Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 03

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Chapter 3: You Smell Good

Usually, Lin Xiyu would make a detour if she saw Lu Junting, she probably did not think that she would fall into Lu Junting’s arms one day. If her mind was clear enough, she would be so frightened now that she would be stiff and jerking backwards.

But now, she was drunk, the alcohol paralyzed her nerves. Her body was so soft that she could not even support herself, she did not even have the strength to push him away, so she just leaned into Lu Junting’s arms like this. Her nerves that were paralyzed by the alcohol did not even make her feel afraid.

Lu Junting had one hand vaguely holding Lin Xiyu’s arm, he was stronger than she was, and it would be easy to push her away, a drunk who reeked of alcohol. However, why didn’t he push her away?

Lin Xiyu looked up at Lu Junting, and he just happened to look down at her. Lin Xiyu suddenly met Lu Junting’s deep and sharp gaze.

She should have been so frightened and stiff, but she actually just leaned limply against his chest to meet his gaze.

Lin Xiyu felt that she must be dreaming, otherwise how could she be so close to Lu Junting. They were clearly not even close to each other.

Lin Xiyu did not think it was real, so she wanted to make sure. It took her a lot of effort to raise her hand and poke her fingertips in Lu Junting’s face, it was elastic and still hot.

It seemed to be a living person eh.

Lin Xiyu looked at him in a daze and said, “Are you really a living brother Junting ah?”

Lu Junting: “......”

Lin Xiyu was still wearing the bathrobe provided by the hotel, and because of this tossing and turning, the strap of her bathrobe had loosened a bit. One side of her lapel was slightly pulled open, revealing half of her shoulders.

After drinking the wine, her skin was tinted with a faint red, and there was a touch of pink on her cheeks, just like the the tip of budding peach blossoms in early spring, a pink blush and tender.

Her eyes were confused, and there was a faint mist steaming in her eyes. Her pair of eyes looked straight at Lu Junting, looking innocent, but her few long messy strands of hair next to her delicate pink cheeks and her pink lips added a little charm to her.

Lu Junting pulled her lapel up a little as he asked her, “Can you walk?”

She shook her head, “My head is spinning, I want to sleep.”

As the words fell, her soft body fell down. Lu Junting subconsciously reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist. When his arm encircled her waist, he could not help but be surprised, how could this waist be so thin and amazingly soft?

When Lin Xiyu was wrapped in his arms like this, her body was pressed against him again, and she was afraid that she would fall again, so she wrapped her arms around his waist and her whole body fell towards him.

Fortunately, Lu Junting’s center of gravity was very stable, and his body was still standing firmly withholding her body.

Lin Xiyu was a little surprised after she put her arms around him. She looked up at Lu Junting and asked with a smile, “Brother Junting, why is your body hard ah?”

Lu Junting: “......”

Lu Junting adjusted his breathing slightly, he did not want to argue with a drunk person and said, “If you don’t want to go back, I’ll carry you to bed.”

Lin Xiyu obediently nodded her head and said, “Okay, I want to rest, Xixi wants to sleep.”

Her voice was soft, with a sticky feeling and sounded like a spoiled child. There was a feeling of itching as a cat’s tail swept over a person’s hearts. Lu Junting pulled her hand that wrapped around his waist and picked her up sideways. Lin Xiyu subconsciously hooked her hand around his neck.

Lu Junting put Lin Xiyu on the bed, but the hand that was hooked around his neck had not let go, so in the end he was hooked forward by her. He subconsciously used his hands to support himself on the bed to steady his weight, so at least he did not press on her.

However, their distance was still very close. Lu Junting glanced down at her hand and said, “Let go of your hands.”

There was a clear warning in his tone, but her mind was not in the same channel as him. As his breath blew on her face when he spoke, she felt that the taste in his mouth smelled good. She wanted to confirm it, so she moved closed and sniffed a few times before saying, “Why does your mouth smell so good? What did you eat?”

“Are you not afraid of me now?” That little girl who normally did not even dare to talk to him had the courage to sniff his mouth?

Lin Xiyu still did not understand Lu Junting’s words, and she leaned closer to sniffing his mouth and said, “How does it smell so good, what did you eat?”

The tip of her nose brushed his lip from time to time. She was so hot that she left a heat mark on the lip she had brushed.

He furrowed his brow slightly, turned his head sideways to avoid it and said, “I just had my teeth cleaned.”

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, the smell of the fragrance in his mouth became even stronger, and she sniffed deeply as if talking to herself, “It smells good, and I wonder what it tastes like when it smells this good.”

Lu Junting: “......”

Lu Junting narrowed his eyes slightly at the girl below him and said in a dangerous and warning tone, “Not everything in this world can be tasted indiscriminately.”

But the little girl obviously did not hear what he was saying. She was not even aware of the danger as she was completely immersed in her own world, smelling something fragrant as if she was going to taste it.

So, as soon as his warning words fell, she suddenly tilted her head and took a bite of his lip, sucking gently on them a few times as she let go, staring at his lip in confusion, and said, “It’s soft.”

Lu Junting was caught off guard by her taking a bite, and his body froze unconsciously.

There was a strong smell of wine at the tip of her nose, mixed with the faint scent of her body. Lu Junting closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing and thought in his mind: Did she know exactly what she was doing? He opened his eyes and looked down at her, she was confused and innocent that she probably had no idea who was actually in front of her at the moment.

“Didn’t I say it before that not everything in this world can be tasted indiscriminately, why don’t you listen?” There was coldness in his tone, and it would have been more intimidating if the last sentence was spoken in a strong tone.

Where could anyone whose nerves had been numbed by alcohol be aware of any danger? She just thought his mouth smelled good and his lip tasted soft. It could not be blamed on her, he himself came up to her for her to smell and tasted it.

She still wanted to taste it.

So she leaned in again, took his lip at once with greediness. This time she was not just sucking it and then let go, but her tongue also licked over his lip, without any sense of danger, and then her tongue still went into his mouth.

Lu Junting felt that his breathing almost became chaotic as his face sank slightly, and he reprimanded in a cold voice, “Do you know what you are doing?”

As he spoke, his tongue wiggled just enough to be caught by her tongue reaching in, and the tip of her tongue licked at it.

Lu Junting: “......”

She finally let go of him contentedly, and then sleepiness suddenly hit her. After tasting the flavour, she was very satisfied and now she just wanted to sleep, so she released the hand that hooked his neck and pushed him, frowning and then urging him, “I’m going to sleep, don’t press me.”

Lu Junting grabbed her hand that was propped up on his shoulder and pressed it directly to the top of her head as he crouched over her. His eyes had a tinge of red, and his voice seemed to be stained with drunkenness on her body, carrying a sense of slight intoxication.

“Running after hooking someone up? How can it be that easy? You can’t run away after making a mistake. In my case, the person who makes a mistake will be punished, understand?”

Lin Xiyu frowned and shook her head, saying, “Stop blowing on me, I’m going to eat you again if you keep doing that.”

Lu Junting: “......”

Lu Junting’s face immediately sank. She did not even hear what he was saying at all, no matter how he warned her.

“I’m really going to eat you.” She added, before meeting the man’s cold, warning gaze with a very provocative lift of her mouth directly over his. Her teeth nibbled on his lips and her tongue probed into his mouth, yet Lin Xiyu did not expect that as soon as her tongue went in, she heard a muffled grunt from the top of her head, and then the tip of her tongue was fiercely contained.

Lin Xiyu was woken up by the sunlight outside the window. She woke up in a daze, her head hurt a little, but she was almost awake from the drunk. She rubbed her eyes to adapt to the light, and soon found an arm under her head, she looked down and saw an arm that was a little thick and the palm was much bigger than her, it looked like a man’s arm.

A man? How could there be a man in her bed?

Lin Xiyu suddenly turned her head, and was confronted with a cold face. The owner of the face was also looking at her. Seeing her look over, he lightly opened his thin lips and said, “Awake?”

The voice was low and mellow, still containing a faint huskiness after waking up.

When Lin Xiyu saw this face, her brain crashed on the spot for a minute, a million questions flashed through her mind.

Was she hallucinating? Why did she see Lu Junting?

How could Lu Junting lying down together with her?

How could Lu Junting lying down with her naked?

Suddenly, a thunderclap exploded in her mind, and Lin Xiyu looked like she had seen a ghost, “Aaaahhhh!” She howled, subconsciously breaking free from his arms. This time she realized she was not wearing clothes, she hurriedly pulled the quilt to cover, and looked at Lu Junting with a look of horror.

Lu Junting sat up slowly, his arm that was pressed by her overnight wasa a little numb. As soon as he lifted it up, a tingling sensation came, his brow furrowed, and a little uncomfortable light appeared on his face. He rubbed the sting a few times to ease, and then he looked at her.

Lin Xiyu subconsciously shrank back at his gaze, and she widened her eyes, full of horror.

“Bro-brother Junting, why are you here?”

“You don’t remember?”


Remember? Remember what?

She remembered that she was left behind by Lu Yuan, then she received a call from Lu Junfeng, and then she slept.

Suddenly some tiny fragments jumped into her mind.

She fell into his arms and she hooked her arms around his neck and said his mouth smelled good so she wanted to taste it, and then she literally bit his mouth.

When these memories came up, Lin Xiyu only felt like a bolt of lightning striking down in the air. Her body turned stiff, she only felt that her whole body was paralyzed, and her fingers were numb and could not move.

She looked at Lu Junting in horror, wanting to know from his mouth that none of what she thought was true, yet she was suddenly confronted with Lu Junting’s movement to get up.

He pulled open the quilt and stood up, and she was greeted with a muscular, bare back and a bare ass that was not wearing anything. Lin Xiyu took a cold breath and hurriedly turned her head to avoid seeing it. 

Lu Junting stood up so unabashedly, and he moved naturally to put the bath towel on the chair around his waist, and as soon as he turned back, he saw the girl turn her face sideway, and a pair of hands tightly tugged on the quilt, like a frightened little animal.

“I’ve had clothes prepared for you, so see if you can wear them.” After saying this, Lu Junting went to the bathroom.

Lin Xiyu was completely stunned, what was the situation? Why did things develop like this? She only hoped that it was all a dream, that it was not real, how could she, with Lu Junting…

This was simply more incredible than a meeting between Qin Shihuang and an Egyptian pharaoh!

However, she knew it was not a dream at all, waking up early in the morning with both of them still naked in the same bed, and she also felt something strange on her body.

So, it was all the truth, she really slept with Lu Junting!


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