Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 02

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Chapter 2: Why Is This Busy Man Appearing in Her Room?

Lu Junting’s eyes had a sense of sharpness and Lin Xiyu’s body unconsciously turned stiff, she was startled. She hurriedly closed her mouth and lowered her head to pretend to talk to Lu Yuan, and then secretly looked over. She saw that Lu Junting had already looked elsewhere, thinking that it was just a random gaze and did not pay attention to her, so Lin Xiyu was relieved.

Old madam Lu said, “You see how old you are and still don’t have a girlfriend. When your father was as old as you, he already had you, and you could already smile and call grandma. If others know you, they understand that you are busy with work, for the people who don’t know, they will think you have some kind of problem.”

Lu Junting lifted his wrist and glanced at his watch, saying, “I will go to the branch office to inspect later. I won’t eat here today.”

After he said it, he did not wait for old madam Lu to respond and directly got up to prepare to leave. Seeing this situation, old madam Lu could not help but put up a little bit of angry expression, feeling that he did not listen to what she just said, so she said hurriedly, “There will be guests coming in a while, why are you leaving the guests?”

Lu Junting threw a sentence in a light tone. “Grandma’s guests, so it’s fine for Grandma to greet them.”


Old madam Lu was so angry with him that she almost passed out. Zhang Yao hurriedly came over to help her rub her temple, and then helped her to pat her chest to smooth her breath and then advised her. “Everyone has their own fate in marriage. That boy Junting has his own ideas, so don’t worry too much mom.”

Old madam Lu sighed for a while. “If I don’t worry about him anymore, who else will ah? This child wants to piss me off.”

Lin Xiyu shook her head and sighed as she looked at the back of Lu Junting’s departure. He really did not expect that someone like Lu Junting could not escape the fate of being urged to marry by his elders.

Later on, the Liang family’s side did not come either, and old madam Lu had someone call over and say that old master Lu was having a stroke and could not receive them. Old master Lu was not too happy because he was cursed with a stroke.

On the first day of graduating from university, Lu Yuan and Lin Xiyu went to Mountain Beigong. The first one was to celebrate the successful graduation of both of them, and the second one, Lu Yuan felt that she was cheated by her boyfriend pitifully and said that she wanted to take a break.

In fact, she had already let it go a long time ago, and there was nothing to be recovered about, but it was nice to go out and have some fun.

Mountain Beigong was not far from An City, it was just outside of An City. There were several hot spring pools over there, and Lin Xiyu felt that going to a hot spring in the middle of summer was really not a wise choice. However, when she got to the mountain, Lin Xiyu realized why there were so many people coming to the hot spring in the middle of summer, the mountain was really cold.

The room was booked early in the morning, and it was difficult to book a room over here, so Lu Yuan only booked one, and the two of them slept together at night. Both of them often squeezed under the same quilt without embarrassment, but when they pushed open the door to the room and saw the huge size bed in the room, as well as a very subtle mirror set above the huge bed, and the oddly shaped chair in the room that was not a proper chair at first glance, they had a bit of a mixed expression on each other’s faces.

“What the hell is this place ah?” asked Lin Xiyu to Lu Yuan.

“Who knows ah, this room is a set with the hot springs. I thought it was more convenient to book, who knew it was an erotic-suite.”


There was a sliding door at the back of the room, Lu Yuan pushed the door open and there was a hot spring just outside. Lu Yuan said, “This hot spring is quite big, enough for the two of us to soak.”

The only thing that could comfort Lin Xiyu was that—— the hot spring looked quite good.

Both of them soaked in the hot spring and sat on the tatami mat next to the bed to watch the sunset. The window was a full floor-to-ceiling window through which they could see the sky outside.

Lu Yuan also ordered wine, she said that the wine here was self-brewed by the shop and it was very delicious. It was Lin Xiyu’s first time drinking, and she took a sip, it tasted sweet and not much alcoholic taste.

“When we’re done drinking, we’ll go to bed and have no worries, is it cool enough?”

Watching the sunset and drinking wine, just in time to successfully end the university life, Lin Xiyu was in a good mood. She smiled and said, “Cool, cool as hell.”

Lu Yuan thought this wine was good to drink and ordered another bottle of each of several other flavors. As they were drinking, happily, Lu Yuan’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and after she answered the phone, she said to Lin Xiyu with an excited voice. “My classmate asked me to go play a secret room adventure, do you want to go together?”

Lin Xiyu thought of the miserable experience she had the last time she played secret room adventure and decisively refused, “I’m not going.”

“If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

“Are you going now?”

“If I’m not going now, what time will I go? There is still a cable car down the mountain now, you can drink later and get a good night’s sleep, and I’ll pick you up in the morning.”

After Lu Yuan finished speaking, she really got up to change her clothes, and Lin Xiyu said, “You’re not really going to leave me here alone, right?”

Aiya, you don’t know, my crush, the male god is also going, he is very difficult to ask out, I need to take advantage of this opportunity.”


After Lu Yuan changed her clothes, she winked at Lin Xiyu before heading out the door, “Wait for my good news.”


Lin Xiyu knew that Lu Yuan was a person who valued her lover more than her friends, but she did not expect her to be this kind of person to this extent.

Lin Xiyu looked at the sunset hanging from the sky outside the window, like a big red flower burning, the surrounding layer of clouds and mountains were tinged with a touch of red, quiet, distant, warm, like burning the last light of life to illuminate the earth, she suddenly remembered her parents.

The spring silkworms only stopped making silk till they were dead. Just after the wick turned into ashes, candle tears started to dry.*
*It's part of an ancient poem. I'd say it's a beautiful love poem with a melancholic undertone. These two sentences here are something like a statement to his loved one, saying "my feeling and love for you would only disappear after I die."

But nowadays people would use it often in a different context, like to praise somebody who made a great sacrifice or dedicated his/her whole life to something.

Lin Xiyu unconsciously finished drinking a jug of wine, not to mention, the taste was quite good. The fiery red flower slowly descended to the horizon and soon disappeared, the light from the clouds was gone and the sky darkened.

Lin Xiyu heard a knock on the door and she went to open it. It was a staff member of this hotel who was carrying a tray with several bottles of wine with different colours on it.

“Hello guest, this is the wine you ordered.”

Lin Xinyu thought about how Lu Yuan just said she wanted to try all the flavours, but she did not expect her to really order them. After she ordered it, she ran away. How could she drink alone?

“My companion had to leave for something, and I can’t drink this wine, can I refund it?”

“Sorry guest, we will help open the lid of the wine that has been ordered, and the wine that has been opened can’t be refunded.”

Lin Xiyu had no choice but to bring the wine into the room, three bottles of wine, mulberry, orange, grape flavours. Fortunately, each bottle was not large. Forget it, just drink it all, after drinking, just get a good night’s sleep. The alcohol contained in the wine was not high anyway, it was just like drinking juice.

Lin Xiyu did not expect that after she felt nothing when she was drinking this wine, but the aftertaste was particularly strong after drinking it. She felt a little dizzy when she finished the mulberry flavour.

Lin Xiyu felt that she could still hold on, and finished the bottle of wine, just after she finished drinking it, she heard her phone ringing. Lin Xiyu picked up the phone and felt it start to shake. She vaguely saw the word ‘Lu’ on the caller ID, she thought Lu Yuan was calling, so she picked it up directly, but unexpectedly Lu Junfeng’s voice came from the other end of the phone call.

“Xixi, why aren’t you at home? Where are you now?”

“I’m hanging out with Lu Yuan.”

Lu Junfeng heard the strangeness of her voice, and he sensed something was going on and hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with your voice? Have you been drinking?”

“I drink a little.”

“Did Lu Yuan take you to drink? Are you with her?”

Lin Xiyu’s mind was confused as she truthfully replied, “She left, she was called by her friends to play secret room adventure.”

“She left?” Lu Junfeng raised his voice, “This damn girl! How can she leave you alone? Where are you now? You tell me, I’ll pick you up right away.”

Although her head was spinning, Lin Xiyu did not forget that she had already broken up with Lu Junfeng, so she said, “No need, what are you doing here looking for me after breaking up? I’ll sleep over here, Lu Yuan will pick me up first thing in the morning later.”

“Sleep? Are you still sleeping outside? You wait for me, I’ll ask Lu Yuan and I’ll be right over.”

Lin Xiyu hung up the phone, and smothered the rest of the bottle of orange flavour in one gulp. She propped herself up and stood up, only to feel her head spinning. She took a moment to slow down before she touched the bed and laid down, just waiting for Lu Yuan to pick her up tomorrow. After drinking wine, her drowsiness came quickly and Lin Xiyu soon fell asleep, and then she was woken up by a knock on the door.

Her head was so dizzy that she did not want to get up, pulling the cover over her head while the knocking continued. Lin Xiyu did not want to bother, she was so light headed right now that she did not want to get up at all.

The knock on the door stopped after a while. Then, not long after, she heard the sound of magnetic card beeping, then the door was pushed open. Soon, Lin Xiyu felt a light filtering in from the edge of the bed. 

Lin Xiyu unveiled the quilt, and saw a person standing at the door. Her head was dizzy, and her eyes were confused. She could vaguely see that it was the figure of a man.

Lin Xiyu remembered that she had received a call from Lu Junfeng before going to bed, and she thought that the person who came was Lu Junfeng, so she said the the man, “Didn’t I say that you should not come?”

The visitor slowly walked towards her, and she felt that his walking posture was not quite like Lu Junfeng. This man’s aura was not quite the same as Lu Junfeng, there was a sense of sharpness and stern feeling. Once he came in, the air in the room seemed to have thinned.
He walked closer and looked at her from top to bottom. Lin Xinyu squinted her eyes to look at him, she felt that she vaguely recognized a bit the figure of the man before her from his face contour.

This person was not Lu Junfeng, but he looked a little familiar. He seemed to look like—like Lu Junting?

No, how could Lu Junting appear here? She squinted her eyes, and fixed her eyes on the man’s face. This man’s face was very similar to Lu Junting. She lay on the bed with her hands and feet on the bed, stretched her neck and stared at his face carefully to identify, like a small animal probing on something.

The more she looked, the more this man looked like Lu Junting, and finally she asked, “Brother Junting?”

The man’s low, mellow voice rang out, “En, it’s me.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

Lin Xiyu felt that she was dreaming. In the dream, Lu Junting, the head of the Lu family who was completely unfamiliar with her, had actually ran to her room.

Her voice was tinged with a slight sense of alcohol, and she looked at the man with confused gaze as she asked, “Brother Junting? What are you doing here?”

Lu Junting said, “Lu Junfeng had something to do and couldn’t come. He asked me to help to bring you back.”

She nodded confusedly and said, “Oh.”

Lu Junting looked at her a few times and asked, “How much have you drunk?”

She shook her head, appearing somewhat silly, “I forgot.”

“Can you get up?” Lu Junting asked again.

Lin Xiyu tried to get up, but she was dizzy, and when her feet stepped on the ground, her body unconsciously went forward, but she did not face the floor directly. The man in front of her reached out to help her, and she fell on top of him smoothly, directly plunged into his arms.


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