Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 04

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Chapter 4: It is Simply Like a Two Different People

There was a set of clothes neatly placed on the bed, a white dress, and new underwear. Lin Xiyu changed her clothes before Lu Junting came out, and the size was surprisingly just right.

She stuffed the clothes she had worn yesterday into her backpack, and threw the bathrobe that had fallen on the ground on the bed. After doing all of this, she heard a push on the door, she looked over with a panicked look on her face, clutching her bag and was confronted by Lu Junting who walked out of the bathroom.

Lu Junting changed his clothes after taking a shower, a dark green shirt, a pair of pure black trousers with the buttons of the shirt half buttoned, revealing half of his chest faintly. He had the habit of working out, revealing the full and firm chest muscles. He also washed his hair, took a bath towel in his hand, wiping his hair as he walked.

He glanced at her. She was clutching her bag with a bemused look. He was quite calm and asked, “Remember?”

Lin Xiyu lowered her head and did not dare to look at him, “I remember some of it.”

“What do you remember?” He asked again.

This feeling was indescribable, like the kind of student who was usually well-behaved and docile but suddenly did something to offend their elders. Lin Xiyu wanted to cry without tears, she said, “I drank too much wine yesterday and I wasn’t sober at that time. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. However…” She glanced at him hesitantly, and she saw that he looked at her inquisitively, as if waiting for her to continue, “Brother Junting, how did you enter my room?”

“I knocked on the door yesterday and you didn’t answer, I heard Junfeng say that you had too much drinking and afraid that something would happen to you. It just so happened that I knew the hotel owner, so I asked him to give me your room card.” 

Lin Xiyu nodded and added, “Actually, brother Junting can ignore me and let me sleep here.”

“Are you blaming me?”

Did Lin Xiyu even dare to blame him? In fact, she did not understand why this kind of thing happened, although she lived in Lu’s house, Lu Junting rarely returned, they rarely saw each other and even if they met, they could not say anything, they were not familiar to each other. Lun Junting actually did not care about her at all, he could just treat her behavior as a drunken madness, and waited until she sobered up before finding her to discuss her offense.

He was really not guilty of having sexual relationship with her…

Lu Junting stepped forward and stood in front of her. The sense of intimidation from him suddenly spread out, and Lin Xiyu did not dare to look at him even more.

She lowered her head, her gaze landing right on those two slender legs, and some images suddenly appeared in her mind.

Lin Xiyu gritted her teeth. What was the point of thinking about that at a time like this?

“Are you blaming me for taking advantage of someone in difficulty? Or are you blaming me for not being gentleman as Liu Xiahui*?
*Legend has it that on a cold night, Liuxia Hui stayed at the city gate and met a homeless woman. Liuxia Hui was afraid that she would freeze to death, so she asked her to sit in her arms, unbuttoned her coat and wrapped her tightly, and sat together all night without any indecent behavior. Therefore, Liu Xiahui was known as a righteous gentleman.

“No.” She whispered.

“I’m a normal man with a normal physiological reaction, you did that yesterday… I really didn’t hold back, and it’s understandable that you blame me, I apologize.”

Lin Xiyu lowered her head and did not speak.

Lu Junting added, “Since I dare to do it so I date to be responsible, I want to hear your thoughts on how you want to solve this matter, or you can mention any request you have to me.”

Lin Xiyu looked up at him and saw Lu Junting’s expression was serious and did not look like he was telling lies, not to mention that Lu Junting did not need to say these words to coax her.

“This whole thing was supposed to be an accident, and I was at fault, and I was the one who drank and did the bad thing. So… I think we should pretend like nothing has happened.”

She just wanted to get everything back on track as soon as possible right now.

She looked at his expression, and when he heard her words, his expression did not change much, and he was silent for a moment and asked her, “Do you really think so?”

Lin Xiyu nodded her head.

“Really doesn’t need me to be responsible? Even if it’s compensation…”

Before he could finish his words, Lin Xiyu waved her hand and said, “There’s even no need for compensation or anything. This matter is not all your fault, let’s leave it like this and pretend that nothing has happened.”

He was silent for a moment and said, “Okay, I respect your choice.”

He walked over to the table and put his watch on and said to her, “Let’s go, it’s getting late.”

Lin Xiyu followed him out of the hotel, his black Maybach was parked at the entrance. Lu Junting’s assistant saw them come out and hurriedly pulled open the rear door, Lu Junting sat on it, and Lin Xiyu followed suit.

She was sitting right against the door, some distance away from him.
The car drove away slowly, they did not speak. Originally, both of them were not familiar to each other, even if there was a skinship, they were still similar to strangers.

Lin Xiyu only felt extremely uncomfortable that her back stiffened to the point of breaking. Lu Junting was much calmer and more composed than her, and at the moment, he was already holding his tablet and starting to read today’s documents.

The car drove down the mountain, and shops began to appear on both sides of the street. When passing a pharmacy, Lin Xiyu suddenly thought of something and said, “Can you stop the car?”

Lu Junting asked his assistant to stop the car and asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Xiyu did not have the nerve to say it and replied, “I want to buy some medicine.”

“Buy medicine? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Lin Xiyu felt her face start to burn and she turned her head to the side before saying, “I want to buy contraceptive pills.” She was about to pull open the car door and get out of the car, but she heard Lu Junting say, “I’ll buy it.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

Lin Xiyu looked back but he had already pushed open the door and got out of the car. He walked around the flower terrace to the pharmacy next to it. He was imposing, and the shabby horn and dusty air conditioning box outside the small pharmacy really did not match.

In fact, he could ask his assistant to go buy it. The magnificent chairman Lu did not need to personally do this kind of errand work, was this a kind of compensation for her?

Lu Junting came back not long after, he opened the box and handed her the medicine. Lin Xiyu read the instructions and took the two pills together, forgetting that there was no water until she was to take the medicine.

“No water?” asked Lin Xiyu with a slightly confused expression.

Lu Junting pulled the water cup out of the armrest and handed it to her, “Mine, you can drink it.”

Lin Xiyu had some doubts, could she use this kind of personal stuff? But now she did not care that much, she opened the cup to swallow the medicine down.

After this episode, the car continued to move forward. Lu Junting sent her back to Lu’s house first, Lin Xiyu was uneasy before getting of the car and wanted to remind him, but felt that a person like Lu Junting was not like the kind of person who would take his personal matters out and talk nonsense, so in the end she said nothing and only said a brief goodbye to him.

Lin Xiyu returned to Lu Yuan’s house, she rushed directly into Lu Yuan’s room. Seeing Lu Yuan, who was lying on the bed, sleeping, Lin Xiyu was angrier, she jumped on the bed and choked her neck.

Lu Yuan dreamed that someone was holding her neck and made her breathless. She suddenly woke up and saw that there was indeed someone riding on her and choking her. She was shocked, but when she looked closely, she realized the person who choked her was Lin Xiyu.

She saw Lin Xiyu’s full of anger expression, her watery, wet eyes were now filled with fire. Lin Xiyu did not use a heavy strength to choke her, Lu Yuan pushed her away at once, rubbed her neck and said discontentedly, “What’s the matter with you early in the morning?”

Lin Xiyu stared at her. “You have the nerve to ask me! Who was the person leaving me behind? Who was it that said to pick me up first thing in the morning?”

Lu Yuan was a little guilty and said, “I… I played until late yesterday.” Lu Yuan leaned over and pulled her hand, “I’m sorry Xixi, little ancestor, I’ll buy you gifts, okay? A lot of gifts, I guarantee that you’ll like it. However, my second brother asked me yesterday, didn’t he go to pick you up?”

Lin Xiyu was even angrier when she heard this and said, “I broke up with him. Why did you tell him where I was?”

Lu Yuan realized that something was wrong and asked, “No, why are you so angry this early in the morning? Wasn’t it fine when I left yesterday? Did something happen last night?”

Lin Xiyu seemed to be stabbed, but she maintained her calm expression and said, “Nothing happened.”

Lin Xiyu was too lazy to pay attention to her and dropped these words, and then she went back to her room, behind her, Lu Yuan added, “I’ll take a nap first and get up later to buy you gifts to make amends.”

Lin Xiyu returned to her room, went straight to the bathroom. She took off her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. She really did not expect that the serious and stable looking man of the Lu family’s eldest brother was so unscrupulous in bed.

Lin Xiyu took a shower. She planned to go to bed for a while, but as soon as she lay down, she heard a smiling and hoarse voice ringing in her head asking in her ear, “Why are you still crying?”

Lin Xiyu pulled over the quilt and covered her head, wailing loudly.

It was so annoying ah, it was really annoying ah, her mind was now full of Lu Junting’s voice when she closed her eyes.

Lin Xiyu sat up violently from the bed, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. Even if she was drunk, it did not make sense to hug a man and kiss him ah, was she that horny?

Lin Xiyu felt that there was something strange about this matter, so she checked the information of the hotel where she stayed last night. Unsurprisingly, this was a love-fun hotel specially created for couples.

She remembered that the wine she drank yesterday was brewed by the hotel, so she checked the wine again. Sure enough, she found a problem when she checked it. This self-brewed wine was originally a feature of the hotel, because they added a ‘special formula’ and a very thoughtful reminder that drinking a little was ‘pleasure’ and drinking too much was ‘harmful’.

What a stupid pleasure!! Stupid harmful!!

Lin Xiyu remembered that she had drunk several bottles alone yesterday…, it was not just her body she harmed, it was her kidneys.

This kind of special formula should not be the kind of illegal aphrodisiac, otherwise the hotel would not have been able to sell it so blatantly, mainly because she drank too much, so…

If those bottles of wine were shared between two people, maybe there would not be too much of a problem. Thinking that, Lin Xiyu really wanted to take a knife to cut Lu Yuan’s heart.

Lin Xiyu gritted her teeth aggrievedly, and just as she shook her head, the memory that had originally been sealed because of alcohol seemed to have been touched by a mechanism, and unexpectedly began to unlock.

A certain uncensored image suddenly popped into her mind, and she remembered her lying on the bed crying as she pushed Lu Junting and begged bitterly, “No more, go away, no more.”

He took her hand and kissed her at the base of her ear. His suppressed husky voice coaxed as he said to her, “Just a little longer, just a little longer.”

She drank too much alcohol yesterday and went to the toilet frequently, because her feet were weak and she could not walk. He took her and hugged her in the same posture as a child, which was extremely ambiguous.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly shook her head, she could not think anymore, she no longer wanted to think anymore, she felt like she was about to crack!

She recalled her impression of Lu Junting, mature and stable, serious and dignified, inviolable from above, always giving people a sense of distance and unreachable. However, he was completely different in bed, indulged in desire, and surprisingly quite attentive and good at serving people…

Of course, he had another look after waking up, well-dressed, rigorous and meticulous, giving people a sense of inviolability and majesty. It was like they were two people.

It was really unexpected. So actually even more serious men had the same virtues in bed?

Lin Xiyu felt that what had happened yesterday was just like a dream, it was incredible.

It was a bit melancholy to just sleep with someone like this, someone she usually had to go around when she saw that person. Even though it was normal to have a sexual-experience as an adult, but in the end she felt that something was different.

However, Lin Xiyu was quite optimistic, after feeling melancholy for a while, she consoled herself quickly. Whatever, she had just considered him as a wooden stake.


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