Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 05

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Chapter 5: Caught on a Blind Date

Lin Xiyu closed the webpage and gave out a long sigh, just at this time, her mobile phone rang. Lin Xiyu picked it up and saw that it was Lu Junfeng calling, Lin Xiyu thought about it and picked up the phone.

“Xixi, where are you now?”

“I’m at home.”

Lu Junfeng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I’m sorry Xixi. I couldn’t pick you up yesterday because I had a temporary problem. I asked eldest brother to send a female assistant to pick you up. Eldest brother said when the female assistant went yesterday, you fell asleep. There was nothing wrong yesterday, right?”

Lin Xiyu remembered that yesterday, Lu Junting also seemed to have told her that it was Lu Junfeng who asked him to go, but Lu Junfeng had asked him to send a female assistant to pick her up, so how did he go by himself?

Lin Xiyu felt strange, why did he have to come by himself for something that an assistant could do? Was chairman Lu always so idle?

Lin Xiyu would not think that Lu Junting personally went over to pick her up because she meant something to him. She had come to the Lu family for so many years and had not spoken to Lu Junting more than five sentences, both of them were really not familiar at all, similar to strangers. And what kind of woman did a man like Lu Junting could not have for him to be interested to her? It was impossible to think about it, Lin Xiyu still had this self-knowledge.

So probably Lu Junting just had time, so he went?

Lin Xiyu thought about it, what if the person who came was Lu Junfeng? Was something going to happen to both of us as well? If something really happened, then she would prefer to follow Lu Junting, at least she and Lu Junting both were single and would not involve any moral problems.

Thinking like this, it was an unexpected event that allowed her to avoid a storm.

“Brother Junfeng, don’t call me anymore. We’ve broken up and you have someone else with you now.”

“Xixi, I said, give me a little time, about half a year. My career will be stable in half a year, then I’ll go out on my own and be independent. I’ll take you with me, until then I have you in grievance temporarily, don’t worry, Yan Yutong and I are not serious.”

“No one is going to wait in place for you all the time.”

“Xixi, please, I beg you. If you give up, then what is the point of my efforts? Just wait for me, just wait a little longer, okay?”

“I have my own life too. I’m not obligated to wait for anyone. Break up is break up, and I don’t want to go back, don’t contact me again in the future.”

“Xixi, don’t be so cruel to me.”

Lu Junfeng’s voice was getting hoarse, sounding painful, but Lin Xiyu directly hung up the phone and blocked all his numbers.

It had been almost a month since she and Lu Junfeng had broken up, and she had almost come out of that sense of loss. In fact, it was only half a month since they began their relationship before their break up, which did not seem like much of a pity from the perspective of time.

When she thought about it, she liked Lu Junfeng, and probably she just liked the feeling that he took care of her. Lu Junfeng had a lively and cheerful personality, he loved to smile and be caring. He would always buy her favorite things. At that time, she had just come to the Lu family and was not familiar with everything, plus her parents had just passed away, so she felt defensive towards anyone. Lu Junfeng had always been attentive to her, taking her for a ride, letting her familiarize with the surroundings, taking her slowly out of her grief and accepting new friends and new family.

He even knew about her period and would buy her a bunch of desserts every time she got her period and made her brown sugar water to bring to her school.

She had thought that he had just taken care of her as a sister, until two months ago, he confessed to her with a nervous face. Listening to his confession, she did not feel repulsive, and she thought she should also like him, so she accepted him.

About a week after they got together, Lu Yuan quietly told her that Lu Junfeng’s mother was setting up a blind date between Lu Junfeng and Yan Yutong. At first, she did not believe it, but then once she called Lu Jungfeng, a woman’s voice came from there, and only when she asked did Lu Junfeng tell her the truth.

He told her that he could not go against his mother’s word, and he promised that he could handle it and could convince his mother. He had promised to go on a blind date only to temporarily hold his mother.

Lin Xiyu was very clear that Lu Junfeng’s mother, Jiang Lisu looked down on her. Although Jiang Lisu did not explicitly show her dislike for Lin Xiyu, her usual coldness was enough to show that she did not like her.

But knowing that she and Lu Junfeng were together and still purposely arranged for Lu Junfeng to go on a blind date with another woman, it was indeed enough for bullying people.

After all, Lu Junfeng and Jiang Lisu were mother and son. Lu Junfeng could not deny his mother even if he resisted, right? What if Jiang Lisu insisted on getting Lu Junfeng and Yan Yutong together? Wouldn’t she be a joke then?

It suddenly occurred to Lin Xiyu that if her parents were still around, would Jiang Lisu dare to look down on her like this? As the daughter of the calligraphy master, Lin Daguo, and her mother was also a philanthropist who had been honored by the country, how dare Jiang Lisu bully her like this?

Her parents were both heroes respected by the world and spent their lives in charity, investing all their money into it and helping many people and she did not know how many people they had helped. However, now both her parents had already lost their position and passed away, and their daughter could only be bullied under other people’s charity. 

At the age of fifteen, she lost a lot when her parents died, but she never lost half of the backbone and pride her parents gave her. Since people looked down on her, why should she lick her face to give them a fight? 

So after thinking clearly, Lin Xiyu decided to propose a breakup, she still remembered on the phone, Lu Junfeng crying and begging her to give him some more time, and then Lin Xiyu flatly refused him and hung up the phone.

Then later on, Lu Junfeng himself ran to the school to see her, and Lin Xiyu also had a determined attitude.

It did not take long for Lin Xiyu to learn that Lu Junfeng and Yan Yutong were together, and that Yan Yutong’s father and Lu Junfeng’s father were friends in official circles, and this was the girl that Jiang Lisu personally picked out for Lu Junfeng.

However, Lu Junfeng was still reluctant, he always asked her to give him some more time whenever he saw her. Lu Junfeng was two years older than her, but more naive than her.

He did not know that she had let go of the relationship long ago in her heart, she had let go of it when he was actually with Yan Yutong and would not give him any more time to work it out because the opportunity was long gone.

Furthermore, this kind of thing had happened between her and Lu Junting now, it was even more impossible for her and Lu Junfeng.
Lin Xiyu had ignored Lu Yuan for several days, and Lu Yuan bought a lot of gifts for her and coaxed her for a long time before her attitude gradually improved.

Lin Xiyu found a job before graduation, she studied biology in university, and after graduation, she entered a biological research institute, and the work benefits were very good. After resting at home for a few days, Lin Xiyu reported to the company. The institute also provided accommodation, which was better, she could live in the dormitory and did not have to return to the Lu family, reducing the possibility of meeting with Lu Junting and Lu Junfeng. The accommodation environment was also good, with flowers on the balcony and a large orange tabby cat to pet. 

After Lin Xiyu worked for two weeks, Lu Yuan suddenly came to see her. Lu Yuan studied law and found a law firm after graduation. There was nothing to do in the firm, and she was usually very idle.

“It’s Xiao Meihua’s older cousin's birthday, and Meihua asked me out, so let’s go together.”

Xiao Meihua was Lu Yuan’s classmate. Lu Yuan’s father was from the judicial department, and Lu Yuan was also from the judicial university. Xiao Meihua’s family was also engaged in judicial, and she was Lu Yuan’s college classmate, she was also in Ancheng and Lin Xiyu also knew her.

Lin Xiyu said, “I’m not familiar with Xiao Meihua, and even less familiar with her cousin, what am I going to do? And I still have to go to work.”

“I’ve already helped you take a leave of absence with the dean, you can accompany me. I want to see a handsome guy, I’m embarrassed to be alone, just stay with me.”

Lin Xiyu was speechless at her, how come she knew to look at handsome guys?

In the end, Lin Xiyu could not withstand Lu Yuan’s pestering and went with her. Xiao Meihua's cousin's birthday wrapped up the entire Century Jiahua Club. Xiao Meihua was waiting for them at the door. Lin Xiyu and her also knew each other, and they were greeted by several people, and then Xiao Meihua led them both inside.

After all, it was to celebrate someone’s birthday, Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan also brought gifts, Xiao Meihua’s cousin was several years older than them, quite a gentle person. He was playing Texas with a group of people. After receiving gifts from two little sisters, he was a little embarrassed, and immediately let Xiao Meihua take the two to eat and drink well.

After sending the gift, Lin Xiyu heard Xiao Meihua rushing to Lu Yuan and said, “Let’s go over first, everyone has been waiting for a long time.”

Lin Xiyu was puzzled, “Who is waiting ah? Are there any other friends?”

Lu Yuan said, “You will know after you see.”

The clubhouse was very large, the card tables were distributed around the hall, and there were many people coming today, with three or two card tables separating people into small groups, it was bustling.

At this moment, Lin Xiyu was then brought to a certain card table by Lu Yuan and Xiao Meihua, with three boys sitting across from her. As the three sat down, the boys swept a glance towards Lin Xinyu, and Lin Xiyu heard someone whisper, “It’s really a beauty ah.”

Lu Yuan said, “Let me introduce to you ah, this is Lin Xiyu who I told you about, she is a biologist from An University, and now she has joined a biological research institute.”

A boy laughed and said, “She is also a talented girl from An University ah.”

After Lu Yuan introduced her, she introduced the other three boys. They and Lu Yuan were from the same university, their home was also in Ancheng, and their family conditions were very good.

“You see, my family Xiao Xiyu has an angelic face and devilish figure, she is clever and has a gentle personality. She is definitely a good candidate to be a girlfriend.”

Lin Xiyu felt strange when she heard Lu Yuan’s words, and she whispered to Lu Yuan, “Lu Yuan, what do you mean?”

Lu Yuan whispered to her, “Introduced you to a boyfriend ah. You can tell me if you pick someone from these three people.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

When did she say she was looking for a boyfriend?

“Classmate Lin Xiyu has such a good condition, she should have many people chasing after her usually, right?” One of the boys named Meng Lei asked.

“No, no, my family Xiao Xiyu is a little nerd, she doesn’t usually go out much.”

“What kind of classmate Lin Xiyu likes ah? See if one of the three of us is suitable.”

Lin Xiyu smiled embarrassingly, “I like a well-behaved boy.”

Those three boys looked at each other, and Meng Lei said, “It just so happens that all three of us are quite well-behaved.”

Lin Xiyu: “......”

Lin Xiyu glanced at Lu Yuan secretly, gritted her teeth and whispered in her ear, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance if you wanted to introduce me to a boyfriend?”

Lu Yuan laughed and chatted with the boys, keeping her smile slightly sideways to Lin Xiyu, “If I said that, would you come?”

“You know that I wouldn’t come ah? So you just set me up like this?”

“I’m not setting you up, I just thought that I was sorry about that last time ah, so I want to introduce you to a boyfriend to atone for my sins, so that you won’t keep thinking about my second brother.”

Lin Xiyu simply wanted to hit someone, “Since when do I keep thinking about your second brother?”

The two people were whispering to each other, only to hear Xiao Meihua suddenly say, “Lu Yuan, that’s your eldest brother, right?”

Lin Xiyu and Lu Yuan looked in the direction pointed by Xiao Meihua, and saw there were suddenly more people at the door of the clubhouse, among which Lu Junting, who was walking in the front, was dressed in a straight suit. He had a handsome face and a distinguished temperament that made people want to give him a glance.

Xiao Meihua’s cousin got up to greet him. In contrast to Xiao Meihua’s cousin’s enthusiasm and flattered expression, Lu Junting seemed calmer, maintaining a distance that did not make people feel awkward, and with just the right amount of politeness.

Xiao Meihua wondered, “Lu Yuan, you eldest brother knows my cousin?”

When Lu Yuan saw Lu Junting, she immediately said with a bitter face, “I don’t know ah, how can I run into my eldest brother in a place like this? It’s so annoying.”

It was like when they went out and ran into their parents, and no one would be in a good mood.

Lu Junting was pulled over by Xiao Ziang, who was his uncle’s child and was the same year as him. The Xiao family was engaged in construction, Xiao Ziang entered his family’s construction engineering team after graduation, and recently encountered a lawsuit. Xiao Meihua's cousin's family was engaged in law, so Xiao Ziang’s lawsuit happened to be helped by Xiao Meihua’s cousin, so the two became familiar.

The so-called ‘more friends are better’, the famous Lu Junting, who he unexpectedly wanted to be familiar with, Xiao Ziang naturally understood after Xiao Meihua’s cousin revealed a few times. Everyone was a friend, and there was nothing to know, so today he dragged Lu Junting over.

Xiao Meihua’s cousin wanted to get close to Lu Junting, so he mentioned that his sister and his cousin were good friends, and today they were also here, and Lu Junting looked in the direction he was pointing.

He did see Lu Yuan, and Lin Xiyu sitting next to her. He turned his gaze, and then he saw several boys sitting on the opposite side. There were three girls over there, and exactly three boys sitting across from them as well.


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