Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 06

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Chapter 6: He is Angry

When Lin Xiyu looked at Lu Junting, she hurriedly lowered her head to avoid his gaze, her heart pounding and beating fast. How did she run into Lu Junting ah? She was speechless.

The reason why she had to move to the company’s dormitory was to avoid Lu Junting ah, how awkward it was to meet after that kind of thing happened.

She did not expect to run into him on a rare occasion when she went out for a birthday party. Murphy’s law really lived up to its name!

Xiao Meihua’s cousin had a nickname of ‘Eight-faces Expert’, and as his name suggested, he had a wide social life and had friends in all trades. In addition to the judicial circles today, there were also financial circles and entertainment circles. Lu Junting acquired Yixun Electronics recently, his fame soared, and his arrival naturally caused a small sensation. Many people were eager to try their chances to go over and greeted him to get acquainted, but Lu Junting was not the easygoing type, and because of his oppressive aura, few people dared to go forward.

However, there was a charming woman, who looked to be in her early thirties, with wavy hair, and wore a light blue mermaid dress. Her body swayed as she walked over and sat down on the arm of the sofa where Lu Junting was sitting, greeting him with a sweet smile, “Mr. Lu, it’s been a long time.”

Lu Junting sat in the middle of a three-person sofa, and he was separated from the woman who sat on the armrest, but Lu Junting still smelled the perfume wafting from her body, he frowned slightly.

Lu Junting looked sideways at the woman, a simple glance at her eyes, but his eyes had its own sharpness, as if it had penetrating power. The woman’s feminine and lazy posture sitting on the armrest was slightly stiff, but she did not show her panic, just smiling and let him look at her.

Lu Junting obviously did not recognize her, and the woman was not embarrassed, adding, “A few months ago at Changheng’s new mobile phone launch, the exhibition model is under my company.”

Lu Junting’s assistant stepped forward and whispered a few words in his ear, and Lu Junting greeted her politely, “So it’s Vice President Yang from Huili, nice to meet you.”

He was polite, but with a proper amount of distance.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, and it’s my honor to meet Mr. Lu.” After saying that, Yang Hui waved at a girl not far away.

There were a few girls standing in one place talking, but their eyes were looking in the direction where Lu Junting was from time to time, and then whispered a few words. The girl who was called was the prettiest among the girls, and was considered the best in the entertainment industry where there were many beautiful women. At this moment, she was called by the Vice President, knowing that she had an opportunity, the young girl could not hide her excitement that overflowed under her eyes even if she had tried her best to hide it.

She stepped forward quickly, standing beside Yang Hui, who introduced her to Lu Junting, “This is the model who walked on the main stage that day. It was her first long stage and she was chosen by your company to walk the main stage that day, she always thought of thanking Mr. Lu for giving her this opportunity.”

Lu Junting did not participate in Changheng's mobile phone new product launch at all. It was all the people under him who did everything, he just needed to sign a word of approval, there was no need to run to thank him in person.

How could Lu Junting, a veteran who had been rolling in society for many years, not know what Yang Hui meant. This was to send someone to him, if the person who was sent was to his liking, it could be taken as advantage to catch him. It was not the first time that someone had stuffed a beautiful woman in front of him, this scene was not new, Lu Junting did not bother to look at the little model.

Yang Hui had always been very enthusiastic, and instructed the little model, “Don’t you want to thank Mr. Lu? You’ve met Mr. Lu, and you’re still not giving him a toast.”

It could be seen that the little model was quite nervous, and her hand unnaturally shook a bit when she brought the glass over, but the people brought out by sister Yang still had a bit of manners. She held the wine, and obediently said, “Mr. Lu, thank you for giving me the opportunity, I’ll give a toast to you.”

Lu Junting did not even extend his fingers to the wine glass, he leaned back on the sofa, and said with a calm tone, “The new mobile phone launch is the responsibility of Mr. Qin of Storm Technology under the Changheng Group, and you should also thank him, you crossed Mr. Qin to thank me, is Mr. Qin an invisible person?”

Yang Hui’s smile froze for a moment, and she said hurriedly, “We need to thank to Mr. Qin, and need to thank Mr. Lu too.”

Lu Junting’s gaze swept towards her faintly and said, “Vice President Yang, you should do more homework when you want to talk to me in the future. I don’t like people who don’t understand the rules.”

Lu Junting’s expression was natural, and there was no move in his tone of speaking, but everyone could hear his warning. 

This was to tell the others, this kind of behavior was not something he liked.

Everyone present at Lu Junting’s acquisition of Yixun knew his abilities and courage were vividly reflected in the acquisition of Yixun. He acted fiercely and ruthlessly, it would not be a good end if someone offended such a person.

Yang Hui winced backwards, she was so scared that she hurriedly stood up from the armrest, her expression looked a bit flustered and said, “Sorry Mr. Lu, I’m interrupting you, I’ll excuse myself.” After speaking this, she took the little model who was completely stuck with her wine glass.

After the two walked away, Xiao Ziang whispered to Lu Junting bluntly, “You can’t even look at this kind of beauty? You’re still so rude to people? You deserve to be single.”

Lu Junting’s tone was light, “If you like it, you can keep it for yourself.”

Xiao Ziang’s lips twitched, “It’s not like the people are here to impress me.”

Lu Junting’s location was a little fat from Lu Yuan’s location, and the situation that happened over there was not clear on their side.

Lu Yuan was now a little entangled, whether to go and greet Lu Junting or not. It was not easy to greet her own eldest brother in this kind of place, but Lu Yuan did not want to face Lu Junting, not because of anything, but because she was afraid.

However, Lu Yuan did not dwell on it for long, because Lu Junting’s assistant came over and said that Lu Junting had told them to go over, and they had to go even if they did not want to.

Lu Yuan brought Lin Xiyu along with her, and Lin Xiyu only felt so embarrassed that her toes curled the soles of her shoes through. She felt her face stiffen, but Lu Junting’s assistant had come over to remind them, and they could not say hello without going over.

“Eldest brother, cousin Ziang, why are you here too?”

Lin Xiyu felt that Lu Yuan’s expression was not much better, and her smile was particularly unnatural. It was also true when faced with someone like Lu Junting, how many of the little rookies like them could have natural expressions? 

Xiao Ziang was enthusiastic, he smiled and said, “It just so happens that your brother is fine, so bring him over to relax.”

Lin Xiyu took a deep breath, and a bright smile squeezed out of her face as she greeted. “Brother Lu Junting, Brother Ziang.”

This was the first time Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting had met since that incident. Lin Xiyu was so embarrassed that she did not know how to put her hands and feet, even if she calmed herself over and over again, she still felt uncomfortable to face Lu Junting.

Lu Junting was even more calm than Lin Xiyu thought, he had been in the business world for many years. The sophisticated and calm in him wrapped his whole body without a leak, his expression was natural, he did not even look at them more than once. He just nodded his head as if he had responded, and he had casually asked. “Have you guys drunk?”

Lu Yuan said, “No.”

After Lu Yuan finished speaking, Lu Junting’s gaze swept over to Lin Xiyi again, this sense of sight of being checked by the head teacher of random inspection discipline was too strong, and her fear of him was even diluted by the embarrassment of facing him. Lin Xiyu felt that her breathing was half a beat slower, and she said hurriedly, “I didn’t drink.”

He averted his gaze naturally and asked again, “How long do you still want to play?”

Lu Yuan said, “It’s only been a while since I arrived.”

“I see you guys were just sitting with a few people, are those your friends?” This was asked by Xiao Ziang.

Lu Yuan said, “It’s my classmate, and I’m planning to introduce a boyfriend to Xixi.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Several glances looked at Lin Xiyu. Lin Xiyu smiled a little embarrassed as she mentally thought about whether she should just cut off her friendship with Lu Yuan or not.

“Introducing a boyfriend? Who do you mean?” Lu Junting asked.

Lin Xiyu was a little surprised as she looked over to him, but she saw that he had a natural expression, looking like he was asking out of casual concern from an older brother, but it was carried by  a sense of seriousness in his temperament, and the words sounded like a parent’s investigation.

Lu Yuan said, “What ‘Who do you mean’ ah? Xixi is also old enough to have a boyfriend ah.”

Lu Junting did not speak,  he took a sip of the glass of wine handed up by Xiao Meihua’s cousin, before raising his eyes and sweeping his gaze over to Lin Xiyu.

At this time, the light was not very bright, his eyebrows were deep, and the shadows cast under his eyelids made it darker, and there was clearly not much emotion in his gaze, but Lin Xiyu’s heart unconsciously thudded.

His gaze moved away quickly, seemingly not too interested in their little girl thing.

“Xiao Xiyu, tell brother Ziang if there’s anyone you fancy ah,” Xiao Ziang smiled with a coaxing child’s face, “Don’t be embarrassed, tell this brother Ziang, and this brother will help you.”

Xiao Ziang and the Lu family were relatives, and he would go to the Lu house occasionally so Lin Xiyu also knew him.

Lin Xiyu tried to make her smile look natural and said, “There is none.”

“I’ll ask the driver to send you back.”

These words were spoken by Lu Junting, who was calm, but there was a strong force in his tone that could not be rejected.

“It’s not long since we’ve been here…” Lu Yuan protested quietly, “We’ll play for a while and then we’ll go back.”

Lu Junting said, “A student should behave like a student, not studying properly and only wanting to play all day?”

“We have graduated.” Lu Yuan muttered quietly.

Xiao Ziang said, “How do you say you are the eldest brother? You don’t even know your sister has graduated? Your family’s little girls have graduated and still can’t come out to socialize normally?”

Lu Junting glanced at Xiao Ziang and spoke faintly, “Meddlesome.”

Xiao Ziang: “......”

He obviously had a very natural expression and tone when he spoke, but Xiao Ziang still heard the warning in his words, and Xiao Ziang did not know where he offended him, but he was very self-aware and no longer opened his mouth. He did not care about their Lu family’s affairs.

Lu Junting made a phone call, and not long after, his driver came in.

Although Lu Yuan was unconvinced in her heart, on the surface, she did not dare to confront her eldest brother and obediently followed the driver. Lin Xiyu was relieved, she did not want to stay here anyway.

Unexpectedly, before the two of them could get to the door, the boys from the blind date came running over, and the boy named Meng Lei asked, “Are you guys going to leave?”

Lu Yuan shrugged her shoulders, signaling at Lu Junting’s direction with her eyes, and whispered, “My family’s mountain tiger is here and won’t let us play.”

The boy had heard about Lu Junting, so he did not say anything about Lu Yuan’s rambling. He took out his mobile phone and tried to ask with a blushing face, “That student Lin Xiyu, can we add WeChat first and contact each other later?”

It was not good for Lin Xiyu to not give her WeChat in front of people. Anyway, it would be alright to make it clear on WeChat, so Lin Xiyu took out her mobile phone and was about to scan her QR code. Suddenly, she heard Lu Junting’s voice.

“Still not leaving?”

There was a harshness in his tone, which shocked the people around to be quiet. The two subconsciously looked at Lu Junting, just as someone lit a cigarette for him, he lowered his head to smoke, the posture of slightly bowing his head, his facial features appeared more and more three dimensional as his gaze swept towards them with a solemn expression on his handsome face, and his eyes were obviously cold.

Lu Junting’s expression… It looked as if he was angry.


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