❧ Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads

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CHAPTER : 27 Chapter (Completed)
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He is the emperor who rules the whole of China, except he is unable to control his own heart. Without her, ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains are just like dust.

Ruan Wu Shuang: She is the daughter of the current prime minister. Her natural disposition is tranquil and calm and has no interest in manipulative tactics. However, she is still fated to enter the imperial palace and become embroiled in the power struggle.

Bai Li Hao Zhe: He is the second prince of the current emperor, well versed in civil and military tactics. He marries Ruan Wu Shuang to make use of the Ruan family’s influence to successfully become the crown prince. Step by step, he ascends the throne.

She is well-aware that she is just his pawn, yet falls for his real or imaginary gentleness. While he constantly reminds himself that she is a descendant of his enemy, so he cannot fall in love with her. Yet he also loses himself in her gentleness, gradually forgetting his original intention…

Lingering and deep love cannot overcome past events, the grievance entangling two generations of people.

He implements his revenge plan progressively. No matter how well he calculates, he still forgets to include himself in the calculation. If not for the heartache that feels like bone erosion when losing her, he will not realize that he had unconsciously fallen deeply in love with her long ago…

In the face of new and old flames of hatred, will they be able to let go and live together until the white hairs of old age?
Table of Content
Book 1
Chapter 1 (Update 27/03/2021)
Chapter 2 (Update 04/04/2021)
Chapter 3 (Update 28/05/2021)
Chapter 4 (Update 10/06/2021)
Chapter 5 (Update 22/06/2021)
Chapter 6 (Update 26/07/2021)
Chapter 7 (Update 08/08/2021)
Chapter 8 (Update 21/08/2021)
Chapter 9 (Update 13/09/2021)
Chapter 10 (Update 01/10/2021)
Chapter 11 (Update 22/10/2021)
Chapter 12 (Update 09/11/2021)
Book 2
Chapter 1 (Update 27/11/2021)
Chapter 2 (Update 25/12/2021)
Chapter 3 (Update 18/01/2022)
Chapter 4 (Update 04/03/2022)
Chapter 5 (Update 04/03/2022)
Chapter 6 (Update 08/03/2022)
Chapter 7 (Update 10/03/2022)
Chapter 8 (Update 10/03/2022)
Chapter 9 (Update 11/03/2022)
Chapter 10 (Update 14/03/2022)
Chapter 11 (Update 15/03/2022)
Chapter 12 (Update 16/03/2022)
Extra 1 (Update 16/03/2022)
Extra 2 (Update 17/03/2022)
Extra 3 (Update 18/03/2022)


  1. Plz....if u could plzz update the chapters altogether.....it's especially very annoying to wait for so long.... I just love this story....so wanna know the further story asap...🙏

    1. sry >_< but I just translate this on my free time, and I also post it immediately after finish.
      I will try to translate it faster >_<


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