She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 36

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Chapter 36
translator&editor: Oyen

Xiang Huayang was taking people to fight with several young men in the village, Yi Zeyan suddenly appeared, several people here stopped moving, and everyone was more or less injured.

The second son of the village head's family, that is, the man who had just pointed to Lin Qingqing, was furious at Yi Zeyan's words and said, "She is mine!"

As he spoke, the machete cut at Yi Zeyan, but he didn't even touch his clothes, a few steps away from Yi Zeyan, a man came forward and twisted his hand, and all he heard was a click. The machete in his hand fell to the ground, and the man let out a heart-wrenching scream, then he was thrown to the ground, and he immediately covered his arm and rolled on the ground in pain.

Judging from the curvature of the arm, it could be seen that his arm was broken.

As soon as the village chief saw that his younger son had been made like this, he immediately turned red with anger and cut Yi Zeyan's bodyguard with a hoe in his hand. However, before he came near, he saw that the bodyguard suddenly pulled out a gun from his arms and fired a shot at the sky.


The world seemed to be quiet in an instant, village chief’s body seemed to be fixed, the movement of holding the hoe was stiff, and there was no movement for a while, and the others were frightened, no matter how closed the village was, they had seen such things as guns.

With the sound of the gunshot, several other people also took their guns out of their arms to face these savages.

"I don't want to make things difficult either, I just want to take my wife away, do you have any comments?"

The villagers who were just savage and arrogant didn't dare to say a word at the moment.

Yi Zeyan said to Lin Qingqing: "Come here."

Lin Qingqing felt that his husband was really handsome, so handsome that he appeared when she needed it most, he was simply her guardian angel.

Lin Qingqing was so excited that she hurried over to him, her gaze was all on him.

Yi Zeyan put his arm around her waist and asked her: "Scared?"

He asked very calmly, even jokingly, it was obvious that he paid no attention to these people at all, but Lin Qingqing was really afraid when she was subjected by them just now, now see this man, his calm, his confidence gave her a full sense of security.

She shook her head and smiled at him: "Not anymore."

Yi Zeyan took her hand and left as if no one else was there, the bodyguards he brought with him also protected the others' departure, the villagers were afraid of the guns in their hands, and no one dared to come forward.

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, Lin Qingqing called the police, after calling the police, Lin Qingqing could not help worrying and said: "Your bodyguard has a gun, will it be all right?"

"I have done meritorious service in the army, which can be regarded as a contribution to the country, so the bodyguards around me have a gun license and will be fine."

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. The police asked some questions and took the villagers away, the shooting team also left one after another. At present, there was nothing wrong with Lin Qingqing and she left with Yi Zeyan.

It was only then that Lin Qingqing found the opportunity to ask him: "How did you come here?"

At the moment, Yi Zeyan held her in his arms, combed her long hair with his fingers and said: "I don't feel at ease, so I come and have a look."

He would not tell her that he chased her because he learned that she and Xiang Huayang were on the same group. However, he should be grateful for his jealousy and came here in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

Lin Qingqing was quite frightened on this trip. After going back, she only felt so tired that she was about to collapse, so she washed up and went to sleep.

Mu Cong came back the next day, the first thing Lin Qingqing did when she came to the studio was to find him, when Lin Qingqing saw Mu Cong, he was sitting in his office in a daze.

His face was pale, his eyes were blank, and his mental state did not look very good.

Lin Qingqing sat opposite him and asked with great care: "How is it going? Is that girl Meng Tian?"

Mu Cong mechanically looked at her for several seconds before he recognized her, with a wry smile, he said: "It's her."

Lin Qingqing couldn't help being startled to hear his hoarse voice.

"So what's going on now? Was she abducted there by those people?"

Mu Cong shook his head, and Lin Qingqing felt heavy when he saw this.

"They denied that they had abducted Meng Tian, saying only that they had found her on the road, but when they found her, her finger was broken, and already became crazy and foolish, they didn't dislike her and let their son marry her."

Lin Qingqing couldn't help getting angry when she heard this: "What did Meng Tian say?"

"What can she say? She has been silly and only knows how to giggle."

"......" Lin Qingqing felt something was wrong. "But when we were in the village, the villagers obviously wanted to play with the girls ah."

Mu Cong smiled sarcastically: "They only admit that they want to rob the money, not the people."


Lin Qingqing originally thought that these villagers were savage and ignorant of the law, but it seemed that she underestimated them too much.

They were very cunning and they also knew how to exploit loopholes in the law.

The crime of robbery was not serious, and it was an attempted robbery, so they would not be severely punished.

"Then what now? Is there no way to bring these people to justice? Where is Meng Tian? Meng Tian is going to follow them back? What did her parents say?"

Mu Cong looked up to the window, the sun was fine today, he suddenly laughed, but his eyes burst into tears: "What else can we do? Her parents thought she was dead and had another children, now they don't even want to recognize their daughter. Meng Tian has already married the dog man and has children, there is no direct evidence that Meng Tian was abducted there by them, they want to take her away, no one has the right to say anything."

"So they won't get any punishment in the end?"

Mu Cong closed his eyes and said nothing.

Lin Qingqing knew that he must feel worse than anyone else at this moment, his girlfriend who he missed for so many years was now like this. However, he was unable to change anything.

Lin Qingqing did not bother him any more, patted him on the shoulder and went out.

Yi Zeyan just arrived at the office for a while and Huo Yi knocked on the door and came in and said: "President, the front desk called and said that Miss Liang Xin was looking for you."

Yi Zeyan took off his suit jacket and hung it on the clothes rack without looking back: "Just tell the front to drive her away."

Huo Yi was somewhat awkward and wanted to say something, Yi Zeyan said: "What's the matter?"

Huo Yi said: "Miss Liang Xin said that she had something to say to the president, it was about your wife......your wife and her ex-boyfriend."

Yi Zeyan made a move, and his eyes swept slowly towards him, Huo Yi suddenly bowed his head silently.

"Let her come up."

Huo Yi breathed a sigh of relief. It was really fatal to pass on such words, but he didn't dare to neglect the things related to his(T/N: YZY) wife.

When Liang Xin came to Yi Zeyan's office, Yi Zeyan was sitting behind his desk, Liang Xin came all the way, had been surprised by the atmosphere and luxury of Yicheng Group, and now she was more cautious in the face of Yi Zeyan.

She said cautiously: "President Yi."

Yi Zeyan did not raise his head: "If you have something, say it directly, I am very busy."

Liang Xin got a beat in her heart, adjusted her breath to ease her tension, and then put the picture on her hand in front of him. Yi Zeyan swept past, finally put down the work at hand and picked up the picture.

It was a photo of Lin Qingqing and Xiang Huayang, the background should be on the countryside road, didn't know what to say, later, Xiang Huayang pulled Lin Qingqing's hand.

"Why do you want to show me these photos?"

He asked naturally, and even smiled at the corners of his mouth, but Liang Xin dared not relax and carefully organized her speech: "I accidentally took this picture. Although I am Qingqing's stepsister, I do not need a reason to help relatives. Mr. Yi is so good and excellent, but Qingqing is still going to see her ex-boyfriend behind your back, I feel aggrieved for Mr. Yi, I don't want Mr. Yi to be kept in the dark, so I showed these photos to Mr. Yi."

Liang Xin secretly looked at Yi Zeyan's expression, hearing her say so, but his look did not change, Liang Xin was not sure of the idea of this unfathomable boss, and his heart could not help but be uneasy.

However, after a little silence, Yi Zeyan said: "Recently, Yicheng group has launched a new sparkling wine, are you interested in being the spokesperson?"

Liang Xin looked at him with a look of disbelief, but saw his hands clasped on the table with a strict posture, he was not joking with her.

"Real......Really?" No matter how much she controls, she still cannot control the pleasant tone of her voice.

"Of course, this is a reward for you."

When Liang Xin came out of Yi Zeyan's office, she felt that her feet were light and floating. The wine of Yi's family had always been looking for the kind of venerable old opera bones. Their family was very strict with the spokesmen. They must be free of black materials and had won the blue-ribbon awards.

Now, however, she had become the spokesperson of the new product of Yicheng group, forcing her to promote several times in one fell swoop.  It was conceivable how excited Liang Xin was, and Yi Zeyan also told her that she could come and sign the contract in the afternoon.

It seemed that she had taken the right step, and it could be seen that Yi Zeyan was quite concerned about Lin Qingqing and Xiang Huayang, otherwise she would not have been rewarded with such a big bargaining chip.

Liang Xin looked at the towering Yicheng Group in front of her, she closed her eyes and opened her arms, the wind was blowing and she smiled pleasantly.

People like Lin Qingqing were not qualified to enjoy such good things at all!

Yi Zeyan threw the photos on the table and took out his cell phone to call Lin Qingqing.

Lin Qingqing was about to go to the hospital to see Meng Tian, Ran Nan brought her to Beicheng for physical examination.

After hearing this, Yi Zeyan asked casually: "In which hospital?"

"Affiliated Hospital of CUHK."

Yi Zeyan then subconsciously frowned, wasn’t Xiang Huayang in that hospital?

Yi Zeyan was silent for a moment and said: "You wait for me, I'll pick you up, and I'll accompany you."

Lin Qingqing felt puzzled, she went to the hospital to see Meng Tian on behalf of Mu Cong to express her condolences, what was the big BOSS like Yi Zeyan doing?

Yi Zeyan arrived in a short time, then they went to the affiliated hospital of CUHK together. Ran Nan was the only one accompanying Meng Tian when they came to the ward. Because of the relationship with Xiang Huayang, a separate ward was arranged for Meng Tian.

Meng Tian was lying on the hospital bed, staring out of the window, Ran Nan sat by her side to peel the fruit for her.

Ran Nan saw the two people come in, hurriedly got up to say hello, saw Yi Zeyan, Ran Nan was also stupefied for a moment, probably also very surprised, how Yi Zeyan this big boss also came, but she did not ask more.

"How's it going?" Lin Qingqing asked.

"Not very good, one broken rib, two broken fingers, several broken teeth, and a variety of gynecological diseases."

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing felt more and more heavy: "What to do next? Do you want to send her back?"

Ran Nan said: "There is no way, after all, she is the daughter-in-law of that family. Her parents don't even recognize her, let alone care about her. Although Mu Cong has been with her, they are not married, has no responsibility for her, and can't care about her, and these injuries on her body are old injuries, there is no direct evidence that they did it."

Lin Qingqing looked at the woman sitting on the bed, her face sallow, her hair combed neatly but still like withered grass, such a beautiful girl was tortured like this, Lin Qingqing only felt angry and sad.

The nurse came in and let her pay for the next course of treatment, Lin Qingqing didn't want Ran Nan to spend any more money. After all, she was Mu Cong's boss, so she followed the nurse to pay the money.

Yi Zeyan did not follow, he stayed in the ward and asked: "Has the doctor identified her mental state?"

Ran Nan said: "It was identified as schizophrenia."

"In this case, she can be given a certificate of mental illness."

Ran Nan said: "If it is really done, if she thinks it through and plans to explain what happened to her later, her words will be even more ineffective in law. After all, no one wants to believe the words of a lunatic."

Yi Zeyan raised his hand to look at the watch, and his thumb slipped slowly over it: "Nevertheless, the proof of mental illness is also a kind of protection for her to some extent, for example, even if she kills people, she will not be punished by law."

Ran Nan was shocked and looked at him suddenly, but Yi Zeyan said as if casually, and said with a smile: "I'm going to find an old friend, Later Qingqing will come, help me to tell her."

He said that and left, but Ran Nan did not recover for a long time.

She looked down at the woman in bed, she didn't look out of the window any more. At the moment, she looked down and didn't know what she was thinking, Ran Nan sat down beside her, she took her hand and was very gentle, she was like coaxing a child: "I'll get you a mental patient certificate in a moment." She touched her head. "Mu Cong has been waiting for you."

The girl with her head bowed seemed to be stiff for a while, and then her head slowly, slowly looked at her......

After paying the money, Lin Qingqing stayed with Meng Tian for a while, then left with Yi Zeyan.

In the afternoon, Liang Xin came to Yicheng Group on time to sign the contract, the manager of the sales department of Yicheng Group was in charge of signing the contract, the sales manager was surprised to see that she was the only one who came: "Miss Liang, are you signing with us on behalf of yourself? Does your agency know?"

Liang Xin said, "This is my personal contract, and I will not go through the agency."

The manager of the sales department warned: "If there is a contract dispute, miss Liang will have to be responsible for it yourself."

Liang Xin said: "It doesn't matter, you can rest assured."

The company she recently signed was a small company, she had always turned a blind eye to artists soliciting private business outside. Many people took private orders quietly and she was not the only one to do so, what's more, this was the result of her own efforts, why should she even give a percentage to the small company?

The sales manager gave the contract to Liang Xin, who was shocked to see that the endorsement fee, 50 million!!! This was the endorsement fee for A-list female stars!

It was conceivable how excited Liang Xin was.

However, she was also an old artist, and it was clear that Yicheng Group must have restrictions on spokesmen for such a large sum of money.

The spokesperson needed an elegant and intellectual image, and no black material was allowed to appear during the endorsement period. Otherwise, Party A would be compensated 10 times.

Liang Xin frowned at the 10 times compensation, and the sales manager explained to her: "Miss Liang has also seen the endorsement fee. Our company is generous and naturally has to be constrained. If Miss Liang finds it unacceptable, we are a humane company, naturally, we won't force it."

Anyway, after her debut, there was no black material, not to mention the 50 million endorsement fee, which was enough for her to run a lot of public notices, it was also the endorsement of Yicheng Group, and the pressure was also high. Liang Xin gritted her teeth and signed her name.

In the spacious room, a couch was placed on the far left side of the room. At the moment, Yi Zeyan was sitting on the sofa, reading a book with a desk lamp on.

Lin Qingqing laid on the sofa after applying the mask, resting on Yi Zeyan's thigh, thinking of Meng Tian's encounter, she was still angry, she said to Yi Zeyan: "If you say that those people cannot be punished by law, will God punish them? As the saying goes, good and evil will be rewarded, and heaven's vengeance will not be ignored."

Yi Zeyan turned the pages of the book without lifting his eyelids, he said: "What good and evil are reported to God's mill is just an excuse for self-consolation, there is no such unreal thing in the world, fate is in everyone's hands, only you can help yourself."

Lin Qingqing sat up and looked at the man in front of him, he leaned back on the back of his chair, holding the book with his slender fingers and flipping through it slowly, there was a feeling of laziness and carelessness in his tone of voice, he said very casually, but somehow gave people a feeling of confidence, he was the kind of man who did not believe in fate, did not believe in ghosts and gods, and only controlled his destiny in his own hands.

Lin Qingqing thinks he was so handsome and charming.

Yi Zeyan looked at her, but saw her blankly looking at him, biting his lip and smiling. As soon as he saw her expression, he seemed to have been burned, he turned his head to beginning and asked with a light cough: "What's the matter?" He motioned to his thigh with his eyes. "Don't lie down?"

Lin Qingqing held his cheek in both hands and turned his face towards her, he frowned slightly, but it didn't affect his handsomeness, his body fat rate was not high, so his face line under the palm was obvious. Those gaze was deep but tender.

He was really good-looking.

Yi Zeyan was puzzled, she held his face and stared at him, with a malicious smile on her face, not knowing what she was thinking.

Being looked by her was uncomfortable, but he didn't want to show his discomfort too obviously, he simply put his arm around her waist, put her on his lap to sat down and asked her: "If you look at me like this, can you see the flowers on my face?"

Lin Qingqing had just come back to her senses. She felt that she was becoming more and more anthomaniac, from time to time, she needed to be fascinated by this face, didn't know how she became such a girl, she was not a kind of anthomaniac little girl ah.

Lin Qingqing quickly shook her head to make herself more serious and said: "Okay, okay, I won't affect your reading."

She was going to come down from him, but he hugged her and didn't let go. Lin Qingqing asked with her eyes, and Yi Zeyan put his arms around her and let her body lean closer to him, then he asked: "Where are you going?"

His face was close at hand, when he spoke, his smell fell on her nose, but he asked her with such a magnetic voice, he was so seductive ah.

Lin Qingqing swallowed and said calmly: "I'm a little hungry, I want to get something to eat."

Yi Zeyan let her go. Lin Qingqing came back soon after she went out, with a jelly in her hand. Yi Zeyan looked at the jelly in her hand and was stupefied for a moment.

It was jelly again.

Lin Qingqing sat down beside him and ate the jelly with a spoon. Yi Zeyan half-clenched his fist on his lips and gently coughed to ask her: "Is the jelly delicious?"

Lin Qingqing nodded without thinking.

Yi Zeyan couldn't help staring at her, but saw that the tender and soft jelly was sucked into her mouth by her. His mind somehow jumped out of the scene that night when she took his mouth as a jelly, Yi Zeyan felt a little hot.

Lin Qingqing saw him staring at her and asked: "Do you want to eat?"

Yi Zeyan said: "Don't eat this flavor."

"Would you like another peach-flavored one?"


"What flavor do you want?"

"Your saliva flavor."


Before Lin Qingqing could react, the man stretched out his long arm, put his arm around her waist and caught her in his lap, then he bowed his head and kissed her lips accurately. Without giving her a chance to react, he stuck his tongue in. Before Lin Qingqing could swallow a spoonful of jelly in her mouth, he rolled it away with his tongue.

Lin Qingqing saw his throat trundle twice, and he swallowed the jelly.

Lin Qingqing then regained her senses and suddenly felt a chill: "You…... What are you doing ah? Why are you still eating it? Don't you feel sick?"

Yi Zeyan looked down at her and smiled, he also didn't know if he was very happy to snatch the jelly from her mouth, his smile was full of undisguised pleasure, he said: "I don't know how much saliva I've eaten after so many times french kissed, why are you melodramatic now?"

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing looked at the handsome and elegant man in front of her, she really didn't expect such words to come out of his mouth.

"Mr. Yi, who is so polite, so elegant and dignified, actually speaks so directly and indecently!"

Yi Zeyan turned a blind eye and even took it for granted: "Don't you just like me being indecent?"

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing felt her little tail stepped on and her face immediately burned.

"I don't know how you treat my mouth like jelly, is my mouth as sweet as jelly?"

Lin Qingqing was somewhat puzzled when she heard this, she looked puzzled and said: "When did I treat your mouth like jelly?"

Yi Zeyan: "......"

Oh no, it slipped out. She bit his lip in a dream that night, and she didn't know anything, but now he was her man, and Mr. Yi had nothing to feel guilty about, so he told him truthfully: "When you were in Qizhou, you dreamt that my mouth was jelly, and you bit and sucked it."

Qizhou? Was there such a thing?

But Lin Qingqing thought something was wrong: "I remember that day Xiao Yuan didn't feel comfortable and sleeping with us. There was Xiao Yuan between us, how could I dream of biting your mouth like jelly?"

Yi Zeyan coughed and said: "It's the first day we went to Qizhou."

"The first day?" Lin Qingqing thought for a moment. "Did you go back to your room to sleep on the first day?"



"But I didn't fall asleep, and then I left, so you think I didn't go back."


Lin Qingqing squinted at him. When Mr. Yi said these things, he looked calm. It seemed that he was telling her the truth, but Lin Qingqing was not stupid.

"You didn't kiss me while I was sleeping, did you?"

There was no doubt that Yi Zeyan's little tail was stepped on, but his face was still calm. "At that time, I didn't have the courage to kiss you. I wouldn't dare to go near you for fear that you would reject me."

Although he spoke calmly, Lin Qingqing recognized a pitiful tone in his voice.

Yi Zeyan didn't really want to lie to her, or she was afraid that she would think he was taking advantage of people's danger and not a gentleman.

Although he was so flustered, he could not rest assured, his eyes were fixed on her expression.

He only hope that she would never treat him as a shameless hypocrite and discriminate against him, stealing kisses from her while she was sleeping, even though he was.

But after her silence for a while, suddenly put her hands over his face, gently rubbed his lips with her thumb and asked him: "Did it hurt when I bit ah?"

Yi Zeyan: "......"

She didn't blame him for doing bad things while she was sleeping,  but she still felt sorry whether he was bitten by her.

Yi Zeyan felt that his internal organs were touched by a very soft little paw, comfortable and pressed. For a while there was something soft and sweet that filled his body, even his throat felt warm.

Not knowing what language to express, he simply hugged her and held her in his arms, feeling very happy, and the warm feeling made his voice tremble slightly.

"Not hurt, not hurt."

Little sweetheart, she was really his little sweetheart.
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