She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 01

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Hello, this is a new novel I will translated, the story is BG not BL, it's just short story for 59 chapter, not many drama, just some cute and sweet story for healing my heart after reading heaven official blessing, my heart is bleeding T^T.. so here the first chapter, enjoy your reading ~

Chapter 1
translator&editor: Oyen

As soon as Lin Qingqing came out from the training room, she received a phone call from Xiang Huayang, the voice from the other end of the phone was as low and pleasant as usual. "You will have a competition tomorrow. Are you nervous?"

Receiving his phone call, Lin Qingqing was happy as she laughed. Her face was filled with happiness. "Not nervous. When the competition is over, remember to treat me for a meal."

Xiang Huayang seemed to have some helpless smile, he had always been aloof in his smile but it contained a kind of doting. "Rest assured, I won’t neglect you." After he finished, he stopped for a moment and then added in a straight tone. "Qingqing, let's have a good talk when the competition is over."

His sudden straight tone made Lin Qingqing nervous, but she pretended to be natural and asked. "Why? What do you want to talk to me about?"

He just replied. "Wait until your competition is over."

Lin Qingqing made a cut off sound. She had already walked to the dormitory door. From afar, she saw a person standing downstairs. Lin Qingqing recognized Liang Xin. She rushed Xiang Huayang and replied. "Xinxin has come to see me. I'll hang up first."

Silence for a moment, he replied. "Okay, good luck for your competition tomorrow."

Liang Xin came up to her. Lin Qingqing hung up the phone call and greeted her with a smile. Liang Xin held a cat-like flannel doll and handed it to her as she walked over. "This lucky doll is for you, remember hold it in your arm while sleeping today and the competition tomorrow will be pass."

Taking it over, Lin Qingqing deliberately looked at the puppet before replying. "It doesn't look very good, but I will reluctantly accepted it."

"I think you can do it, you still have a mood to make a joke. I won't worry about your competition tomorrow." Liang Xin snorted. "En, then I won't accompany you tomorrow."

Lin Qingqing immediately replied. "No, no, you still have to accompany me. I have the confidence only when you support me." She slapped her mouth and added. "My mouth is full of nonsense. This cat is cute and adorable."

Covering her mouth, Liang Xin burst into laughter.

Liang Xin and Lin Qingqing were very good friends, the kind of relationship that wouldn't blush even if they made some excessive jokes.

Liang Xin wasn't only her good friend but also her stepsister, but only two months older than her. In fact, at first she didn't like Liang Xin because she hated Liang Xin's mother, Liang Feifei, who was the third party in her parents' marriage. Her father and mother divorced because of her, and her mother was also hurt by Liang Feifei's intervention. Later, her depression had dragged her body down, and she died a few years after divorcing her father.

After her parents divorced, her elder sister followed her mother, and she who was still in junior middle school at that time, were sentenced to her father. After divorcing, her father married Liang Feifei, and Liang Xin was the daughter of Liang Feifei and her ex-husband.

At first, she looked at Liang Xin as disgusting as she looked at Liang Feifei. Later, seeing Liang Xin being beaten by Liang Feifei, she realized that Liang Xin was also the victim of this marriage, and they were equally disgusted with this marriage. Both of them who were in the same boat soon became very good friends.

Over the years, they supported and encouraged each other in a family that didn't look like home. In addition, both of them learned music from an early age, so they had a lot of common topics. Later, they were admitted to the same conservatory of music.

Because she had the same hobbies and was a family, she and Liang Xin would always have endless topics to talk about. She was also the closest person to her besides her mother and elder sister.

After chatting with Lin Qingqing for a while, Liang Xin returned to the dormitory. Although they were in the same conservatory of music, they studied in different departments, so they weren't in the same dormitory. Liang Xin had to spend half an hour back and forth to give her gifts.

It was almost twelve o'clock, and all the roommates had already gone to bed. Lin Qingqing went back to wash up and went to bed.

She was probably thinking about tomorrow's competition, and forgot the big flannel doll after she carried it in and put it on the table, so she didn't sleep with Liang Xin's lucky doll.

Oddly enough, she thought she wouldn't be able to sleep well tonight, but she didn't expect to sleep soundly.

The sun outside the window was so uncomfortable that she woke up and subconsciously touched the alarm clock at the head of the bed, but after touching it for a long time, Lin Qingqing realized something was wrong. Adjusting to the light, she looked at the table and immediately startled.

This room wasn't her dormitory at all, but it was a bit familiar. This was the room where she lived in her childhood, before her parents divorced.

After her parents divorced, her father went to Xianghai City to settle down. Because she was sentenced to her father, she also moved to Xianghai City with him, only coming back every weekend after she was admitted to university.

It was strange. She was obviously in the dormitory, how did she get here?

Sitting up from bed, Lin Qingqing's head felt as painful as a needle. She subconsciously touched her forehead and felt a gauze wrapped around it. Lin Qingqing was puzzled and hurried up to look in front of the mirror.

It was true that she was wrapped in gauze around her head, but how did she get hurt? She was fine before she went to bed.

That was true, but she seemed to be much thinner. Although her skin was white, it wasn't the kind of healthy white. It was a bit pale, like malnutrition.

Lin Qingqing also didn't know what was going on. It was just like a dream. It was very unreal. As she looked at the familiar but somewhat unfamiliar face in the mirror and doubted whether it was a dream, she caught a glimpse of the wall clock on the back wall from the mirror.

The needle pointed to 9:20am in the morning.

Lin Qingqing woke up suddenly. She was going to the competition today!

She was still wearing pajamas, so she immediately took off her pajamas to find clothes to change, but the clothes in the wardrobe were a little strange, and the style was more mature, especially the nightgown hanging in the row, it was lace, which wouldn't be considered at her age.

However, she didn't care so much now. She grabbed a suit casually and put it on. Just after changing, she heard a knock at the door. Then her elder sister's voice came, "Qingqing, are you awake?"

"I woke up……"

Lin Qingqing was startled by her own voice as soon as she spoke. What happened? How did her voice become like this? It was so harsh.

Lin Qingqing immediately cleared his throat and tried to make a sound: "I ......"

It was still the harsh ugly voice.

Lin Qingqing had been completely shocked, how did this happen? How did her voice become like this?! She had to go to the competition today!

At the moment, her elder sister, Lin Zhenzhen had pushed the door and entered. Seeing her, Lin Qingqing asked anxiously. "Elder sister, what is going on? How did my voice become like this? I'm going to take part in the competition. What should I do if my voice becomes like this? And why am I at home? Am I not in the dormitory?" She touched her head. "How did my head get hurt? What the hell is going on?"

Lin Zhenzhen's facial features were somewhat similar to Lin Qingqing's. Both of them were authentic great beauties, but Lin Qingqing's facial features were more three-dimensional than Lin Zhenzhen's. Lin Zhenzhen was the kind of graceful and restrained beauty, while Lin Qingqing was more magnanimous and aggressive.

Lin Zhenzhen was also confused by her words. "What are you talking about, what competition?" She didn't drink early in the morning, she shouldn't be drunken mad, and the look on her face that she was about to cry didn't look like she was messing around with her on purpose.

Lin Qingqing had no time to investigate now. Because it was too late, she would eat later. Trying for several times, she still had a rough voice. She stamped her foot in a hurry. "What should I do? How can I compete like this?"

Coming forward, Lin Zhenzhen held her shoulder with both hands and asked her softly. "Don't worry, you tell me first, what competition are you going to take part in?"

Lin Qingqing rushed. "Pineapple TV talent show competition, once every three years, and now in the Beicheng competition area. If I miss it, I have to wait three years. After three years, I will be 23. If I can become famous, I want to become famous earlier. And I have done so much preparation for this competition. I don't want to wait for another three years, but my voice, how did my voice become like this?!"

How could she sing when her voice became so harsh? She burst into tears. Lin Zhenzhen stared at her face, this was her sister, she couldn't know better, she knew that her expression would never be faked. Thinking for a moment, Lin Zhenzhen asked her. "Tell me, what date is it now."

Lin Qingqing replied. "May 23rd. The qualifying match starts at May 23rd, I remember very clearly." Before that, she had successfully entered the audition and the second round of competition, qualifying match was the key to determine whether she success or not, she mustn't miss it.

"Which year?" Lin Zhenzhen asked again.

"Year 2013." Lin Qingqing was very sure.

She said it with absolute certainty, and her gaze was clear and bright, she didn't look insane. However, looking how sure she was, Lin Zhenzhen was even more surprised, gazing at her with such stupefied eyes. It took a long time before she took a deep breath and rushed at Lin Qingqing word by word. "Qingqing, it is year 2018 now."

Lin Qingqing paused for a moment, then she was even more worried. "Elder sister, why are you playing such a joke with me at this time?"

Lin Zhenzhen didn't speak, but directly led her out, pulling her through the busy lobby outside the restaurant and stood at the entrance of the restaurant. At the door, the words 'Peace Restaurant' were written in calligraphy. This was the restaurant founded by the two sisters' grandfather. (T/N: I don't know if it is restaurant or hotel, but if i read as the story goes, I choose restaurant, the word is 饭店 - fàndiàn)

But at the moment Lin Zhenzhen took Lin Qingqing standing at the entrance of the Peace Restaurant. The cold wind howled outside the door, and flakes of snow seemed to fall from the sky. She didn't  notice just now because of the heater in the room. She thought it was still summer, so she was wearing short-sleeved shorts. As soon as she came out and was blown by the cold wind, Lin Qingqing shivered.

The billboards on the street were full of signs welcoming 2018, and Lin Qingqing soon found that several tall buildings were built around the restaurant. The familiar streets also changed a lot, but only the Peace Restaurant still maintained the old street style of Beicheng.

"See?" Lin Zhenzhen said to her.

Lin Qingqing still couldn't believe it, how could- how could it be? She was still in the dormitory yesterday, she was still preparing for the exam. How did she wake up in 2018?
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