Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads: Extra 01

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This extra is the last story of Baili Haozhe and Ruan Wushuang, and the last two extra are Ruan Yujin and the real Mu Ningyan's stories.
Extra 1: Fleeting Years
translator: Oyen

Inside the Imperial study, all the ministers knelt on the ground, calming their minds, lest they accidentally offend the Emperor.

Baili Haozhe threw the memorials to Zhou Chaozong, the current prime minister with a snap. He was furious. “You show me, this imperial examination malpractice case actually involved so many people, the so-called wolf’s ambitions is just that…”

The Emperor was notoriously majestic in his early years, but in recent years, as he grew older, he had become more and more gentle with his courtiers. But now, because of this case of cheating, his eyes were red with anger, and the killing intent in his eyes suddenly appeared. The ministers fell to the ground, knowing that the Emperor was furious this time, and it seemed that something big was going to happen today in the court… The more they thought about it, the more frightened they became. Although it was a cold winter, all of sudden even their backs were already wet.

Shi Quanyi and the other chamberlains all knelt down one after another, knowing that the Emperor was angry, and it was difficult to leave the matter at that. He secretly gave a sign with his eyes to the little guard at the bottom to invite the Empress. This Emperor’s anger ah, would only be calmed when he saw the Empress.

But in half a tea’s time, the attendant guarding the hall door already came in and reported, “Emperor, the Empress requests an audience.” The Emperor’s face cleared up a little, his eyes coldly swept over the heads of all the people one by one, and only after a long time did he order. “All of you withdraw!” All the ministers looked as if they had been pardoned, they kowtowed and saluted, and only then did they go out in a line.

The Empress was coming down from the step, and all the courtiers hurried to salute one after another. “This slave greet the Empress.” It was very clear in their heart that if it wasn’t for the Empress today, there would be a big thing happening in the court. 

The Empress gave them a slight smile. “You all may rise. Everyone has worked hard.”

Entering the hall, she saw Baili Haozhe standing with both of his hands. She took a white porcelain cup of tea from the maid’s hand and silently handed it over. The crowd was amused and bowed out under Shi Quanyi’s guidance.

Baili Haozhe took over, took a sip, and sighed. “Those ministers say that I am too strict as an Emperor, with no grain of sand in my eyes, and sternly reprimanding ministers at every turn. Only, who in the world can know my bitterness ah? Since ancient times, it is said The zeal of the gentleman (virtue, grace) will be cut off in the fifth generation. It’s been nearly a hundred years since Gao Zu started his dynasty and has come to me.”

The Empress didn’t speak, but stood still and listened, her hands covering his shoulders and pounding him lightly. Probably because she was holding the heater before, the hands that were touching his neck were still warm.

A few red plums were inserted in an azure vase, there was a shallow lingering fragrance in the air. As the dusk approached, the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled gently into the window through the double-paned windows, casting a faint golden glow over the two of them.

It was New Year’s Day again.

He reached out and covered her soft and slender hand. He sighed, only to feel like a dream!

That year, he thought she was gone, forever away from him. He also seemed to be dead, and he felt dizzy everyday. The fire in the Zhaoyang Hall burned everything she had to ashes. In the most painful days, he once relied on taking five minerals powder to survive, being dead drunk every day, but he still couldn’t sleep. Later… Later, he ordered someone to take her clothes from the Prince’s Mansion and he held them everyday, accompanied by a familiar faint fragrance before he could occasionally sleep.

He let himself go like that, only hoping to see her in his dreams. But, again and again, she never came… Because she hated him, she didn’t even want to see him in the dreams.

There was a time when he thought he’d pass happiness forever, and every time he remembered it, he’d almost break out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, she was still there, and he had grabbed her firmly!

Now that he thought about it, it was like a dream!

“What about Yi’er?”

Ruan Wushuang smiled slightly. “She’s pestering Chengxuan and Chenglu to go to Jijing Hall to pick plum blossoms!” Baili Haozhe laughed warmly and straightforwardly. “This naughty little thing, it seems that the plum blossoms in Jijing Hall can’t be saved today!”

Ruan Wushuang could imagine the scene, and couldn’t help but smile and shake her head slightly.

Baili Haozhe frowned lightly, he was helpless, but still smilingly said, “I always don’t understand, who does her personality resemble to? Why is she so naughty?” Turning his head, only to see Ruan Wushuang smilingly and give him a ‘tsk’, “Think about who spoiled her like this!”

Baili Haozhe was speechless, held her hand for a long time and said, “Daughters are born for us to be spoiled.”

Ruan Wushuang sighed lightly, but he was also spoiling her a little too much.

The sky gradually darkened, and the waiters did not come in to light the lantern. In the hall, there was only a slight sound from the furnace. The peace and  tranquility was good, he felt that he had nothing to ask for in this life.


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