Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss You: Chapter 5

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A very late chapter~
Chapter 5: Celebration
translator: Oyen

It was suitable to sleep at home on a rainy weekend. But now, Fu Xueli had thick dark circles under her eyes and squinted, letting the make-up artist hold the powder brush on her face to set her make-up.

She’d been drinking all night yesterday. She would be hang in there not to throw up.

“You’ve been having a hard time lately. You’re not in good spirits.” The make-up artist held Fu Xueli’s shoulder and nodded admiringly before using her hand to slightly lift her jaw, gesturing to look in the mirror. “Tsk, look at this great beauty. It’s finished.”

The woman in the mirror, with puffy breasts and red lips. Her face was clear and beautiful. The off-shoulder peach red dress against her snow skin, really like the pearl that would shine. Purely possessed by a devil, soft as well as charming, she raised her hand to show off her charm. Even in the entertainment industry, such exquisite looks could also rank the top.

Hearing this, Fu Xueli only glanced perfunctorily. She smiled and picked up the mobile phone on the table to check the messages, and conveniently opened a packet of candy to eat.

In fact, the purpose of this variety show was to promote the upcoming new film and stir up the heat. A large number of people on the stage interact with the host according to the usual practice. Fu Xueli was given the opportunity to be one of the cast. Anyway, she wasn’t the female lead, so she didn’t need to deliberately steal the limelight, but just quietly acted as a background.

But, even if she wanted to be a background, someone made her uncomfortable. Because a variety show she participated before, the CP of Fu Xueli and Lu He caught the attention. At the moment, it was constantly teased by the host.

For the sake of those crappy ratings...

On the surface, Fu Xueli laughed and pretended not to understand. She didn’t mean to be a fool, but Ming Heqi, who was standing next to her, rolled her eyes ten thousand times.

In fact, most of the people in the circle knew about Ming Heqi and He Lu, but they couldn’t say it openly. At this time, the gossip girlfriend and the real girlfriend were standing together. The host was still teasing Fu Xueli, seriously trying to embarrass people to death.

Fu Xueli held back her anger throughout the whole process and dealt with the questions. She recorded this stubble without paying attention. When she thought that she had finally entered the game, but she didn’t expect that two female guests would stand on the roly-poly and push each other.

Fu Xueli straightened the sportswear she just changed into, tuck the microphone in the collar, and make a gesture to indicate that she was ready. Ming Heqi’s smile deepened, turned her head and nodded to the back control.

Both of them were women with little strength. For this kind of public game, Fu Xueli spead her hands and cooperated in a little fight. That kind of ‘you come I go’.

A member of the audience onstage began to cheer and applaud.

Fu Xueli looked behind her, suddenly felt a force pushing this way. She was subconsciously stepped back. Suddenly Ming Heqi screamed out.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Ming Heqi lose her balance and fell down with her knees landing first and hitting the floor with a dull sound.

Her heart thumped as she subconsciously met Ming Heqi’s eyes, which were already permeated with teardrops and were very frail. But, when her gaze fell on Fu Xueli, she couldn’t hide a trace of hatred.

People gathered around her to look at the situation. Fu Xueli cursed in her heart. A layer of cold sweat came out behind her, and she immediately went down from the roly-poly.

The recording had to be suspended due to situation and chaos. Everything was captured by a camera in the corner.

Ming Heqi rested for half an hour. After a small episode, the program was re-recorded. After playing two or three more games, the atmosphere was soon fired again. A plain guest came halfway. He was beautiful among ordinary people, but standing next to a group of stars, the comparison came out quickly.

The fourth session was when all the guests sat together and lifted their cards on by one to play truth or dare. When it was Fu Xueli’s turn, she didn’t want to bother, so she chose truth without much hesitation.

It was just two questions, and it saved effort to be able to talk nonsense than to play dare anyway.

The host opened the question board:

Q1: What kind of guys did you like when you were a student?
Q2: Have you ever done anything crazy when you were young?

The ambiguous topic caused a little commotion at the scene as soon as it appeared. Everyone’s eyes fell on Fu Xueli. She bent her arms, put the microphone against her chin, titled her head and tied a ponytail. She looked playful and beautiful.

On her school days?

In front of the camera, Fu Xueli frowned and thought deeply.

This kind of question... the only one that could be associated with it seemed to be Xu Xingchun.

In her impression, Xu Xingchun actually didn’t like to smile much and was always silent. Because of his good grades and being the class monitor, he was especially popular with his classmates and teachers. He always had a lonely feeling about him, wandering away from the crowd, a particularly cold temperament.

“Xueli, you haven’t thought about it yet?” The host joked and reluctantly called back Fu Xueli.

She made two ‘oh-oh’ sounds, acting like thinking for about two seconds. After a short silence, she answered, “Ah, I like a rather introverted Xueba(top student).”

The person sitting next to her thought that he had heard wrong for a moment. He grabbed the conversation and joked. “Tsk, tsk, you actually like this type? I didn’t see that coming.”

“Then, what type do you think I like?” Fu Xueli turned her head and exchanged frowning glances with him.

“Wild type,” the man replied.

The atmosphere was lively. The host saved the time and asked the second question.

Fu Xueli’s mind was still thinking about Xu Xingchun because of the first question. After thinking, she raised her eyes slightly and said slowly, “Yes, I used to stand for a males student in my school day. I felt quite excited.”

The host seemed insterested. “Oh? Can you be specific? It’s very romantic, what’s so crazy about it?”

Fu Xueli refused flatly, “In the past, I was young and muddled. I’d better not say out to bring bad children. Or else I will be in the hot topic headlines.”

She was rebellious by nature. As she became a public figure, she never hid her delinquent girl past.

The host didn’t force the issue, snickered and carried on to ask the next person. The people around him started to remember the funny things they did when they were studying because of the topic of this session. The recording studio was full of laughter. Fu Xueli then spoke less and listened to the others share carelessly, but the old scenes replayed in her mind.

At that time in high school, she was surrounded by friends like Song Yifan and Xie Ci. They did nothing, learn nothing, and wasted their time happily.

Once, Xie Ci had a live with Xu You in the sport ground. After hearing the news, everyone rushed to the sport ground to have fun. Everyone knew that Xie Ci chased this transfer student with excellent grade and spent a lot of effort. Xie Ci had a bad temper, and usually didn’t dare to casually flirt with them. Now, it was rare to encounter such a good opportunity, so how could he let go easily.

The atmosphere was like they surrounded Xu You in the middle and forced Xie Ci to put the cake on her face with his own hand. 

Although Xu You was helpless. She didn’t want to spoil everyone’s fun so she smiled good-naturedly. She didn’t refuse, just stood still and waited.

Xie Ci dangled around in front of her with a cake in his hand. He looked at her face and seemed to study which side would be good to put the cake. at the moment his mouth also teasing her, “Xu You, you’re not against it. I’m really put the cake ah. Don’t cry.”

Xu You perfunctorily responded. The corner of her eyes caught the sight of Xie Ci’s raise hand. She still reflexively closed her eyes in fear.

After a long wait, she suddenly heard the sound of commotion around her.

“F*ck—— Ci-ge is f*cking awesome ah Ci-ge!”

“WTF brothers, are you crazy hahahahahahahaha??!”

Xu Yao didn’t wait for the expected prank. Her eyelash fluttered slightly, and her eyes slowly opened in some confusion.

The bystanders were laughing and making trouble, all following along the make jeers. The sky behind the sport ground looked like clouds of fire.

Standing in front of her, Xie Ci’s face was covered with cream. He was lazily, casually looking at her with his hands in his pockets and smiling.

He threw the cake that he was just holding to cover his own face. With a joking smile in his eyes, he leaned over her, looked down at her ear, and blew a breath. “I’ll give up touching you, okay?”

This matter caused a lot of agitation in the grade. Everyone was clamoring on how to get along with their partner.

Xu Xingchun and Fu Xueli were very low-key together. There weren’t many people around her who knew, and she couldn’t put a word in what they were saying. Then, she reflected on it. It seemed that she had been very indifferent to him all the time...

It was just so happens that Xu Xingchun’s birthday was coming up. That day after school, Fu Xueli suddenly remembered this. She sat down and called out to Xu Xingchun, “Hey, Xu Xingchun, I want to tell you something.”

She pointed to herself, then snapped her fingers and said casually, “Tonight, I’ll help you celebrate your unforgettable birthday.”

Xu Xingchun was talking to someone else about the questions and was stunned holding his pen. It was obviously out of the blue.

After a moment’s reaction, he just remembered to nod his head. He was going to ask something else, thought about it, but didn’t say anything.

Fu Xueli seldom took the initiative to talk to him in class.

The people on the side were surprised. They looked at him secretly and whispered, “Class monitor, is today your birthday?”


“That... What’s your relationship with Fu Xueli?”

That question was ultimately left unanswered.

Actually, that birthday wasn’t unforgettable, or it could be even call it a mess.

It was fine during the day, and then an unexpected autumn rain suddenly started after 10pm at night.

The school was very quiet with few lights in the campus after the evening self-study session of senior year. Fu Xueli just worried for a while before decisively pulling Xu Xingchun and taking him over the wall from the back door of the girls’ dormitory.

She picked a smooth stone block randomly on the ground, throwing it up and putting it on the ground, then turned it over.

A slight drizzle wet both of their hairs and coats. The street lights were dim. Fu Xueli, who led the way in front, was full of vitality. From time to time, she looked out to see if there were any security guards who were using flashlights at night and patrolling the school.

Xu Xingchun looked at her back for a moment, lowered his eyes and smiled.

Later, he was brought to the flag-raising platform in the square in front of the school building. Fu Xueli stood high on the steps, looked left and right, pressed his thin shoulder blades and earnestly instructed, “Just stay here, I’ll come to you soon.”

Xu Xingchun held her arms back. He was afraid that she might fall down accidentally. He gently reminded. “Slow down. The road is slippery.”

He stood in a circle of lights. His eyes were full of smiles, with a slightly sunken dimple on his right cheek.

“Come, come, come. You can just stand like this.” Fu Xueli adjusted his position and pointed to the opposite side, “Facing the school building, that’s it. Okay, don’t move.”

His cheeks were thin, and he looked at her quietly in the night. There were things in his eyes that people couldn’t understand.

“Fu Xueli.”

Xu Xingchun smiled and softly calling her name. It was oddly intimidating. Fu Xueli took two steps back, said inexplicably, “Why?”

Every time he stared at her, her back was hairy and her whole body was wet, cold and uncomfortable. Fu Xueli was impatient and suddenly shoved Xu Xingchun, always feeing some pain from the strength of his hand squeezing. “You let go of me, I’ll be right back.”

“En,” Xu Xingchun’s lower lip tensed. His lowered voice a little muffled, hiding feelings that he couldn’t hide. He let go of her wrist after he agreed.

Fu Xueli ran away in a huff.

A few minutes later, the campus radio suddenly blared a rousing  athletes’ march, which switched to the Happy Birthday song two or three seconds later. The commotion even waking up the school’s residential students who were preparing to fall asleep.

In the middle of the night, rain and cool breeze rustling in the ears and the quirky songs bursting out of the empty campus.

Suddenly, very suddenly, the dark corridor on the fourth floor of the school building snapped, and a row of white lights lit up one after another. Xu Xingchun heard the movement, his heart moved, and he looked up. The scene that fell into his eyes was just right, not bad for a minute and a second.

There were colorful fireworks exploding steeply from the top floor of the school building!

A fine crystal light fell, like burning half of the night sky, illuminating that dark side of the night. Immediately after the fourth floor brushed, a long red wheel of ‘Happy Birthday’ unfolded with the wind in an instant!

“Xu Xingchun——”

From a distance, Fu Xueli called out to him with a big grin, holding a horn and bending her spine, lying on the edge of the aisle and waving. Proudly and freely.

She opened her mouth with the recklessness of one who had never been involved in the world. Her shouts almost cut through half the of flag square and were carried by the wind to his ears.

“—— Today, Happy Birthday right?!!”

How is it to describe this feeling?

The moment he saw this scene.

Xu Xingchun looked up silently at her in the distance. At that very moment, his heart slammed down heavily from a tall building.


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