The King's Return : Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Strong Lineup

In the evening, Qiu Zongping drove his car back to the team and happened to meet Zhou Xuewei in the corridor. Looking at his wet look, Zhou Xuewei can't help wondering: "Yuan Xi didn't come back with you?"

Qiu Zongping said: "He is angry, I want him to calm down first."

Zhou Xuewei, who knows the truth, is also very helpless: "In fact, your intentions are good, Yuan Xi is not the kind of person who will hold a grudge. As long as you make your words clear, he will certainly forgive you."

"I'll explain it to him tonight." Qiu Zongping said. "Call Xiao Chen up, let's meet the manager together, I have a suggestion to discuss with you."

"Okay." Zhou Xuewei turned and called Zhao Xingchen, and the three came to the manager's office together.

The manager of Wind Color is always smiling, when he sees the three favorite players, he immediately asks them to sit down: "What do you want to discuss?"

Qiu Zongping sorted out his thoughts and said seriously: "Manager, I've opened a small account to go undercover in Peerless Jianghu these two days, and I know something about this game, the situation of the new game is more complicated than we think. In addition to the teams under each club, the strength of the unofficial teams is also quite strong——for example, the teams formed by the folk experts such as Sword Song and Interlude will definitely cause us a lot of trouble in the future."

Zhou Xuewei also agreed with this point, and then she said: "The operation mode of VR game has great innovation, unlike the traditional competitive game, it requires hand speed, some people who are born with low hand speed but have first-class consciousness can also become professional players, which really creates a situation where new game experts are like clouds."

Zhao Xingchen praised: "Sister Xuewei is right, and the officially announced points system model also gives many folk experts the opportunity."

Qiu Zongping said: "Therefore, Wind Color must come up with a strong enough lineup in order to stand up in the new project."

The manager nodded: "I'm thinking about this, too, what do you mean by a strong enough lineup, Xiao Qiu?"

Qiu Zongping said: "Our club's most characteristic double summoning lineup."

——The double summoning lineup was indeed inherited from Ling Xuefeng, the first generation of captain of Wind Color. After the transition of Qin Mo's generation, Qiu Zongping and Yuan Xi's regular partner appeared. When Qiu Zongping took over as captain, he dug up a pair of newcomers from the training camp to train, and intended to inherit this style of play, double summoning has become the unique core of Wind Color club.

Zhao Xingchen chimed in: "Captain Qiu, the pair of summoners you have trained are really good in strength, but if they all come to take the lead in Peerless Jianghu team, together with Yuan Xi, they will be the three summoners, right?"

Zhou Xuewei frowned slightly: "Do you want Yuan Xi to be transferred back to the original team, like this, Xiao Yuan will be very sad…..."

"No, I didn't want to transfer Yuan Xi." Qiu Zongping said seriously. "I mean, I went to Peerless Jianghu and formed a partner of double summoners with Yuan Xi."

Everyone: ".................."

Even the manager was surprised by this proposal. Qiu Zongping has always been captain of Miracle. He personally used to have a strong lineup, but is it necessary?

Qiu Zongping explained carefully: "The double summoning style of play will certainly be strong enough in the new game. What VR games fear most is that they can't see their opponents clearly from a controlled perspective, while my summoner is good at fast field control, while Yuan Xi takes the pet critical strike output route. We have been partners for many years and we know each other very well. In the future, I can exist as a control field, and Yuan Xi can do the output. Only by sending out such a tactical core can we achieve good results in next year's league, which is full of strong teams."

Zhou Xuewei was silent for a moment and said with approval: "Captain Qiu words also make sense. If you come here, you and Xiao Yuan's partnered will be able to compete for the double trophy next year. The team is really short of core output combinations."

The manager bowed his head and thought carefully——what Qiu Zongping said is very reasonable. Peerless Jianghu has opened up a new competitive pattern, and if the performance of the club is too poor in next year's league, it will also have a negative impact on the reputation of the club as a whole. Even if you can't win the championship, you have to at least keep the top few places, right? He still feels a little worse in the current lineup. If Qiu Zongping went there personally, the performance of the new team would certainly be stable.

It's just…... As soon as Qiu Zongping leaves, what about the old team? He's the captain over there ah!

The manager frowned and asked: "Xiao Qiu, if you go alone, who will lead Miracle team?"

Qiu Zongping looked at Zhao Xingchen and Zhou Xuewei and said: "I suggest Xiao Chen or Xuewei led them, so I asked you to come and discuss, which one of you would like to take over from me?"

Zhou Xuewei thought for a moment and said: "I have already arranged for the miracle player to replace me before I switch project. If I switch with her, she may not be able to adapt to the new game environment."

Qiu Zongping looked at Zhao Xingchen and said: "What about you, Xiao Chen?"

Zhao Xingchen scratched his head: "It doesn't matter to me, the new team's lineup has not been determined yet, I'm an output, it doesn't matter if I change my career. It's just…...Can I be the captain?"

Qiu Zongping said: "Your strength is not bad, you are also a player who started out with us, you know this team well. I have already cultivated a new generation substitute players. The lineup system has not changed much from the original one. If you were captain, you should be able to do it, I have confidence in you. Besides, you are a player who started out with captain Yan Ruiwen and inherited captain Yan's black magician style, when you take over as captain, everyone will be convinced."

The affirmed Zhao Xingchen laughed happily: "Haha, my foundation is taught by god Mo, the magician's play is taught by captain Yan, personal strength is indeed okay, but my research on tactics is not as thorough as that of captain Qiu ah."

Zhou Xuewei added: "We all know Xiao Chen's strength, but after all, he has no experience in leading a team, wouldn't it be not good to be a captain directly?"

Qiu Zongping said: "Xiao Chen's consciousness is not bad, with the guidance of captain Yan at that time, the foundation is very solid, it will be very fast to learn. Besides, I'm still in the team, if you don't know anything, you can ask me at any time. The Miracle league starts in March next year, with a few months to adjust. In addition, the second half of Peerless Jianghu points competition is the highlight. In the first half of the year, I will help Xiao Chen and slowly complete the handover of the captain."

Zhao Xingchen excitedly said: "That would be great! If I were to be the captain, I might have to come and trouble you often in the future!"

Qiu Zongping said: "Don’t be polite."

Zhou Xuewei suggested: "Then let Xiao Chen return to Miracle to be the captain, captain Qiu, will you come here in Peerless Jianghu to be a captain?"

The manager also agreed: "I think it is feasible, Xiao Chen is indeed a descendant of Yan Ruiwen, being a captain can also control the scene, it's just that it's going to be tough, Xiao Qiu. At the beginning of the league, you may have to take care of both teams at the same time, and have to worry about both sides."

Qiu Zongping said decisively: "No problem, I believe Xiao Chen will be able to get started soon."

Zhao Xingchen said with a smile: "Thank you for the trust of the manager and captain Qiu. I will take over this duty. Taking advantage of the holiday, I happened to learn some experience from captain Qiu."

Zhou Xuewei reminded: "How can you tell Yuan Xi about this?"

Qiu Zongping said: "I'll explain it to him."

At six o'clock in the evening, Qiu Zongping went out to pack dinner and then drove out again. He came to the door of the hotel where Yuan Xi lived and dialed Yuan Xi's phone. It was clear in his ear that the phone was connected, but the other party did not answer it at all, obviously still angry, Qiu Zongping had to send him a text message: "I'm downstairs from the hotel. I brought your favorite sweet lotus root."

Yuan Xi ignored him.

Qiu Zongping then sent a message: "Sorry, this time it was my fault."

Yuan Xi: "......"

Unexpectedly, Qiu Zongping apologized. Yuan Xi suddenly turned over from the bed, ran to the window in three or two steps, looked down, and saw Qiu Zongping's black car parked downstairs.

Another message pops up on the mobile phone screen: "Give me a chance to explain, okay?"

Yuan Xi scratched his hair, but it was not very good if he didn't let people explain it, which showed that he was unreasonable? Thinking of this, Yuan Xi replied with a text message: "Room 1023, you come up and talk."

A moment later, Qiu Zongping carried a lunch box upstairs and knocked at the door, Yuan Xi opened the door and glared at him: "Don't pretend to bring food to be courteous, I'll give you ten minutes and leave after explaining!"

His expression looked very calm, obviously a lot calmer when staying alone in the hotel, but his eyes were still red and looked pitiful.

Qiu Zongping went into the room, put down the dinner he had brought, looked back at Yuan Xi and said: "Yuan Xi, I'm sorry."

Yuan Xi: "......"

The other party suddenly softened his attitude and apologized face to face, but Yuan Xi was at a loss.

Qiu Zongping stepped forward, looked him in the eye and said word by word: "Sorry, it's my fault, I'm not thoughtful. I went to discuss it with Xuewei last night, I wanted to discuss it with you when I got back to the dorm, but you locked the bedroom door. I thought you were asleep, so I didn't bother you. When I got up in the morning, the manager called me, so I went out with him and mentioned it to him in the afternoon. I didn't tell you beforehand, it was my fault, and I didn't expect you to hear me."

Yuan Xi turned his head angrily: "It's a good thing I heard you! Otherwise, I am still in the dark, and I have no idea that you have always looked down on me!"

Qiu Zongping said in a low voice: "I have never looked down on you."

Yuan Xi was stupefied, looking back on his deep eyes, Yuan Xi was at a loss for a moment: "No? Then why did you speak ill of me in front of the manager?!"

Qiu Zongping sighed and explained patiently: "I am not speaking ill of you, you are very strong personally. I have never denied this, but Yuan Xi, leading a team is not as easy as you think. There are too many strong teams in this new game, and you are not good at scheming with people. Do you know? When you go undercover in Netcom Area, not only god Mo are clear, but even the two members of the Interlude guild also know who you are."

"......" Yuan Xi's eyes blinked in an instant, and he thought his undercover identity was well hidden, did he wear a vest that was transparent?

"You said, you went to the undercover and they were instantly dismantled your identities, and later on the competition field, how can you fight them with this little caution?"

"......" Yuan Xi lowered his head and stared at his toes in a gloomy way.

"If you are the captain of the new team, it will be very difficult for you when the league starts next year. Yuan Xi, you have to understand that good players are not necessarily good captains, there are too many things to consider when being a captain, in terms of your character, you are really not fit to be a captain. I understand that you want to prove yourself, but you don't have to be a captain to prove yourself, many teams have very popular core players, and they are not captains. You have made a mistake in the direction of your efforts." Qiu Zongping's voice became softer and softer, Yuan Xi listened carefully and thought there was some truth in what he said.

"there are some things I have never told anyone, but you are my roommate. You should know very well what time I go to bed every night, I'm still working overtime when everyone else is resting. In the new game, all the tactics and configurations have to be studied from scratch, I don't want you to work so hard, do you understand?"

"I…..." Yuan Xi didn't know how to refute, because he couldn't.

"In recent years, the relationship between us is not as good as it used to be. It's not that I despise you or deliberately alienate you, but that I'm so busy that sometimes I can't take care of you, do you understand?"

"......" Yuan Xi eyes slightly red, think carefully, Qiu Zongping is really right, he often shut the door and ignored Qiu Zongping because he felt inferior in front of Qiu Zongping. However, Qiu Zongping is aware of the fact that he stays up late every night, this person's steadiness and hard work really set the best example for Wind Color. At the moment, listen to the other party to say these words, Yuan Xi heart also some uncomfortable.

——They used to be such good friends, why is the estrangement between them getting deeper and deeper?

Looking at the stupefied expression on Yuan Xi's face, Qiu Zongping sighed in his heart and held out his arms to gently held the other party into his arms: "I'm sorry, I was wrong, don't be sad, okay?"

Yuan Xi's face flushed slightly and tried to push him away, but he was hugged hard by Qiu Zongping, Yuan Xi struggled even more, using both hands, just like a small beast with teeth and claws, Qiu Zongping had no choice but to let him go, he looked gently into his eyes and said: "Yuan Xi, I want to tell you everything clearly. I don't look down on you, you've always been the best partner in my mind, can we start over?" (T/N: why is it like a confession Lol)

Yuan Xi paused: "Start over? What do you mean?"

Qiu Zongping said: "I discussed it with the manager, Xuewei and Xiao Chen in the afternoon. I wanted to move to Peerless Jianghu project. The Miracle side asked Zhao Xingchen to go back and lead the team. We are already partners, and if we are separated, our strength will be greatly reduced, so we might as well move to Peerless Jianghu and continue the core of our double summoner."

Yuan Xi: "......"

——After talking about it for a long time, did Qiu Zongping come here to haunt him again?

Yuan Xi was about to retort, but he heard Qiu Zongping say: "This time, you will be the core of the lineup."


"I didn't make this decision for you, but the characteristics of the game are really suitable for this. I found out from the partners of the guqin and flute ensemble in Interlude that as long as they control the field well and seize the opportunity to kill the opponent, the win rate is very high. I'm the best at controlling the field, and you're the best at output. Once our double summoning play is matched well, the power will never be inferior to the guqin and flute ensemble."

"......" In the previous team, Yuan Xi assisted Qiu Zongping to control the field, and Zhao Xingchen was the main output in the back row. How can you let him play the role of the main output this time? Yuan Xi, who is used to playing a supporting role, can't believe it.

"Well, don't look like you want to eat eggs." Qiu Zongping patted him on the shoulder. "Don't you always want to prove yourself? The way to prove yourself is not necessarily to be a captain, your advantage is not to be a good captain, but to be a violent output which can match me instantly and make all opponents afraid of you, isn't it good?"

"......" Good! That makes sense!

"Don't think about being a captain all day, I'll take care of the complicated matters, will you concentrate on training your summoner?"

"Er ... it seems to be okay." Yuan Xi scratched his head and said wryly.

Qiu Zongping held out his hand voluntarily: "In order for the new team to achieve good results, we will work together as a trump card."

Yuan Xi immediately took Qiu zongping's hand excitedly: "En, then you can continue to be captain and let Zhou Xuewei be the vice captain, I simply can't do anything, I will concentrate on the output, hahaha, you control one, I seckill one!" He was originally a very simple person, Qiu Zongping calmed him down and his anger had already dissipated, moreover, he volunteered to lead the Peerless Jianghu team only to prove himself, he did not have to be a captain.

In the past, he had the wrong idea, thinking that he could only get rid of the influence of Qiu Zongping only by leading the team. Now that Qiu Zongping said this, he finally realized——he was going in the wrong direction.

Being undercover is laughed at by everyone, wouldn't being a captain be laughed to death?

Everything is wrong, a relaxed body, a good study of the summoner's operation, to become an output explosion frightening players, is the way he can really stand out.

——The strongest style of Wind Color is the double summoner, why not continue to use this in the new game?

Since Qiu Zongping wants to come in person and let Yuan Xi as the core output, Yuan Xi is naturally more than happy! Later on the field, Qiu Zongping first controlled the opposite side, Yuan Xi broke out to seckill people, how powerful ah!

The more Yuan Xi thought about it, the more excited he became. As a result, a sudden "growl" sound appeared in his stomach, which immediately destroyed the hot-blooded atmosphere.

"......" Yuan Xi can't wait to find a crack in the ground to get in.

Looking at his embarrassed look, Qiu Zongping smiled and opened the dinner he had brought on the table: "I knew you were too angry to eat. Come and eat, all your favorite food."

Yuan Xi was really hungry and immediately rushed to the table to pick up the chopsticks and looked up: "Have you eaten? Let's eat together ah."

"Okay." Qiu Zongping also sat down.

When they were young, they often packed their meals to the dormitory and chatted while eating. When they thought about it, it seemed that they had not sat together so quietly for a whole year.

After the meal, Qiu Zongping packed the lunch box into the garbage bag, looked at Yuan Xi, and said softly: "Since your anger has subsided, come back with me."

Yuan Xi hung his head and was embarrassed: "Well, does everyone know that I ran away from home? I think I saw Zhao Xingchen when I came out with my suitcase today."

Qiu Zongping said: "They don't know, they think you go shopping."

Yuan Xi: "Oh, then I'll sneak back with you later, and I'll say I'll go shopping in the supermarket. Don't expose me!"

Qiu Zongping nodded earnestly: "En, I said you went shopping with your suitcase, and you happened to meet me on the way back."

Yuan Xi's face became redder, and he always felt that this excuse was ridiculous. However, it was better to accept it than to run away from home. Otherwise, a man of his age would carry a suitcase and leave in a fit of pique, and his teammates would laugh to death at him.

Qiu Zongping helped Yuan Xi to check out at the front desk with his suitcase, and then took him to the car. Although Yuan Xi changed his clothes, he didn't change his shoes. As soon as he stepped on them, there was a black mud imprint, Qiu Zongping's car is expensive, Yuan Xi looked at the mud marks in the car and was embarrassed: "I made your car dirty…..."

Qiu Zongping said: "It doesn't matter, just wash it."

Yuan Xi said actively: "Then let me wash it for you!"

This silly boy does not like to owe others any favors, so he will naturally wash his dirty car himself. In order to avoid his guilt, Qiu Zongping no longer opposes it. While Yuan Xi was bowing his head and fastening his seat belt, he quickly pulled a small group in Wechat and sent a message: "I will take Yuan Xi back to the team later. Everyone pretends not to know about his running away from home, do you understand?"

Zhao Xingchen: "Understand, I don't know anything hahaha!"

Zhou Xuewei: "I understand, no one will mention it."

Qiu Zongping smiled slightly and started the car.

Misunderstandings and contradictions always occur between people, but as long as there is no malice, one can choose to forgive after explaining clearly.

Qiu Zongping always remembers what Qin Mo said when he retired——Wind Color team has always been a top-class team in the professional league, you can lose the game, but you can't lose confidence.

Over the years, he led Wind Color team to fight from south to north, finally making Wind Color's achievements gradually improve.

Now he personally went to Peerless Jianghu as captain, in addition to worrying about Yuan Xi, but also for the new team to continue to maintain the status of the powerful team, so as not to become a second-rate weak team ridiculed by others!
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