Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Volume 02 Chapter 07

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Go go, on fire!!!! One more chapter for you~Chapter 7: Flying Cotton Clouds From West to East
translator: Oyen

Yin Shuiya stood on the porch, looking at the snow falling from afar. The plum blossoms under the porch were in full bloom, silently moving with a faint fragrance.

With a snowflake fell on her long lashes, as if it was a light teardrop, she slowly closed her eyes. Since that person entered the palace, the Emperor no longer set foot in Chengbi Hall.

She sighed quietly and opened her eyes. What met her eyes was endlessly plain white, delicate but no one pity.

The last time she saw the Emperor was his birthday. The dinner was a palace feast, but even the feast was held in Fengyi Hall.

Even so, she didn’t know why, but she was still a deer bumping into her arms, her heart beating faster, and she was vaguely expectant. Since getting up in the morning, he ordered someone to hold various splendid chinese clothes for her to try on.

She took great pains to try on one piece at a time, and the flowing damask, worn on her body, made people pick their eyes for a while.

Although the sunset color was bright enough, the Emperor had always disliked too bright colors. The smoke purple was too gray to set off her snow-like flower appearance. The crescent moon color was certainly plain but too light for today’s occasion. The sky blue one seemed too simple and there was nothing surprising about it… Finally, it was difficult to pick a purple and red palace dress.

She still remembered that more than a year ago, they once played chess together. Because at sunset, the afterglow was veiled and the mist was heavy. The hand lantern had not yet been commanded to turn on in the hall, but the light had slowly dimmed and it was somewhat hazy. She was falling, but he stretched out his hand from the side, took her hand, smiled softly and said, “Well, finally won this time.” She had never heard him speak to her in such a gentle and pampered voice, and she couldn’t help but be smitten.

In fact, she played chess with him, which time it wasn’t he who won. She looked up at him shyly, only to see something fall apart in his eyes. He returned to his usual look, his usual tone.

She sighed slightly. But she always felt vaguely that even if the Emperor held her in his arms, it was as if he wasn’t by her side. He looked at her out of his mind, but it was as if he was just penetrating her body, his gaze lingering in the distance…

She always remembered that day she was wearing this palace dress.

The feast was held in the front hall of the Fengyi Hall. She and Concubine Tang, Concubine Liu, and Concubine Yan arrived one after another. Only to see that all the concubines were wearing new clothes with bright colors and flowers, with makeup and carefully combed bun, pearl hairpin, tassels, each and every female beauty that could captivating even the birds and beasts, the styles were varied.

In fact, Yin Shuiya had always been quite proud of her looks, and when they looked at the concubines in the palace, there were few who were as good as her, except for the newly appointed Concubine Ning, but Concubine Ning’s looks were…

When the concubines first saw Concubine Ning, none of them weren’t surprised. The one whose appearance was alive was like the rebirth Empress Ruan. Later, this Concubine Ning was pampered in the harem, and other concubines somewhat understood in their heart that it was because she was too similar to the Empress.

In the middle of Fengyi Hall, the Nine Dragon Jade couch was set up, while the Phoenix Jade couch was set on the side. As soon as the concubines entered the hall, they couldn’t help but be stunned. After the two looked at each other, under the guidance of the chamberlains, they sat down on the set up couch.

They must know that this Phoenix Jade couch that could be side by side with the Nine Dragon Jade could only be enjoyed by one person in the harem, that is, the Empress. But now that there was a person in this middle Hall, how could Concubine Ning overstep the honor of the mother of the nation.

Could it be that the Emperor intended to crown Concubine Ning as the Empress? Everyone’s thoughts flew at once, and their faces changed slightly.

The concubines were thinking about it so much that the servants were already shouting. “The Emperor has arrived——” The concubines hurriedly got up and knelt down to greet. Only to see the Emperor didn’t avoid suspicion and took Concubine Ning with one hand and the young Crown Prince with the other into the hall, personally guiding Concubine Ning to the Phoenix Jade couch.

“You all may rise.”

“Thanks Emperor!”

They saw the concubine with a royal blue flowing cloud wide-sleeved robe, veil for the drape, light, elegant and plain. She sat quietly and elegantly on the Phoenix Jade couch and didn’t speak much, as if an orchid, quietly blooming. But the Emperor was smiling warmly, and his eyes turned to Concubine Ning from time to time.

Yin Shuiya realized that the Emperor’s eyes were so different at this time. For the first time, she knew that the Emperor would look at a person with such a gentle and attentive gaze.

It was the pampered look of an ordinary man looking at his beloved woman. Instead of an emperor looking at his concubines.

Thinking about it, it still made her hate and grit her teeth secretly! But today, the person actually came with the news that she was pregnant with a dragon’s heir. A slight ‘snap’ sound coming from her ears, she looked back, only to see that a red nail polish in her hand was actually broken when she squeezed the pillar before…

The charcoal fire in the Jinding furnace burned warmly, and the fine smoke was mixed with the dark incense of the heavy wood, making people sleepy. Mu Ningyan hugged a civet, slowly caressed its abdomen with one hand, and leaned against the window of the folded people to listen to the sound of falling snow.

A maid came with light steps and reported, “Mistress, the Emperor is on his way over.” She nodded lightly and moved her body, saying, “En.” For some reason, she just felt that her heart was rushing with anger, she was so irritable that she didn’t want to see anyone.

Baili Haoze came in, only to see her lying on her side, her eyes closed and seemed to be sleeping. He reached out and his slender fingers slowly rubbed on her cold cheeks, as if to confirm and as if afraid that she would leave again… After a long time, he slowly descended, stopped at her abdomen, and gently rubbed it…

The agarwood in the furnace overflowed with wisps, and the winter daffodils on several shelves had light and pleasant fragrance.

Baili Haozhe stood up violently and strode toward the Jinding furnace, kicking the furnace to the ground with a kick, and shouting angrily, “Someone come!”

The maid of the Fengyi Hall and palace servants knew that the Emperor was angry, but it was the first time they had seen him so furious. They all knelt down on their knees, just as Shi Quanyi was waiting by the side, kneeling behind the curtain, “Emperor, please calm your anger!”

Baili Haozhe turned around and hurriedly grabbed a few daffodils on the shelves, pushed open the window and threw them out. Shi Quanyi only heard a few muffled ‘crackling’ sounds, and didn’t know what was happening, so he had to call out in fear through the curtains. “Emperor, Emperor?”

Mu Ningyan had already been alarmed at this time, covering her chest and leaning on the pillow, and her eyes were also full of fear and fright. The cold wind in the room poured in, cold into her heart. Baili Haozhe hurriedly stepped forward to take the mink fur and drape it on her, and then hugged her into his arms, softly comforting. “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, It’s alright, it’s alright! There’s me!”

After a moment of comfort, he asked the maid in a loud voice, “Where did the incense burned in this furnace come from? Who let it burn?”

Mu Ningyan’s face turned pale and replied, “Emperor, it was this concubine who ordered them to burn it.”

Baili Haozhe heard the words and frowned, “You?!”

Mu Ningyan said, “It’s this concubine. Because when Concubine Yin sent it the day before, this concubine smelled it and felt that it was soothing. Today, this concubine didn’t know why this concubine was upset, so ordered them to burn it.”

Baili Haozhe asked, “What about the daffodils?” Mu Ningyan frowned and said lowly, “This concubine has always loved flowers, and this flower is something that is already in the hall. What’s wrong?”

Baili Haozhe said lightly, “Nothing important, I feel that this smells strange, so I don’t like it. You can’t use this in the future.” 

Mu Ningyan replied softly, “Yes, this concubine knows.”

Baili Haozhe summoned Shi Quanyi and softly commanded a few words. Shi Quanyi took the order and left. No one noticed that the Emperor’s face was ashen, a look of storm clouds approached.

Naturally she didn’t know, what she burned in the furnace today was deep-sea incense, which only had a fragrance and wasn’t poisonous. But once mixed with daffodils, hibiscus and other floral fragrances, it was highly poisonous.

Until now, his heartbeat was still abrupt. If he hadn’t come early today, if she hadn’t just lit up, she and the child in her womb would have been lost ah.

His gaze suddenly turned cold, the most poisonous woman’s heart. He couldn’t imagine that Concubine Yin had a snake’s heart and was as vicious as this!

Only then did he personally check her pulse, her pulse was slightly unstable, but it was still normal. Why was that the good-for-nothing imperial physician hadn't come out until now?

After pacing back and forth for a long time, he became more and more anxious. Only then did the imperial physician stoop out of their inner bedchambers and salute him. He was even impatient. “Tell me quickly, what happened to Concubine Ning?” 

The chief of the imperial physician’s forehead touched the ground, quite frightened. “Reply to the Emperor, after checking the pulse, this slave found that Mistress seemed to have a slight signs of miscarriege mark. Fortunately the situation wasn’t very serious, and this slave immediately gave the right medicine, ask the Emperor to rest assured!”

Baili Haozhe nodded, “Withdraw.”

Her head rested on her legs, her face was pale, and her eyelashes kept fluttering. “Emperor, what happened? What happened to this concubine?”

Baili Haozhe held her cold hand, and his heart was soft and loving as he coaxed, “Nothing, this is just the daily consultation, hurry up and rest. There’s me!”

She hesitated for a moment, then suddenly raised her eyes. There seemed to be water light fluctuating inside. “Emperor, this concubine isn't an ignorant child. Emperor doesn’t have to deceive me. This concubine must listen to the truth!”

Baili Haozhe’s fingers gently rubbed the back of her smooth and tender hand, and only then did he say slowly. “Do you know that the incense burned today is produced in the East Sea, called deep-sea incense? It’s non-toxic in itself and has a good smell. But once this incense is mixed with the aroma of daffodils and other flowers, it will become a poisonous gas.”

Mu Ningyan was shocked, and her first reaction was to cover her stomach, her voice was trembling. “Then…”

Baili Haozhe pulled her head over to look at him, and little by little he bowed down, blending with her breath. “Rest assured, our child is fine. I will never let anything happen to them, I will protect you and the child. Never again… never again…”

She slowly closed her eyes, as if exhausted, and whispered, “Emperor.”

Inside the hibiscus veil, the warmth was very strong. Mu Ningyan leaned into his arms, only to feel the tiredness slowly coming, and her eyelids seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

Thinking about it in her heart, she murmured, “But how could Emperor know that these two things were poisonous when mixed together?”

Baili Haozhe revealed a helpless smile. “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you slowly later. You should take a rest first.” Mu Ningyan turned over and turned his back on him, as if she was displeased.

Baili Haozhe smiled, his hand slowly held over her smooth black silk hair, and asked in a low voice, “Do you really want to hear it?” Mu Ningyan was silent, and only after a moment did she give a soft ‘En.’

Baili Haozhe sighed and slowly said, “This matter must start from my mother… Did you know that my mother didn’t die of a serious illness that was claimed to be to the outside world? In fact, she was poisoned in the Prince’s Mansion… Perhaps…”

He sighed lightly again before he said, “Perhaps, I am afraid that others will also use this method to conspire against me, so in the books I have read since childhood, in addition to governing the country and ensuring national security, there are many medical books and poisonous scriptures. I’ve seen anything I can find.”

“Later, when I became an adult and was bestowed a Mansion, my actions became more and more free, and I specially visited many folk masters from all over the world to teach me. Therefore, although I have never seen poison in the world, I know some of it. Every poison must have something unique. For example, the incense you burn is actually a deep sea incense, and after mixing with daffodils, although it smells comfortable, in fact, the blood and gas in the body will surge and flow against the current. The average person will only feel upset and irritable, unable to calm down. But for people who are pregnant, it’s extremely dangerous and will miscarriage. So, I read a medical book that detailed that it was absolutely forbidden for pregnant women.”

Her face was hidden in the quilt, and it was impossible to see clearly, and she seemed to have fallen asleep soundly.

Baili Haozhe’s fingers gently and slowly glided over her soft, fleshy skin, from her forehead to the tip of her nose to her jaw to her neck… Her breathing was even and clear, and his head slowly bent lower, little by little, until it touched her cheek…

“Wushuang, don’t leave me again… I will never allow you to leave me again!”


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