Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss You: Chapter 2

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Daily chapter for this one~
Chapter 2: Police Station
translator: Oyen

In the stillness of the night, lightning and thunder reflected each other, and the soaked stray dogs wandered in front of the brightly lit Shencheng Public Security Bureau.

“Okay, it's almost done. The one who called the police, please leave your address and contact information.”

The policewoman who took the record finally brushed twice, raised her head and handed Fu Xueli and others a piece of paper, “Here, check the content, then sign, and follow me to the hall to check a fingerprint.”

“Unexpectedly, the police station is full of your classmates.” Tang Xin took over and asked Fu Xueli, “And the handsome policeman just now. What's your relationship?”


“Just a classmate?” Tang Xin didn't believe it, she looked at her in silence and looked at her with a sneer. “Do you think I'm a fool?”

“S*x friends, do you believe it?” Fu Xueli's mouth was bad, but there was no smile on her face, and she didn't even want to maintain a basic expression. The clothes she was wearing were wrong today. The carefully tailored woolen skirt was wet in the rain, and stuck to the body, damp and cold, frozen to the bone.

The policewoman who led the way seemed to notice and took an extra look at Fu Xueli. She slightly shone and suddenly said, “It's a coincidence. I was in the same class with Xueli for a year, but she probably doesn't remember my name. My name is Ma Xuanrui.”

They went to the hall, surrounded by surprised and restrained gaze. Of course, most of the eyes were glued to Fu Xueli. After all, an entertainment star who could only be seen on TV, Weibo and LED billboards. At this time, the real person suddenly appeared in front of them. Ordinary people always had a novel and subtle excitement.

If it wasn’t for the serious situation at this time and a case was being handled, they really wanted to get an autograph and take a photo or something…

As the people looked at her, Fu Xueli didn't seem to notice it, or she was accustomed to other people's attention.

There was a TV hanging on the wall, replaying the dull evening news. On the clock face next to it, the second hand ticked slowly.

“Drink some water first.” Xiao Wang pretended to be calm, took a few cups of hot water and handed it to Fu Xueli.

Except for Fu Xueli, who stood still, everyone next to her took it and thanked her.

“Uncle policeman, when can we leave? look at your watch. It's so late.” Tang Xin frowned.

“The record is finished, huh? It should be fast.” Xiao Wang wasn’t sure. Looking at the second floor, he just saw Liu Jingbo coming down the stairs. He just wanted to shout, but seeing Liu Jingbo was on call, hurriedly walked outside.

The patience of waiting was about to run out, over there一一 they confirmed the name, phone number, and ID of the informant one by one, and after very formalistic questioning, they were finally willing to let them go. Xiao Wang sent Fu Xueli and his party to the door.

Pushing open the door, it was raining outside, and everyone couldn't help shivering.

It was too cold.

The induction light under the porch was broken, and two people stood in the dark corner. Immersed in the fog at night, the wind roared softly, Xu Xingchun leaned against the wall to smoke, the light was flickering and dim, his face couldn’t be seen clearly.

Next to it was the trash can, which was used to knock cigarette's ash.

The driver went to the back to drive, and gave the remainder to the other to wait by the door. Liu Jingbo was engrossed in exchanging the autopsy results with Xu Xingchun, paying no attention to a large number of people here.

It wasn't far away. What Xu Xingchun said, could be heard clearly on this side. He never spoke in a loud voice, an unreasonably husky lower voice, but his words were clear, as if he could knock into the heart.

Everyone here didn't squint, Fu Xueli put her arms around her chest and looked forward. Xi Xi, a good citizen, silently complained…

This kind of thing, shouldn’t it be a secret, is it alright to hear…

After taking a breath, and finishing smoking for a short time, Xu Xingchun stood up straight with one hand in his pocket and white overalls hanging between his arms, he said, “Let’s go, go in and say.”

And the moment they passed by, they walked to the light. A vague yellow light passed through Xu Xingchun's body, and then he stopped. Two seconds later, he lowered his eyebrows and looked at his caught wrist.

Liu Jingbo and Tang Xin looked at each other, and Xiao Wang was also confused, didn’t even know what was going on.

“God..” Xi Xi was still carefully holding her mobile phone to take a picture at the door, and she couldn't help exclaiming when she saw the noise on her side.

What’s going on here?

On the side, Tang Xin held the thought of watching the excitement. Over the years, in the business and entertainment circles, she had dealt with all kinds of demons and ghosts. She was experienced and intuitive. For some professional reasons, she was used to positioning herself.

Seeing a lot of bluff and boastful men, almost at first sight of Xu Xingchun, Tang Xin inexplicably decided that he must be a very dependable and outstanding person.

Clean-living and honest,  reticent yet standing above the common crowd. And very attractive to women.

Generally speaking, this was an attractive person.

Fu Xueli smelled the smell of Chinese honey locust on Xu Xingchun's body with a little tobacco smell, just like he did a long, long time ago.

She had drunk the Baijiu, and her mind was already not clear. But after a while, she suddenly came back to her senses. He was silent, his hands were still grasped by her, slender and had distinct bones, but the temperature was very low.

Fu Xueli was upset, and her fingers that tightly held his wrist were quivered, and several absurd thoughts flashed in her mind.

Xu Xingchun's face was cold and stood upright, his jaw curved thin, still silent, without the slightest response, nor did he withdraw his hand.

Relatively speechless, the eyes of the people around them were becoming more and more gossipy.

“Why didn't you contact me when you came back?” She soon returned to normal and became overbearing again.

She looked up and looked closely at him expressionlessly, Xu Xingchun stayed out of the matter and didn’t move.

The surrounding light was very dark. Although the atmosphere was quiet, many people looked at it secretly. A moment later, Xu Xingchun's hoarse and cold voice sounded, “I'm busy with my work, talk about it when I'm free.”

He had a pair of very shallow double eyelids, and the color of his eyes was very gentle light brown, clean and free of any s*xual desire. Obviously he was born with a pair of smiling eyes, but inside his eyes were covered with shadows.

When she let go, he nodded slightly, without even looking, pushed open the door and left without looking back.

Only then did Xiao Wang return to his senses, and hurriedly followed. Admiring secretly in his heart.

It's terrible! Captain Xu's temper was really cold enough, abstinence enough. He would never forget his own personality. To treat this level of beautiful woman truly heartless that persisted for ten decades!

Her sourness hit the tip of her nose. Fu Xueli had always been a face-saving person, never having been treated like this since she was a child. With her head down, tears burst into her eyes quickly.

She clenched her teeth secretly and tried her best to calm her emotions. Pretending to be nonchalant. But she was anxious and angry.


The makeup can’t be wasted.

Can’t cry.

Lao Zi can’t cry.

As they approached the hotel, the car stopped slowly. Tang Xin took out the room card and handed it to Xi Xi, while explaining the arrangements for the past few days, “There’s a new drama press conference tomorrow. In the afternoon the day after tomorrow, if there’s no accident, ADIS made an appointment to take photos. Then I don't know what date it is. Anyway, one night this week, just go to Minxing No. 2 studio to record a variety show.”

“The notice is so rushed.” Xi Xi lamented.

Tang Xin rolled his eyes, “Rush? In this circle, do you still want to be idle? Do you know how many people want to step on Xueli’s position!”

“And you, I tell you.” Tang Xin turned her line of sight, took the mobile phone to deal with Xueli, and warned in a low voice, “You and He Luzheng are hyping CP now, and we can't afford to offend anyone. Now, both of your fans’ heat is still rising, and whoever has an accident first will bear it. Be careful, I don't want to see you and the man just now appeared on Weibo for hot search. You will suffer when the time comes.”

After taking a shower at night, Fu Xueli was wearing a white bathrobe and blowing her hair in front of the full-length mirror at the bathroom door. She looked at her expressionless self in the mirror, bare feet, sunken on the soft carpet.

Her mind was blank.

Xi Xi packed her clothes on the sidelines, knowing that she was in a bad mood and didn't say much.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” 

Fu Xueli went to the bed, pulled her hair and sat down, as if she had no intention to open her mouth.


Xi Xi found the warm pad* and put it on the neatly folded clothes on the bedside table. “No, I used to have one in college, but then I broke up.”
*暖宝宝 Nuǎn bǎobǎo, it’s a warm pad to keep your body warm.

“Oh, why?”

“No reason.”

“Do you remember him? Have you contacted him?”

“No contact, remember.”

Xi Xi shook her head, didn’t continue the topic, but said, “By the way, the temperature is very low tomorrow, Xueli-jie, remember to post a few photos when you take photos, be careful of freezing.”

The clock pointed to 3am in the morning. Fu Xueli pushed open the glass door and laid on the balcony of the hotel room, overlooking the night view of the city.

High-rise and low-rise buildings, high-rise apartments with lights still on, were lost in the darkness further away, and the night was like a huge silent container.

After watching it for a while, she suddenly thought weakly, maybe... Xu Xingchun's heart still held a grudge against her all these years.

After thinking about it, her anger was greatly reduced.

After all, she spent so many years together, repeatedly breaking up and getting back together with him.

Fu Xueli always knew that their feelings were Xu Xingchun's unilateral efforts and strong willpower. And she, sometimes deliberately alienated, and then returned back, so on and on.

She always liked to be free and unrestrained. Happiness was really happiness, boredom was the same, seldom hid herself.

It was her who wanted to break up at the beginning, and after the break up, she had a good time. It wasn't until she accidentally learned at a gathering that Xu Xingchun took the initiative to apply for training at the Technical investigation Office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in remote areas and might not come back.

Fu Xueli never thought of it, but the more she thought about it, the worse it was.

At last, in a fit of anger, she went out of the country according to the wishes of her family.

She also didn’t know who she was angry with.

She was a very slow-witted person. In fact, for a long time after Xu Xingchun left, she used to think that he would definitely come back. It had been like this since childhood. No matter how bored she was, no matter how she hurt him, he always stayed where he was and was willing to stay with her.

During those days when she lived abroad, she was lonely, with language barriers, she didn't have any friends. Gradually, she began not to adapt, not adapted to Xu Xingchun’s feeling of truly stripping her life away.

This feeling came all of a sudden, but pinched Fu Xueli. It made her regret it for the first time.

She even tried to contact him over the years. But Xu Xingchun almost cut off contact with everyone as if he had disappeared from the world.

Ridiculously, it was her who wanted to break up, but it was him who didn't say a word and disappeared cruelly for so many years.

Her vision was blurred.

While smoking, she wiped the liquid off her face with the back of her hand. The wind blew in her ear, with the sound of residual rain. But, there was the silence of emptiness.

After feeling the wind, she went back to her room, Fu Xueli lifted the quilt and went to bed and turned off the bedside lamp. In recent years, filming upside down day and night had led to irregular sleep, suffered from neurasthenia*, and it was difficult to fall asleep.
*a condition that is characterized especially by physical and mental exhaustion usually with accompanying symptoms (such as headache and irritability), is of unknown cause but is often associated with depression or emotional stress, and is sometimes considered similar to or identical with chronic fatigue syndrome.

The hotel’s curtain had a good light-proof effect, and the room was dark, without a trace of moonlight coming in. Fu Xueli closed her eyes. After an unknown period of time, she was dizzy and her consciousness finally began to blur.

She was sure she was dreaming. Back to that night, she went out to eat and drink with her college roommates. After drinking too much, everyone walked together, walking on the road, walking through the stairs, the slow road became darker and darker. She was the only one left.

She didn't know where she was going, she didn't know when to stop. There was nothing left in her heart.

Then she saw Xu Xingchun. He waited downstairs in the dormitory as if he had been standing there for a long time.

Without sound, taking her to continue walking. Walking through the dark tunnel, light and shadow passed through her quickly... She could only see his back, no matter how she shouted, he wouldn’t look back.

Finally, at the school gate of Linshi No. 1 school, Xu Xingchun was tall and thin, and his skin colour was pure white with cold bearing, wearing an old blue school uniform coat from many years ago, a pair of short sleeves and black sweatpants. The calm and clear sense of youth was very sufficient.

He waited on the edge of the flower bed, his shoulder leaning against the black street lamp post, his outline still beautiful. Taking off his glasses, his pupils, squinting slightly, and smiling at her.

The love in his eyes was extreme, gentle and imaginary.

Like a piece of glass stuck in her heart, softly knocking, the pain was like rip apart. Tears suddenly gushed out in the dream.


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