Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss You: Chapter 3

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Daily monthly chapter~
Chapter 3 : Brave Woman
translator: Oyen

Meeting Room.

“What’s the matter with captain Xu today ah.” He didn't eat lunch, and he had been busy with the case until now. Qiu Zhixiang was holding a cup of instant noodles and swallowing two mouthfuls to fill his stomach. His gossipy eyes looked toward the crack at the washroom door.

In his eyes, Xu Xingchun wasn’t only good-looking in appearance, the important thing was he also had inner qualities, usually doing things very conscientiously. His work style, attitude and ability were all first-class. Apart from talking a little less sometimes, there were really no shortcomings.

He didn’t know what was wrong today, the person who was always rigorous and rarely made mistakes actually absent-minded for the first time when reporting a primary autopsy. Even to have no choice but suspend the meeting halfway.

It was surprising.

“Do you know or not?” Qi Zhixiang turned his head to ask the girl in the trace inspection of the technical work unit.

When it came to gossip, everyone's state of mind was relaxed, but when the topic was the case, the discussion was very lively and energetic.

“No, I said that you guys in the DNA work unit have time to talk about gossip here. The on-site analysis results come out, right?! The comparison results come out, right? The case is solved, right?” Lin Jin glared at the group of people, biting her teeth. “This is a shoot death case in a downtown area. In addition, the deceased has a special identity and the impact is very bad. The above requires us to solve the case within 48 hours. Each and everyone of you still has time to gossip!”

The others were silent, nodded silently, and slipped back to their original positions to organize their notebooks and prepare to work.

Xu Xingchun held up a handful of cold water and threw it on his face. Turning off the tap, he bowed his head and looked impassively at the dark marble. Hold the edge of the sink with both hands and allow the remaining water to splash his jacket.

Someone coughed twice inappropriately. Liu Jingbo leaned aside and looked at Xu Xingchun. Looking at the back of his hand whose veins are protruding from exertion.

Obviously, he tried his best to restrain the emotion that could not be suppressed. His expression changed from ridicule to sigh and raised his chin. “Look at your morality and conduct, who is that person ah?”

Xu Xingchun's eyes were heavy, looking straight ahead, he held his breath and said nothing.

"Have you calmed down?" Liu Jingbo sneered with disdain, snorted, and came to a direct conclusion, “Looking at you, I know at a glance that you haven’t forgotten your first love.”

As a qualified criminal policeman, the most important thing was to have a pair of eyes that were adept at discovering, looking for evidence in clues and judging the truth from details.

At the first sight of Fu Xueli's appearance, Liu Jingbo immediately knew that Xu Xingchun must have special feelings for this woman.

Fu Xueli's junior high school was in Lincheng. The old-fashioned Wutong* tree was planted on both sides of that city’s road, with lush green leaves in midsummer, intertwined branches in winter, and covered with white snow.
*Chinese Parasol Tree

From childhood, she followed her uncle, Fu Yuandong to grow up, with her biao-ge* at home. Fu’s family had a little bit of a reputation in the city. In addition, Fu Yuandong was usually busy with business and didn’t discipline them strictly. So, they were even more lawless. Her biao-ge, Fu Chenglin, had been a famous bully since elementary school, he liked to fight and skip class.
*Elder male cousin

Fu Xueli’s appearance had been outstanding since before, and also because of her biao-ge's reputation, she had been the ‘popular person’ in the grade. She had been the first person to be gossiped about in the class

Because she often hung out with senior students and people from other schools, others were afraid of her, so she didn’t make any normal friends. In the eyes of her junior high school’s classmate and peers, Fu Xueli was:

Her family has money and can’t be provoked, has bad grades, and is often approached by boys and girls from outside the class.

—— In summary, she is a very bad girl.

In Fu Xueli’s first web drama, her role was a delinquent girl. She appeared as a bad girl in an old Hong Kong movie, wearing only a short skirt without dyeing her hair, revealing a pair of straight and smooth legs. She wore silver bracelets, red strings, waist chains, and also smoked. She hung out late at night drinking beer at a colorful food stall.

She had a surprisingly bad temper, yet never short of men who were fascinated by her.

She showed off her unbridled character that she was raised with, and without having to act, there was a natural sense of freedom that was spontaneous and unrestrained.

At that time, according to the world rules, bad students would not take the initiative to provoke the good students in the class. Both have their own sense of superiority and default social circles, and would not have crossed paths under ordinary circumstances, not to mention the fact that Fu Xueli was the leader of the group of bad students. She was a typical benchmark criticized by teachers in the class all year round, not to mention the fact that she wasn’t close to well-behaved children.

One day, before the first class at noon, there were health exercises on the radio. Fu Xueli, wearing MP3 earphone, looking down at comics idly, when she vaguely heard a low voice behind her, “Excuse me.”

She took a nibble of her apple and turned another page of the comic in her hand, out of the corner of her eye, she saw one person standing beside her.

Fu Xueli continued to concentrate on her comic book. Thin red lips, biting the fresh yellow fruit meat, legs crossed, with her white arms swaying.

“Will you let me in?”

It wasn’t until the voice came over her head again that she pulled off one of her earphone, slowly raised her head and looked at the person for two seconds, getting a little impatient. “Say what? Louder!”

He was a new student who had just transferred to the class yesterday or the day before, looking like a standard good student at first glance, he wasn’t annoyed in the face of her impatience, and his wording was still gentle and simple, “I’ll move the book in.”

In the classroom at the age of 14, the noisy bell rang and the teacher came into class with the paper. Xu Xingchun stood in the narrow aisle with a pile of books in his arms. His white face was clean and thin. He had just finished writing on the blackboard, and there was chalk dust left at his fingertips.

There was a late afternoon breeze, with a little warm sunlight, whistling between his white school uniform’s space.

Handsome and well-behaved—— This is Fu Xueli’s first impression of Xu Xingchun.

But for some reason, Fu Xueli always felt that she had seen him somewhere before, but it was only a fleeting thought, which was soon forgotten by her.

After sitting together, Fu Xueli knew that Xu Xingchun was really a good speaker and never lost his temper with anyone.

But it was a little annoying to sit with him, because after school someone always came around and asked questions. She heard that he used to be a famous Xueba* in grade, but she didn’t know why he suddenly transferred.
*top student

Sometimes the noise of talking about academic issues filled her ears. When Fu Xueli couldn’t bear it, she just directly blasted all the people away.

Yes, Fu Xueli and Xu Xingchun were the exact opposite kind of people:

She was lazy and bad-tempered, and her favourite thing was bullying honest people.

Such as Xu Xingchun.

Sometimes when he was called up to answer a question in class, she quietly pulled the chair behind his legs. After seeing the embarrassing appearance of him standing unsteadily and almost falling down, she succeeded in laughing with the people around. Giggling and covering her mouth, gloating like a naughty little fox.

After the number of times later, Xu Xingchun was used to it. He could answer the questions without expression, then turn his head and put his chair before sitting. The whole process was as calm as water.

Sometimes, when he occasionally dozed on his desk after class, Fu Xueli suddenly came to his ear and shouted, “——The teacher is here!” and then retreated to her seat to admire his bleary eyes and scared half-awake appearance.

When he was a child, Xu Xingchun had a thin skin. He was a very serious person and couldn’t stand teasing. But he never lost his temper with her, and often just pulled his face down and kept silent to do his homework, ignoring her for a long time.

As time went by, Fu Xueli felt that he was actually far less harmless than he seemed. On the contrary, he was a boy with a lot of thought and very self-contained, but she was also too lazy to probe.

In those days, good students had many privileges. If they wanted to change seats, they would go to the office to find a teacher. However, he never took the initiative to change Fu Xueli. Even for the next semester, he sat next to her every time.

According to Fu Xueli’s guess at that time was that because sitting with her, few people would come to disturb after class, and Xu Xingchun would be able to write homework in peace.

Everyone was afraid of her.

In fact, to be fair, Xu Xingchun’s appearance had been very beautiful since childhood. But, it was not feminine. Instead, his facial feature was distinct. The more he grew up, the deeper and calmer his appearance became.

At that time, there were girls in the class who liked to write romance novels with small books, and he was the male lead. Not knowing how the book had come into Fu Xueli’s hands, she read it in his ear, word by word.

[One time in the big lesson interval, after finishing broadcasting gymnastics. Xu Xingchun walked past the door of our class with a wooden plaque in his hand. He was wearing a blue school uniform coat and a gentle side profile shaded by light, looking lonely and handsome...]

[Xu Xingchun came closer, his thin lips slowly touching her cheek, his breath was very hot. His sexy Adam’s apple slid up and down——]

Word by word. Finally, Xu Xingchun blushed with shame. At last, he dropped the pen for writing homework, raised his hand to cover his ears firmly, she was willing to give up.

Although she was always bullying him, Fu Xueli occasionally was still a bit responsible. For example, Xu Xingchun was the person she covered by default.

In his school days, a boy like Xu Xingchun, who had good grades, who stood on the flag-raising platform every time to speak as representative of the grade, who wore the school uniform in a disciplined manner, and who were clean and gentle, had a special seductive quality to girls of that age.

She didn’t know which time, but he was liked by a gangster girl in another class.

That day was the class committee’s duty Sunday. After school, only Xu Xingchun was left on duty in the classroom. He was just finishing wiping the blackboard, with the blackboard eraser in his hand, he was surrounded by the group of people at the podium.

The girl from the other class with dyed yellowish hair and took her senior brother, forcing Xu Xingchun to agree to be with her.

“Be my boyfriend, if you don’t say anything, I’ll take that as a yes,” The girl tilted her head and approached him, smiling and touching him.

But, Xu Xingchun dodged. He didn’t answer and lowered his head in silence, looked very pale, and didn’t have a smile on his face. He turned a deaf ear to their words. As if the excitement didn’t belong to him at all.

“Hey, this mute person, want a beating?”

Seeing that he had been silent, the senior brother was annoyed, reached out and pushed him on the shoulder. When the others were booing, the classroom door was suddenly kicked open.

The door slammed into the wall and bounced back, shake violently with a few loud ‘bang’ sounds. Fu Xueli rolled up her sleeves, looking around for something, casually swung a broom against the corner and smashed it into the crowd. She looked at the brother who moved his hand and cursed under her breath, “You’re crazy ah?! Who are you hitting!”

That evening, as the sun went down, she appeared against the light like a hero who suddenly appeared at a critical moment in the movie. Xu Xingchun stared blankly, his lips tightly closed and relaxed.

The rest of the group were stunned and frightened by Fu Xueli’s momentum. A few seconds later, someone recognized her. Of course she knew the gangster girl too. Although she was upset, she couldn’t afford to mess with Fu Xueli, so she could only smile and say, “Why? Xueli-jie, is he your boyfriend?”

Fu Xueli didn’t even listen, striding forward, pulling Xu Xingchun out of the crowd, and snapped fiercely, “Get out you f*cking god, who is your jiejie!”

Although she was aggressive and didn’t lose at all. After all, the other party were in crowd, so it wasn’t easy to hit hard now. She couldn’t help but drag him away and ran downstairs. As the number of people on school gradually decreased, Miriam Yeung’s Cantonese song were played on the radio.

“A kiss steals a heart, a kiss kills a person...”

“She love kisses but never loved...”

It was late and the lights were dim. The branches of the trees on both sides were staggered, wavering the light on the road.

Not knowing where to go, they didn’t have anything on them. Xu Xingchung heard his heart beating clearly, he just obediently gave her a wrist to lead the way.

How nice to just be, not knowing where to go, just the two of us.

Fu Xueli was very angry and walked fast. Her feet were like a small whirlwind, pulling him to stagger.

She had been complaining all the ways, and had been saying, “Why are you so stupid? Why don’t you just say no and run away? What do they dare to do with you? You’re so stupid, you have to stand there, or you really want to be someone’s boyfriend? If I didn’t go back to the classroom to get my stuff today, what are you going to do?

He didn’t reply.

Fu Xueli stopped and turned to look at him, “Why are you stunned for, stupid?”

“Thank you.” A few seconds later, Xu Xingchun smiled. His voice turned low and muffled.

Hold out her hand not to hit the smiling person.
Not to mention his innocent and quiet look, he had an indescribably good-looking smile.

“You can still smile.” She was still angry, but her temper had dissipated most of it. As they went forward, she remembered something and looked back at him suspiciously for a few moment.

She didn’t think there was anything special about him... except that he was smart, but how could he attract so many girls? One after another... She didn’t understand.

She wondered to herself.

Xu Xingchun sensed it, and his face tensed. He looked away to avoid her eyes. However, the sweaty hand inadvertently held her tightly.

Under the bright red sunset, the girl dressed in white and black. Her eyes were bright, her skin was fair and fragrant as petals. Her black hair was falling senselessly, like smooth silk satin.

The man whispered a word. Fu Xueli was immersed in her own world and of course she didn’t hear it.

It was as if he didn’t want her to hear either.

So, he picked up the rubber band she had lost on that day and carried it with him for ten years.


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