Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Volume 01 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Past Came to Nothing Like a Dream
translator: Oyen

As the weather had already entered autumn, it was getting colder day by day.

Mo Ran ordered people to remove the snacks that she didn’t move, and worried and said, “Young Miss, you haven't eaten anything all day. Is it uncomfortable? Do you want to send an imperial physician to see it?” Today, Young Miss was very strange, impetuous, and completely devoid of the past calmness.

She put down the black piece on the chessboard with her hand, and turned her head upset and said, “You don't need to call the imperial physician, I just don't have an appetite.” While talking, the sleeve accidentally swept the chess piece, and a set of chess pieces had been messed up.

She stood up slowly, covering her chest, her heart pounding in an instant. Mo Ran hurriedly came over, supported her, and said anxiously, “What's the matter, young miss? You look so ugly.”

Ruan Wushuang bit her lip and shook her head. She didn't know what was wrong. She was uncomfortable in bed today and wanted to play the guqin quietly, but broke the strings, and even burned her hands after drinking tea. As a matter of fact, this arranges chessboard’s records…

The maid at the door bowed to salute and said, “The emperor sent eunuch over, and asked the Empress to go to the Imperial study room!” Ruan Wushuang was surprised. She rarely set foot there, not to mention this hour. This had always been the time when he reviewed memorials.

As soon as she entered the hall, she only felt something was wrong, and there was only one servant waiting in the huge study. Very quiet, so quiet that the needle could be heard.

A person was kneeling on the white marble floor, with his head bent very low. It seemed that he had committed a very serious crime. The colour of the clothes were the kind of imperial physician used, she took a glance, walked forward slowly, bowed and saluted. “This concubine greets the Emperor!”

After a while, she heard Baili Haozhe’s calm voice, “You may rise!”
She raised her head and asked, “I don't know why the Emperor called this concubine here?”

Baili Haozhe avoided her eyes, and there was no expression on his face, and was silent. It was so quiet around here!”

Only heard a sharp voice that sounded coldly, “Empress, the Emperor called you, you naturally know!” In fact, it was a very ordinary sound, but when it was heard into her ear, it was like a thunderstorm. How could she forget this voice? She would never forget it for the rest of her life, even if it turned to dust. The chamberlain turned slowly, the very man she hated.

It was her aunt's 50th birthday that year, and she slipped to the edge of Taiye Lake. He took her to a remote place in the palace, “The Empress has ordered this lowly servant to bring you here. Please wait a moment for Miss Ruan!” He changed her life that night. She thought that she would never see him again in her life, but she didn't expect him to appear in Chengqian Hall today!

But in a twinkling of an eye, as if she knew something, her face suddenly turned white, as white as paper, and she almost staggered.

Baili Haozhe asked slowly and word by word. “Tell me, is everything he said true?” Her face was pale, as if something was choked in her throat, her lips were shaking, her slender hands clenched, stared at him helplessly, but didn't speak.

The voice rang again. “Emperor, is there any falsehood? Didn't you ask the imperial physician Su?” The man on his knees kowtowed again and again. “Emperor, this lowly official has told you everything I know. Please spare this lowly official. This lowly official is wretched,  this lowly official is wretched. But this lowly official really has no other way ... Beg the Emperor to forgive, beg the Emperor to forgive…” It was Su Quanhong, his voice trembling, terrified.

With her nails clasped fiercely in her palms, she was almost numb with pain. She backed up a few steps until her back touched the pillar of the carved dragon, and then she had the strength to speak, but what she uttered was extremely low, and weak, “Emperor, listen to this concubine's explanation...”

The voice coldly reprimanded. “What does the Empress want to explain? Explain that you have lost your virginity before marrying the Emperor? Or do you want to explain that the current prince is not the flesh and blood of the Emperor?”

Her legs were sore and soft as mud, she fell to her knees. “No, Emperor... not like this…” Baili Haozhe didn't speak, he didn't even say a word. She really panicked to the extreme.

The voice still did not let her go, and called loudly to the door. “Somebody, bring Wu Sun in!” Two chamberlains brought a woman in, knelt on the ground, and went out again.

Ruan Wushuang turned her head to see that the woman was wet nurse Sun. She saw blood stains on her clothes, shocking, and it was obvious that someone had severely tortured wet nurse Sun. Wet nurse Sun was full of fear and fear, shivering constantly, she just leaned on the ground, did not dare to raise her head, let alone look at her.

“Empress, don't tell this slave that you don't even know your wet nurse?” The chamberlain sneered. Turning to wet nurse Sun, and said in a harsh voice. “Tell me what you know in front of the Emperor and Empress!”

After a long time, wet nurse Sun trembled, looked up, stared at Ruan Wushuang, and burst into tears. “Young Miss…  Young Miss... I'm sorry for you! I'm sorry for the prime minister and his wife!” After saying that, she rushed towards the pillar.

The chamberlain was quick-sighted, and jumped out and grabbed her. “It's not so easy to want to die. Think about the lives of the whole family. If you die, they all have to go down with you. Say what you know quickly, and I will keep your whole family safe!” But wet nurse Sun never spoke, just trembled and sobbed!

The study was silent, but it felt like a long time. Ruang Wushuang stood up helplessly, walked slowly to the wet nurse, reached out and wiped her tears. She turned to look at Baili Haozhe and said, “No need to say anything. By now, it doesn't matter what I say. Isn't it?” It turned out that that was all God could give her.

But he kept his back and refused to give her another look.

“Somebody.” The chamberlain said, “send the Empress back to the Zhaoyang Hall. Without the Emperor's order, the empress is not allowed to take half a step!” Several chamberlains came in and stood before her with their hands down.

She turned around slowly, moving slowly, but she didn't feel anything at all. But the legs seemed to be conscious, straddling step by step. The imperial study was so big that she walked step by step, as if this were the endless morning and twilight years of her life, and every step she took was one step less.

Finally reached the door. Everything had come to an end. The moment she stepped out, she turned her head, just wanting to look at him. She knew that this might be the last time she saw him in her life. Although it was short, it was enough.

The light of the setting sun shone faintly through the window and shone on him vaguely. He was also squinting at her, his face taut, without the slightest expression, fixed and deep at her, as if to see through her heart, but his eyes were so strange, as if he were looking at an irrelevant person.

Finally, all the light in the world had dimmed, and all the noise in the world was gone. She turned her head.

Close at hand, henceforth to the end of the world!

The night was like ink, and the curtain in Chengqian Hall was drooping, faintly revealing a faint light and shadow. The maids and chamberlains only stood outside the door and dared not enter. Everyone didn’t even know what had happened, but only knew that the Empress was invited out of the Chengqian Hall, was grounded by the Emperor, and was never allowed to step out of the Zhaoyang Hall. It had only been a few hours now, and it had already spread all over the corners of the palace.

Baili Haozhe's face was hidden in the dark, and he closed his eyes exhaustedly, and said, “Uncle Shen, are you satisfied with this result?” There was no joy in his heart, only a void, chilly, like never filled up.

When she left, she looked as if she had said farewell, looking at him without a trace of sadness, and some were full of guilt. He clasped his hands and felt cold in his heart, as if from the deepest part of hell, for fear that there would be no more warm days in his life.

She still didn't know. He was the one who ruined her innocence! Her usual fears were well hidden, but he could always feel them. Even when he hugged Chengxuan and looked at it, he had felt her fear more than once. The wet palms, the evasive eyes, the drooping eyes… for a few moments. He almost wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her everything, but he didn't. How could he say that he did such a thing to her!

The night many years ago was so dark. He hid in the huge palace and cried. He had been alone for as long as he could remember. Although there were many maids and chamberlains, they always stayed away from him. At that time, Uncle Shen appeared in front of him as a chamberlain. Unlike other chamberlains, he would tell him folk stories and take him to climb trees, catch birds, hide and seek… He would accompany him in all the things his father would do with his eldest brother. He would also teach him how to behave and how to please his father Emperor and mother Empress. In his mind, Uncle Shen was almost closer than his father.

Those days were the most carefree of his life. At that time, the biggest worry in his daily life was just to get the praise of his father Emperor. Until the day after his coming of age ceremony, his world began to change dramatically.

That day, Uncle Shen told him about his mother. It turned out that Uncle Shen grew up with his mother since childhood. Later, his mother entered the palace to do things, and he also entered the palace. They had already agreed, and when the five-year contract expired, they would return to their hometown to get married.

However, things changed suddenly. The Sixth Prince at that time and later Emperor Jingren somehow fell in love with his mother and accepted her as a concubine. Uncle Shen still stayed at the palace, taking care of her secretly. In the palace, his wife and concubines were like clouds. His mother was the least favored. She was often bullied and eventually died in the hands of Ruan Yujin——the Empress who he always felt very fond of.

Shen Nuochou looked at him in disappointment and said, “Zhe er, are you blaming me?” There was no voice to answer him, but there was only silence in the air. “Have you forgotten that we have taken so many hard steps in our plan for more than a decade?”

Baili Haozhe clenched his fist secretly and said dryly, “But Ruan Yujin is dead. It's over for a long time! Today... You shouldn't have made me choose today!” He should not have agreed to Uncle Shen's plan to use her. It was just that he only knew her name at the time. Like many people at the time, he only knew that the rumored daughter of the prime minister Ruan was beautiful and elegant, refined and moving. He hadn’t seen her at all.

It wasn't until Ruan Yujin's fiftieth birthday that he saw her for the first time. It was indeed very touching, with bright teeth and bright eyes, with a light smile. Standing between beautiful clothes and pearls imperial sisters.

In fact, on that day, he had already set the game with Uncle Shen, but he didn't expect that everything of his prey far exceeded his expectations. Looking at her smiling back to Ruan Yujin's question, the pear vortex slightly appeared on her lips, and the little bits of light in her eyes, as if one trap after another, attracted people to fall into it. He could even feel that his eldest brother and his fourth brother were very interested in her, and their eyes kept sweeping to her position.

Later he got her as planned and asked his father Emperor for his marriage the next day. He was naturally sure that the Ruan family would agree. If the Ruan family refused the first step, he would implement the second step plan. He would confess to his father Emperor that he was ‘disrespectful after drinking’ and inadvertently assaulted her. But before the second step, the Ruan family had already agreed. Later, he obtained the trust and help of Ruan Yujin through her, and successfully won the crown prince title.

On the day of the mutiny, she snuggled up in his arms in the mansion and refused to leave him. How could he let go! It was not until he had her that he had a warm feeling in his life and knew what home was for the first time. No matter how late he returned to his mansion, he always knew that there was a person there waiting for his return. With her, the huge mansion was no longer a room, but a place where he wanted to go back to rest when he was tired. Sometimes, when discussing with his father Emperor and all the ministers in Chengqian Hall, he felt full when he thought of it. He couldn’t say exactly what it was, but it was always full and warm, as if everything was filled, and there was no gap or cold.

It was not until the moment she turned away that he really understood that he cared about her so much, deeper than he thought. If he didn't care about her, he wouldn't put western medicine in her food to delay the child's development, so as not to let anyone doubt it, and he didn't want her to worry too much, so that the whole person couldn't eat and was thin and haggard. If he didn't care about her, he would have approved imperial tutor Gu’s memorial and had ample harem...

It was just that in the past, he always didn’t dare to face it and didn't want to think about it.

Shen Nuochou said hoarsely, “Zhe'er, I've given in and didn't get rid of Ruan Wushuang as planned. You should also fulfill what you promised me and never see her again.”

According to the original plan, Ruan Wushuang would be removed as soon as possible. Not only would she be removed, but the Ruan family would eventually be uprooted. It was just that the plan couldn't keep up with the changes. He was far from expecting that Zhe’er would not even attack Ruan Wushuang after only more than a year. No matter how he persuaded, moved with affection, or knew reason, he wasn’t allowed to touch Ruan Wushuang, not even a single hair.

He tried every means to instigate several good ministers to propose the imperial concubine to Zhe’er. And took great pains to find a woman with six or seven points similar to Ruan Wushuang from Jiangnan—— Yin Shuiya. Unfortunately, Zhe’er still failed to forget Ruan Wushuang! After a little more than three months, he couldn't help going to Zhaoyang Hall again. Sometimes he didn't understand what medicine Ruan Wushuang had given him. With his cold temper, he could be fascinated.

Baili Haozhe narrowed his eyes and stood motionless, as if he had turned into a pillar. Shen Nuochou knew his temperament, softly persuaded him, tried to move him with affection, and be polite. “Zhe’er, why do you have to be without a wife? The world is big, the territory is wide, and the beauty is like a cloud. As long as you like it, You can choose as much as you want! As long as you want, all women in the world are at your fingertips! But your mother, there is only one in the world, and she is gone forever... She had not seen you become the Emperor, and there is no way to enjoy glory and wealth that she deserves. Even if you are the Emperor now, the son of Heaven, you have never seen your biological mother in your life. All these are good things done by their Ruan family! Filial piety comes first. Can you swallow it?”

How could he watch Zhe'er fall in love with his enemy? No, he must not. Even if he tried all means, he would get rid of Ruan Wushuang.

Baili Haozhe turned his head and stared at him with a cold look. “Stop talking. My mother is long gone, and Ruan Yujin is dead. She was buried in Beiling with father Emperor. That's the end of everything. I promise you, as long as you don't touch her anymore, I...I… will never see her again…”

After a moment's silence, he added, “But, Uncle Shen, if you dare to touch her again, I will definitely…” He believed that Uncle Shu understood some words before he finished.

For a moment, the two stood at each other stiffly, Baili Haozhe's face looked frosty, and Shen Nuochou didn’t reply.

Baili Haozhe closed his eyes. “Uncle Shen, don’t think I don’t know what happened today! If it weren’t for you, Su Quanhong would not dare to tell the matter in front of me...what happened today, I can no longer be held accountable! But if there is a second time, don't you blame me for not thinking our many years!” Uncle Shen's revenge heart was so heavy, if he didn't take heavy medicine, he couldn't suppress his revenge plan.

He could no longer carry on the plan of the year. He could no longer act on her and the people around her. Even if there was a feud between him and her, and he couldn't get close to her, then all he could do was to stay away from her and not see her again. But as long as he knew that she was there, somewhere beside him, there was at least one place in his heart. If she was gone...she was gone...he couldn't imagine...he would never allow this to happen.

Shen Nuochou was silent for a moment, and then replied blankly. “Yes!” He had expected it to be the current situation. At the beginning, when Ruan Yujin was seriously ill, he proposed to remove Ruan Wushuang altogether. But Zhe'er's reaction at that time, he understood something in his heart.

From then on, he set out to investigate everything about Ruan Wushuang. He naturally knew that Ruan Wushuang was pregnant before he married into the palace. Such obvious physiological characteristics, Su Quanhong, who was the chief of the imperial physician court, could not fail to come out. After all sorts of trials, Su Quanhong didn’t miss the slightest word. It wasn't until he confided in Ruan Wushuang's early pregnancy that the Emperor had known about it, and ordered him to investigate secretly, so that Su Quanhong was shocked to say everything he knew.

He also ordered people to check all the close people around Ruan Wushuang. It was discovered that among all the people who were brought to the palace after being married to the palace from Ruan’s family manor, only wet nurse Sun was sent back to Ruan manor after Ruan Wushuang gave birth to the prince. Although the external name was pension. But it was reasonable to say that Ruan Wushuang gave birth to the prince, and she needed someone experienced as wet nurse Sun. How could she send her back? He felt that something was strange. He sent someone to find wet nurse Sun’s home and ‘invited’ her family into the cell. This forced wet nurse Sun to tell the so-called ‘truth’: Before Ruan Wushuang married the second prince, she had already lost her virginity.

He had arranged everything a long time ago. He originally thought that after Zhe’er accepted the concubine, Ruan Wushuang would be left out of the cold. Then everything he had in his hands didn't have to be taken out so early. As a result, Zhe’er only left Ruan Wushuang in the cold for a few months, and started to spoil her again, more and more frequently. He couldn't bear it. If it was not prevented, the consequences would be difficult to control. So today, let Su Quanhong take the initiative to ‘be frank’ to the Emperor, in order to ask the Emperor's forgiveness. And Zhe’er to this point, no matter how not willing he was for Ruan Wushuang, it was also difficult to ride a tiger.

There was a dead silence in Zhaoyang Hall. The curtains, which were deeply and tightly closed, blocked the light from outside, and concealed the huge inner bed in the boundless darkness.

Ruan Wushuang shrunk on the couch and hugged his arms tightly. Tears rolled from the corners of her eyes and kept falling. For a long time, she found some thoughts and called in a panic. “Mo Ran, Mo Ran.”

Mo Ran was waiting for her, and she was so sad that she didn't dare to disturb her at random. At this moment, after listening to her call, she said, “Young Miss, I'm here! Mo Ran is here. Mo Zhu is also there.” She only knew that the chamberlain invited young Miss out of the Emperor's Chengqian Hall., and it was said in the palace that Young Miss had offended the Emperor and might be abolished as an Empress. At that time, the whole Zhaoyang Hall panicked.

Ruan Wushuang leaned weakly against her, slowly stood up and said in a low voice, “Help me prepare ink, I want to write a letter!” At this time, she must write a letter and inform her father and brother, just in case.

In a mess, she only scribbled the letter and handed it to Mo Ran. Her voice trembled and said, “Quick, order someone to secretly deliver the letter to my father! The sooner the better!” The only thing in the letter was to tell the father and brother to be careful and not to let anyone get hold of anything. The rest couldn’t be said. But she believed that after father and brother got it, they would also understand her situation. At this time, Baili Haozhe just ascended the throne, the foundation wasn’t stable, it was estimated that he didn’t dare to move her father and brother. But their own business was really too big, if unguarded, it was possible to execute the whole family and confiscate their property.

After Mo Ran and Mo Zhu left, she seemed to have been drained of all her strength and fell down softly. Thoughts were in chaos. He finally knew the truth. He was so high up that he was destined to be admired by the world, but she brought him a stain that could not be erased. If it had been a little earlier, a little bit better, she would have given her innocence to him... But after all, it was too late, and he and she never had a chance in this life.

She took out one of his robes, azurite satin embroidered with golden dragon, which was so noble and delicate that several embroiderers in Jiangnan often had to embroider for a year and a half to finish. The Emperor's clothes were specially managed by his personal attendant, and they rarely stayed at the Empress’ place. But in the past, he stayed in Zhaoyang Hall every day, so he put a lot here.

There was his smell on the robe, a touch of ambergris. It was made out of nine finely chopped firewood nine points, and as long as it missed one point, it couldn’t be returned for several months. Her fingers slowly slid across the jade button, as if there was still the warmth he left behind.

That day she pushed him away unsteadily, separated by a few gauze curtains, and the outside was full of handmaids, only feeling extremely ashamed. But when she turned her head, she only felt that a few strands of hair had been entangled, leaving her motionless. He also noticed that he looked down and smiled, unexpectedly entangled with the buttons on his imperial clothes.

Squinting at her, his gaze was full of smiles. Taking her hand and surrounding her waist. He lowered his head and was helping her with her tangled hair. There was an unspeakable beauty and ambiguity. Her breath became more and more unstable. She just felt that her face was burning.

Later, he untied her tangled hair for a long time. He called the maid and got the scissors. She leaned over his arms, his breath at the tip of her nose and mouth, but she felt shy and didn’t dare to move. Thinking, the scissor was taken, as long as the hair was cut. But he was still doing it for a long time, so long that she almost thought it was her whole life.

After a long time, he said softly, “It’s done.” She slowly raised her head and saw that he was helping her to put her hair back. Looking around, she didn't find any cut hair. Puzzled, she moved her eyes to his chest, and was slightly surprised that he had cut his suit and buttons off. It should be known that the imperial clothes were given by the Emperor, symbolizing the supreme authority of the Emperor, which should not be easily broken, otherwise it was tantamount to deceiving the monarch. Even the prince must not be so bold.

He smiled at her and said, “It’s done!” The light of the red candle incense lantern was mild and blurred, and she was almost lost in his smile. He combed his fingers and slowly helped her comb, which was almost itchy and penetrated into her bones bit by bit.

She was like a stone statue, gazing at his azure blue satin robe motionlessly, and saw that a mass of things slowly fainted, getting bigger and bigger… It was like one circle after another, glued together until it became a big piece…

It turned out that it had been so long. This clothes wasn’t his robe of the day, and the buttons weren’t the buttons of the day. But why did she feel like she was in a trance? But such a trance was a lifetime...

Her parents and brother got the news that she was grounded that night, the second day early in the morning eldest sister-in-law, Princess Yong’an went into the palace, talked for a long time, then dismissed the attendant to ask about the situation.

She simply remained silent. Seeing that she could not find out the reason, her sister-in-law retired. There had always been people in the Ruan family in the palace, and even if the father and brother didn’t specifically inquire about the movements in the palace, naturally many people tried to curry favor with them. This was also the benefit of power. When they were powerful, naturally someone would have to come over, and there was no need to specially arrange it. If one day, if the Ruan family lost power, it would naturally be a different situation—— the family would be left in the cold, both then and now, how could there be any difference?

On the third day, her mother also went to the palace, presumably thinking that there was a layer between sister-in-laws after all, so she didn't tell the truth. However, no matter what Madam Ruan asked, Wushuang just didn't speak, buried her head in her mother's arms, and said for a long time, “Mother, it's this daughter's fault. I only hope that my father and brother will not be implicated.”

Mother Ruan touched her daughter's smooth hair and whispered, “Parents and brothers don't want to be rich and noble, just want you to be safe.” Ruan Wushuang’s tears slipped down slowly, and everything was decided by fate, but not by people at all.

Even an ordinary husband couldn’t forgive for what she had done, not to mention the most honorable him in heaven and earth. If he had the slightest concern for himself, he would never tolerate it. A burst of bitterness welled up in her heart and went straight to the tip of her nose. But even if he didn't care about himself, he was determined not to tolerate it. The pain seemed to be even worse!

She and him had really reached a dead end...

The years flew away when the sun rose and the moon fell. After a period of time, everyone in the harem knew that although the Empress was only grounded, she was like in a cold palace. Since the day she was grounded, the Emperor never stepped into Zhaoyang Hall. Among the four concubines, concubine Yin of Chengbi Hall was gaining popularity. Although not to the point of being crowned in the harem, compared with the other three concubines, the Emperor's favour was obviously much more.

In the evening of Chengbi Hall, concubine Yin took a bath, surrounded by a trusted maid Dong Yan and Dong Juan. The gilded duck incense burner in the bathroom burned the seal fragrance of jasmine, which spread with the smoke.

Dong Yan poured warm water on her master with a jade spoon, while admiring her mistress’ white and tender skin, “Mistress is covered with ice muscle and jade bones. No wonder the Emperor comes to our Chengbi Hall every day!” Dong Juan also nodded again and again. “Mistress is now the first person in the harem, when this slave goes out, which of the other palaces is not courteous!”

Yin Shuiya smiled coquettishly, smelling the elegant scent of jasmine, which was very useful. The Emperor loved this smell. If she changes to another fragrance, he could smell it. Although he wouldn't say much, his brows were slightly frowned, so she would understand. The Emperor was the Heaven, she used whatever he liked, as long as he was happy.

Dong Yan continued to flatter beside her, “The Emperor still plays chess for the Mistress, just for a few hours. If the Emperor didn't love Mistress very much, how would he have the time to teach Mistress?”

Yin Shuiya smiled more and more beautifully. What Dong Yan said was really reasonable. The Emperor always liked to play chess with her. But she couldn't, but he could teach her with patience. It often took several hours to teach. It was said that concubine Yan and concubine Liu in the Jiangyun Hall and Lanlin Hall could play chess, but the Emperor never played chess with them. Perhaps from this point of view, her position in the Emperor’s eyes was somewhat special.

But... She sighed slightly. But she always vaguely felt that even if the Emperor held her in his arms, he didn’t seem to be by her side. He looked at her in a trance, but he seemed to just penetrate her body, and his eyes stayed in the distance...

Dong Juan smiled and said, “Isn't the Hall building a three-story pavilion? The slaves said privately that the Emperor built it for you to live in.”

The pavilion was located to the east of Zhaoyang hall, which was very close to Zhaoyang Hall and Chengqian hall where the Emperor lived. In fact, the harem had very strict rules. The palace in the center of the palace had always been enjoyed only by the Emperor and Empress. The other palaces were built around the central palace. The concubines would have felt very honored if they had been able to serve in the Chengqian Hall for one night. Not to mention living in palaces and pavilions so close to Zhaoyang Hall and Chengqian Hall.
Yin Shuiya raised her eyes, and the jade pointed to Dong Juan’s forehead, smiling like a flower, “Xiao Ti-zi who said that?” Dong Juan smiled and replied, “All the concubines in the palace have their own Halls. Emperor’s concubine is not many, aren't there still several halls vacant? Who is the new pavilion for? Now the whole harem knows that the Emperor spoils our mistress most. If it isn’t for our Mistress, who will it be for?”

Would the Emperor want a new concubine? Yin Shuiya bowed her head and thought. But then shook her head, if he wanted to enrich the harem, it wasn’t a small thing, the Imperial court and harem must have heard of it. There wasn’t a hint of wind now, which was unlikely. She shook her head lightly. Looking at the blurred curl of water fog, she sighed slightly. He was a handsome man, even if he wasn’t an Emperor, he should be admired by many women...

Ruan Wushuang hugged the child and softly coaxed him to sleep. Since she was grounded, she was most afraid of him attacking her child. Believe that no man could be generous enough to raise children who weren’t his own bones and blood, let alone him who had the power of life and death? Perhaps Chengxuan would no longer be in the world as long as one glance indicated.

In the first few days, she could hardly sleep and looked at Chengxuan until dawn every day. A thousand mistakes, it was all her fault. She was so self-willed that she thought she could hide the past for the rest of her life.

She tried all the food for Chengxuan carefully with silver needles, living day after day with such fear. It was clear in her heart that if he was really cruel to remove Chengxuan, what could she do? Many nights, she was so afraid and trembled to sleep with Chengxuan. Even once she woke up from her dream…

One day later, he ordered someone to take Chengxuan away, and she almost fainted on the spot. Shi Quanyi supported her, while persuading, “Empress, the Emperor just wants to see the crown prince. The father and the son have not seen each other for many days. The Emperor thinks too much of the crown prince…”

Although Shi Quanyi was the Emperor's confidant, he didn't even know about this matter. It happened that he was not on duty that day, but even if he was on duty, the Emperor still dismissed all the attendants. As for the person who knew about this, wet nurse Sun had already committed suicide, and Su Quanhong would never say a word to save his life. But even if there were few people who knew it, whether he could tolerate it was another matter.

Fortunately, in about half an hour, he ordered people to send Chengxuan back. The heart in her throat finally fell, but she didn't understand why. Maybe it was to cover people's eyes and ears! After all, Chengxuan was also his nominal son, the eldest son of the Baili Dynasty. Even if she, as a mother, made a big mistake in the eyes of the world, she could not shake her child's status in the slightest. So he also needed to do a show to show the world. If not, there would be a lot of discussion in the imperial court and the palace.

But it also made her feel slightly relieved, at least he was willing to act. In that case, he should not lay a hand on Chengxuan in a short period of time.

She slowly sat down in front of the dressing table, the face in the huge six-curved bronze mirror on the table, her eyebrows still eyebrows and her eyes were still eyes, but she was only lonely between her eyebrows and eyes. Maybe it was still like a flower, but for her, the spring was old and the season was like a dream…

She could no longer stand beside him quietly, and everything about him had nothing to do with her… But knowing this... But everything in the past, as long as she thought about it, would have deep-rooted pain...


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  1. So sad. I knew he had to be the one who defiled her. Still had the audacity to still punish her.


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