Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss You: Chapter 1

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Hello, this is a new title that I will translate in my spare time beside Concealed by Brocaded Clouds, Frost on the Roads. Hope you enjoy it~
Chapter 1 : Rainy Night
translator: Oyen

As the banquet was about to end, Tang Xin sat next to Fu Xueli, getting up from time to time to add wine to the people around.

The investor of the new film, surnamed Fang, was in his fifties, but he was healthy and energetic. After two or three glasses of wine, he still spoke appropriately, narrated and listened calmly.

Today, the cast and crew was finalized. Director Cen drank happily today. Some of them lit a cigarette. “After shooting so long in the mountains, I'm tired of those flowers and trees. I still feel that life in big cities has a taste.”

While talking, the glass of wine was filled again, Director Cen waved his hand, “When the film is over and the publicity schedule is finished, I have to take a good vacation and take my wife and daughter out to travel and relax.”

One person on the table said with a smile, “Nowadays, there are not many men who care about their wives like Director Cen, which is rare.”

When the conversation turned to this, young people couldn't help being teased and being asked about emotional questions. However, sitting at this table, most of them were members of the circle with status and position, and few people made vulgar jokes.

The young actor/actress at the side was embarrassed by the question. Fu Xueli shook the glass, staring at the foam floating in the glass, and didn’t take the initiative to participate.

She drank a lot and was a little tipsy, but she was still conscious, but her head was a little dizzy. Waiting quietly for the meal to be over.

In April, the air in Shencheng was still cold. The city was still dimly lit at night. Under the black sky, high-rise buildings were connected by distant white lights and neon lights.

As soon as she got on the car, Fu Xueli kicked off her high heels, took off her coat, and leaned against the back of her chair and suddenly relaxed.

Tang Xin closed the door, pulled the seat belt sideways, and told the driver to go.

“Turn off the music.” Fu Xueli made a sound.

Hearing that, the driver got on the steering wheel, pressed off the music with one hand, and glanced at the woman curled up in the back seat.

She leaned loosely on the side of the car window, supporting her head, her thin eyebrows drooping, her eyes half-closed.

The long brown curly hair spread out casually and disorderly, and the smooth gray woolen skirt wrapped the delicate figure. The extremely narrow bright lace makes the complexion extremely white.

—— Really beautiful, that kind that made people couldn’t take one eye’s from.

“That President Fang, who started his career in real estate a few years ago, I heard that the background is not very clean, and that person appreciates you. Otherwise, we couldn't easily tear up the resources of Director Cen. You said you, when you just left just now and didn’t greet other people, it’s not good.”

There were only four people in the car, assistant Xi Xi sat on the passenger seat, and the driver drove carefully. Tang Xin was sitting next to Fu Xueli, fiddling with her mobile phone, counting and sending photos to her Moments.

No one else said a word.

Fu Xueli's model debut, she was caught by Tang Xin at first. When the person was abroad, she finished the contract in two or three days and quickly signed the person into her own hands.

Later, after returning to China for development, Fu Xueli made a small heat with a popular online drama. However, in recent years, although there was a sense of existence, it had always been neither warm nor hot. It wasn’t that she didn't look good. On the contrary, she was only popular because she was beautiful. Her character wasn’t superficial. It was purely feminine, her grace was proud and aloof, lacking in human touch, beautiful but aloof.

Simply that the appearance was too gorgeous, so the drama road was relatively limited. It was easy to get more fans and also easily attract haters.

But in the entertainment industry, a little heat depended on flatter, while a large heat depended on her fate. Anyway, there was no hurry. Fu Xueli was a good seedling and had aura, so the team had been steady and sure, trying not to let her win traffic and attract people's attention by exploding scandals.

The car drove under the overpass and the shadows swept by and without knowing, rain was pouring outside. The wipers scraped the glass slowly from left to right.

“I have said so much, do you hear me?” Tang Xin turned her head.

Jiejie, please be quiet for a while.” Her head was about to explode. Fu Xueli was sleepy and tired. She just wanted to be quiet for a moment. She was too sleepy to say another word.

Filming all night last night and leaving early in the morning, she was on her way all day from Xiangshan to Shencheng. After the banquet, her whole body was very tired.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and there were fewer and fewer people on the road. The wind hit the tree, the car turned on its yellow headlights, was shrouded in rain and fog, and sped along.


Passing the overpass, an oncoming truck passed by, the driver held the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes.

The tyre rubbed against the ground and made a shrill noise. The car came to a sudden stop by the side of the road, and everyone in the car leaned forward.

“What's the matter? Car accident?!” Tang Xin held the back of the chair, startled and hurriedly asked.

“No, there seems to be a person lying on the road ahead...”

A sharp siren cut through the silence of the night. At 321 Beining West Road, the entrance of the overpass was blocked by the police cordon.

They didn’t know when the heavy rain would subside. The police guarded the cordon and stopped the onlookers who had been squeezing in. Several police cars, including criminal police and reporters, were parked not far away.

The deceased was a young woman, unable to see her face in the shadows. She lay half-length naked on her back, her head covered by a skirt. The rain mixed with blood, emitting a hot smell, spread along the cement ground. There was too much bleeding to tell where the wound was. The victim's black hair was divided into strands by blood and stuck to her arm, and her breath was gone.

“Take control of the scene, prevent secondary damage, and evacuate all the people who have nothing to do with it!” A middle-aged police officer was furious and yelled at the intercom.

“Which one of you called the police?” He took a breath.

“It's me.” Tang Xin replied immediately. She looked away and resisted the urge to vomit.

Liu Jingbo tightened his eyebrows, nodded, and saw a black car parked not far away, in which people were still sitting. He looked at it with his probe. “Then, then, then, who else is in the car? Let her come out.”

“This... She’s ill and not convenient. Can she just stay in the car, officer?” Tang Xin was embarrassed, trying to make a discussion.

First of all, there were many reporters who came here to hear the news. If public figures like Fu Xueli were photographed at the scene of the accident, they would be blackened…

“What illness, can you freeze to death with this little rain?! This is a very serious murder case. What manner are you to stay inside the car, Xiao Wang, go and get the person out!”

“The deceased really has nothing to do with us ah comrade police, we just passed by and——”

“Stop, stop, stop!” Liu Jingbo impatiently interrupted the driver. “Now just answer what I ask. Why speak so much nonsense?” Then he turned his head and asked a female police officer nearby, “how long will Old Qin and others arrive?”

“Look, he’s already coming.”

Tang Xin tilted her head in the direction they were looking, and saw a bunch of people dressed like doctors.

Wearing masks, they broke through the noisy crowd, and after showing their ID, they bent over and got through the police cordon and walked over here.

They were all dressed in white coats, which looked neat and abrupt on a crowded and dark rainy night.

The leader was a tall young man. He opened the investigation trunk, squatted beside the corpse without saying a word, put on gloves, and lifted the white skirt on the victim's face.

Sitting in the car, Fu Xueli looked out of the car. There was a policeman standing outside. He lit his flashlight into the car and knocked on the window.

Xiao Jie, please come down and cooperate with us to take record.”

The moment the door was pushed open, the wind poured straight into her neck. Shivering with cold, she opened her umbrella, pressed down the bones of the umbrella to cover her face, and her red high heels stepped on the ground.

Because of the heavy rain, the mud and stones were mixed, and the traces of the scene were almost destroyed. The rain was still falling, and many investigations couldn’t be carried out.

Fu Xueli slowly followed the little policeman, lowered her head, and carefully hid her face under the umbrella to prevent from being recognized by the passer-by. There were many shallow puddles along the way, although her walking was slow, her legs were still covered with mud.

Xi Xi held an umbrella for Tang Xin and listened to her constantly complaining, "I don't know how late it will be. I'm really unlucky to get on this sh*t. I can't go yet. I'll be taken back to the police station to record later. I'm going to talk about the contract early tomorrow morning.”

They stood beside the bushes, and just then, Tang Xin stopped talking.

“It’s like this, we have a few questions for you, which are related to the murder case, and please cooperate patiently with our work.”

Tang Xin smiled embarrassingly, but her sight stopped at the man who was standing silently next to the police officer Liu.

He had only a thin blue police uniform inside, an ordinary white robe outside, and an ID pinned to his chest, so there was nothing else. The draping clothes were moved by the occasional wind, and it seemed that it wasn’t cold on such a night.

Since childhood, Xi Xi had been afraid of doctors, let alone a person who dealt with corpses all day without blinking. She remembered just the appearance of his face-deadpan examination of the corpse, and she couldn't help but be afraid and stepped back two steps.

“What time did you arrive at the crime scene?”

He looked at her little moves, but remained indifferent.

The man's voice had a peculiar sense of coldness like an ice line, like an eight degree beer on the table. Although it was calm and gentle, it had no waves and swelling water, but it was highly recognizable.

This voice…

Fu Xueli clenched the handle of the umbrella tightly. The residual effect of alcohol remained in her mind, and her reaction was slow. She thought she had hallucinations.

“About 8pm.” Xi Xi tried to think back, and answered carefully. She looked at the person who took notes aside for fear that she might say something wrong.

“Have you moved the body?”

“It seems… not.”

“What do you mean it seems not?! If there’s something then there’s something, you can honestly and frankly say it, think again before speaking, don't give me——” Liu Jingbo obviously couldn't contain his temper, and his mouth was a reprimand.

“Okay, okay.” Someone nearby comforted Liu Jingbo.

Xi Xi was frightened, stammered, almost crying, “I touched... but I want to see if she breathes... I really... I really don’t know that she is dead.”

“En, don’t be nervous, you can continue.”

The young man lowered his dark eyelashes and took off his rubber gloves. There was a casual sense of cleanliness between his bearings.

When he asked questions, he obviously had no expression and even lacked expression in his eyes, but he gave people an invisible aura. This man was really that kind of high-end guy whose temperament was above his appearance.

At this time, the sound of rain suddenly became louder, causing uproar sounds, raindrops poured and hit the umbrella surface. Fu Xueli squeezed the handle of the umbrella, controlled her breathing, and moved her umbrella up.

Rain confused the view. The tall young man leaned his head slightly, one hand reached to his ear, ready to pull down the mask. Fu Xueli saw his eyes.

The silhouette converged, like the starlight on the street early in the morning, and resembled the devil in the underworld.

Holding a black umbrella, he also saw her. He stopped for a second and his sight passed smoothly.

Cold and ordinary, like looking at strangers, without revealing any mood.

She froze for about a minute before she regained her senses. “Xu Xingchun?!” She couldn’t believe that she called out his name.

Fu Xueli's face, which usually only appeared in the TV room of every household, was exposed, and all other people's eyes were immediately attracted to her, and their eyes immediately widened.

Tang Xin raised her brows and wandered between the two without changing her face. The rest of the people present were shocked.

Oh shoot, a star ah!

Xu Xingchun's response to this calling was very indifferent, which made the atmosphere strange for a moment.

Others carefully looked at Fu Xueli silently. Stepping on high heels, black lace around thin white ankles. The skin was snowy, delicate and exquisite. With thin arms and red lips, she glowed all over her body, and a peppermint rosemary could be smelled from a few meters away. With such a noble appearance, how could these cruel police be able to deal with it?

There was no warning or buffer for the sudden reunion. On this chaotic and dirty rainy night, he was gentle and cold, and his abstinence was clean and meticulous.

Fu Xueli frowned and pinched the second joint of his index finger with his right thumb.

The rain kept falling, falling from the side, hitting the muddy ground under their feet, and opening a fleeting small splash of water. Xu Xingchun turned his gaze back, indifference and distant. There was silence for two seconds, from the red lips that were bitten by her, the alluring scarlet lip, and then slowly lifted the eyelashes.

For a long time.

“Long time no see.” He said smoothly.


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