Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Volume 02 Chapter 06

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A chapter more~ It's surprising that I can really translate this fast. But I don't know the quality though, lol. Just type it madly >_< And I change the Grandpa Meng Junma, I think it's wrong, and change it to Gentleman Meng.

Chapter 6: Light Smoke of Fragrant Grass Confused The Old House
translator: Oyen

The next day, in the upper study room, Meng Lengqian somehow offended Heaven, and the Emperor ordered him to be imprisoned. This disaster was quite sudden, and it was naturally shocking to reach Mu Ningyan’s ear.

Pondering about it for a long time, she still didn’t know what happened. She always felt vaguely uneasy. Perhaps it was because she had asked the Meng family to help when she entered the palace, moreover he had witnessed her and Brother Meng… or because of what happened yesterday…

So, she sent her close maid to privately inquire about her eldest cousin and others, but after inquiring, there was no result, only that he suddenly entered because of a crime. Today, they were also pleading for gentleman Meng, said that if it was convenient for the Empress, they would try to help each other out for the sake of the Ruan family owing a favor to the Meng family.

She stood by the window, looking at the fading light of the sun for a long time before saying, “Serve the clothing.”

Shi Quanyi leaned over and stood on the side, peeking at the Emperor’s expression. The Emperor seemed to be in a trance, with a folded book in his hand, turning it over and over again for an unknown amount of time.

The few chamberlains in charge of holding the lanterns moved silently, scattering a patch of amber as they went.

Xiao Lu-zi came from outside the palace with his hand hanging down and saluted the Emperor. “This servant reports to the Emperor, Concubine Ning is outside and asks for an audience.” He secretly looked up, and the Emperor’s eyes seemed to flicker, but Shi Quanyi didn’t dare to look more, his gaze slightly dropping, but he saw the Emperor’s hands clenching the folded book, his veins slightly rose.

The Emperor spoke indifferently, “Let her in.” Shi Quanyi had been around Baili Haozhe for a long time, so he could naturally hear that the Emperor didn’t seem to be in a very good mood.

Yesterday, in Fengyi Hall, Concubine Ning somehow provoked the Emperor. For the first time since he favored Concubine Ning, the Emperor didn’t stay at the Fengyi Hall.

Today was also different from the past. On weekdays, the Emperor was usually already in Fengyi Hall at this hour. According to the theory, at this time, when Concubine Ning asked to see him, he naturally took the initiative to show kindness, so why was the Emperor wasn’t happy! Was it possible that it was related to gentleman Meng’s matter!

He still remembered that when the two Emperor’s son-in-laws of the Ruan family entered the palace to intercede for Concubine Ning, who had not yet entered the palace at that time, saying that Concubine Ning had already betrothed to other family, and the man was Meng Lengqian of grandpa Meng’s family.

Shi Quanyi secretly thought of it, and was suddenly enlightened. For gentleman Meng’s to be imprisoned today, could it be…

Looking up slightly, he saw Concubine Ning, dressed in a smoky purple palace dress, coming over and saluting the Emperor. “This concubine greets the Emperor.”

If it was a normal day, the Emperor would have already put down the folded book to greet her. But today, he didn’t even lift his head, and he still concentrated on the folded book, as if he hadn’t heard it. Concubine Ning, on the other hand, still maintained a salute posture, neither of them spoke again.

Shi Quanyi only felt that the air in this Chengqian Hall was gradually thinning out. But for a long time, the two still didn’t speak.

Shi Quanyi looked at the chamberlains bowing and standing in all directions, and all of them lowered their heads too low, so he had to say. “Report to the Emperor, it is time for a meal. Is it time to serve the meal or not?”

Baili Haozhe let out an ‘Oh’, then said calmly. “Serve it.”

The maids walked in a line, bringing the meal lightly and skillfully一一 serving it one by one. Finally, Shi Quanyi came over. “Invite the Emperor, and Mistress to eat.”

Baili Haozhe began to order. “Let’s all withdraw, there is no need to wait here.” After the crowd saluted, they went out with their heads lowered.

Baili Haozhe said in a deep voice, “Sit down. What are you doing there?” Mu Ningyan looked up at him, only to see that he had already turned around. She only saw the back of his dragon robe, and she suddenly lowered her head shyly, moved the lotus step slightly and followed.

He sat down, took the silver ivory chopsticks with the milk cap, and also began to eat. Mu Ningyan sat on the edge and saw that his left hand was covered with a silk handkerchief. She glanced at it once, and then looked away. 

Baili Haozhe’s heart sank deeper, and all the dishes were already tasteless in his mouth. He simply put down his chopsticks and said, “Say, what’s the matter?”

Mu Ningyan bit her lip lightly and pondered for a moment before saying, “Emperor must forgive this concubine before this concubine dare to say…”

Baili Haozhe stared at her for a while, and said, “Okay, say it!”

Mu Ningyan lowered her head and said, “Emperor, this concubine doesn’t know… doesn’t know what happened to gentleman Meng?” Baili Haozhe was silent. Although he had already guessed her intentions, now that she was being unabashedly straightforward, he felt more and more jealous. 

She was still pleading for the man. “Ask the Emperor… Ask the Emperor to spare him for the sake of his loyalty!” Only to hear the ‘snap’ sound, the ivory chopsticks that were originally held in the Emperor’s hand were thrown to the ground by him.

Baili Haozhe was expressionless as he suddenly stood up and coldly said, “Someone, send Concubine Ning back to the hall.”

She looked like she had been slapped in the face, and her face turned several shades paler. She stood up slowly and saluted as per rules, “This concubine will withdraw!”

Shi Quanyi personally sent her back to Fengyi Hall. He had always been an understanding person, and naturally he could vaguely guess what had happened between the Emperor and Concubine Ning. He secretly looked up at Concubine Ning who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and said for a moment, “Concubine Ning, this slave has a word, and doesn’t know if it is appropriate to talk about it?”

Mu Ningyan said, “Chief Shi might as well say it straightforwardly,” Shi Quanyi said, “If this slave said something wrong, ask Mistress to forgive.”

Mu Ningyan waved her hand, meaning it didn’t matter. Shi Quanyi said slowly, “Since Concubine Ning entered the palace, it can be said that three thousands doting were on Mistress’ whole body, and the other concubines in the harem are like decoration. The Emperor’s love for Mistress is naturally extremely intense… But in the end, the Emperor is just an ordinary man in the world…” Mu Ningyan listened sheepishly, and there was no reaction.

“So, what this slave means… This time, for how the scholar Meng offended the Emperor, let Mistress pretend not to know anything, not to pay attention to it. Maybe in a few days, the Emperor will let scholar Meng go.”

Mu Ningyan lowered her long eyelashes. “Chief Shi, I understand. Thank you for your mention.” It seemed that Brother Meng had really suffered this imprisonment in vain, it was because of her.

A few days later, what reached the ears of Fengyi Hall was the Emperor turned to Concubine Yan in Jiangyun Hall, Concubine Liu in Lanlin Hall, Concubine Yin in Chengbi Hall and Concubine Tang in Wenni Hall. This was the first time since Concubine Ning entered the palace that the Emperor had turned over the plaque of other concubines.

The Emperor never came to Fengyi Hall again, and Concubine Ning never went to Chengqian Hall again. The servants who were on duty in the Chengqian Hall also clearly sensed that the Emperor was displeased during these days, and even the ministers felt it, and the memorials presented were refuted by the Emperor from time to time.

At this moment, Lord Anding was kneeling in the vast Chengqian Hall, and his whole back was drenched in cold sweat. As soon as he came in, the Emperor didn’t say anything and let him kneel.

He peeked up towards Chief Shi, who was standing beside the Emperor, for help, but Chief Shi’s hand was shrunken in his sleeve and only waved a few times secretly. Naturally, he understood that it meant for him not to say more.

A chamberlain came lightly and whispered in Shi Quanyi’s ear. Shi Quanyi’s eyes flickered for a moment and said, “This slave has something to do!”

Baili Haozhe said lightly, “Say it.” But his gaze didn’t even sweep a glance at the kneeling Lord Anding.

Shi Quanyi said, “Emperor, the maid of the Fengyi Hall came to report that Concubine Ning is sick…” The Emperor turned and stood up hurriedly to walk outside… But after a few steps, he suddenly stopped again. Only after half a moment did he open his mouth faintly, “What did the imperial physician say?”

Shi Quanyi reported back. “Concubine Ning hasn’t yet summoned the imperial physician to do a check up.”

The Emperor kept pacing back and forth, obviously anxious. But he didn’t seem to be going to Fengyi Hall.

Shi Quanyi said, “Emperor, this slave has dared to pass Tang Xin from Fengyi Hall,” Hearing this, the Emperor stopped and turned around. 

Seeing this, Shi Quanyi inquired towards the maid kneeling on the ground, “Tan Xing, what happened to the Mistress just now, you should report to the Emperor in detail.”

The maid’s voice trembled softly, “Emperor, this slave and others don’t know what happened. Mistress was fine and ordered us to pass on the meal just now. But after only a few bites, Mistress began to vomit for a long time. This slave wanted to summon the imperial physician, but Mistress didn’t allow it. Later, later there was really no way, and this slave is worried about Mistress’ body, so this slave dares to report to Chief Shi…” 

The Emperor stood up with the support of his hands, and said after a moment, “Go, have the chief of the imperial physician take a few people to the Fengyi Hall,” then he ordered, “Tie up all the people in the kitchen.”

The Emperor’s face had been sullen since entering the Hall. The people in the Fengyi Hall were watching their noses with their eyes even more, not even daring to breathe out. For a moment, the whole hall was silent, and occasionally a cold wind whistled outside the hall, beating the branches and leaves, making it seem more and more quiet in the hall.

It took a long time for the Imperial physician to come out, and when they saw Baili Haozhe, they kowtowed busily. Imperial physician Yu, who was the chief, said, “Congratulations to the Emperor, congratulations to the Emperor! Concubine Ning was pregnant with a dragon heir and had been pregnant for more than a month…”

Before Baili Haozhe had finished listening, he had already turned around and walked toward the inner chamber. His steps were so fast that he forgot to let the Imperial physician and others get up.

Her head was on the inside, her eyes closed, as if she were asleep. A green silk like cloud was draped over the soft pillow of apricot yellow. He sat down on the edge of the bed, his hand involuntarily touching it, combing for her without a moment’s hesitation. After a long time, he sighed.

On the same day, the Emperor ordered the release of gentleman Meng, who was imprisoned in the main prison.

The clear daylight poured in through the screens, branding the auspicious window ledge pattern on the ground, and countless fine dusts floated in the beams of light and shadow.

Mu Ningyan leaned on the golden couch, her fingertips caressed the half-made small clothes in her hands, and she looked up and sighed sheepishly. Outside the hall, a series of footsteps shattered and rushed to come. There was the anxious cry of the chamberlain behind. “Crown Prince, my grandfather, you slow down, be careful of falling!”

Only then did she look up, and Crown Prince Chengxuan hugged the snow-white little civet like a small arrow through the curtain, biting his lip and standing in front of the couch looking at her with a strange look. She got up, smiled and helped him sort out his clothes, and said softly, “What happened to our Chengxuan? Who made our Chengxuan angry ah?”

The young Crown Prince frowned and pinned at the side of the brocade couch, seemingly unhappy. After a long time, he opened his mouth, “Auntie… Auntie has her own child, later… later, will you still love Chengxuan?” 

It turned out that he was worried about this, and he was still a child. Mu Ningyan wanted to laugh, but in her heart she felt very sour, took his small hand and hugged him in his arms. “No, it won’t be. This auntie will love Chengxuan all her life.”

The young Crown Prince was still in disbelief, and there was obvious doubt in his dark eyes. “Really?” Mu Ningyan hugged him tightly and whispered, “En, that’s right, Auntie assured you.” She took the small clothes on the edge of the couch, showed them in front of him, and said, “You see, this is what Aunti made for you, even if Auntie has give birth to a younger brother or younger sister in the future, this auntie still love our Chengxuan the most, okay?”

The young Crown Prince fixedly looked at the blue satin coat, suddenly he hugged her, and his whole body shrank into her arms, and his back trembled gently. Mu Ningyan hurriedly lowered his head, only to see his nose twitched, and the big tears had already rolled down from his round eyes.

This child was usually very strong and sensible. Except for the first time they met and hugged her to cry, she had never seen him cry.

At the moment, her heart was like being screwed over, hot and painful. She wiped his tears off gently, “Chengxuan, Chengxuan, Chengxuan… Auntie assured you. Auntie will pinky swear with you. Auntie will love Chengxuan all her life, and it will not change for a hundred years, okay?”

Only then did the young Crown Prince look up with a cry and suck in his breath, “Okay,” reaching out his tiny fingers to pinky swear with her, “Pinky swear to be unchanged in a hundred years.”

She gazed at the tiny face before her and whispered, “Unchanged in a hundred years.”

She hugged Chengxuan like this, not wanting to think about anything else.      


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