Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss You: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: You Go
translator: Oyen

There was a popular phrase on the Internet before: The person who appears in your dreams is the the person you should meet when you wake up.

Originally, Fu Xueli always thought this sentence was very anti-mainstream. She didn’t know why, she had been thinking about it today. Thinking continuously, even in the Huixiu’s magazine shot, she wasn’t in the state.

And her partner was the currently popular traffic male teen idol, with a gentle and soft appearance, neutral look, and had a lot of girlfriend fans. In private, he also liked to put on airs. Fu Xueli didn’t like this type of man, but now the little girls liked this type.

At this time, the young male teen idol was holding the guitar, plucking the strings with a half-baked technique. His oval face, which were more sharper than her, had a standard tenderness, but the makeup was too thick. When it was exposed to strong light, it was slightly greasy.

Fu Xueli sat face to face with his in a chair. She didn’t have nausea but just felt uncomfortable all over. She raised he jaw at an angle and turned away her eyes.

The CO2 mist sprayer emitted white gas, and the magnesia lights were flashing in the studio. The assistant was holding a cup of water and a coat. The make-up artist waited for the interval to go up and fix her makeup.

Photographer Jony knelt on the ground in low waist leather pants, holding the camera in one hand, and waving his free hand vertically, indicating that they should get closer. He joked. “Xiao Li-zi, can you look sweeter? Relax, find the feeling of love. Are you looking at your enemy?”

Fu Xueli smiled apologetically. She made her debut as a model, and even though she wasn’t in good state, she was able to reflect on the camera that Jony wanted to capture.

Ka cha——

Ka cha——

She had been distracted...

Kept distracted...

This distraction lasted until she had rehearsed the opening dance of a certain variety shows and then stopped at the door of the Public Security Bureau.

None of this mattered. The point was, she didn’t even know what she was doing here... or whether she had skip the dinner party and sneaked out alone.

Even the opening lines of the variety show she was about to record were half memorized. And she still had time to come running here.

After a long time, Fu Xueli remembered that she didn’t have Xu Xingchun’s mobile phone number.

She didn’t know what kind of evil she had been through today. She had a dream and the desire of wanting to see Xu Xingchun became stronger and stronger.

She didn’t know if he was at work today. She saw him a few days ago. Seeing the familiar building in sight, but she just couldn’t take the step.

The security guard in the small white kiost at the entrance had been paying attention to Fu Xueli for a long time, even opening the window to shout at her not to hang around in front of the Public Security Bureau. She wore a mask, a black peak cap, and a long trench coat, almost covering her neck to her ankles. She was strangely dressed and very sneaky.

After a few more steps back and forth. Fu Xueli stepped onto one side of the steps to count the jumps.


Don’t leave.


Still not leave.

Am I f*cking leave or not?!


Forget it, after all she already came...

Her thoughts was in turmoil, she pulled off her mask and fished a lipstick out of her pocket. A white Audi appeared to have been parked on the side of the road for a long time. She looked left and right. After making sure that there were no passers-by around, she leaned over. She looked in the mirror, opened her mouth slightly and began to mend her make-up carefully.

Just after she finished applying her lower lip, the window slowly came down, revealing the owner’s face, scaring her.

Xu Xingchun sat in the driver’s seat with one hand still holding the steering wheel. He didn’t have too many expressions on his face and looked into her eyes. The atmosphere was awkward.

Fu Xueli had first-class psychological quality and thick skin. After only one second of stiffening, she straightened up as if nothing had happened to her and pursed the lipstick on her upper and lower lips evenly.

After standing steadily, she tilted her head and slowly screwed on the lipstick and closed the lid. The whole process was very calm, as if nothing had happened.

A long time ago, her biao-ge Fu Chenglin told her that the most important thing when you feel awkward is to keep expressionless so that others can’t notice your embarrassment.

Be calmer than anyone, then you win.

So Fu Xueli slowly took out the paper tissue. She took one, bent down again and fix her hair on the mirror, and wipe the lipstick on the side of her lips.

During the whole process, Xu Xingchun didn’t say a word.

Her eyelids drooped slightly, her eyes tilted, and slid over his neck and Adam’s apple, then asked, “This is on the roadside. Did you stop illegally?”


“You won’t let me get in the car?” Knowing that he wouldn’t invite her in, she had to ask.

Xu Xingchun turned a deaf ear. He sat in the car, his eyes cold, and didn’t answer. Today, he still wore work clothes, a cold white coat, a black sweater inside, and a clean and tidy white shirt exposed from the collar. He was handsome and calm, mature. He hadn’t have much accessories except a silver mechanical watch between his wrist.


Times change, what’s the big deal?

What if I put up with it?

After thinking about it, Fu Xueli was on fire, she took a circle and went to the passenger seat to pull the door. She pulled a few times and found that she couldn’t open it. She lost her temper, swinging her wrist and jerked several times in a row.

The force was too strong. The car door was being yanked off, but it still wouldn’t open.

After waiting for a while, there was no sign of the car unlocking at all. She circled back the way she came and stopped in front of Xu Xingchun, her chest heaving with anger. The end of her hair had recently been dyed with cyan colour. She moved so much that her ponytail arced out and was thrown from behind her to in front of her shoulder. “Xu Xingchun, what do you mean?”

Do you really think of yourself as a big shot?

Anger made one lose ones’ head. Fu Xueli suddenly took off the cap on her hear, which blocked her sight, and slightly raised her chin. Although she was bending over, it was the same scene that stood on high and looked like a proud white swan.

There was a brief pause, but Xu Xingchun didn’t relent. “What are you doing here?” He just asked in a slow, almost word-for-word voice.

For the first time in a long time, she found it so difficult to communicate with Xu Xingchun. After much thought, she found a lame excuse with difficulty. “I’m not doing anything, I’m just looking for you to catch up, okay?”

Xu Xingchun’s lips tightened and he turned his head, averting his gaze from her. The words refuse to communicate were written all over his body.

She had long been the party that was used to being catered to in front of Xu Xingchun. Then again, no matter who she was in front of, Fu Xueli hadn’t be so humble and spoke carefully.

Obviously, she didn’t like this feeling of self humiliation, but she couldn’t control herself. However, even if she pulled down her face and spoke like this, Xu Xingchun was never moved.

Fu Xueli forced a smile and silently squeezed her hand, “At least we’re still friends, right?”

Xu Xingchun looked straight ahead. His gaze was faint, his side profile was sharp, revealing a sense of alienation.

Indeed. She could feel it a long time ago that Xu Xingchun wasn’t as harmless as he appeared to be. He was especially patient, pretending to be normal, but in fact he was extremely sensitive with little sympathy for unimportant people.

Just like now.

Even if she was snubbed despite showing good intentions and was embarrassed, he didn’t move at all.

Is it really fair ah?Xu Xingchun is really bitter after sweet now. Is he going to get back all the anger he suffered before?

Fu Xueli’s heart raged. The prepared speech was swallowed, swallowed back to her stomach. The flurry flames in her chest shot up suddenly. She threw a ball of paper tissue at him with all her might, hitting in the head.

The paper tissue ball bounced a few times and fell from his head to his knees.

Fu Xueli gave him a deadly stare, not relenting. “Are you afraid of me? Otherwise what is the point of hiding?”

“This is not the place for you to be,” Xu Xingchun said without looking away. His knuckles turning white as he clutches the steering wheel. The windows slowly rose and the car made a starting sound.

Fu Xueli almost fainted from anger. The street resounded with her furious, aggressive outburst:

“Just go, you dare to leave today, and you’ll never——”

Until the car slided out slowly and the red light at the rear tail lights out. She watched in the distance and the word ‘see me’ choked in her throat. The railing at the entrance of the Public Security Bureau rose slowly. The white Audi turned, gradually accelerated and dissapeared in sight.

So, is she hated by Xu Xingchun?

Fu Xueli stood on the side of the road, cars coming and going. It took a long time to recover. She gritted her teeth and squeezed her phone tightly, sucking in a breath, and was dying of anger.

She should have just kicked his card in her heels and walked away!

It’s better to kick a hole!

Her head was kicked by donkey for her to come looking for him!

The light on the autopsy table was pale. Old Qin washed his hands, took a pair of rubber gloves from the operating table and put them on.

Old Qin was once the leader of the municipal criminal police at the prefecture level. Later, he was transferred and had more than ten years of working experience in the front line. But when he got older, he retired to the second division. At ordinary times, he was free and didn’t work at all. He was usually responsible for reporting to the leaders and relieving young comrades’ anxiety and worries.

Hearing the footsteps of someone behind him, Xu Xingchun put his fingers together and put what was in his palm into his pocket.

“What clues do you research on a paper tissue ball? You were so serious.” Old Qin was quick-witted and half-joking when he saw what was in his hand.
Xu Xingchun’s body leaned forward slightly, and the grip on the knife in his hand stopped for but a few seconds without making a sound.

“Are you busy? I see you’ve had quite a few cases lately?” asked Old Qin, finding a chair to sit on.

“It’s not bad.”

“When do you plan to go back?”

Xu Xingchun shook his head.

Seeing how he kept his mouth shut, Old Qin stopped asking questions. He knew clearly in his heart that even if the leader came now, Xu Xingchun still didn’t need to report his whereabouts.

When Xu Xingchun was working without saying a word, Old Qin intentionally or unintentionally mentioned, “I have heard a lot of gossip recently. This person ah is to emotional and can easily lose accurate judgement. So... Especially now, you have a heavy burden on your body, play down your own feelings, For the work is still very necessary, but also physical and psychological a defense mechanism ah.”

“Take care of your health, captain Xu. You smoke a lot these days.” Old Qin said meaningfully.


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