Mo taught Qiu Zongping’s summoner from scratch, although Qiu zongping was not as good as the strong yuan Xi at that time, he slowly improved himself step by step, staying up late training every day and working so hard that Qin Mo was distressed.

At that time, Qin Mo knew that the teenager's young shoulders would become the most powerful pillar of the future team.

Someone succeeded him in Wind Color,  he can finally stand up to master.

Without Qiu Zongping, Qin Mo did not dare to leave Wind Color at that time.

After a moment's silence, Qin Mo sighed softly and typed: "Xiao Qiu, I was undercover in the Interlude guild in netcom area to investigate the details of this team, happened to meet Yuan Xi in the qualifying match, he doubted my identity and set up a small account to go undercover in Netcom, I was able to see through it, he asked you to come and help, didn't he?"

"Yes. Yesterday, the president besieged you and was killed in a farce. Yuan Xi didn't know what to do, he came to me rashly, so I went to see the video." Qiu Zongping explained.

Qin Mo guessed this a long time ago, but Qiu Zongping called him "God Mo" in the Netcom area, but he did not admit. As a result, he persevered all the way to the Telecom area, which was really persistent, Qin Mo admitted his identity, but also did not want him to continue to track down, so as not to find out Xiao Han and Zhu Qingyue.

Qiu zongping asked: "Longing for Your Heart, is it your teammate's Thousand Miles ice small account?"

It is also easy to infer that he and Xiao Han go online and offline at the same time, and Qiu Zongping's cleverness can see who is the undercover person that accompanies him at a glance. Qin Mo also did not want to pretend to cover up in front of smart people, saying: "En, we built the undercover account together."

Qiu Zongping: "this is also a rare expert."

Qin Mo: "Are you trying to get words from me?"

Qiu Zongping: "I dare not. I just feel that I am very happy for you to meet such a good teammate."

Qin Mo doesn't want to continue to talk to him about Thousand Miles Ice, because if he continues, he will definitely mention the title of husband and wife——Really don't want to mention this black history.

So Qin Mo decisively changed the subject: "Is Yuan Xi leading the team in the new area?"

"Yes, Dead Soul is his account." Qiu Zongping paused and then said, "god Mo, there happens to be something I want to ask you."

"What is it?"

"What do you think of Zhou Xuewei?"

"Which aspect?"

"What about the tactical level and command ability compared to Yuan Xi?"

"......" Qin Mo felt that he was asking more than this question, and the answer couldn't be more obvious. "You are the current captain, and you should know the level of the team better than I do."

"Zhou Xuewei is indeed stronger than Yuan Xi, but she has a low-key personality and never competes with others. I'd like to suggest that the manager replace Yuan Xi, but I'm afraid it will hurt his self-esteem. As you know, Yuan Xi has a high self-esteem and always feels that he is the strongest. In this way, he will suffer a lot sooner or later, Xuewei is the most suitable captain of the new team… you have any good suggestions?" Qiu Zongping made a long speech, which seemed to be very distressed.

Qin Mo has left Wind Color club for a long time, so it is not good to interfere in the internal affairs of Wind Color.

However, Qiu Zongping's idea is correct, if Qin Mo is still in Wind Color, he will not let Yuan Xi lead the team into the new project. With a captain like Yuan Xi, the future of the new team of the Wind Color club is really worrying. At that time, the manager didn't think about it properly, it must be because Yuan Xi vowed to guarantee him that "I will lead the team well" and so on.

However, Yuan Xi has strong personal strength, but his ability to lead the team is very bad, if he is really allowed to be the captain, after the start of next year's league, this new team will definitely become a laughing stock in the league.

After all, Qin Mo has a deep affection for Wind Color, and he doesn't want the new team to be destroyed in the hands of a stupid captain.

After careful consideration, Qin Mo gives Qiu Zongping a suggestion: "You can first discuss this matter with Xuewei and the manager to find a reasonable excuse. For example, the female captain can attract more sponsors and accumulate more popularity, let Zhou Xuewei as captain, Yuan Xi as vice captain, and later listen to Xuewei in the field command, even if Yuan Xi is angry for a while, but as long as Xuewei leads the team to win several games, he will be convinced."

"God Mo is still considerate." Qiu Zongping's heart is very impressed, Qin Mo is indeed much more careful than himself. Originally, Qin Mo left Wind Color a long time ago, and this kind of thing should not have turned to him for help, but on the one hand, Qiu Zongping always respected Qin Mo as a master, on the other hand, Zhou Xuewei and Yuan Xi were players brought out by Qin Mo, and he consulted Qin Mo for advice, just to be more sure of what's on his mind. After all, changing the captain is no small matter, and it is certainly best to get the support of Qin Mo.

"Thank you, god Mo, I'll go to the manager first, I won't look into Mojue any more, I hope you don't mind." He checked Mojue just to make sure that Qin Mo is really back, and now that he has got the answer, he does not want to find out all the identity background of others, which would cause resentment of Qin Mo.

Anyway, Mojue's lineup will be announced one day, Qiu Zongping's undercover work is enough.

At eleven o'clock in the evening, the team members finished their training tasks and went back to their rooms.

When Yuan Xi came back, he saw Qiu Zongping knocking at the door and entering Zhou Xuewei's dormitory. Yuan Xi immediately stopped at the door of the dormitory to eavesdrop. It was really bad, but he was really curious——-what was Qiu Zongping doing with Zhou Xuewei in the middle of the night? Is there something going on between them? Sister Zhou Xuewei is very beautiful, with long hair and big eyes, and has a very unique aura, she seems to be quite suitable for Qiu Zongping?

Yuan Xi imagination went wild for a while, scratched his head and went to sleep.

It wasn't until 12 o'clock that he heard the sound of opening the door, didn't know what Qiu Zongping and Zhou Xuewei were talking about, but they talked for an hour……

Yuan Xi pricked up his ears to listen to the movement next door, it was not until Qiu Zongping fell asleep that he gradually fell asleep.

In the dream, he saw himself bowing to the audience with the championship Peerless Jianghu trophy, there was a warm applause from the audience, Yuan Xi stood in the middle of the stage and blushed with joy.

When he woke up in the morning, Yuan Xi was very energetic because of a good night's dream, immediately after going to the training room, he organized everyone to form a team to play qualifying match, he won ten games in a row.

But what puzzled him was that Qiu Zongping did not come to the training room today?

It would be better if he didn't come, lest the man sitting next to him would make him uncomfortable all over, but….... Under doubts, Yuan Xi asked Zhao Xingchen: "Xiao Chen, have you seen where captain Qiu has gone?"

Zhao Xingchen said: "I saw him go out with the manager when I was eating in the morning."

Yuan Xi didn't think much about it and continued to play qualifying match happily.

In the afternoon, he ran to the manager's office, wanted to report the progress of the team formation with the manager, but heard the voice of two people talking inside——

"It is really difficult to replace Yuan Xi and let Zhou Xuewei be the captain of the new team, Yuan Xi promised me that he would take the new team to win the championship…..."

"However, manager, Yuan Xi, has a good personal ability, and it's really not good to lead a team. As far as I know, there are already several strong teams ready to participate in the competition. Apart from those teams under the club, the strength of unofficial teams such as Sword Song and Interlude is also very important, not to mention that god Mo is comeback and led a team, when a simple person like Yuan Xi comes to the field, will he not be abused by the major teams?"

The room was silent for a while, and the manager's voice was sounded again: "Would you like Xuewei to be the vice captain, and the field command would listen to Xuewei?"

"In that case, Yuan Xi will not be convinced, with his character, as long as he becomes captain, he will certainly let the team members listen to him. Moreover, it is impossible for Xuewei's character to come forward and compete with him for command, if we want to avoid the future trouble forever, we can only remove Yuan Xi's captain and let Zhou Xuewei be the captain."

"What you said makes sense, but Yuan Xi certainly can't accept the change of captain, we have to find a suitable reason."

"Just said, the sponsors prefer Zhou Xuewei to lead the team. At present, there is only one National Grace as female captain, and if our club comes out with a female captain, it is very beneficial to the popularity of the team. In terms of command, one person can come in turn first, and as long as Yuan Xi loses the game twice, he will be embarrassed to argue with Xuewei again."

"All right, let's do what you say…..."

Qiu Zongping's voice was deep and calm, coming through the door, but every word was harsh.

Yuan Xi violently grabbed his fist, his eyes bloodshot, like a wounded beast, he turned and ran back to the dormitory quickly, He slammed the door with a "bang" and began to pack in a hurry.

He did not know why he was so sad, he always felt confident that he was strong. As a result, others looked at him as jokes behind his back and made him worthless, this feeling was really too bad, his heart seemed to be smashed into mud by Qiu Zongping's heavy hammer, his chest was like a huge stone weighing one thousand pounds, and every breath had a dull pain.

——Yes, I can't compare with you, when Qin Mo left, he said that you are more suitable than me.

——But I'm going to new project, what's hindering you? You still have to go to the manager to sue me?

——Since you all despise me so much, what's the point of staying in Wind Color club?

Yuan Xi's eyes were red and he didn't know if he was so angry that he couldn't even see his suitcase clearly, he stuffed his clothes into the suitcase, picked up his mobile phone and wallet and turned out the door.

Zhao Xingchen came out from the training room to pour coffee and saw Yuan Xi quickly coming downstairs with a suitcase as if it were about to explode, he was surprised and said: "Captain Yuan, where are you going?"

"It's none of your business!" There was a roar from downstairs that almost broke the eardrum.

"......" Zhao Xingchen froze, immediately went back to the training room and shouted: "Sister Xuewei! Something has happened!"

Zhou Xuewei took off her headphones and looked back at him: "What's the matter?"

Zhao Zingchen said: "Captain Yuan left with the suitcase as if he was very angry......"

Zhou Xuewei was smart and immediately realized that Qiu Zongping's proposal to change the captain was known by Yuan Xi, without saying a word, she turned to the manager's office and happened to meet Qiu Zongping coming out of the office.

Seeing Zhou Xuewei running over in a hurry, Qiu Zongping wondered: "Xuewei, are you looking for me?"

Zhou Xuewei said hurriedly: "Captain Qiu, Yuan Xi seems to know about your proposal to change the captain, Xiao Chen just saw him run out with his suitcase."

Qiu Zongping frowned: "Did he run away?"

Zhou Xuewei said reluctantly: "It is estimated that he is angry, go to him and explain it to him, the weather forecast has a heavy rain in the afternoon.Yuan Xi is in a hurry to go out, don't get cold."

Qiu Zongping's face was slightly stiff, and he immediately ran after him at the speed of a hundred meter race.

However, Yuan Xi's IQ is usually half a beat slower than that of a rabbit, this time, he ran faster than a rabbit, and disappeared in an instant, Qiu Zongping frowned and called him. As a result, the busy tone of "Du du" was always in his ear.

——He should not have an accident, is he?

Thinking of this possibility, Qiu Zongping hurried to the underground garage to start his car.

The man tightened his fingers on the steering wheel, presses the accelerator with his right foot, he black car opened the door of Wind Color club like a detached arrow.

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