Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 07

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Chapter 7: Pregnant?

Lu Yuan made an apologetic look at the boys and quickly pulled Lin Xiyu out of the door. Walking outside, Lu Yuan was relieved, patted her chest, and said, “Did my eldest brother just get angry? That look was so scary.”

Lin Xiyu also felt that Lu Junting was a little too harsh just now, but it should not be said that he was angry, Lin Xiyu said, “Maybe the big boss used to speak in that tone?”

Lu Yuan nodded, “Yeah, anyway, he usually likes to frighten people with a straight face.” Lu Yuan’s mood was disturbed, at this point her heart was still unbalanced, and she added, “You said, my eldest brother is really annoying, he can be there, why can’t we? We are also adults, we can’t socialize normally?”

“Maybe he’s afraid that you’re too playful and being cheated on?”

Lu Yuan pouted and said, “Is he still afraid that I will be cheated on? I rarely see my eldest brother in a year, when did he become so concerned about me?” Lu Yuan sighed and continued, “Forget it, it is unlucky this time. I just hope that I don’t run into my eldest brother when I go out to play in the future.”

Lin Xiyu agreed with this remark, and she also hoped that she and Lu Junting would not meet in the future, otherwise it would be really too embarrassing.

The driver brought the car over and the two got into the car one after another. Lin Xiyu was still upset when she thought about today, so she could not help but pinch Lu Yuan’s arm. Lu Yuan, who was pinched by her wailed, and said angrily, “Are you crazy?! Why are you pinching me?”

“The next time you take me on a blind date without my consent, I will really break off my friendship with you.”

Lu Yuan was somewhat guilty, but she was hurt by this little girl’s pinching, and she did not have a good mood and said, “A dog biting Lü Dongbin.*”
*to ill reward a person's kindness

The driver sent the two to Lu's home, and Lin Xiyu took a leave of absence to go to work the next day. Lin Xiyu would return to Lu’s home every weekend, but fortunately, Lu Junting and Lu Junfeng were not there when she was in Lu’ home. Lu Junting was usually busy with work, and it was rare for him to return to Lu’s home once a month. Lu Junfeng was studying finance, and after graduation, he relied on his father’s relationship to enter an investment bank, but the investment bank was not in Ancheng, and it was more than a hundred kilometers away from Ancheng, so he could not come back every day. Anyway, Lin Xiyu did not even meet with these two brothers when she was in Lu's home.

Although he had not seen it in reality, Lin Xiyu had seen Lu Junting on TV a lot recently, the acquisition of the electronics company had made him famous, and he had been in a lot of media and magazines recently.

That day, she was eating in the restaurant outside the company, and a TV was installed in the restaurant lobby, which happened to be playing financial news. It was at a foreign economic forum where reporters were crouching outside the door, he entered the scene surrounded by a crowd, the camera suddenly fell on him, he was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, stern and meticulous. He was tall and handsome, he was flanked by the crowd like a star in the sky, his silhouette swept past the cameras as reporters chased after him to interview him, only to be blocked by his bodyguards. The reporters called out over him from behind, and he just looked sideways slightly, but his simple glance had the momentum of retreating thousands of troops.

A colleague next to her commented, “Is this person the youngest one on that 100 billionaire list called…”

Someone next to her answered, “Lu Junting.”

“Yes, Lu Junting, I have only seen his photos before, I didn’t expect him to look more handsome on TV, and those eyes are too A*.”

*sigh*. I don’t know how many girls are rushing to call him husband.”

“What’s the use of calling him husband? He’s the proud son of Heaven, we mortals are afraid that we won’t even see his face in this lifetime.”

Lin Xiyu ate silently on the side. When she heard this, she could not help but sigh in her heart. Every time she thought about that thing, she felt unreal like a dream. He was obviously such a distant person but he had a physical relationship with her.

And… the proud son of Heaven, Lu Junting, who looked handsome and A, had a calm and introverted temperament, had a kind of loneliness and arrogance like a flower on top of the mountain, looked ascetic and unattainable. Who would think such a man was loose and carefree in bed?

However, now her life was back on track, they had not seen each other since they left Xiao Meihua’s cousin’s party that day, and there should be no intersection in the future. That incident would be like a passing cloud that would soon dissipate in the course of time.

What Lin Xiyu did not expect was that just when she thought life had returned to normal and that incident had been washed away in time, life gave her another thunderous surprise.

Lin Xiyu noticed the abnormality about a month later. First of all, there were some physical changes, she became drowsy, her spirit was not very good, she was always distracted at work and was reminded by the manager, and then Lin Xiyu found that her period was delayed for half a month and still had not come.

Her period was always on time, and after half a month of delay she finally realized something was wrong and went to the hospital. While waiting for the results she was a little scared, afraid that it was some gynecological disease that was causing her not to have her period, but she never thought that the reason she was not having her period was because she was pregnant.

The doctor took the test form and looked at her again, “No problem, it’s normal for your period to not come.”

Lin Xiyu was a bit confused, “How can it be normal not to have a period?”

“You’re pregnant ah.”


Lin Xiyu’s legs felt weak when she came out of the hospital, she almost could not stand up, and an older woman next to her was kind enough to help her. Lin Xiyu leaned back in the chair outside the hospital, the sky was clear, but she felt a cloud over her head.

She could not figure out how she could get pregnant. She remembered that she had taken the medicine, how could she still be pregnant? She only had sex with Lu Junting, and there was no doubt that this child was his.

What should she do now? Lin Xiyu was completely stunned. She had just graduated this year and had not experienced these things at all. Should she tell Aunt Yao? However, what was she supposed to say when Aunt Yao asked whose baby it was?

Thinking about it, Lin Xiyu felt that she still had to go to Lu Junting for this matter, after all, this child was his. Although she said it as if it had not happened, she did not expect to get pregnant after taking the medicine ah! She really did not know what to do now.

Lin Xiyu took out her mobile phone before she realized that she did not have Lu Junting’s phone number. Lu Yuan must have her eldest brother’s phone number, but was it strange to purposely ask Lu Yuan to give her Lu Junting’s phone number?

Lu Junting usually did not return to Lu’s home, he had a house near the company, but Lin Xiyu did not know the specific location. Lin Xiyu finally decided to go directly to Changheng Group to find Lu Junting.

As a leading enterprise in Ancheng, everyone in Ancheng basically knew the location of Changheng Group. Lin Xiyu took a taxi to Changheng Group, and she asked the receptionist at the front desk to help her call Lu Junting.

Two beautiful women at the front desk looked her up and down, giving her a look as if she had a mental disorder. Lin Xiyu usually did not pay much attention to dress, she wore comfortable and clean clothes, and at this time she was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, with denim shorts and casual shoes, like normal schoolgirl clothes.

One of the receptionists politely asked, “Do you have an appointment?”

“I don’t have an appointment, but I have something very important to ask him for, can you help me to call him?”

“Sorry miss, we can’t help you without an appointment.”

“Otherwise, you can help to call his assistant, just say Lin Xiyu has something very important to find him. I’m Mr. Lu’s relative, he should see me if he knows it’s me.”

“Mr. Lu’s relative?” The woman finally could not hold back, and laughed at the partner next to her, “If you’re Mr. Lu’s relative, why don’t you know his phone number?”

“...” Lin Xiyu felt a little stupid, but the situation was urgent, and she had to see Lu Junting as soon as possible. Lin Xiyu clasped her hands and pleaded again, “Please just help me, you don’t have to call Mr. Lu, just call his assistant, if he doesn’t see me, I’ll leave immediately.”

The woman looked at her suspiciously, just when someone came to ask, and the woman went to receive someone else. Lin Xiyu waited dutifully, and when she was free, Lin Xiyu immediately begged her again.

The woman finally could not resist her plea and helped her to make a phone call to Mr. Lu’s assistant Zhou Jin, and after the woman hung up the phone, she first looked at her with a complicated look, and then tentatively asked, “Are you really Mr. Lu’s relative?”

As soon as she reported the girl’s name, Zhou Jin hurriedly said to let her receive her well, and said that she would personally come down to pick her up. This girl could even let Assistant Zhou, the ‘close worker’ of Mr. Lu’s side to personally pick her up, so this person’s identity must not be simple.

Lin Xiyu said, “Not really a relative, but can be said to be a relative.”
“This way, please.” There was an indoor reception room in the lobby, and the woman introduced to Lin Xiyu, “Assistant Zhou said that she would come down to pick you up in a moment.” After the woman finished speaking, she brought her a cup of coffee in a while and smiled, “That— I haven’t seen you before, if there is any offense, you should not let it go to your heart.”

Lin Xiyu did not have this thought at all as she said, “It’s okay, I understand.”

The woman was relieved to leave, and Lin Xiyu sat for a while before the Assistant named Zhou Jin came.

“Miss Lin, Mr. Lu asked me to pick you up, come with me.”


Although she and Lu Junting were not familiar with each other, after all, they both lived in Lu's home, and Lin Xiyu also knew that Lu Junting would still give Lin Xiyu the opportunity to meet.

Lin Xiyu followed Zhou Jin to the elevator, and Zhou Jin took her directly to Lu Junting’s office.

“Miss Lin, take a seat for a while. Mr. Lu is still in a meeting, he will come over when he is finished.”

“It’s alright, you can go back to work.”

Zhou Jin went out, and Lin Xiyu sat alone in Lu Junting’s office, the leather sofa was a little cold. His office was very large, an open space with an office area and a lounge area. Lin Xiyu even saw a treadmill and a few fitness equipment, and Lin Xiyu suddenly thought of the touch on his body that night, the elasticity of his smooth hand, and his abs that she looked at, beating with his undulating movements, thinking that he usually also pay attention to exercise. 

Lin Xiyu shook her head. How could she think about it, the more crooked she became.

Lin Xiyu really did not expect to meet Lu Junting, if she could, she would rather die of old age for the rest of her life and let time wash it all the way.

She thought about it for a while, and the door in front of her suddenly opened, and Lu Junting’s tall and straight figure walked in.


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