Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Volume 01 Chapter 06

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Chapter 6: The Moon is Dim, Startle in Dream
translator: Oyen

The sunset was like a fading red gold basin. After moving into the treetop pavilion, it slowly hides into the twilight. The maids serving in Zhaoyang Hall lightly lit the candles on the candlesticks in the hall, and with a little smoke, the hall suddenly lit up.

The baby had just been breast-fed and was asleep, his mouth slightly open and the milk fragrant all around. Because it had been a hundred days, eyebrows and eyes had been very clear, pink and white round, indescribably lovely.

Ruan Wushuang leaned over and tucked in the silk brocade quilt. Looking at the child's small face, she was quietly entranced. Although the light and shadow shine a little dim, she still could clearly see the child's forehead and chin, resembling herself. She couldn't tell the rest. When she saw him staring at the child, there was an unspeakable fear in her heart.

The situation when the two get along, he had always been reticent. But he seemed to understand what she meant, and he was always gentle between yielding and pitcher. But the more she felt Baili Haozhe's care for her, the more delicate and tender she felt, the more unspeakable pain in her heart. She remembered that when they read the edict that day, the hands that the two held together were warm and long. The smell of silence was better than sound, which reminded her of the faint warmth in her chest. She was always reluctant to think deeply.

Mother and aunt always muttered, the person who convalesced for a month following childbirth was not plump at all. But they didn't understand, with such a thing in mind, how could she eat and sleep peacefully? She couldn't imagine what he would do to her if the truth came out one day. Even ordinary couples were intolerable, let alone him above tens of thousands of people.

But now, she has been cornered. If she could be heartless, she should have ended it at the beginning of her discovery. But she dragged on and on, but in the end, she couldn’t get out.

There seemed to be something quiet in the air. She was suddenly startled, and only felt something was wrong. When she turned her head, she saw a figure standing tall beside the brocade. The black casual dress with golden dragon embroidery was familiar. He was the only one who could wear them in the world.

When Baili Haozhe came in, he saw all the maids outside, meeting many of them. He naturally knew that the Emperor’s son was sleeping, so he took a light step. He didn't know that she was startled, seeing her standing there in some surprise under the light, just standing there, forgetting to react, though her face was calm and tranquil, but there was a trace of fear in the depths of her eyes.

Baili Haozhe couldn't help but smile, walked closer, and took advantage of the situation to hold her palm, only feeling slippery, and the palm was slightly wet. He frowned slightly, and was about to ask. Ruan Wushuang turned her head and looked at the child with a different look.

Although it was autumn, she was only wearing a jade gauze, elegant and delicate. Therefore, when he bowed his head, he could clearly see her neck as white as smooth and soft, as if he could squeeze water.

Ruan Wushuang calmed down, then calmly got up, pulled out her hand without a trace, and saluted according to the rules. Baili Haozhe did not let go, pulled her down on the couch and said, “Don't wake the Emperor’s son!” Her heart moved, she turned to look at the child, and had no choice but to let him hold it.

He didn't seem to notice anything abnormal, his face was as usual, but there was an inexplicable smile reflected in his eyes. Baili Haozhe said, “Is the Emperor’s son being naughty today?” Ruan Wushuang smiled lightly and shook his head slightly.

He pondered for a moment, and suddenly remembered something, and said. “Today Imperial Hanlin Academy people have drawn up a few names and presented them. Let's take a look. If you feel wrong, let them draw up more!”

Ruan Wushuang bowed her head and replied. “This concubine dare not, the Emperor is in charge!” The name of the imperial children and grandchildren had always been drawn up by the Imperial Hanlin Academy according to the ranking of the imperial families. After the memorial was presented, it was approved by the emperor.

She just finished speaking, only feeling that Baili Haozhe's handshake was a little harder. The air suddenly calmed down, and she slightly raised her head to see his face, as if she didn't seem to be very interested. He whispered softly. “The name chosen by this concubine is unreasonable. I am afraid that it will spread out and provoke the ministers to criticize!” It was like an explanation and a muttering.

When Baili Haozhe was reviewing the memorial today, he saw the paper handed over by the Hanlin Academy, so he copied it down privately and hurried over. There was always some uncomfortable feeling in his heart when he thought of the cold water splashed by her. After listening to her explanation, he was relieved, took out a folded fine writing paper from his sleeve, gave it to her hand and said. “I will let you see! Who dares to gossip!”

There were only a few simple words on the fine writing paper, not the memorial of the Hanlin Academy, but the vigorous movement of the handwriting was familiar to her. It was estimated that he picked it off when he reviewed the memorial. “Is Cheng Huan good? Or Cheng Lu? Or is Cheng Xuan good?” He looked up at her and asked her for advice.

Ruan Wushuang also smiled slightly. For some reason, she was in a very good mood. She answered simply, “Everything is good!” Baili Haozhe took her hand and pointed on the paper, saying, “I'll let you choose, you just choose. If you don't say it, I won't say it. How can a third person under the sun know it!” The tone and expression were somewhat like a child.

Ruan Wushuang's heart moved slightly, and she gave a faint smile involuntarily. She looked down at several names on the paper, and thought the third one was the best, so she said, “According to this concubine, Cheng Xuan is good. What does the Emperor think?”

Baili Haozhe smiled. “Okay, as you wish, Baili Chengxuan.” There was a light tap with both hands. Shi Quanyi brought in two servants. “What can I do for the Emperor?” Baili Haozhe handed over the fine writing paper circled in his hand and ordered. “Let people draw up a fold and grant amnesty to the world in the name of the eldest Prince Baili Chengxuan.”

Shi Quanyi answered ‘Yes’ and was about to bow down and exit the door. He only heard the voice of the Emperor coming again and paused as if remembering something. “Let the Imperial Hanlin Academy keep the memorial, don't return it!” Turned his head and smiled lightly to her, “I think it will come in handy in the future.”

Ruan Wushuang felt that there was something in his words, and instantly reacted, blushing slightly, pretending that she did not understand, and bowing her head to amuse Chengxuan.

Children always slept lightly, waking up every time they slept in one or two cups of tea. He was awake at this time, his eyes opened slightly, and he looked at them ignorantly. Wet nurses and nannies repeatedly boast him of being well-behaved and rarely crying endlessly. The rules in the palace were rigorous. As the prince, he had several wet nurses and a dozen maids to look after him. But she was always faintly afraid, and many things unexpectedly borrowed from her own people. Baili Haozhe turned a blind eyes again, and Chengxuan had been taken care of by her.

She picked up the child, Baili Haozhe also leaned over, and raised his hand to accept. “I'll hold it for a while!” Ruan Wushuang handed him over slowly, where he could hold it, and the posture was wrong. Before he took over, the child had been wriggling around, it seemed to be preparing for crying.

On the contrary, she laughed and said, “Be careful! Chengxuan is going to cry!” He looked up just to see her smile, and the dimple on her cheeks was shallow, and it was as bright as the queen of the night and charming as dew, which made people fear that the t would melt by touch.

After a pause, he forgot his hand movements. The child's face was red and his mouth was flat. Baili Haozhe coaxed in a hurry, there was an indescribable love in his eyes. Ruan Wushuang just sat down, picked up the chrysanthemum dew lying beside the brocade couch, and drank it carefully.

As expected, after a few mouthfuls of tea, Chengxuan had already cried ‘wa,wa’. He became more and more flustered, almost using both hands and feet, but the child's crying seemed to be getting worse and worse.

She was about to release the jade cup when Baili Haozhe coaxed the child. “Chengxuan, this father Emperor loves you most. If you are good and don't cry, this father Emperor will take you to ride a pony…” Ruan Wushuang couldn't help laughing. How old was the child? He had already coaxed him to ride a pony, a little bit bigger, what was good to ride?

The smile seemed to come up from the bottom of her heart and said. “Come, let me hold him!”

Baili Haozhe replied. “No, you see, he has stopped crying.” He came and showed the baby in his arms. Strangely enough, Chengxuan actually stopped crying. There were tears in the corner of his eyes, and his jet-black eyeballs were spinning confusingly, but he already laughed. She glanced at him, looked at his proud appearance, and said nothing.

Baili Haozhe smiled. “This is called father and son linked to the heart. He naturally stopped crying when he heard that I was going to take him for a ride.” As soon as she moved her hand, the clear dew of the chrysanthemums in the jade spilled out, dripping on the blue gauze, like a water halo. She was so flustered that she didn't hear a word of what he said.

The clear light on the horizon gradually brightened up, such as the swallow-tailed cyan sky slowly showing a bright red line. Mu Qing stayed up all night and got up early. The maid who watched the vigil outside the Cining Hall was dozing off, and was suddenly pushed by her companion. She bowed trembling and said, “Aunt Mu.”

Aunt Mu paid the most attention to court etiquette, so she was caught red-handed, even if she was going to be sent out of Cining Hall, the maid was trembling, even dare not out of the atmosphere.

Mu Qing was upset and didn't pay much attention, she only ordered. “Keep guard, don't wake up the Empress Dowager.” The maids responded softly, “Yes!” Mu Qing looked at the sky and called the two maids. “Come with me.”

Cining Hall was not far from Zhaoyang Hall. All the way through the imperial garden, the sky had become bright. There were many strange flowers in the imperial garden, although it was autumn at this time, but most of them were still upright and in full bloom. As soon as the morning sun rose, the clear dew on the flower reflected the bright light. But she had no time to appreciate it and hurried to Zhaoyang Hall.

Mo Ran and Mo Zhu had been waiting outside the hall, seeing Mu Qing, hurriedly greeted and saluted. Mo Zhu smiled and said, “What brings Aunt Mu here so early?”

Looking at the closed door, Mu Qing whispered. “Hasn't the Empress got up yet?” Mo Ran replied, “En, young miss is not up today. What can I do for you, aunt Mu?”

Aunt Mu looked at the maids on both sides and said, “It's nothing important. Come and greet the Empress. A few days ago, the Empress Dowager also asked about the Empress's diet and asked me to ask whether the chrysanthemum dew and some preserved fruits sent by the Empress Dowager some time ago had been used up. If the Empress likes it, let me send some more.”

Mo Ran knew it and replied, “Young Miss is eating it every day. I'll go and see if there is any left?” Gently pushed the door in, only to see a few curtains drooping in front of the bed. Sandalwood in the gilded furnace still braved the smoke carefully, and the air was filled with faint fragrance. The pale golden sunshine shone on the silhouette of the branches, swaying on the white marble bricks.

She was about to withdraw, only to hear Ruan Wushuang's voice coming from the bed curtain, and lazily said. “What time is it? Help me get up!” Mo Ran took the clothes and went inside, only to see Ruan Wushuang about to sit up, the brocade quilt slid down slightly with her movements. With sharp eyes, Mo Ran saw the red marks of different shades on the lady's body at a glance. Busily bowed her head and handed over the clothes.

It seemed the rumor that the Emperor wanted to set up a harem might be false. The Emperor doted on their young miss, and he would go back to Zhaoyang Hall, except for occasionally staying overnight in Chenggan Hall because of busy political affairs. As Mo Zhu said, even if there was a concubine in the future, it would be a thing in the future. As long as the young miss helped the Emperor to have more princes, this seat was stronger than nails.

While waiting for Ruan Wushuang to change clothes, Mo Ran said. “Young Miss, Aunt Mu is here. I think she seemed to be in a hurry and came here early!” Ruan Wushuang fixed her hair. Hearing Mo Ran's words, she turned her head and asked in surprise. “Oh, it's so early?” She paused. “Send her in! Let Mo Zhu come in and wait. The others can withdraw.”

Mu Qing saluted according to the rules of the palace and stood aside. While Mu Ran was combing Ruan Wushuang’s long hair. “Aunt Mu, let me get this straight. there are no outsiders here, so there is no need to be polite.” Mu Qing just opened her mouth and said softly, “Empress, this slave should have told you this earlier, but the Empress Dowager won’t allow it.” Ruan Wushuang turned her head inexplicably and asked. “Aunt won’t allow…”

Mu Qing sighed and said anxiously. “The Empress Dowager has been in poor health since the late Emperor went. The imperial physician could not diagnose why, but only said that the Empress Dowager was suffering from heart disease. Let this slave boil some tonics every day, saying that because the late Emperor went, the Empress Dowager could not accept it all of a sudden, and it might be better after a period of time.”

“Indeed. That's what Imperial physician court told me!” Ruan Wushuang nodded her head.

Mu Qing said in a hurry, “It's been a while, but Empress Dowager is getting worse. These days, she’s vomiting blood every day…” Ruan Wushuang was shocked, and her ivory comb fell to the ground with a bang. “What?”

Mu Qing nodded, her face pale. “Empress Dowager is not allowed this slave to tell you! She doesn't want you to worry about it because you gave birth soon. But last night she vomited blood again, and this slave was really worried, so this slave came to report to Empress early in the morning!” Ruan Wushuang turned her head towards Mo Ran and said, “Command to descend, the imperial physician on duty in the imperial physician court to go to Cining Hall now.”

Ruan Wushuang was sitting on a brocade chair, wearing a azure silk and phoenix-tailed skirt, with a hairpin swaying from the five phoenixes in the sun, and a string of tassels hanging from pearls and jade gracefully scattered among the black hair buns. The sunlight pierced through the screen windows as thin as a cicada's wings, lazily shining in, and fell like smoke on the intricate gold hollow steps, refracting a little bit of flash, and it looked extravagant and graceful.

The imperial physician from the court, led by Su Quanhong, knelt down and saluted. “Greet the Empress, long live the Empress!"

Ruan Wushuang gently waved her silk sleeves. “You may rise!” Looking up, she swept around the imperial physicians, and then set her gaze on Su Quanhong. “Imperial physician Su, what is Empress Dowager’s disease?”

Su Quanhong bowed his head and respectfully replied, “Report to Empress, this humble servant is waiting for repeated visits, or…” After a pause, he looked up and peeked at Ruang Wushuang, still calm, and there seemed to be nothing unusual. Only then did he continue. “For the Empress Dowager, this humble servant thinks that this is a heart disease, which is difficult to resolve. It' s just ... it' s just that the Empress Dowager has not been able to let go of her heart, so that the disease has become increasingly serious!”

Standing up slowly, Ruan Wushuang asked. “Now what is the effective prescription?” Although the tone was gentle, there were unspeakable imposing words in it.

Su Quanhong looked at the other imperial physicians behind him embarrassedly, and had to bite the bullet and replied. “This servant… this servant is wretched! In this case, as a patient, you must relax your heart before the medicine can work. But the empress dowager… This servant is really wretched…” With that, Su Quanhong knelt down. Seeing this, the educated imperial physicians behind him also hurriedly knelt down. “This servant is wretched!”

Ruan Wushuang squeezed her hand silently, her eyes seemed blurred, and she shook her head slightly, which made her slightly better. However, after a few months, her aunt was already so haggard. After taking a deep breath, she calmed down and waved her hand to signal them to withdraw.

After a long time, she sighed quietly and said. “Aunt Mu, you have heard the words of all the imperial physicians. Why did Aunt refuse to take medicine?” Aunt Mu's face turned pale and her eyes were slightly red and swollen. “Empress, Empress Dowager's mind, how could this servant not understand it!” The golden sunlight fell on the white marble bricks through the heavy cover, and the branches and leaves in front of the window were printed mottled upside down.

Ruan Yujin—— the Empress Dowager of that year, was only a 15-year-old maiden who attended the flower appreciation banquet held by the palace at that time. In fact, the palace had always held a variety of banquets, the flower banquet was just one of them. The Emperor and Empress used banquets to enjoy themselves with their concubines and ministers, while others held ‘blind dates’ for the sake of the marriage of princes and princesses.

Although Ruan Yujin was only fifteen years old, with a beautiful and refined appearance, she was already a famous beauty in the capital. In order to see the true face of Miss Ruan’s family, some people in the capital waited on the first and fifteenth day of each month to go to the Great Buddha Temple on the outskirts of the capital, because that was the only day Ruan Yujin would go out to burn incense.

The encounter under the willow trees in Taiye Lake made Ruan Yujin fall in love with the sixth prince at first sight. A few days later, the imperial edict went down to the Ruan mansion, and the emperor betrothed Ruan Yujin to the sixth prince. Although she had heard that the sixth prince had already had several concubines in the mansion, Ruan Yujin agreed to marry without hesitation. However, after entering the imperial palace, although she inevitably rivalled with the other concubines, the sixth prince always took good care of her and was very kind to her.

But the sixth prince was also affectionate to other concubines. In the second year after he was conferred as the crown prince, the other concubines gave birth to two princes for him. Ruan Yujin had a cold war with the sixth prince for a year before accepting Baili Haoting and Baili Haozhe...

Quietly listening to Aunt Mu tell the story of the former emperor and her aunt, along the way, more than 30 years, in the middle of how much the love in between. Through the window, they could see that Begonia was still graceful outside Cining Hall, but everything was different!

Empress Dowager Ruan laid on the bed with a brocade quilt, the quilt was bright yellow with big peonies embroidered on the bottom. It was very prosperous with the colour of white, purple and blue. But for some reason, in Ruan Wushuang's eyes, her aunt's face became paler and colorless.

She still remembered that half a year ago, by the side of the Taiye Lake in the Imperial Garden, her aunt's every gesture was graceful and magnificent. At this moment, her eyes were sunken and there was no expression. When Ruan Wushuang came in, she smiled reluctantly. “I told Mu Qing not to tell you. She doesn't take me as her master now.”

Hearing this, Mu Qing knelt down with a thud. “Empress Dowager?” Empress Dowager Ruan glanced at her and laughed. “Get up, master and servant thing, you can't even make a joke. Go, go, go Wait outside!” Turning to Ruan Wushuang, “Look, Mu Qing has such a fussy temper!”

Ruan Wushuang’s mouth twitched slightly, feeling sore and unexpectedly unable to smile. The indoor incense burner was burning with calming white sandalwood incense. At this time, the fragrance was faintly spreading, and it came faintly.

Ruan Wushuang lowered her head and comforted. “Aunt Mu doing this is also for aunt’s good. She has a lot of heart for you, simply warning every day and month.”

After a long silence, Empress Dowager Ruan replied. “How could I not know? In the past few decades, what hasn't she done for me after running errands for me... At that time, I was young and ignorant, and the food I used every day was tested by her with silver needles ... Without her, maybe I was no longer in the world... When I gave birth to Ming Ying and Ming Yan, only she stayed in front of the bed day and night.”

With layers of curtains, she looked at the thin light in front of the window, as if to whisper, “If sometime in the future, you will help me protect her…” Ruan Wushuang was so surprised that she lost his voice and called out, “Aunt——”

Empress Dowager Ruan pulled out a trance smile and said softly, “The day I met him, I was picking chrysanthemums under the tree, and he was secretly standing behind me. I was startled by him as I looked back with the flower, but he picked it up for me with a smile and said, 'lean against the door and look back, but smell the green plum'. He also said that he had never seen a more beautiful girl than me. The light of that day was as comfortable as it is today. At first, I only said that I was going to the flower viewing banquet, but my mother secretly smiled at me…”

After a while, she sighed again. “He doesn't like me, he just likes the power of our Ruan family. He has a beloved woman named Ou Jingzhi. He put her in the residence as a concubine, and he was not seen every day. I just know that he doesn't love me. But I, I …” Empress Dowager Ruan closed her eyes, and a few lines of clear tears slid slowly from the corner of her eye. These decades of suffering had never been humane.

“Wushuang, his every move used to be the greatest joy and sadness in this aunt's life... But why... why…”

The shadow of the cold moon in the crown prince's residence still stayed on the spot in a cool place. To undergo hardship, the years changed, and he refused to reveal every bit of his mind. Wushuang held her aunt's hand speechlessly, a little pain flashed through her eyes.

When they got out of the Cining Hall, it was time to turn on the lanterns at night, and the continuous patter of raindrops began. Mo Ran had arranged the imperial phoenix well. With Wushuang’s worry, she took the umbrella in Mo Zhu's hand, waved her hand and said, “Withdraw and leave me alone.”

The dusk in the imperial garden was deep. Because it was autumn, the ground was full of yellow leaves, which made a slight ‘scoff’ sound when stepping on it. Aunt was sick for the late Emperor. The late Emperor had become an immortal. How to cure this disease? Years of silence, the golden years, which had been scattered into mud, flowing tactfully at the fingertips. But what about the story that precipitates in the middle?

The wind blew slowly through the rain curtain, made people shiver a few times, and the slightest chill passed through her heart. Unknowingly, she had arrived at Zhaoyang Hall, Mo Ran and Mo Zhu had already been waiting outside. Seeing Ruan Wushuang, they hurried over, holding the umbrella, unbuttoning the cloak.

Mo Ran's eyes were sharp. She saw that Wushuang’s embroidered shoes were slightly wet, and said. “Go and fetch hot water.” The maid quickly brought up the copper basin full of hot water. The water temperature was appropriate. The feeling of warmth and comfort rose slowly from the bottom of the feet, and the whole person seemed to be warm.

The maids took the copper basin out again, and the room was quiet. Mo Ran and Mo Zhu were originally clever people. Seeing their young miss’ appearance, they naturally knew that she was worried about Empress Dowager. They didn't dare to bother, and gently backed out. After closing the door, they noticed that the maid and the servant had already knelt in two rows, and it turned out that Baili Haozhe had come. Both of them were about to kneel and bow. Just about to call ‘Long live the emperor’, Baili Haozhe made a silent gesture, and then they swallowed the words to their lips.

Baili Haozhe opened the door lightly, and saw a gauze lantern lightly lit in the inner bed, with varying light. There was no one on the bed, and it was obvious that the Emperor’s son was not sleeping in it today. She was sitting on the brocade couch with her legs in her arms, with her head on her knees, as if she was closing her eyes and resting. From the time of marriage to the present, the first time he saw her sitting in such a not dignified posture, she had always been noble, elegant and decent. But at this time today, it seemed that this was the real her...

For some reason, the string in the depth of his heart seemed to have been plucked, and his body shook suddenly. It seemed unbelievable in the eyes, but it was only a moment or a second, and the usual calm was soon restored. The scene of only a few sparks, as if it had never appeared. The footsteps were no longer deliberately lighter, as if intended for her to hear.

Ruan Wushuang gently raised his head and watched him come step by step. It took a while to react, she got off the brocade couch with a hint of panic.

After landing on the ground, she realized that she was standing on the white marble brick with her feet cold. It turned out that she was not wearing socks. Baili Haozhe had already noticed it, smiled slightly, stretched out his hands, clasped her slender waist, leaned over her ear and said softly. “Be careful of catching a cold.” She only felt that the whole body was turned upside down. He picked her up and placed her gently on the couch.

She put her arm around his neck and stayed steadily. The fringes of pearl jade swayed and hit him in the face with varying degrees of severity. His eyes were still fixed on her feet, and she only felt shortness of breath, and instinctively wanted to retract into her skirt, but she was still too late. She had been held by him in one hand, and there was an indescribable charm. She called out in a low voice. “Your Majesty…”

Baili Haozhe only felt a smooth feeling in his hand, thin and small, weak and boneless. Cool snow, slightly cold, seemed to be carved with the finest suet white jade, but this white was mixed with a little tiny red, which made the person more lovely. Vaguely, with the jasmine fragrance that seemed to be absent, her heart swung unconsciously. She only felt her face suddenly warm up, even her ears red, struggling slightly, trying to retract. He refused to let go, stalemate, his hot palm, stuck on her skin, like the carbon in the winter footbath, so hot that it burned the whole person.

He leaned down at one end, with a smile like nothing had happened. His eyes looked at her slightly, as if appreciating her embarrassment. His eyes were lazy but as bright as a star. She didn't dare to recognize carefully, so she had to close her eyes tightly. She felt that her feet were full of warm and humid breath, but her heart beat quickly. She couldn't stand it, so she had to say softly. “Your Majesty… it’s meal time.”

Baili Haoze. “Oh”, as if just whispering. “Let them wait!”

Wushuang gasping for breath, flushed cheeks, pillowed on Baili Haozhe's arm. A long black hair ran like a waterfall, sprinkled like an ink painting on the brocade mattress with dark lines in the bright and yellow clouds. Occasionally there were a few strands of loose hair hanging around the neck, but more against the skin like snow. Somehow, in Baili Haozhe’s gaze, it became slightly hotter again.

He gently picked up a bunch and slowly played with it. Her hair was soft and smooth, with a faint smell of her body. The clear and shallow smell of jasmine was not strong, quiet and elegant. Because they were close, it could be distinguish. “What are you busy with today?” He actually knew that she was in the Empress Dowager's palace all day. Ruan Wushuang had not yet recovered, and whispered. “Accompany Empress Dowager in the Cining hall!” He seemed to be very satisfied with her answer. A smile came from the corner of his mouth, and he also replied. “Oh” gently.

Only a gauze lantern was lit in the corner of the room, glimmering faintly, because he was in a state of backlight, she could not see his look clearly, and she was lazy and satisfied after joyous love. Only feel his warm and hot breath spray in her ear, as if there were thousands of ants gnawing, crisp and numb.

Thinking of today's pulse diagnosis in the Imperial Physician courtyard, Ruan Wushuang felt heavy in his heart and sighed faintly. Although it was only a sigh, it was almost inaudible, but Baili Haozhe was close, so he still heard it very clearly. He lowered his eyes, covered them deeper than the deepest night, and asked. “What's the matter?” The voice was so soft that one could not tell the difference, like a whisper of intimacy.

Ruan Wushuang blinked, and her butterfly-like eyelashes casted dark marks on her face. “My aunt's illness hasn’t been recovered, and she has vomited blood these days.”

Baili Haozhe's eyes dimmed, as if in surprise. “How could this be so? A few days ago, Su Quanhong reported that Empress Dowager was just depressed and stuffy, and that she just needed to take some medicine and recuperate. How could it be such a serious vomiting blood? And such a big thing, there is no one in the Imperial Physician courtyard to report it. Did they all eat the leopards’ guts?”
Letting go of her hair gently and holding her hands instead, with a hint of coldness in the softness and warmth. “Don't worry too much, tomorrow I will order all the imperial physicians in the Imperial Physician courtyard to feel the pulse!”

There was a slight sweetness in Wushuang’s heart, as if the whole day of worry and fear had come to an end. The corners of her mouth were filled with a smile that seemed to be absent, and she replied. “A few days ago, Imperial Physician courtyard also told me the same thing. But they also don’t know that Empress Dowager is vomiting blood these days. Only Aunt Mu knew, and Empress Dowager told her to keep it a secret. She really couldn't hide it today, so she came to Zhaoyang Hall.”

The voice slowly lowered, light and small, like a very tired person. The only warmth came from his hands, soft and powerful, as if with the power of calming people's hearts. “Haozhe... I'm afraid... All the imperial physicians will say it's just a heart disease. I'm afraid it's because my aunt doesn't want to…”

The beige curtains, with light and shadow wandering on them, dim and misty, and overflowing like water. The expression on his face implied forbearance. This was the first time to hear her call his name. Somehow, his heart felt strangely warm. Her eyes flow like water, and there was a slight glow in the depths of her eyes, with an unspeakable charm, he still felt pity

He suddenly had a lot of thoughts, and he had the urge to hold her tightly and care for her. The sound of the baby was going on for a long time, and finally quieted down, only stroking her hand, feeling the softness and smoothness of her fingertips, and softly comforting. “Don't be afraid. There are countless talents in Imperial Physician courtyard. Someone must be able to cure Empress Dowager's illness! If the imperial physicians in the palace are helpless, I will recruit famous physicians from all over the world. The world is big, there must be capable people!”

She let out a slight ‘En’, not knowing whether it was because of his words or because of his presence around her, and she finally relieved herself after a whole day's worry. Her eyelids grew heavy against his warm body temperature. Usually, Wushuang must take a nap for a period of time. Today, she had been worried and afraid in the Empress Dowager's hall. With such relaxation, she felt tired slowly.
He kept turning sideways. As soon as he lowered his head, he could see her face. A few strands of fine hair were around her ears. There was her smell all around. The light fragrance of jasmine was warm and intoxicating. He just looked at her. His hands and feet were numb because of the same movement, but his heart was quiet, as if heaven and earth were in his hands. He only wanted this moment to become longer.

There was a slight cough outside the door. It was supposed to be lower, but it spread in the middle of the night. He suddenly felt a shock, as if chaos had awakened, and let go of her hand gently, but his eyes still didn’t move, and he sat up very slowly. She had fallen asleep, exhaling, and was unaware of it.

He got up and got out of the bed, then slowly turned around and took another look. Wushuang shrank in the bright yellow quilt, motionless, unawakened in her deep sleep. She had black shiny black hair on the brocade mattress, bright yellow and black, like a waterfall of flowing water. He was stunned, his steps moved, as if he wanted to go back to bed, but after all he held back. She was curled up in the quilt under the light, like a kitten. He paused for a long time, but he didn’t stay in the end, turned and walked out.

Shi Quanyi and other internal attendants were waiting outside the hall. Seeing him coming out, he hurried to serve. “Emperor…” Glancing at the Emperor's face, and his eyebrows seemed to frown slightly. Shi Quanyi was a smart man and could be said to be very good at understanding people's minds. If not, how could he be promoted again and again in the court for decades to the attendant next to the Emperor. When he saw that the Emperor looked wrong, he paused and bowed to wait for the Emperor's instructions.

Baili Haozhe glanced at the night, as black as ink, without a star. Pavilions were hidden in the dark, even the outline was not clear, the heavy rain was about to fill the building. For a while, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes very quickly, and said as usual, “Go back to Chengqian hall.”

Ruan Wushuang slowly opened her eyes and watched his back slowly get farther and farther away from her. The happiness that had just filled her heart passed away little by little. As if it was just a rainbow after the rain, it could be seen, but it couldn’t be touched, let alone catch it. He doesn't know, she was already used to his temperature…

Outside the hall, a gust of wind blew up, causing the dead branches in front of the window to tremble and rattle. Not long after, the blue light pierced the dark night, and amidst the thunder, raindrops fell like crazy.


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