Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Volume 02 Chapter 09

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3 more main chapters and 3 more extra~ Maybe next week it will be finished. What novel should I translate next? Maybe some fluffy cute romance with less angst cause my eyes can't bear more angst >_<
Chapter 9: No More Words at This Point
translator: Oyen

Fengyi Hall was silent, and because of the extreme silence, even the faint sound of the hourglass could be heard loud and clear.

Baili Haozhe pinned in place like a pillar, unable to move. After a long time, he said in a low voice. “Wushuang, what happened in the past, let’s forget it all, okay?”

Mu Ningyan, no, Ruan Wushuang’s mouth tugged gently as she spoke faintly, as if there was boundless irony. “Baili Haozhe, since you are so proficient in medicine, can you please give me such medicine to make me forget everything?”

No, how could she forget. How could she forget?

When she treated him with all of her heart, how did he treat her? Maybe he did have a time to be gentle with her, but that little bit of gentleness was also fake, it was just his act… To this day, whenever she remembered, there was still pain and she couldn’t help herself.

“How can there be such a medicine in the world?” If he had, he would have already used it himself a long time ago. In that case, after she left, he would have been relieved long ago with just one drink.

She tilted her head sideways, with a thin smile, and looked at him, and hatred came out of her mouth word by word. “So, how can you expect me to forget?” When he had been ruthless to her, did he even think of forgetting all that hatred? 

“I will never forget it in my lifetime, Baili Haozhe.”

“If you hadn’t forced me, I wouldn’t have wanted to see you again in this life!”

Once, she had tied her heart to him, and his joys and sorrows were also her joys and sorrows. But what about the  man who used to sleep with her, who made her heart hang? All he did to her was to use her, all he did was to act. In order to remove her, to remove their Ruan family…

She’d never wanted to see him in her life. He couldn’t help but take a step back, although he’d always known she hated him, that she resented him, but when the words actually came out of her mouth, it still hurt more than he’d expected.

She hated him so much that she didn’t even want their flesh and blood. Just because half of the flesh and blood were his. If the other half of the flesh and blood was another person, she wouldn’t be so…

His gaze fell coldly to the sachet on her bed, leaving only a residual corner, but it still remained by her side, day and night, cherishing it. The boundless jealousy was frantically nibbling at him. If it wasn’t for his decree, she would already be someone else’s. She didn’t want him anymore!

He didn’t know why his heart was so uncomfortable, he didn’t want to suppress it anymore, so let the beast break out of its cocoon. He sneered and blurted out. “The person you will never forget in your lifetime, I’m afraid it’s gentleman Meng, right? If I hadn’t ordered you to enter the palace, you would have lived with him by now, wouldn’t you? That’s why you hate me so much, right? You hate me, you just hate me for tearing you apart from him alive!”

According to the secret investigation of the spies he sent, she did have an affair with Meng Lengqian. If he hadn’t appeared in time, he was afraid that she would have been Meng Lengqian’s wife already.

She drew back a breath and jerked her eyes up with vague unspoken trepidation. How did brother Meng get involved in their argument again?

She was afraid, what were she afraid of? Afraid that he would attack him? He smiled coldly, Meng Lengqian was just an ant in his eyes, if he wanted him to die three times, he wouldn’t live more than five times. He just said something casually, but her expression and reaction stung him deeply. Did she really care so much about the person with the surname Meng?

“Just let your heart die, in this life you can’t get out of this palace. And for Meng Lengqian…”

She got up in panic and glared at him, “You… What do you want to do?” This had nothing to do with Brother Meng and Meng’s family, but under the whole world, as far as he was the highest, he only needed one sentence, and the whole Meng’s residence was probably finished.

“Baili Haozhe, this is the matter between you and me, it has nothing to do with Brother Meng…”

She still called Meng Lengqian as Brother Meng in front of him. What a lover ah! His heart went cold little by little. Did she care about that man that much?!

She really cared about this person so much. He just kept pretending he didn’t know. She even got engaged with that man. Before entering the palace, she met him in private regardless of fame and integrity. At the chrysanthemum feast, she was always full of attention and secretly weeping. That Meng Lengqian was actually so drunk, and in a daze, he knocked the wine glass in front of this one face…

As for him, he had been deceiving himself and pretending not to know.

He stood with his hands folded, a cruel smile hanging from the corners of his mouth. However, her body trembled, as if she fell into the ice cellar, and she took a step back in shock. “Baili Haozhe, what do you want to do?”

He stood there, just laughing coldly and wildly, until finally his laughter subsiden and muttered, “What do I want to do? What do I want to do?”

That night. A decree came down, and gentleman Meng was immediately imprisoned. Lord Anding and Meng Shangshu knelt outside the Chengqian Hall for a night to intercede for him.

Inside the Chengqian Hall, Shi Quanyi reported uneasily. “Emperor, Concubine Ning has not touched a drop of water this day or so…” The Emperor’s face was extremely dark these two days. He had served the Emperor for so many years, but it was rare to see it.

Baili Haozhe snapped, and threw the memorial in his hand out fiercely, he stood up and slammed his sleeve. “Drive! Go to Fengyi Hall!”

She curled up her body, leaning on her side in the brocade bed, her face was pale and haggard. She seemed indifferent to his arrival, without even blinking an eye.

He laughed furiously, his long eyes narrowed slightly. “Do you didn’t want to eat or drink for that Meng Lengqian?” She was still motionless, and her only reaction was to close her eyes in a maening manner. He was furious and shouted, “Okay, I will immediately order someone to pass on the message and kill that person.”

She finally looked up, and there was an indifferent silence under her eyes. Her face was plain, not a little face powder, even the cherry lips were only a little pink of light gray, like the green lotus after the heavy rain, bowing her head beautifully.

But in his eyes, seeing her like that, his mind quivered. His love and pity surged boundlessly, and there were countless hatreds in her. His heart twitched, and the fire was slowly extinguished.

He took the white fur that was thrown on the edge of the bed and tried to cover her lightly. She shrank into the corner slightly, and the white fur slipped down. His hands froze in mid-air, his face darkened, “You can annoy me and hate me, but the baby in your womb… The child is innocent.” She was pregnant, how could she not eat or drink so much, even if she could bear it, what about the child in her belly?

He looked at her cold and condensed expression, and his heart was cold. She hated him and didn’t even want to hide it, even repeatedly unwanted flesh and blood in her belly… How did she become so hard-hearted?

All her expressions and actions had explained everything, not an answer was more than an answer.

His heart was like being strangled in a circle, bloody and numb even to pain. He stared at her intricately, as if incoherence, as if in pain, and as if miserable. Taking a deep breath, he said faintly, “Ruan Wushuang, I want to remind you of something…”

“The child is in your womb, and you don’t want to give birth to that child, even if I send a hundred thousand people to guard you day and night, you still have a way to keep the child from being born. Only, I want to tell you one thing clearly, if anything happens to this child, your entire Ruan family including the two Princess Yong Shou and Yong An, just wait to be buried with the child… Also, that gentleman Meng, I will definitely execute his nine clans!”

Ruan Wushuang’s body shook violently, and there was a light in her scattered gaze, and she instantly returned to her senses and stared at him with hatred. “You… You…” He was so despicable, even the whole Ruan family and the two cousins… Or maybe he had wanted to uproot them long ago, but it wasn’t yet the time.

She only saw his gaze like cold ice, that eerie and unpredictable, “Ruan Wushuang, you know, I’m not lying to you! Right?”

She knew he wasn’t lying to her. He had always hated the Ruan family, what he couldn’t do?

She didn’t overdo it and kept silent. Baili Haozhe knew that his threat had played a role, the corners of his mouth were slightly pulled, and the depth of his heart was bitter. What else could he do now than threaten her with something she cared about? That way, at least she could stay with him forever and give birth to the baby safely.

Baili Haozhe threw up his sleeves and commanded, “Serve the meal!”

The maids filed in and set out the meal one by one from outside the curtain. Baili Haozhe stretched out his hand, grasped her slender wrist, pulled her up, leaned into her ear, and whispered, “You can try not to eat it.”

Ruan Wushuang looked at him motionlessly, and there seemed to be endless hatred in the two black crystal-like eyes. She took a deep breath. “I eat. However, Baili Haozhe, I have one condition.”

He turned to look at her and motioned for her to continue. She bit her lip and said, “You can let Brother Meng go, exile him, dismiss him, and later… Don’t trouble him again!” The matter between him and her had nothing to do with Brother Meng. The help of the Meng family at the beginning had now caused them endless trouble.

Brother Meng, Brother Meng, she thought about him everywhere, and now she was thinking so thoughtfully for him.

In the inner hall, there was a ground cage, and a charcoal furnace that was burned. He was in a hurry and came, except for the mink fur draped on the outside, he felt faintly hot and vaguely sweaty.

Standing here, he felt extremely warm a moment ago, but at this time it seemed that coolness came from all directions and pushed straight into his heart. She really cared so much about that Meng Lengqian.

Turning around, he suddenly lifted the curtain and commanded, “All of you can withdraw. There’s no need to wait here!” Then he sat down slowly and placed a cup of bird’s nest in front of her. “Eat it.”

She looked up, only to see his expressionless and unpredictable face, he was impatient, “Eat it or not?” She whispered, “Did you promise to let Brother Meng go?”

He didn’t answer for a long time, and his face was like cold ice. She could only pick up the silver spoon and eat it. But she couldn’t swallow anything because there was a blockage in her throat, so she took one bite at a time.

He sat like this, watching her drink the bird's nest congee from the cup one bite at a time, and picked out a three fresh duck bun and gave it to her, “Eat this too!”

She stared at the delicate three fresh duck buns on the plate, and she could hardly move the chopsticks. Since he entered the palace, he had tempted her everywhere, even eating and drinking. Knowing that she liked the dishes by Lian Bing at her original residence, he actually got the person over. But in order not to make him suspicious, usually didn’t even dare to touch it.

Many years ago, he gave her three fresh duck buns to her like this, and watched with great interest as she ate little by little… Suddenly, it had been so long. So many things had happened in the middle of it, and he and she were still sitting like this, it was really like a dream.

However, the two of them didn’t cross paths, and now... now was even more so.

“Eat it. Even if you don’t eat it, the baby in your belly must eat it. Remember this to me, if you starve him, I will naturally make your Ruan’s family look good.”

She tugged the corners of her mouth bitterly. Naturally, he was just doing it for his heir.

Maybe she should concede. It was enough to keep the Ruan family safe and to meet with Chengxuan everyday. This was the purpose of her entering the palace. How could she pray for more!

If he hadn’t seen through it, she wouldn't have admitted herself that she was Ruan Wushuang in this life. Maybe it was grudge, and also hatred, she just didn’t want him to know.

He let her eat as she went, and he let her drink the medicine. SHe was like a pupper, and she would do whatever he wanted her to. It was just that in this life, she would never say a word to him again.


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  1. It’s a bit easy to put everything on the account of her « loving » that Meng guy…
    It seems he refuses to understand that this isn’t the point of at all : the point is that she was innocent and yet, he went after all and ruined her life ! He even let her bear the fear and the guilt of thinking that the baby she carried wasn’t his ! So even if there wasn’t this Meng guy, she’d still be angry. So I’m kinda angry that he’s blaming all of her hatred for on her supposed « love » for another guy and won’t consider or see that this is his past actions that drove her to hate him so much
    I’m kinda annoyed because he never really apologized, never really admitted or realized what was wrong in his actions (he even raped her for God’s sake and planed to have her killed after the birth of her kid !)… he just said « let’s forget it all… » How convenient, huh ? So she should just forget about how much you hurt her ? Just like you forget ? Aren’t you in this situation because you wouldn’t forget your grievances in the first place and even after an innocent girl because of that ?
    « When he had been ruthless to her, did he even think of forgetting all that hatred? » Exactly girl, that’s my point !
    If he really feels sorry for what he’s put her through, he should just leave her alone instead of forcing his ways on her and trying to get her back with such means. I’d be okay if he was trying to get her back with his love, kindness and patience but he’s just imposing on her. To me, it honestly feels like he doesn’t really feel sorry what he’s put her through but only feels sorry because it caused him to lose her (so once again, his suffering matters more than hers)
    I like this novel but I must say, all of his sufferings are very satisfying, because he honestly deserves to know what it feels like to be tormented and rejected by the one he loves


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