Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 01

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New novel~ This novel has the same author as She Became Sweet and Cuddly, similar background story, and that kind of overbearing CEO lol XD
Chapter 1: He was a Serious Man

In the early morning, when the sun had not yet broken through the clouds. The sky had a red haze rolling, and the distant mountain tops were covered in a dense layer of blue mist, with the haze feeling of breaking dawn.

It was the season when the grass sprouted and the oriole flew. The hibiscus was in full bloom in the garden, and the lotus flowers out in the lotus pond were still in buds. The thick fog coalesced into a strain that swirled around the edge of the lotus leaves and snapped off into the pond.

Lin Xiyu put a chair in the garden, she had a habit of reading in the morning. Right now, she was holding a book of poetry in her hand and reading it with relish. She was sitting in a patch of lilies, wearing a pale blue dress dotted with white petals. Her face was as small as a palm, her facial features were delicate and small, she had a fair complexion, and a light mist lingering around her body. If someone looked at her from a distance, she was like an elf transformed from a lily, very spiritual and beautiful.

Lin Xiyu raised his head to move her neck a little bit because it was a little still after lowering her head for too long. When she looked up, she found that there was a person standing on the second floor of the house in front of her.

There was still some distance between the garden and the house, and it was not very clear from afar, only that the man was tall and well built, wearing a straight suit. It was not very bright because the sun had not come out, and the room he was in did not have the light on, but the bright smoke flickering on his finger was clearly visible. He stood by the window, looking into the distance, as if he were looking her way, but as if he was not, too far away to see clearly.

Although his face was blurred, Lin Xiyu still recognized him from his figure alone.

Lu Junting.

Lu Junting was the only son of the eldest family and the eldest grandson of the Lu family, the sole controller of the Lu family’s enterprise Chang Yuan group and the Chairman of the board of directors of Chang Heng group. He was busy with work and rarely returned to the Lu family’s house for many years. Lin Xiyu had only seen him for several times even after living in the Lu family for five years.

As a business tycoon, Lu Junting had a breathtaking aura on his body, even if he was far away, Lin Xiyu’s heart jumped violently at the sudden sight of him. She averted her gaze and looked down at her book, and could not help but wonder what was the big deal with the Lu family, and why was Lu Junting come back?

“Xixi, why are you here reading again so early in the morning?”

Hearing this voice, Lin Xiyu looked up and saw that the person who came was a girl about the same age as her, with short hair cut and wearing puffy-sleeved pajamas. She had just gotten up and her hair was a little messy.

Lu Yuan sleepily walked over to her and very nonchalantly squeezed her to the side, the chair where a person sat had to squeeze down two buttocks. She put one hand on Lin Xiyu’s shoulder, and her body leaned lazily against the back of the chair. “Don’t read too many books, you will be foolish.”

Lin Xiyu glanced at her. “It’s you who will be foolish.”

Lu Yuan’s mother, Zhang Yao was a good girl friend of Lin Xiyu’s mother, married into the Lu family when she was young. After Lin Xiyu’s parents passed away, the Lin family no longer had any relatives who could raise her, so Zhang Yao took Lin Xiyu to the Lu family to raise her. Lin Xiyu came to the Lu family at the age of fifteen, and it had been six years since then. The Lu family also took good care of Lin Xiyu and she lived well here.

Lin Xiyu thought of something and subconsciously glanced towards the house in front of her. There was no one on the second floor window now, and she said, “By the way, why is brother Junting coming back?”

When Lu Yuan heard this, she immediately looked bitter, “Ah? My eldest brother is back?”

“You don’t know?”

“I know that now.”


Lu Junting was young and talented. At the age of nineteen, he was ordered to take over the Chang Yuan Group, and at the age of twenty he became the sole power. Now, at the age of twenty eight, he had shaken those old greasy shareholders in the Chang Yuan Group into submission, it was needless to say about his ability and courage.

Although Lu Junting had the same generation as them, but because he was several years older, coupled with the long-term polishing in the business world, his personality was also more stable than his peers. Even though he was only twenty eight, he had a more stable and sophisticated personality than a forty eight years old, not to mention them as juniors, even the elders who were a round older than him would have had fears towards him when they stood with him.

It was no wonder that Lu Yuan was afraid of him, and in fact, Lin Xiyu was afraid too.

When the great family head was not here, everyone would feel a little bit comfortable, and once the great family head returned, the whole house would have a serious atmosphere, so it was no wonder that Lu Yuan would also feel uncomfortable.

“I don’t think so ah. Didn’t he just buy Yi Xun electronics? He should be very busy now, is there something wrong at home for him to be back so early in the morning?”

Yi Xun electronics was an Electronic Manufacturing Services, and had been listed for two years. The company’s stock market had been very stable and it could have gone all the way up, but recently the Yi Xun group senior management’s scandals had broken out, resulting in a continuous decline in stock prices, and many of their shareholders sold their stocks at the bottom. Lu Junting took advantage of this opportunity to directly acquire Yi Xun with a rapid and direct momentum.

Many people in the industry had analyzed that Yi Xun’s scandal was actually deliberately released by Lu Junting in order to acquire Yi Xun at a low price to expand his business territory.

The Lu family’s ancestors were in the building materials industry, but recently the rapid expansion of the Internet media industry has given traditional businesses a strong impact. The Lu family’s Chang Heng group also entered a low point for a long time, but after Lu Junting came to power, he vigorously developed in electronic technology, especially in the semiconductor and mobile phone, home appliance industries. After several years of development, Chang Heng group’s electronics, mobile phones, home appliances had entered the leading ranks of their respective fields, and Chang Heng group’s market value had also increased nearly ten times in just a few years.

Chang Heng electronics rose rapidly, and the factory was full. The development of Chang Heng electronics needed a huge factory capacity. If this time Chang Heng electronics could acquire a large manufacturing service, then the company would be able to solve the urgent needs, the development would also be more effective with half the effort.

Chang Heng naturally set their eyes on Yi Xun.

If it was true as the people in the industry say, that all of this was planned by Lu Junting to be able to acquire a large company so quickly, then this person’s heart and strategy was immeasurable.

Lin Xiyu did not understand about the fight and scheme in the business world, but anyway, she knew that Lu Junting was a very powerful person, and that’s all. Lin Xiyu closed the book and pulled Lu Yuan’s hand, “Let’s go back to have breakfast.”

The Lu’s family house was very large and it was divided into three parts. The middle main building and two wings of the courtyard. The main building was the Lu family head’s main house and where the Lu family’s old master and old madam live, but the people residing in the main house were almost none. Lu Junting’s mother had passed away, his father was suffering from a stroke and was lying in the hospital, and he was always away from home, so usually the main building had only the old master and old madam. The courtyard in the right wing was occupied by the second branch family, and the courtyard in the left wing was occupied by Lu Yuan’s family.

The courtyard on the left could be entered by exiting the garden and crossing the cloister, without having to go around to the main building to get there. The cloister was full of the wisteria, and the wind rustled the wisteria flowers overhead.

Both Lu Yuan and Lin Xiyu walked around the corner of the cloister, only to see two people approaching them.

Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan paused their footsteps, and those two people also stopped one after another. They were a man and a woman, the woman had long hair tied behind her head, wearing a long halter dress, the man’s posture was straight and tall, he was dressed very casually, a white shirt with jeans, and a pair of sneakers on his feet. They looked quite a pair when they were standing together.

The woman was originally holding the man’s hand and laughed with him, but unexpectedly ran into Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan, the man looked like he had been caught doing something bad, and subconsciously pulled his arm out, and the woman stiffened for a moment.

Lu Yuan glanced at the two people’s faces and teased, “Second brother, you’re feeding us dog good so early in the morning ah? I’m going to be fed by you guys before I can even eat.”

The second brother in Lu Yuan’s mouth was called Lu Junfeng, the only son of the second branch of the Lu’s family. His father and Lu Yuan’s father were twins. He ignored Lu Yuan and only looked at Lin Xiyu, but Lin Xiyu took Lu Yuan’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan walked away around the two people and walked out of the cloister below the wisteria only to hear Lu Junfeng’s voice rang out from behind.


Lin Xiyu stopped, and Lu Junfeng stepped forward, and told Lu Yuan, “I want to say a few words to Xixi.”

Lin Xiyu grabbed Lu Yuan’s hand, smiled politely and Lu Junfeng and said, “What else do you want to say after we broke up? Yan Yutong is still waiting for you, don’t keep people waiting for a long time.”

Lu Junfeng’s original gentle eyebrows frowned tightly, and he looked helpless and suffering. “Xixi, will you give me a little more time?”

Lin Xiyu ignored him and pulled Lu Yuan away. It was not until they were far away that Lu Yuan snapped at her. “Don’t be soft-hearted ah, think about the person like my second aut, you won’t have a good time if you marry my second brother. Three-legged frogs are not many, but two-legged men are everywhere, there are more men in this world who are better than him. Although he is my second brother, I’m on your side.”

Lin Xiyu laughed when she heard this. She poked Lu Yuan’s head and said, “Didn’t your second brother love you the most since you were a little? Be careful, he will scold you for being heartless if he heard this.”

Lu Yuan muttered, “Who told him to have no conscience to you first.”

Upon entering the door, Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan met Zhao Yao coming out to call them for a meal. Zhang Yao smiled and said, “You guys go out early in the morning and get wet by the mist. Go change your clothes quickly and have a meal.”

Zhang Yao and her husband Lu Liang had always loved each other, and both husband and wife were very kind to each other. These years Lin Xiyu in the Lu family, the husband and wife would really treat her as their own daughter. Lin Xiyu also did not live relying on the Lu family's charity, but she was still very filial and treated them as her foster father and foster mother.

Lu Liang happened to be at home because today was the weekend, and the family sat down to eat breakfast together. Lu Liang was usually busy with work, today he had time to see the two people and asked, “Have you two finished your graduation thesis?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I have already done it.”

Lu Liang replied, “I’m not worried about Xixi, the one I’m worried about is you.” Lu Liang pointed to Lu Yuan, “You only know how to play, have you finished your thesis?”

“I finished my thesis a long time ago.” Lu Yuan said in disbelief.

“It’s good that you have finished it.” 

After having a light meal in the morning, Lu Yuan took a mouthful of porridge and asked, “Is something wrong at home? Why is my eldest brother back?”

Lu Liang said, “Don’t talk nonsense, there is nothing wrong at home. Your grandmother is making plans to give your eldest brother a blind date again.”

Ah?” Lu Yuan could not help but laugh, “Which one is it this time ah?”

Zhang Yao then said, “I heard that it is the Liang family of Chang Long automobile.”

After the meal, Lu Yuan wanted to go see the liveliness and dragged Lin Xiyu and Zhao Yao with her. When several people arrived at the main building, several of the elders in the main house were there, there old master and old madam Lu both in their seventies, yet their bodies were still healthy.

Lu Junting was also there, and he was sitting next to old master Lu. Lu Junting, who made the juniors afraid, was not abominable. All of the Lu family’s people was good-looking, but Lu Junting was even more prominent, he inherited the Lu family’s tall physique, but his eyebrows were a few points sharper than old master Lu, who was known as the ‘Howling Mountain Tiger’ at those time, and his lack of smile expression added some seriousness to his face.

When old madam Lu saw them coming in, she hurriedly waved at them. They went in and greeted old madam Lu, while Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan sat down at the side.

Old madam Lu was sitting at the top seat, and at this moment, she could only see her face bitterly saying to Lu Junting, “When Miss Liang comes over later, don’t be too serious, don’t scare people, you know?”

Lu Junting took a sip of tea and asked, “Miss Liang?” His voice was low and mellow, but there was a momentum between his words, “Which Miss Liang?”

Old madam Lu’s eyes vainly swayed a few times guiltily and said, “The one from Chang Long Automobile. I’ve seen this Miss Liang, and she is quite a well-behaved and lovely girl. I’ve called her to come over today, you will meet first.”

Lu Junting also understood that he was called back to meet with this Miss Liang today. His eyes were slightly dark. “You called me and asked me to come back, but you didn’t say that I had to come back to meet with Miss Liang.”

Old madam Lu glared at him. “If I said it straight up like that, would you be back?”

“I remember telling you that I don’t want to fall in love right now.”

“I didn’t tell you to fall in love. You two can chat and agree first, and our two families will directly  do your wedding first. You can get married and have children first, then talk about love after that.”


Lu Junting’s face turned ugly. Old madam Lu frowned when she saw him like this. “When Miss Liang comes later, I don’t want to see your attitude like this. It’s fine if you’re serious in the company, don’t be serious at home. Look at your younger siblings, they are afraid when they see you, which girl will be willing to associate with you if you’re like this?”

When old madam Lu said ‘younger siblings’, she casually pointed to the place where Lu yan was sitting, and Lu Junting subconsciously looked over. Lin Xiyu found that old madam Lu’s words were quite amusing and was laughing lightly, and when she raised her head, her gaze met with Lu Junting’s sweeping gaze.

Lin Xiyu: “......” Her sneaky laugh was actually caught on the spot. 


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