Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Volume 01 Chapter 09

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Chapter 9: Flower Flying Freely, As Light as a Dream
translator: Oyen

A pair of incomplete chess had been played intermittently for a day, but it was still not finished. Like this day, it never ended. She turned her head and looked out of the window. The sun was setting and there was only an afterglow.

Remembering a few years ago, she went to the Great Buddhist Temple outskirts with her mother to worship Buddha with my mother. When I was about to return, the sun was weakening and the sun was fading. It coincided with the Daoist who started practicing meditation. This was also the first time she met a Daoist. In the past, she was only heard. The Daoist of the Great Buddhist Temple, Master Honghai, was the most famous monk in the Baili Dynasty, and he always saw only those who were destined, even the officials weren’t exception. Even if her mother was the prime minister's wife, and she had only seen it once in the past ten years.

On that day, she was also interested, and she went with her mother only temporarily. But she met a rarely seen monk. Mother was very happy and specially asked the Daoist to tell her fortune. When Master Honghai saw her, he took a slight breath and said, ‘Congratulations to the Prime Minister's wife. Miss Ruan had a distinguished face, richer than ordinary people, and then enjoyed the honour and glory endlessly.’

Later, after Baili Haozhe was crowned as crown prince, her mother took her by the hand and said with a smile, “No wonder the Daoist said that you are richer than ordinary people. It turns out that you are destined to be the Empress.”

The black and white pieces on the chessboard were meticulously made of Hetian jade from the western region, they were warm and delicate. Looking around at the furnishings and decorations in the Zhaoyang Hall, it could be seen that everything was the best in the world. But why didn't she have any joy at all?

Mo Zhu was holding the little crown prince Chengxuan and he would be one year old tomorrow. Seeing Ruan Wushuang, he kept rubbing his feet and waving his hands as if he wanted her to hold him. His eyes were crooked with laughter, and his mouth kept drooling because he was teething.

Ruan Wushuang put down the chess pieces, smiled slightly, got up, took Chengxuan to the brocade couch, and asked Mo Zhu, “Has he drunk the milk?” There were two nannies and a large group of maids in the palace. She always felt uneasy, so she asked Mo Zhu.

Mo Zhu replied, “He is already fed.”

Looking at Chengxuan giggling, the whole room seemed to be lively. She had never loved him the most, and often chooses to ignore him, consciously or unconsciously. Seeing him sitting, his hands just refused to stop, pulling her sleeves, as if it was a very funny thing. She picked up a rattle on the couch and shook it gently. The crisp and rhythmic sound quickly attracted his attention. He opened his lovely round eyes and watched her move around by hand. After a while, he stretched out his hand: “Mom... Want... Want…” his pronunciation wasn’t very clear, but the soft voice was very good, and each pronunciation could almost penetrate into people's hearts.

Her heart couldn’t hide her love, so she handed him the rattle. Chengxuan quickly mastered the method and played slowly. Giggling while playing, occasionally looking up at her. She took out the silk scarf and wiped the saliva for him, spoiling him, “Be good!”

Looking at the child carefully, everything was small, tender and lovely. In fact, in the inner courtyard of the deep palace, she had nothing but Chengxuan. She should forget the past, and she shouldn't blame him for what happened.

She leaned down slowly, and kissed her son's forehead affectionately. She had been lucky enough, she had got all the things a woman dreams of, right? If she wanted to ask too much, it was too demanding of God.

She immersed herself in the water, and the water was warm and comfortable. This was the sweet dew hall behind the Zhaoyang hall, which was connected with the inner bedroom of the Zhaoyang hall. It was a bathing pool specially built by Emperor Jingren for her aunt in those years. He ordered a skilled craftsman to chisel through the hot spring in the back mountain and brought it here. It could be seen that the former Emperor also took some pains. The pool had three sections, which could lie, sit and swim. The bottom of the pool was paved with high-quality Quyang white marble. So much effort to treat her aunt, was it true that there wasn’t a trace of true feelings in it?

Mo Ran knew that the young miss didn’t like to have too many people around her when she took a bath, so she withdrew all the handmaids. While using a ladle to scoop water over her thin jade shoulder, she said, “This afternoon, Madam told about the valuable things about sister-in-law and presented her first birthday gift to the little crown prince, she asked this slave one thing…”

Ruan Wushuang asked, “What is it?” Mo Ran pondered her thoughts, and then leaned down to her ear for a long time and whispered, “Madam asked about the situation after the Emperor took the imperial concubine…” Parents were always very concerned about their children's affairs, and even if they were unable to do anything, they wanted to know the situation and help share their worries. She closed her eyes and said, “How did you reply to her?”

Mo Ran replied, “This slave did what the young miss told me to say that everything was as usual.” Knowing that her parents would ask her about her in the palace, she told Mo Ran early what to say. It was the only thing her daughter could do to make them worry less, faintly said, “That's good.” Although she knew that this kind of thing could only be hidden for a while, she could still cover it up.

Mo Ran sighed and said after a moment, “The slave has a sentence. I don't know if it's appropriate to say it or not.” Ruang Wushuang closed her eyes and replied, “Just talk if you want to talk, and don't talk if you don't.” People in the palace were talkative. The so-called heart of harming others couldn’t exist, but the heart of guarding others must be!

Mo Ran tapped her shoulder for a while, but after all, she couldn't hold back. She sighed, “Young Miss, the emperor, this ... this is not in line with law!” She served her by her side, and did not notice anything wrong. But the Emperor was no longer visiting Zhaoyang Hall. It had been more than three months.

Ruan Wushuang opened his eyes and stared at the slightly steaming water. The colorful petals scattered on it seemed to be flowers on brocade and duckweed in the air, illusory but not real. After a long time, she opened her mouth and whispered, “Mo Ran, don't say that again in the future. As long as the Emperor likes things in this world, it is law.”

Mo Ran sighed and replied, “Yes!”

Even if she didn't want to know, the record room in the palace still sent the Emperor's concubine plate. In the past two months, he visited Chengbi Hall and Jiangyun Hall. Although there were not many, the number of times to see Jiangyun Hall was still more. This wasn’t only what he wanted, but also his right. She had no right to interfere, and couldn’t interfere. Regardless of whether it was the former dynasty or the Baili dynasty, which emperor was not from the concubine courtyard, he only accepted four concubines, which wasn’t counted at all.

She had enough. She had all the things that women in the world dream of. What else could she ask for? If she needed more, She was afraid that even God would think she was too greedy, and it became demanding. But only she knew that some things were still broken, before it was too late. Then she could only put all of this away, sewing and mending it for the rest of her life.

Seeing that she had not spoken for a long time, Mo Ran secretly hated herself for being talkative, which touched the young miss's heart. Hurriedly changing the subject with a smile, she said, “A few days ago, Mo Zhu told this maidservant about our days in the prime minister's residence. At that time, we, ah, were guessing every day which prince would accept the proposal of marriage. But no matter what we thought at that time, we never thought that our young miss would become an Empress.”

Yes, she didn't think about it either. She never thought about it. She only wanted to find someone who loved her as much as her father loved her mother. But when she agreed to the marriage bestowed by the former emperor, she knew that that kind of thought could only become a kind of extravagant request. Imperial children and grandchildren, which didn't have three wives and four concubines, children in groups, but also called its name: open branches and scattered leaves!

“Remember once, there was a family of young master Li, didn't know where to meet the young miss once in a while and tried every means to inquire. Later, I finally found out about him, and he sent a matchmaker to propose. Later, the whole residence knew that every 18th, young master Li's matchmaker was bound to come, rain or shine. So every time it arrives on that day, Mo Zhu will bet with Chrysanthemum and Clove in the room to guess whether the matchmaker is wearing red or green…”

Hearing this, Ruan Wushuang laughed. “You girls! How come I don't know these things?”

Mo Ran stuck out her tongue. “How dare this slave let Young Miss know? And if you lose, you will be punished? Guess what punishment?”

Ruan Wushuang smiled bitterly and remained silent for a long time. Finally, she sighed and said. “These words can only be spoken in front of me. Don't let outsiders listen.” The most taboo thing in this palace was to have a slight relationship with other men. If it was involved, it wasn’t a matter of joking. If it was light, it would be left in the cold, and if it was heavy, it would be chopped all over the door.

Mo Ran naturally knew the weight and hurriedly replied, “This slave don't dare. I just... I just want to make Young Miss happy.” She hadn't seen her heartfelt smile for a long time.

There was some faint fragrance in the air, which was light and elegant, and it was very useful. She closed her eyes slightly, leaned her head against the stone pillow and said, “Don't wait on me!”

Mo Ran answered, “Yes!” Turn around and get ready to pick up the clean clothes stacked in the distance. Originally, these things had their own internal maids, but because Young Miss didn’t like other people here when she bathed, she and Mo Zhu took turns to serve each time she bathed.

How did she know that she had just turned around, and saw the Emperor standing less than one metre away from her, expressionless. She didn’t know how long he had stood there, and how much he had heard of the conversation between Young Miss and her just now. She was shocked, her face instantly paled, and she was almost screaming out. Baili Haozhe made a silent motion with his hand, beckoning her to go out.

She turned to look at Young Miss and saw that she did not move, without the slightest notice. She really didn't have the courage to make a sound, so she bowed slightly and retreated lightly.

She didn’t know how long she had been resting, but she just felt comfortable all over the body, and her heart seemed to relax a little bit. She stood up slowly and said, “Mo Ran, change clothes!” A crescent white dark moire silk dress gently covered her shoulder.

Ruan Wushuang stretched out her hand and lazily said, “Help me up!” A large and strong hand held her wrist. This wasn’t Mo Ran! She turned her head back abruptly, and saw him standing in front of her, with bottomless eyes.

She tucked her clothes, but nothing could be covered after all. She only felt embarrassed and ashamed, and the heat had spread from her face to her neck. He just looked at her motionless and jerked her over with the strength of his hand. The water splashed on his clothes and slowly smudged away, one after another like a cloud.

She held her breath, gasped slightly, curled up in his arms, her heart seemed to be beating faster and faster, and whispered, “Emperor, this concubine... This concubine wants to change.”

He leaned over and looked at her embarrassment. There was no expression on his face, but his head slowly fell, lower and lower... The warm breath covered it, and she suddenly turned her head, the kiss was off the side, and fell to her ear.

She whispered, “Emperor, this is ... this is a bathing place…” He looked at her with an oblique eye, and it was indistinguishable. He said faintly, “The Empress just said that in this world, I am a lawl, is it a law?” It turned out that he had heard everything before.

Baili Haozhe's hand slowly slipped, and the touched ground was as smooth as grease, and he could not hold his hand. She struggled slightly, but the more she struggled, the harder he tried, and she couldn't get away...

‘Zhua zhou’* had always been the first celebration held by the Baili Dynasty for every imperial son and grandson. They had always attached great importance to it. At this time, Baili Chengxuan had been sealed as the crown prince. In addition, the funeral period of Empress Dowager Ruan had passed. It was very necessary to hold a lively celebration in the palace to dilute the sad atmosphere.

*custom of placing a variety of articles (writing brush, abacus etc) before an infant on its first birthday to see which one he or she picks up (The article chosen is supposed to be an indication of the child’s inclinations, future career etc.)

By the time Ruan Wushuang arrived at the main hall, the four concubines had already arrived, carefully combing their hair into a bun, shaking the beads step by step, rattling the ring, shining people's eyes. When they saw her coming, they all greeted her with a courtesy. “Greetings to the Empress!” Ruan Wushuang smiled lightly. “All of you may disperse!”

After taking the seat, concubine Yan of Jiangyun Hall looked at Chengxuan held by Mo Zhu and said with a smile, “The little Crown Prince is so handsome. Come on, I'll give you a hug!” Mo Zhu glanced at the Young Miss, seeing her smile and nod, then walked over and handed the little Crown Prince to concubine Yan. The imperial concubines also came together and praised each other. Concubine Liu smiled and said, “Little Crown Prince has a wide forehead and thick ears. At a glance, we all know that he is rich and noble.”

Ruan Wushuang took the tea bowl handed over by Mo Ran, drank a mouthful of tea, smiled and said, “Concubine Liu was still proficient in physiognomy!” Concubine Liu smiled and said, “This concubine didn’t dare. It’s simply interesting, so this concubine likes reading books such as astrology on weekends”

Ruan Wushuang nodded. When she was about to speak, there was a long announcement outside the palace gate, and the Emperor arrived.
Everyone knelt on the ground. According to the rules, Ruan Wushuang should have come forward, but after a little step, she stopped and saluted with other imperial concubines.

Delicacies and stacked cups were placed on several tables, and the maids walked silently back and forth. Several concubines smiled with witty words, which made them more beautiful.

Imperial concubine Yin of Chengbi Hall was the first to propose a toast. With the bright light of more than a dozen eight treasure gauze lanterns, she was originally very beautiful. At this time, she looked more attractive and moving. Her voice was soft and moist, as if she had been soaked in water. “This concubine respects the Emperor and the Empress, healthy and long lived. This concubine wishes the crown prince good health!” She gracefully covered her sleeves and tilted slightly, and she had dried up the wine in the glass.

Ruan Wushuang nodded in her heart. Unexpectedly, concubine Yin knew how to attract the Emperor's eyes, and she was in a good position and lovely. Baili Haozhe nodded and smiled, and said softly, “Concubine Yin is a good drinker! I know it for the first time.” The mood was very happy!

Seeing that Concubine Yin had the first opportunity, the other three concubines secretly bit their silver teeth underneath. They were helpless and unwilling to show weakness, and they came up to toast one after another.

After drinking a cup, Ruan Wushuang smiled and said, “My sisters are good drinkers. We need to drink with the Emperor today.” Her voice was a little different from usual, with a little charm. Baili Haozhe turned his head and looked at her. He saw a blush on her face, as if hibiscus flowers were blooming and a crimson color. She had always been overwhelmed by alcohol.

Concubine Tang of Wen Ni Hall smiled. “Today is a happy day for the Crown Prince. My sisters should drink freely and don't go home until they get drunk! But now such a beautiful day, how can there be no music to cheer up? This concubine would like to give a song to the Emperor and the Empress. This concubine wished the Emperor and the Empress a long life. This concubine wishes the crown prince good health!” She was really an exquisite and talkative woman.

Ruan Wushuang couldn't help but smile, only to hear that Baili Haozhe had already laughed and said, “It is rare that concubine Tang has such intention, and this Emperor and the Empress naturally want to appreciate it!”

Liu Lan covered her smile with her sleeves at the way concubine Tang flattered the Emperor and the Empress. She got up and gave Baili Haozhe a little blessing and said in a charming voice, “Emperor, Empress, since concubine Tang is interested in this, this concubine also wants to offer a dance for the crown prince. This concubine hopes the Emperor and the Empress will grant me permission!”

Ruan Wushuang raised her head and smiled, “It's rare for concubine Liu to be so kind. Is there any reason why she is not allowed? Your majesty the Emperor, what do you say?” Since the conferment of the four concubines, Baili Haozhe had only gone to Jianyun Hall and Chengbi Hall. At this time, conbunine Tang and concubine Liu behaved like this, she thought it wasn’t to sincerely bless the Emperor’s son, but hoping to leave a beautiful and charming impression in front of Baili Haozhe.

She only heard Baili Haozhe’s low voice. “The Empress is right!”

The maids took the guqin and put it in front of Tang Qiaoyan. Ding-ding-dong-dong's voice soon came from concubine Tang's fingertips. At first, it was very soft, slowly upward, quiet and tactfully, such as orioles coming out of the valley, clear and gentle.

Ruan Wushuang drank a few sips of the hot tea presented by Mo Ran, and her dizzy head became more comfortable. She played very well, it seemed that she had been learning for many years. Concubine Liu also began to dance, her clothes fluttering with the rhythm of the music. She was really suitable with her surname ‘Liu’*, willow tree had a pretty waist, and her clothes fluttered between the dances, and she was astonished as a fairy.


She turned to look at Baili Haozhe and saw that he was watching intently. People were always happy with beautiful things, so was she, not to mention him! She withdrew her gaze without a trace.

Baili Haozhe repeatedly applauded. “Good! Good! Concubine Tang plays well and concubine Liu dances well! Somebody come!” Xiao Lu-zi below Shi Quanyi answered and said, “Emperor, what's your order?” Baili Haozhe said, “Get the jewelry that Ruler Wuyue paid tribute the day before yesterday!”

Chamberlain came back soon, standing aside with a tray in his hand. Baili Haozhe said, “This Emperor will reward each of you with a piece of jewelry! Pick for yourself!” Tang Qiaoyan and Liu Lan were beaming with joy and came forward to thank him shyly. Jewelry was small in the end, but it was rare for the Emperor to order to choose themselves. It was indeed a very gracious treatment. Only the Empress could get such courtesy from the Emperor.

Baili Haozhe turned his head and looked at Ruan Wushuang who was silent on his side, lazily said, “The Empress won't mind, right?” Ruan Wushuang smiled, lowered her eyes, and said, “Will this concubine mind? Well, Concubine Tang and Concubine Liu are so good, and this concubine feels that the Emperor's gift of a piece of jewelry is a bit stingy!”

Baili Haozhe said, "Oh", as if interested, looking sideways at her. Seeing her eyelashes cast a faint shadow on her face, but he couldn’t see any expression. Touching his chin, he smiled leisurely and said, “What about the Empress?”

Ruan Wushuang laughed loudly, “According to this concubine's point of view, let the concubine Tang and concubine Liu choose two pieces first. The rest will be rewarded equally by the Emperor to the four sisters!” Baili Haozhe stared at her a few times, then suddenly smiled and turned his head and said, “It's really a good idea. Then let concubine Tang and concubine Liu choose first!” Concubine Yan and concubine Yin also knelt down to give thanks, “Thanks to the Emperor, thanks to the Empress!”

After the reward was over, half of the wine and vegetables had been used. The ‘Zhua zhou’ ceremony had begun. The servants laid a thick apricot and yellow brocade in the center of the main hall, and placed Wang Hai Suan, Cang Jie Jian , Cai Man Xing, Hong Ya Le, Shi Shen He, Jiang Jun Kui, Chuan Ling, Yi Yin Huo, Lu Ban Dou, Tuo Luo Le, Jiu Ling Chou Tong, Yan Zhi Shui Fen, Bo Lang Gu and... and a Yu Xi!*

*王亥算 - wáng hài suàn - good merchant, business tycoon; 仓颉简 - cāngjié jiǎn - profound knowledge, boundless prospect; 财满星 - cái mǎn xīng - fate of wealth, rich and honour throughout the life; 洪崖乐 - hóng yá lè - lively character, multitalented; 食神盒 - shíshén hé - blessed mouth, enjoy delicacy; 将军盔 - jiāngjūn kuī - good military skill; 串铃 - chuànlíng - kind-hearted, good medical skill; 伊尹镬 - yī yǐn huò - loving home, happy throughout the life; 鲁班斗 - lǔbān dòu - handy, good at design; 陀螺乐 - tuóluó lè - like sport, superstar in sport; 酒令筹筒 - jiǔlìng chóu tǒng - good social skills, have many friends; 胭脂水粉 - yānzhī shuǐfěn - rogue powder; 拨浪鼓 - bōlanggǔ yǐjí - rattle-drum; 玉玺 - yùxǐ - jade seal; 官星印 - Guān xīng yìn - became government official, political career going smoothly. 

Ruan Wushuang frowned slightly. Ordinary people only put Guan Xing Yin*, and the imperial family always only put dragon seals. For children with Guan Xing Yin, the folk saying is ‘became government official, political career going smoothly.’ For imperial children and grandchildren said they had the opportunity to ascend the throne. But she had never heard of Yu Xi*.

The chamberlain held Baili Chengxuan and put him on a corner of the brocade from a distance. He was the furthest away from the jade seal, separated by many things. It seemed that he was testing Chengxuan and knew that it must be arranged by Baili Haozhe.

The voice in the hall calmed down, and everyone looked nervous and looking forward to it. Seeing the child crawling slowly, looking up at the people from time to time and giggling. First, he climbed to Cang Jie Jian nearest to him and beat it with his small hand. It seemed that it was not fun and he began to crawl again. Cang Jie Jian was actually a bamboo writing scroll. It was said in ancient times that Cang Jie created characters. He was the ancestor of characters for all ages and the teacher of great Confucianism for all ages. Therefore, the folk saying was that when they grew up in the future, they must be knowledgeable and be able to win the first prize.

Then crawled to the edge of ‘Chuan Ling’ and poke the string bell by hand. Hearing the sound of the string bell felt very interesting, but he didn't pick it up, just poke by hand. Mo Zhu was already anxious, and her palms were almost sweating: ‘My good crown prince, don't take a string bell. According to legend, Sun Simiao saved the tiger with a string bell and was not eaten, so later practitioners used it as an amulet to protect their medical practice. Seeing the child playing for a while, and then crawling to the front of the general's helmet, touching the ears on it, pulling and pulling, seeing no other actions.

Suddenly, as if his eyes were shining, he crawled directly towards the jade seal and grabbed it with two small hands. After a while, he finally hugged it, but it was too heavy to move at all. But he just refused to crawl again, turned back to Baili Haozhe, giggled and muttered vaguely, as if saying, “Want... Want…”. In fact, it was very light, but because there was no sound in the hall, everyone heard it clearly.

Baili Haozhe nodded, and smiled at her, “As expected of my son, he is destined to inherit the throne in the future.” Ruan Wushuang felt a violent earthquake in her heart, and her expression still had to be kept as usual. She lowered her eyes slightly, barely daring to meet his gaze.

When Mo Zhu waited on her to change her clothes, she still said happily, “Young Miss, the little crown prince is so capable that he really caught the jade seal!” Ruan Wushuang smiled, in fact, this was just a kind of fun, there was really no need to take it too seriously. Chengxuan was so small, how could he know anything? It was just a coincidence, he just happened to be like her eldest brother, he used to catch Tuo Luo Le, but now he was in charge of military power.

“It’s just for fun!” said Ruan Wushuang. Looking at a lot of gifts, she said, “what are the gifts from the imperial concubines?” Mu Ran combed her hair and replied, “the white jade doll and thin lion were sent by concubine Yan, the red and white agate crane was sent by concubine Yin, the turquoise inlaid scepter was sent by concubine Liu, and the purple jade brush goblet was sent by concubine Tang…” these were all children's playthings.

Mo Ran suddenly thought of something and said, “Young Miss, the guqin played by concubine Tang today is really beautiful. When this slave saw the Emperor, he nodded and praised it!”

Ruan Wushuang said faintly, “Really?”

Mo Ran said, “Young Miss, don't blame the slaves for talking too much. See how active the imperial concubines are in front of the Emperor, playing the guqin, dancing and dancing. But what about you? Until now, this slave didn’t see you even once play in front of the Emperor, let alone dancing. It's not that this slave doesn't understand, your guqin can be played better than concubine Tang!”

“Young Miss, this slave has something, and I don't know if it should be said improperly…” Seeing Ruan Wushuang startled in a daze, Mo Ran continued to mutter: “Today is not the same as when it was in the prince's mansion. If there are four more beauties as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, can this ... This emperor not be tempted”

Mo Zhu also answered, looking like she hated that iron could not be turned into steel, and said, “Yes, yes! You… How can you attract the Emperor to stay in the Zhaoyang Hall?”

She smiled faintly and said, “I only play this guqin for myself. What can it do?” She always played it occasionally only when she was upset to calm her mind. Moreover, if a person wanted to stay by means, he would stay for a long time.

Mo Zhu took the agate mirror and handed it to her, whispering, “What is not presentable? Didn't the young miss always play at the festival dinner in the former residence? Our master once said in front of us girls, women and boys that you play the guqin like the sound of heaven. But...but the good ones are not comparable to others, and the worse ones are inferior to them. What do you think of the drinking capacity of the four imperial concubines?”

Ruan Wushuang looked at her two maids in silence and shook her head with a smile. “You girl, if you say again, I can't spare you!” Mo Ran sighed secretly at the bottom of her heart, and all the four concubines were exquisitely carved and beautiful, with their own elegant demeanour. Could they not worry about the young Miss?

The maid guarding the door hurriedly came over and saluted, “Empress, general Shi sent Xiao Luzi over to say that the Emperor is on his way.”

Hearing these words, Mo Zhu’s eyebrows were bent and smiled, “Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here. This is really a double happiness!” She laughed and waited at the door with the maid along with Mo Ran.

Since Chengxuan was one year old, he had more days to come, and he came every few days. Neither good nor bad. It could be seen from the memorial record in the note room that he also went to other Halls. This kind of day was used to, so it was. Day after day, year after year, until old age. That was how her aunt came here. She always liked to be clean, and even the greetings of the four imperial concubines every day were exempted. It was like wearing a mask to talk with them every day. It was really tiring. She would rather accompany Chengxuan.


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